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Talking Climate

Although contested by many climate deniers, 97% of the world’s climate-related scientific studies have determined that climate change is real and humans are primarily responsible. John Cook first published this finding in 2013, and new findings now show that 99.9% of climate-related scientific studies demonstrate that climate change is real.

What scientists believe and what regular Americans believe, however, continues to differ.

Politics began to play a role early on. In November, 2009, a Washington Post poll revealed that the percentage of Americans who believe global warming is happening dipped from 80% to 72%. In that article, reporter  Juliet Eilperin explained, “The increase in climate skepticism is driven largely by a shift within the GOP. Since its peak 3 1/2 years ago, belief that climate change is happening is down sharply among Republicans -- 76 to 54 percent -- and independents -- 86 to 71 percent. It dipped more modestly among Democrats, from 92 to 86 percent. A majority of respondents still support legislation to cap emissions and trade pollution allowances, by 53 to 42 percent.” By February 2022, with polling still at 72%, Yale published a detailed and highly interactive Climate Opinion Map detailing how climate change beliefs vary across the country. Another poll, in May 2022, reported that only 40% of registered voters consider climate change to be “a very important issue “ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Of those, “6 in 10 registered Democrats say the climate crisis will be a very important factor when they decide who to vote for in November. By contrast, global warming is near or at the bottom of congressional voting priorities among Republicans,” says the study.

Unfortunately, billions of dollars have been poured into misinformation campaigns to inhibit climate change progress and America remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels with record profits being posted in the summer of 2022 by Exxon and other major fossil fuel corporations.  The prominence of denialism in our national conversation about climate change is a product of these campaigns and continues to stall progress. CCR has created a page focused on GREENWASHING.

What is the first thing we need to do to address climate change? Simple: we need to understand it, accept the science, and act. This section provides news and resources to help you understand, accept, and communicate with people who are still skeptical about the reality of climate change. You might want to start with a 2019 video from Climate Crocks.

Accurate information is the foundation of a functioning democracy. A website called Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. It is highly recommended if you find yourself unclear about something you have read in this time of so much misinformation.

There is also:
•  an awesome history answering the questions of “What did we know and when did we know it?” found at NASA.
•  a good quiz from the Washington Post.
•  a game developed by scientist John Cook called crankyuncle, using cartoons and critical thinking to fight misinformation used by climate change deniers. (Also available as a Teacher’s Guide)



Climate Change 2021The Physical Science Basis Summary for Policymakers

This Summary for Policymakers (SPM) presents key findings of the Working Group I (WGI) contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)1


The biggest part of any creative company’s carbon footprint is the work you do for your clients. One campaign for a fossil fuel client can undo all of an agency’s sustainability gains.

From Carbon Capture To Carbon Tax, A Guide To Climate Change Jargon Ahead Of COP26

With the UN climate conference COP26 on the horizon, headlines, taglines, and political speeches are about to be filled with acronyms and jargon.

Fossil Fuels Are Driving the Climate Crisis

Fossil Free Media strengthens the movement to end fossil fuels through creative communications. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support your work.

Disinformation Techniques: A Glossary

From war to cigarettes, guns to GMOs to global warming, there are really only a handful of techniques that have been deployed over the past 125 years or so to shape and control public opinion,…

OED and The Climate Connection: taking the temperature

The Climate Connection (#TheClimateConnection) is a new podcast series from the British Council which explores the relationship between the climate crisis and language education. In partnership with Oxford University Press, and featuring a selection of…

Understanding and countering misinformation about climate change

While there is overwhelming scientific agreement on climate change, the public have become polarized over fundamental questions such as human-caused global warming. Communication strategies to reduce polarization rarely address the underlying cause: ideologically-driven misinformation disseminated…

Debunking Handbook 2020

The Debunking Handbook 2020 summarises the current state of the science of misinformation and its debunking. It was written by a team of 22 prominent scholars of misinformation and its debunking, and it represents the…

Climate Insights 2020: Synthesis Report

The synthesis report of the Climate Insights 2020 survey, a joint effort to examine American attitudes on climate change by researchers at Stanford University, Resources for the Future, and ReconMR, provides insight into what Americans…

Assessing ExxonMobil’s climate change communications (1977–2014)

This paper assesses whether ExxonMobil Corporation has in the past misled the general public about climate change.

