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Talking Climate

Although contested by many climate deniers, 97% of the world’s climate-related scientific studies have determined that climate change is real and humans are primarily responsible. John Cook first published this finding in 2013, and new findings now show that 99.9% of climate-related scientific studies demonstrate that climate change is real.

What scientists believe and what regular Americans believe, however, continues to differ.

Politics began to play a role early on. In November, 2009, a Washington Post poll revealed that the percentage of Americans who believe global warming is happening dipped from 80% to 72%. In that article, reporter  Juliet Eilperin explained, “The increase in climate skepticism is driven largely by a shift within the GOP. Since its peak 3 1/2 years ago, belief that climate change is happening is down sharply among Republicans -- 76 to 54 percent -- and independents -- 86 to 71 percent. It dipped more modestly among Democrats, from 92 to 86 percent. A majority of respondents still support legislation to cap emissions and trade pollution allowances, by 53 to 42 percent.” By February 2022, with polling still at 72%, Yale published a detailed and highly interactive Climate Opinion Map detailing how climate change beliefs vary across the country. Another poll, in May 2022, reported that only 40% of registered voters consider climate change to be “a very important issue “ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Of those, “6 in 10 registered Democrats say the climate crisis will be a very important factor when they decide who to vote for in November. By contrast, global warming is near or at the bottom of congressional voting priorities among Republicans,” says the study.

Unfortunately, billions of dollars have been poured into misinformation campaigns to inhibit climate change progress and America remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels with record profits being posted in the summer of 2022 by Exxon and other major fossil fuel corporations.  The prominence of denialism in our national conversation about climate change is a product of these campaigns and continues to stall progress. CCR has created a page focused on GREENWASHING.

What is the first thing we need to do to address climate change? Simple: we need to understand it, accept the science, and act. This section provides news and resources to help you understand, accept, and communicate with people who are still skeptical about the reality of climate change. You might want to start with a 2019 video from Climate Crocks.

Accurate information is the foundation of a functioning democracy. A website called Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. It is highly recommended if you find yourself unclear about something you have read in this time of so much misinformation.

There is also:
•  an awesome history answering the questions of “What did we know and when did we know it?” found at NASA.
•  a good quiz from the Washington Post.
•  a game developed by scientist John Cook called crankyuncle, using cartoons and critical thinking to fight misinformation used by climate change deniers. (Also available as a Teacher’s Guide)



Climate Change 2021The Physical Science Basis Summary for Policymakers

This Summary for Policymakers (SPM) presents key findings of the Working Group I (WGI) contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)1


The biggest part of any creative company’s carbon footprint is the work you do for your clients. One campaign for a fossil fuel client can undo all of an agency’s sustainability gains.

From Carbon Capture To Carbon Tax, A Guide To Climate Change Jargon Ahead Of COP26

With the UN climate conference COP26 on the horizon, headlines, taglines, and political speeches are about to be filled with acronyms and jargon.

Fossil Fuels Are Driving the Climate Crisis

Fossil Free Media strengthens the movement to end fossil fuels through creative communications. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support your work.

Disinformation Techniques: A Glossary

From war to cigarettes, guns to GMOs to global warming, there are really only a handful of techniques that have been deployed over the past 125 years or so to shape and control public opinion,…

OED and The Climate Connection: taking the temperature

The Climate Connection (#TheClimateConnection) is a new podcast series from the British Council which explores the relationship between the climate crisis and language education. In partnership with Oxford University Press, and featuring a selection of…

Understanding and countering misinformation about climate change

While there is overwhelming scientific agreement on climate change, the public have become polarized over fundamental questions such as human-caused global warming. Communication strategies to reduce polarization rarely address the underlying cause: ideologically-driven misinformation disseminated…

Debunking Handbook 2020

The Debunking Handbook 2020 summarises the current state of the science of misinformation and its debunking. It was written by a team of 22 prominent scholars of misinformation and its debunking, and it represents the…

Climate Insights 2020: Synthesis Report

The synthesis report of the Climate Insights 2020 survey, a joint effort to examine American attitudes on climate change by researchers at Stanford University, Resources for the Future, and ReconMR, provides insight into what Americans…

Assessing ExxonMobil’s climate change communications (1977–2014)

This paper assesses whether ExxonMobil Corporation has in the past misled the general public about climate change.

