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With catastrophic global warming already baked into the climate system, today’s children face a future entirely unlike that of their parents. Yet how can we maintain hope and make a difference in the face of overwhelming evidence of the climate crisis?

climate change

Senator Whitehouse – Corporate Action on Climate and COVID-19


Sen. Whitehouse will discuss the political forces blocking meaningful climate action and subsequent impact that has had on science-denial – which we’ve seen manifest itself in the recent Covid-19 pandemic. He will call on corporate America to reform or quit the trade organizations and other bad actors in their midst and unite in support of science and real climate legislation.

Circular Packaging: The State of Play

By GreenBiz 5/21/19

A confluence of forces is roiling the packaging industry. The combination of concerns about plastic waste, the emergence of the circular economy, and the blossoming of advanced, environmentally friendly materials is changing how manufacturers and brands are thinking about packaging. Suddenly, companies are finding that their brand equity and growth potential may be threatened over concerns about waste and pollution.


Forest Management for Mitigating Drought Impacts

By Climate Adaptation Science Centers 3/28/19
Thursday, March 28, 2019

3:00 pm EDT

Forests around the world are experiencing increasingly hot and severe drought conditions, and drought severity is expected to increase as temperatures rise in coming decades, particularly in the already hot and dry Southwest U.S.  This presentation will describe recent and ongoing research investigating the long-term, broad-scale impact of droughts on forest ecosystems. Registration is required for this webinar. Register Here

Video will be posted online one to two weeks after the presentation date.

The Role of Buyouts in Flood Resilience

By Antioch University New England 3/21/19

Buying and demolishing flood damaged homes is often the best option for the owners, the town, the waterway, and public safety. When FEMA funds can be matched with HUD funds, this can take place with very little cost to towns and get owners 100% of their pre-flood value. However, like any program with two sources of federal funds and some state and local involvement, there can be many obstacles along the way. Come and learn from the duo that made many of the buyouts happen in Vermont post-Tropical Storm Irene.  This presentation will dive from the high-level rationale for such a program to the ground level of actually getting it done 150 times. If your community is next to the ocean or along a river, you should have a handle on how to use funds to buy out properties, thus permanently avoiding future repeated flood damage.

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