Climate Change History

Climate change is the long-term alteration in Earth’s climate and weather patterns. It took nearly a century of research and data to convince the vast majority of the scientific community that human activity could alter…

Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. Our goal is to help readers know which news to trust.

Katharine Hayhoe Encourages Conversations to Build a Climate of Hope

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe advises those feeling hopeless about climate change to think about who you are and what you value. Whether you are a parent, a churchgoer, a Rotary Club member or a birder,…

Climate Central

Extreme Weather Videos

Course: Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

Climate change is real, so why the controversy and debate? Learn to make sense of the science and to respond to climate change denial with this free online course.

Get The Facts Out on climate change and tell deniers to #GTFO

Climate deniers are still finding new and creative ways to stick their heads in the sand and follow the fossil fuel industry’s playbook by insisting that climate change isn’t happening, or that humans aren’t to…

Climate Disinformation Database

Welcome to the DeSmog Climate Disinformation Research Database where you can search and browse our extensive research on the individuals and organizations that have helped to delay and distract the public and our elected leaders…

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides, and the Interested Public

Let’s Talk Climate: A How-To Guide

You know that the science on climate change is clear. But less than half of us talk about it with family and friends—and we can’t fix what we don’t talk about. Check out our how-to…

How to Understand and Talk About Climate Change – Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently produced a report showing that the world needs to cut carbon pollution far more quickly than current rates to avoid severe consequences. But how can the global community…

Climate change science comeback strategies

Steering conversations with people adamantly resistant to accepting climate science. Here are four strategies, each from a distinctly different point of view, each penned by an expert, each useful in either a face-to-face conversation or…

How Big Oil Lost Control of Its Climate Misinformation Campaign

A campaign of climate misinformation has been running into America for decades now, largely funded by the fossil fuel industry. Now, the campaign has only become more extreme, and as some of its earliest leaders…

15 ways to powerfully communicate climate change solutions politics

Should campaigners be publishing in more local languages, or pushing for climate change to be taught at school? Our panel share their suggestions for the best ways to promote positive action.

12 tools for communicating climate change more effectively

12 Tools for Communicating Climate Change" from will help you take your first step to advance your communication skills.

How to Talk to a Science Denier Without Arguing

Scientific American also has a very helpful guide to engaging climate skeptics in productive discussion. They even came up with an acronym for the steps you should take: EGRIP.

Global Warming’s 6 Americas

This project from Yale Program on Climate Change Communication debunks a myth held pretty unanimously throughout the US: that people are either climate change believers or deniers. In fact, Americans can be grouped according to…

Global Warming and Climate Change Myths

A highlight of John Cook’s fabulous blog, Skeptical Science, this page lists out the most common myths that have been disseminated about climate change and global warming, along with the appropriate, science-based responses.

DeSmog Blog

DeSmog Blog has a disinformation database that tracks individuals and organizations spreading climate skepticism and tracks their funding sources and actions. They also provide reporting on new trends in misinformation efforts.

Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science provides informed responses to climate deniers’ myths. This is the best place to start improving your climate communication skills.

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication conducts and publishes research on effective approaches to communicating about climate change. They can answer important questions like: What kind of people listen to what kind of information? How…

Fossil Fueled Foolery: An Illustrated Primer on the Top 10 Manipulation Tactics of the Fossil Fuel Industry

The NAACP’s mission is to uphold and defend civil and human rights. Accordingly, we are duty-bound to confront corporations wielding power to manipulate systems and oppress communities to the detriment of the sustainability of the…


How to Talk About Climate Change Across the Political Divide

By Eliza Griswold  Photo: Hope Mora for The New Yorker   09/16/21  
In 2005, Katharine Hayhoe, a Canadian climate scientist and evangelical Christian, moved from South Bend, Indiana, to Lubbock, Texas, a flat expanse of arid grassland that sits at the edge of the Permian Basin, and…

What would it take for antivaxxers and climate science deniers to ‘wake up’?

By Clive Hamilton  Photo: Dave Hunt , AAP   09/12/21  
“We still meet the belief … that vaccination is a gigantic fraud deliberately perpetuated for the sake of gain … The opposition to vaccination … like many emotional reactions, is supported by a wealth of…

Can Hurricane Ida Move Public Opinion on Climate Change?