Climate Change History

Climate change is the long-term alteration in Earth’s climate and weather patterns. It took nearly a century of research and data to convince the vast majority of the scientific community that human activity could alter…

Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. Our goal is to help readers know which news to trust.

Katharine Hayhoe Encourages Conversations to Build a Climate of Hope

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe advises those feeling hopeless about climate change to think about who you are and what you value. Whether you are a parent, a churchgoer, a Rotary Club member or a birder,…

Climate Central

Extreme Weather Videos

Course: Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

Climate change is real, so why the controversy and debate? Learn to make sense of the science and to respond to climate change denial with this free online course.

Get The Facts Out on climate change and tell deniers to #GTFO

Climate deniers are still finding new and creative ways to stick their heads in the sand and follow the fossil fuel industry’s playbook by insisting that climate change isn’t happening, or that humans aren’t to…

Climate Disinformation Database

Welcome to the DeSmog Climate Disinformation Research Database where you can search and browse our extensive research on the individuals and organizations that have helped to delay and distract the public and our elected leaders…

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides, and the Interested Public

Let’s Talk Climate: A How-To Guide

You know that the science on climate change is clear. But less than half of us talk about it with family and friends—and we can’t fix what we don’t talk about. Check out our how-to…

How to Understand and Talk About Climate Change – Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently produced a report showing that the world needs to cut carbon pollution far more quickly than current rates to avoid severe consequences. But how can the global community…

Climate change science comeback strategies

Steering conversations with people adamantly resistant to accepting climate science. Here are four strategies, each from a distinctly different point of view, each penned by an expert, each useful in either a face-to-face conversation or…

How Big Oil Lost Control of Its Climate Misinformation Campaign

A campaign of climate misinformation has been running into America for decades now, largely funded by the fossil fuel industry. Now, the campaign has only become more extreme, and as some of its earliest leaders…

15 ways to powerfully communicate climate change solutions politics

Should campaigners be publishing in more local languages, or pushing for climate change to be taught at school? Our panel share their suggestions for the best ways to promote positive action.

12 tools for communicating climate change more effectively

12 Tools for Communicating Climate Change" from will help you take your first step to advance your communication skills.

How to Talk to a Science Denier Without Arguing

Scientific American also has a very helpful guide to engaging climate skeptics in productive discussion. They even came up with an acronym for the steps you should take: EGRIP.

Global Warming’s 6 Americas

This project from Yale Program on Climate Change Communication debunks a myth held pretty unanimously throughout the US: that people are either climate change believers or deniers. In fact, Americans can be grouped according to…

Global Warming and Climate Change Myths

A highlight of John Cook’s fabulous blog, Skeptical Science, this page lists out the most common myths that have been disseminated about climate change and global warming, along with the appropriate, science-based responses.

DeSmog Blog

DeSmog Blog has a disinformation database that tracks individuals and organizations spreading climate skepticism and tracks their funding sources and actions. They also provide reporting on new trends in misinformation efforts.

Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science provides informed responses to climate deniers’ myths. This is the best place to start improving your climate communication skills.

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication conducts and publishes research on effective approaches to communicating about climate change. They can answer important questions like: What kind of people listen to what kind of information? How…

Fossil Fueled Foolery: An Illustrated Primer on the Top 10 Manipulation Tactics of the Fossil Fuel Industry

The NAACP’s mission is to uphold and defend civil and human rights. Accordingly, we are duty-bound to confront corporations wielding power to manipulate systems and oppress communities to the detriment of the sustainability of the…


Sen Sanders on Climate Change

Senator Sanders spoke about climate change science and compared critics of climate change to deniers of the Nazi threat in the 1930s.

