Money and range: Experts note roadblocks to EV adoption

By Jim Stinson   09/15/21  
Electric batteries for Class 8 trucks are expensive. Plus, they only allow shorter ranges, at least for now. For major fleets that make short runs, that is just fine.

Schneider taps California electric transportation incentives to add 50 trucks

By S.L. Fuller   09/06/21  
Schneider plans to add 50 Freightliner eCascadias to its intermodal operations in Southern California, the fleet announced last week. The trucks are part of the carrier's sustainability plan, which puts a focus on utilzing multiple modes of…

They fought for clean air. They didn’t know they were part of a gas industry campaign

By Miranda Green and Sammy Roth  Photo: Carolyn Cole , Los Angeles Times   08/31/21  
Diesel truck pollution from the busiest port complex in the United States has fouled the air in nearby neighborhoods in Southern California for decades. So when port officials asked for feedback on cleaning up that…

Solar-Powered Refrigerated Trailers Could Eliminate Millions of Tons of CO2 Emissions

By Lloyd Alter   08/02/21  
Reefers, or refrigerated trailers, are cooled by diesel fuel, with electricity from either the tractor's generator or an Auxilary Power Unit (APU) mounted on the trailer. An idling diesel tractor burns a gallon of fuel…

Tesla further delays Semi production amid component shortages

By S.L. Fuller   07/28/21  
Tesla is pushing back the timeline for production of its battery-electric Semi, according to Tesla's earnings presentation. The vehicle's program is now planned to launch in 2022.

California truck rules facing a test — in New Jersey

By Ry Rivard  Photo: Carolyn Kaster , AP   07/18/21  
The first big test of California’s plan to reshape the U.S. truck market is underway on the other side of the country, with New Jersey officials pushing tough new mandates to cut emissions by getting…

The Many Benefits of an All-Electric Fire Truck

By Tina Casey  Photo: Connor Betts   07/07/21  
If there are any lingering doubts left regarding the reliability of electric vehicles (EVs), a new electric fire truck from the firm Rosenbauer should lay them to rest once and for all. After all, breakdowns…

‘Electric is not easy’: LA, NYC look to build capacity for more battery EVs in refuse fleets

By Maria Rachal  Photo: Maria Rachal, Utility Dive   07/06/21  
WasteExpo events the past few years, both in person and virtual, have featured introductory sessions on battery electric trucks. This year, there were numerous models on display and one available for test drive outside. Leaders…

Electrifying Big Rigs?

By Maximilian Auffhammer   06/28/21  
While much of the debate around cleaning up the transportation sector has focused on the types of cars you and I drive, one of the big sources of local and global air pollution is the…

Trucking Goes Electric: Accelerating Toward A Greener Future

By Emily Folk   06/25/21  
The idea of an electric car isn’t a new one. Some of the first vehicles ever invented were powered by electricity rather than internal combustion engines. While they didn’t take off as quickly, the idea…

Why electrifying the light truck market could be tough

By Ben Geman  Photo: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios   06/22/21  
New research suggests a problem for policymakers hoping to rapidly move U.S. road transport from gasoline to electricity: drivers of huge-selling pickups and SUVs may be a tough sell.

Albertsons takes delivery of Volvo zero-emission refrigerated trucks

Albertsons Companies, BB #:193326 the second-largest grocery chain in the U.S., recently took delivery of two Volvo VNR Electric trucks at its distribution center in Irvine, California.

Clean Fleets Make Dollars and Sense, So Why Doesn’t USPS Clean Up?

By Tina Casey   06/01/21  
A new report makes a strong bottom-line case for fleet managers to adopt new clean transportation technologies that are mature, available, and appropriate. Policy makers will have the final say on clean fleets, but the…

Spotted: Amazon Testing Electric Delivery Van

By Peter Sinclair   05/27/21  
Rivian Amazon Delivery Truck Spotted

World’s Largest Long-Haul Truckmaker Sees Hydrogen-Fueled Future

By Jack Ewing   05/23/21  
Carmakers have been promising to scrap the internal combustion engine, and now it’s the truckmakers’ turn. But the makers of giant 18-wheelers are taking a different route.

USPS mail trucks to get more EV funding from Congress

By Sean Szymkowski   05/14/21  
Following snags in the new USPS mail truck contract, which awards Wisconsin-based Oshkosh the production of up to 165,000 new vehicles, the postal service is in for more funding to make good on an EV…

As EV economics improve, medium- and heavy-duty trucking may be ‘next big frontier’ for clean transportation

By Robert Walton   03/25/21  
Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and in most states has been steadily growing, according to Helfrich. Heavy-duty trucking represents a disproportionate amount of those emissions, she said.

Canoo Introduces a Cute Little Electric Pickup Truck

By Lloyd Alter   03/17/21  
When the first Canoo electric vehicle was launched, CEO Ulrich Kranz noted that "with electric power trains, there’s actually no need that a car looks like a traditional combustion engine car." Since then, GM and…

Tesla Says Battery-Cell Squeeze Strains Semi Truck Production

By Jennifer Smith and Paul Page  Photo by Veronique Dupont   01/28/21  
Tesla Inc. says its production plan for its new electric Semi heavy-duty truck remains in a low gear because the special battery cells the big rig needs are in short supply. The Silicon Valley car…

15 states, DC will collaborate on 100% electric truck sales by 2050

By S.L. Fuller   07/18/20  
Governors from 15 states and the mayor of Washington, D.C., signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to ensure 100% of medium- and heavy-duty sales are zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) by 2050, according to a Northeast States…

Spending $500B On Electric Trucks Could Make Economic Sense, But Only With A Carbon Tax

By Ed Hirs   07/17/20  
The post Spending $500B On Electric Trucks Could Make Economic Sense, But Only With A Carbon Tax appeared first on Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

California Regulators Adopt Landmark Zero-emissions Trucks Rule

By Nexus Media News   06/26/20  
California regulators approved a landmark rule requiring automakers to sell electric trucks in the state. The rule will require at least 40% of all tractor trailers, and 75% of delivery trucks and vans, sold in…

Electric trucks are the ‘inevitable future,’ fleets say

By Jim Stinson   05/19/20  
But will the coronavirus crisis — and the resulting plunge in diesel prices — cause fleets to suspend their plans? Right now, some fleets are starved for freight business. Investment in electric trucks, with the…

UPS Invests in Arrival, Accelerates Fleet Electrification With Order of 10,000 Electric Delivery Vehicles

UPS today said its venture capital arm, UPS Ventures, has completed a minority investment in Arrival, which makes electric vehicle (EV) platforms and purpose-built vehicles that offer a highly competitive value proposition when compared with…

Los Angeles commits to 100% electric sanitation fleet by 2035. Other cities aren’t ready to follow

By E.A. Crunden  Photo: LA Sanitation   01/29/20  
LASAN Director Enrique Zaldivar pledged to procure only electric vehicles in two years and gradually convert the fleet. While the market continues to evolve, adoption is far from widespread.