By Justin Worland   09/07/21  
For many climate reporters, myself included, the arrival of Hurricane Ida brought a recognizable pit to the stomach. The details of the stories emerging as the storm barreled toward the Gulf Coast were new—of course—but…

Study: The public is pretty confused by your climate change jargon

By kate Yoder and Matthew Craft  photo: Juanmonino , Getty Images   09/01/21  
If you’ve ever furrowed your brow trying to remember what “mitigation” meant, you’re not alone.

Worrying About Your Carbon Footprint Is Exactly What Big Oil Wants You to Do

By Auden Schendler   08/31/21  
Everybody’s going carbon neutral these days, from the big boys — Amazon, Microsoft, Unilever, Starbucks, JetBlue — to your favorite outdoor brand, even ski resorts. Probably your neighborhood coffee roaster, too.

In Climate Coverage, Reporting the Grim Facts, but Also the Fight

By Katie Van Syckle  Photo: Jonah Kessel/The New York Times   08/27/21  
The United Nations recently released a major scientific report concluding that a hotter future is certain but that there is still a chance to prevent the most dire outcomes. Brad Plumer, a climate reporter for…

Big Oil Coined ‘Carbon Footprints’ to Blame Us for Their Greed. Keep Them on the Hook.

By Rebecca Solnit  Photo: Yasin Akgul/AFP (Getty Images)   08/27/21  
Personal virtue is an eternally seductive goal in progressive movements, and the climate movement is no exception. People pop up all the time to boast of their domestic arrangements or chastise others for what they…

Slow-Walking the Climate Crisis

By Bill McKibben  Photo: Erik McGregor / Getty   08/25/21  
Travellers arriving in an unfamiliar city used to worry that they’d climb in a taxi and be driven to their destination by the most circuitous route possible, racking up an enormous bill. That’s pretty much…

The Oil and Gas Industry’s Dangerous Answer to Climate Change

By Sahir Doshi  Photo: Getty/Bonnie Jo Mount   08/25/21  
No one is immune to the effects of the climate crisis—not even those responsible for its causes. Rising sea levels, record heat, unprecedented extreme weather disasters, and increasingly unstable environmental conditions are making it costlier…

Print Media Reports on Climate Change with 90% Accuracy, Study Finds

By Amy Lupica  Photo: Digital Buggu , Pexels   08/18/21  
According to an international study from the University of Colorado Boulder and Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), major print media in five countries have covered climate change with a 90% accuracy rate over the last 15 years. The…

Amid Extreme Weather, a Shift Among Republicans on Climate Change

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman  Photo: T.J. Kirkpatrick   08/13/21  
After a decade of disputing the existence of climate change, many leading Republicans are shifting their posture amid deadly heat waves, devastating drought and ferocious wildfires that have bludgeoned their districts and unnerved their constituents…

The Climate Crisis

By Bill McKibben   08/11/21  
We all live in two worlds: a physical one and a social one. The new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was released on Monday, is ostensibly about the physical world. It…

Net Zero by 2050

How many cows are we allowed in a carbon neutral world?  Everyone is talking about net-zero by 2050, but it is not as simple a phrase as it might seem. Atmospheric physicist and fellow YouTuber…

The U.N. Climate Panel Tries to Cut Through the Smog

By Bill McKibben  Photo: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert / Alamy   08/11/21  
We all live in two worlds: a physical one and a social one. The new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was released on Monday, is ostensibly about the physical world. It…

Big Oil Spent Millions on Facebook Ads to Spread Fossil Fuel Propaganda

By Olivia Rosane  Photo: Douglas Sacha/Getty Images   08/06/21  
Facebook ads promoting the use of oil and gas were seen more than 431 million times during 2020, in the U.S. alone. That’s the startling figure from a new analysis conducted by think-tank InfluenceMap, which…

Americans Support Federal Action to Reach a 100% Clean Energy Grid

By Carly Berke and Others   07/21/21  
Voters across the country in both blue and red states support the federal government moving the country to 100% clean electricity, according to new polling from Third Way, in partnership with University of California, Santa…

Climate Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Word

By James Spann   07/20/21  
As a meteorologist with a very large social media footprint, I can tell you that mentioning the word “climate” will bring out much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Any post with the word evokes hate,…

These Scientists Linked June’s Heat Wave to Climate Change in 9 Days. Their Work Could Revolutionize How We Talk About Climate

By Alejandro de la Garza  Photo: Darryl Dyck—The Canadian Press/AP   07/13/21  
Long before most people in the U.S. Pacific Northwest had woken up on June 28—the hottest day in last month’s record-breaking heat wave—European climate scientists Geert Jan van Oldenborgh and Friederike Otto were preparing to…

How the Climate Conversation Changed in 2021

By Andrew Zolli   07/13/21  
This is the most important year for climate action since the Paris Climate Agreement was passed in 2015. National governments are strengthening their national climate action plans; companies, cities and communities are setting more ambitious…

Carbon Positive or Carbon Negative? Net-Zero or Carbon Neutral? I’m Confused.