Bill Gates’ new crusade: Sounding the climate-change alarm

By Amy Harder   11/26/18  
Meet Bill Gates, the technology guy, who is now imploring people to realize that addressing climate change means changing the fundamental way our lives are run.. He points out that just focusing on solar and…

Climate change: Where we are in seven charts and what you can do to help

By BBC News US   12/02/18  
As representatives of 200 countries gather in Poland for UN talks on climate change, we look at how hot the world has gotten and what can we can all do to tackle global warming. Another…

David Attenborough takes ‘people’s seat’ at climate change talks

By Victoria Gill   11/21/18  
Sir David Attenborough has said that a failure to tackle climate change will be a catastrophe for the planet. The naturalist and broadcaster made the comments in an interview with BBC News as he took…

Combat climate change by cutting beef and lamb production, report says

By Tara John   11/15/18  
A new report a British advisory body has called for a 20%-50% cut in the number of sheep and cattle to help combat climate change -- adding to the growing international consensus that eating red meat is not only…

Amy Harder: Here’s what’s driving America’s fights over climate change

America's hot summer is fueling wildfires — and a fierce debate over climate change, the single most polarized policy in the U.S....

Your Weather Tweets Are Showing Your Climate Amnesia

By Adam Rogers  Photo by Michael Brochstein / Sopa Images / Getty Images   02/28/19  
Every time someone in a position of power (for example) says that a cold snap in winter proves that climate change is not a thing, a dutiful chorus responds with a familiar refrain: Weather is not climate. Weather happens on the…

Climate defeatism: Like denialism, with none of the excuses

By Sami Grover   11/30/18  
A highlight of John Cook’s fabulous blog, Skeptical Science, this page lists out the most common myths that have been disseminated about climate change and global warming, along with the appropriate, science-based responses.

Trump thinks scientists are split on climate change. So do most Americans

By Dana Nuccitelli   10/22/18  
There’s a 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming, but most Americans are unaware.

At the Edge of the World, Facing the End of the World

By Matt Simon   09/17/18  
Want to feel better about climate change? Last week’s climate summit showed that the most ambitious action isn’t happening on the national scale—it’s cities and states that are leading the way...

Talking climate change with voters

By Terry F. Yosie   09/17/18  
Beyond acknowledging that people’s beliefs don’t always yield immediate concrete actions, it is important to unbundle the several dimensions of the climate change conversation that generally go unrecognized. Engaging voters on climate change must account…

Donald Trump and the Triumph of Climate-Change Denial

By Clare Foran   08/25/18  
The science of man-made global warming has only grown more conclusive. So why have Republicans become less convinced it’s real over the past decade and a half?

Denialism: what drives people to reject the truth

By Keith Kahn-Harris   08/03/18  
From vaccines to climate change to genocide, a new age of denialism is upon us. Why have we failed to understand it?

Surrounded by fire, California politicians question links to climate change

By Jason Wilson   08/01/18  
As Carr fire claims lives and homes in pro-Trump area, local residents reject science: ‘It’s bull’

Arguments from Global Warming Skeptics and what the science really says

By Dr. Jan Dash and John Cook   07/20/18  
A highlight of John Cook’s fabulous blog, Skeptical Science, this page lists out the most common myths that have been disseminated about climate change and global warming, along with the appropriate, science-based responses.

Public Opinion: Is there an economy-environment tradeoff?

By Matto Mildenberger and Anthony Leiserowitz   08/08/17  
Between 2008 and 2012, multiple surveys found that US public beliefs and attitudes about global warming declined by over 10 percentage points. For example, our surveys found that public belief that global warming is happening…

The Guardian view on weather forecasts: we need the bigger picture

By Editorial  Photo: Global Warming Images/Alamy   03/19/19  
Climate must not be confused with local conditions, but remodelled broadcasts could help people understand the dangers we face.

Why people in the US south stay put in the face of climate change

By Megan Mayhew Bergman  Illustration: Eiko Ojala   01/24/19  
I’ve long felt America, particularly the south, where I grew up, is in the “denial” stage of grief when it comes to our psychological response to climate change.