By Lloyd Alter  Photo: Getty Images   07/09/21  
I have never understood exactly what net-zero means. I don't even know how to type it: does it have a hyphen or not? I have mentioned this before, usually attracting comments like this: "What a…

A third of Americans deny human-caused climate change exists

In Recent Weeks Canada’s West Coast And Much Of America’s Pacific North-west Have experienced an extreme heatwave. Lytton, a village in British Columbia, reported record temperatures three days in a row: a new record was…

Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)

By Alice Bell  Photo: Paolo KOCH/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images   07/05/21  
In August 1974, the CIA produced a study on “climatological research as it pertains to intelligence problems”. The diagnosis was dramatic. It warned of the emergence of a new era of weird weather, leading to…

Why it’s time to change the way we talk about climate change

By Kamyar Razavi   07/02/21  
In recent days, as Western Canada and the United States have been broiling under a climate-fuelled heat crisis, all sorts of superlatives have been used to describe never-before-seen temperatures: the British Columbia community of Lytton hit…

International Public Opinion on Climate Change

By Anthony Leiserowitz and others   06/28/21  
This report presents results from an international survey, conducted in partnership with Facebook Data for Good, investigating public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy preferences, and behavior among Facebook users in more than 30 countries and territories…

On social media, Gen Z and Millennial adults interact more with climate change content than older generations

By Cary Lynne Thigpen and Alec Tyson   06/21/21  
Gen Z and Millennial social media users are more likely than older generations online to engage with climate change content on social media and to express a range of emotions when they see climate-related content…

Eight ways to make your climate change social media posts matter – from a communication expert

By Thora Tenbrink  Photo: Kevin_Snyman , Pixabay   06/18/21  
Social media gives everyone the opportunity to argue with the world. So if you want to persuade people about the need to tackle climate change and how we should do it, social media is a…

Tailoring climate change messaging for conservatives could shift understanding of crisis: Study

By Julia Jacobo   06/14/21  
The key to easing partisanship on the topic of global warming may be in the way the messages are conveyed, according to new research. Tailoring online messaging and advertising toward Republican voters could shift their…

Bill Nye Urges Congress to ‘Boldly’ Invest in Climate Change Solutions

By Michael d'Estries  Photo: Amanda Edwards , Getty Images   06/10/21  
Speaking with members of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery this past Tuesday, science educator Bill Nye

Talking climate with those holding different worldviews

By Jon Kohl   06/04/21  
We all live on the same planet, but we experience different worlds. Some farmers might understand climate change as short-term weather change, while others perceive shifting rainfall and temperature patterns across decades. Some climate modeling…

An Army of 100 Bots Is Reading Climate Change News and Clicking Every Ad Along the Way

By Gita Jackson  Photo: Synthetic Messenger   06/03/21  
In an echo-y Zoom call with four full pages of participants, you can watch dozens of bots read articles about climate change, and click every ad along the way while they're at it, to support…

Climate Crisis: The Transformation of Human Evolution

By Ian Lipton   05/26/21  
The underlying cause of our collective failure to prevent the coming existential climate crisis is, ironically, the very mechanism that has led to our evolutionary success as a species: our relationship to perceived threat.  Unless…

Top Climate Scientist Blasts Government Lab After Denier Invited to Speak

By Molly Taft  Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP (Getty Images)   05/24/21  
Ben Santer, one of the nation’s leading climate scientists, said he is cutting ties with a prestigious government-funded laboratory over its plans to invite a scientist who has spread climate denial to speak in a…

The Particular Psychology of Destroying a Planet

By Bill McKibben  Photo: Barry Lewis / Getty   05/19/21  
Two weeks ago, I looked at the question of the anxiety that the climate crisis is causing our psyches. But, if you think about it, there’s an equally interesting question regarding the human mind: How…

Climate Policy in a Binary World: Uttering and Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors

By Joel Stronberg   05/12/21  
The new Republican line in Congress is they accept climate change as real and are on board with efforts to curb harmful emissions and combat Earth’s warming. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s…

Facebook will expand climate hub in battle against misinformation

By Joe Devanesan  Photo: Noah Berger   05/04/21  
Facebook said Thursday it would expand its climate information hub and direct its users to experts to debunk myths and hoaxes in a ramped-up effort to fight misinformation. The social media giant said it has…

The conventional wisdom on how to talk about climate change? It’s wrong.

By Kate Yoder   05/04/21  
Faith Kearns thought she knew how to talk about science. In 2008, she was working in a fire center at the University of California, Berkeley, not long after getting her doctorate there. Kearns had already…

Don’t Let Them Fool You: Disinformation Is Not an Accident.

By Astrid Caldas  Photo: Noah Berger   05/04/21  
I recently appeared in a video made by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The video, where I talk about climate science communication, is part of a series on “Countering Science Misinformation.” While recording…

5 Buddhist Practices to Help Tackle Climate Change

By Lama Willa B. Miller  Photo by Rich Martello   05/02/21  
Climate change can feel so immense that it hurts just to think about. Lama Willa Miller offers five meditations to help bring the truth of climate change into your awareness and lay the ground for a…

John Kerry calls on scientists to lead fight against climate change denial

By Laurie Goering   04/27/21  
Widespread mistrust of science and disputes over basic facts, tied to growing political polarisation and disinformation campaigns, are undermining efforts to tackle climate change globally, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry warned.

As extreme weather increases, climate misinformation adapts

By David Klepper Associated Press  Photo: Noah Berger   04/21/21  
PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Climate scientists have warned for years that a warming planet would cause more extreme storms, like the one that walloped Texas in February, knocking out power and leaving millions in a deep…

Kamala Harris Lays Out Economic Priorities, Skips Climate Change

By Adam Aton  Photo by Chip Somodevilla   04/20/21  
In her first major economic address, Vice President Kamala Harris yesterday outlined what the White House billed as a “vision of the future.”

Richard Smith: Communicating about climate change – think audience and messenger

Climate Outreach, leaders in communicating about climate change, do not aim to proselytise, sell, or persuade, but rather fulfil people’s “right to know.” Just as people have a right to know what is wrong with them…

Climate policy is important, but the bigger challenge is cultural change

By Jennifer Marlon, Opinion Contributor  Photo: Getty Images   04/14/21  
The Biden administration’s bold new moves on climate change are setting the U.S. on a new path toward reducing its effects in the coming years. Changing the institutional rules that guide the actions of agencies, corporations, organizations…

Global Warming Attitudes Frozen Since 2016

By Lydia Saad   04/05/21  
About six in 10 U.S. adults (59%) continue to say the effects of global warming have already begun to happen, and a similar proportion believe pollution from human activities is more to blame than natural…

Why Weather Data Should Drive Global Climate Change Solutions

By Renny Vandewege   04/05/21  
With the Biden administration taking office, climate change and man-made environmental impacts are once again at the forefront of American policy. President Biden is reestablishing the country’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, investing heavily in…

How to talk to people about climate change

Photo by Markus Spiske   03/30/21  
As our planet warms, seas rise and catastrophic weather events become more frequent, action on climate change has never been more important. But how do you convince people who still don’t believe that humans contribute…

Georgia science teacher helps students recognize misinformation about the climate

By Diana Madson and Sarah Kennedy  Photo credit: Amanda Triplett   03/30/21  
Teachers have a lot to cover in their classrooms, so many skim over climate change. But Sarah Ott, a middle-school science teacher in Dalton, Georgia, is committed to making time for it.

Understanding the health harms of climate change: A Six Americas analysis

By Connie Roser-Renouf   03/30/21  
Through our research on Americans’ beliefs and attitudes about climate change, we have identified six distinct audiences, ranging on a spectrum from the Alarmed, who understand the threat of climate change and are very worried…

Ad Agencies Step Away From Oil and Gas in Echo of Cigarette Exodus

By Tiffany Hsu   03/25/21  
It’s night. A little boy opens the door to his father’s room. “Dad, I’m scared,” he says. The father carries the boy back to his bed, tucks him in and clicks on a night light.…

The making of a one-of-a-kind climate change PR professional

By James Hoggan   03/25/21  
In the world of environmental communication, we are learning as we go. For years, we thought facts and outrage changed minds in ways we now know they don’t. We need to explore reliable new ways…