Climate Advocates Underestimate Power of Fossil Fueled Misinformation Campaigns Say Top Researchers

By Graham Readfern   01/23/19  
Climate action advocates have underestimated the strength and sophistication of decades-long fossil fuel-funded misinformation campaigns and need a coordinated set of strategies to fight back, say leading academics.

Global Warming Concerns Rise Among Americans in New Poll

By John Schwartz  Photo by Eric Thayer for The New York Times   01/22/19  
The most recent poll suggests that 72% of Americans feel that global warming is personally important.

TV meteorologists can make more people take climate change seriously

By Jeff Berardelli  Photo by ECMWF   01/22/19  
Talking about climate change: 17 broadcast meteorologists share views and lessons learned.

3 (and a half) Reasons for Climate Optimism

By Marcus Arcanjo  Photo by Charl van Rooy on Unsplash   01/08/19  
Why it might not be all bad.

Americans ‘under siege’ from climate disinformation – former Nasa chief scientist

By Hannah Devlin  Photo: Saul Loeb/Getty Images   06/08/18  
Fake news spread by those with a profit motive is leaving many people oblivious to the threat of climate change, says former head of US space agency.

Conservatives probably can’t be persuaded on climate change. So now what?

By David Roberts  Photo: Shutterstock   11/10/17  
When it comes to climate change, US conservatives inhabit a unique position, as part of the only major political party in the democratic world to reject the legitimacy of climate science and any domestic policy…

15 ways to powerfully communicate climate change solutions politics, communities, education,climate talk, science

By Katherine Purvis  Photo: Craig Ruttle/AP   05/05/15  
Should campaigners be publishing in more local languages, or pushing for climate change to be taught at school? Our panel share their suggestions for the best ways to promote positive action.

Clean energy facts belie misconceptions and offer optimism

By Karin Kirk   03/18/19  
Recent public opinion data from the Yale Program on Climate Communication, publisher of this site, spells out what many have already noticed. More and more Americans accept the science of climate change, are worried about…

Revealed: How the Tobacco and Fossil Fuel Industries Fund Disinformation Campaigns Around the World

By Mat Hope   02/20/19  
Fossil fuel companies have a long history of adopting public relations strategies straight from the tobacco industry’s playbook. But a new analysis shows the two industries’ relationship goes much deeper — right down to funding…

2008 Commencement Address by Barbara Kingsolver

By Barbara Kingsolver   05/11/18  
The following remarks by Barbara Kingsolver, titled "How to be Hopeful," were prepared for delivery at Duke's 2008 commencement ceremony May 11 at Wallace Wade Stadium.

There Must Be More Productive Ways To Talk About Climate Change: NPR

Rachel Martin talks to climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe   05/09/17  
Rachel Martin talks to climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, who stresses how unproductive it is to label someone a "climate denier."

Mailings to Teachers Highlight a Political Fight Over Climate Change in the Classroom

Creator: Katie Worth  Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell   03/23/18  
A rare back-and-forth of direct mailings to teachers demonstrates how classrooms have emerged as a battleground in the American political war over climate change.

Ex-Nasa scientist: 30 years on, world is failing ‘miserably’ to address climate change

By James Hansen  Photo by Ali Smith for the Guardian   06/19/18  
James Hansen, who gave a climate warning in 1988 Senate testimony, says real hoax is by leaders claiming to take action.

One of America’s top climate scientists is an evangelical Christian. She’s on a mission to persuade skeptics.

By Dan Zak  Photo: Matt McClain/The Washington Post   07/15/19  
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth, and the Earth was shapeless and barren, so God added light and water and land and sky and plants and animals and humans. If you…

Yes, it’s worth arguing with science deniers — and here are some techniques you can use

By Laura Hazard Owen  Illustration: L.M. Glackens via The Public Domain Review   06/28/19  
Countering science denialism: arguing with the anti-vaxxers/flat earthers/climate change deniers may feel futile, but research just published in Nature Human Behaviour suggests that it’s actually worth it and can be effective.

Climate Change Is Scaring Kids. Here’s How to Talk to Them.

By Laura M. Holson  Photo: Elaine Thompson/Associated Press   06/27/19  
Psychologists say the way parents and teachers talk about climate change with children has an effect on their young psyches.

4 ways to talk to people about plastic, without sounding like a jerk

By Lindsay Bird  Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images   05/25/19  
A little environmental etiquette goes a long way.

Fox News apologises to Greta Thunberg for pundit’s ‘disgraceful’ remark

By Adam Gabbatt   09/24/19  
Fox News has apologized after a guest criticized the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as a “mentally ill Swedish child”.

Carbon dioxide soars to record-breaking levels not seen in 800,000 years

By Yasemin Saplakoglu | LiveScience  Photo: Shutterstock   05/15/19  
There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there has been for 800,000 years — since before our species evolved.

Merchants of Doubt (2011)

Naomi Oreskes and Eric Conway   05/20/11  
The U.S. scientific community has long led the world in research on such areas as public health, environmental science, and issues affecting quality of life. Our scientists have produced landmark studies on the dangers of…

Climate-Trolling Beto, Cruz remains Ever-Clueless

By Peter Sinclair   09/06/19  
If you haven’t seen the 2016 vid above, worth your 8 minutes. At least, the right wing net-rag Breitbart thought it was worth their time to publish a panicked non-responsive response immediately after I posted it.

William Happer: Trump aide pushing climate denial inside the White House

By Emily Holden  Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images   06/21/19  
The physicist, 79, has a seat on the National Security Council – and thinks the science that proves global heating is wrong

White House tells agencies they no longer have to weigh a project’s long-term climate impacts

By Juliet Eilperin  Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg   06/21/19  
The White House proposed Friday that federal agencies no longer have to take a project’s long-term climate impacts into account when assessing how they will affect the environment, reversing a major Obama administration policy.

Will climate change kill everyone — or just lots and lots of people?

By Kelsey Piper  Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images   06/13/19  
The debate over whether climate change will end life on Earth, explained.

The White House Plan to Change Climate Science

By Michael Barbaro  Photo: Brandon Thibodeaux for The New York Times   05/29/19  
After two years spent unraveling the policies of his predecessors, President Trump and his appointees are going after influential government reports.

The Trump administration takes climate denial to new heights

By Paul Waldman   05/28/19  
Fifty or 100 years from now, we may well say that President Trump’s concerted effort to exacerbate climate change — and that’s precisely what it is — was the single worst thing he did in…

Trump Wants To Set Up ‘Ad Hoc’ Panel To Fight Conclusions About Climate Change: Report

By Nick Visser   02/25/19  
The group of scientists would be tasked with countering a sweeping federal report released last November that warned of a dire future.

Red Tides of a Different Sort— Although Just as Polluting

By Joel Stronberg  Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images   01/24/19  
A second university poll conducted by climate communications programs at Yale and George Mason found the same pattern occurring and for much the same reasons. A key takeaway was a 15 percent rise in the…

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Trump’s Climate Change Denial

By NowThis   11/29/18  
Bill Nye is just as frustrated as you are with Donald Trump's climate change denial — but he's confident the next generation of progressives will bring about action.

The White House Talking Points About the National Climate Assessment Are Demonstrably False

By Brian Kahn  Photo by AP   11/27/18  
The White House tried to hide the National Climate Assessment by releasing it on Black Friday. That plan failed. Stories continue to surface and reporters continue to ask questions about the report’s stark findings.

Will We Survive Climate Change?

By John Schwartz  Photo by Jens Mortensen, The New York Times   11/19/18  
Reports of the threats from a warming planet have been coming fast and furiously. The latest: a startling analysis from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicting terrible food shortages, wildfires and a massive die-off…

The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Fight Climate Change: Talk About It

By Katharine Hayhoe   11/01/18  
How do you talk to someone who doesn't believe in climate change? Not by rehashing the same data and facts we've been discussing for years, says climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe. In this inspiring, pragmatic talk,…