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Talking Climate

Although contested by many climate deniers, 97% of the world’s scientists have determined that climate change is real and humans are primarily responsible. That number was first published by John Cook in 2013, and consistently referenced since then.  The consensus, however, grew to 99.9% recently when, in October, 2021, a new survey of 88,125 climate- related studies was published by Cornell.

What scientists believe and what regular Americans believe, however, continues to differ.

Politics began to play a role early on. In November, 2009, a Washington Post poll revealed that the percentage of Americans who believe global warming is happening dipped from 80% to 72%. In that article, reporter  Juliet Eilperin explained, “The increase in climate skepticism is driven largely by a shift within the GOP. Since its peak 3 1/2 years ago, belief that climate change is happening is down sharply among Republicans -- 76 to 54 percent -- and independents -- 86 to 71 percent. It dipped more modestly among Democrats, from 92 to 86 percent. A majority of respondents still support legislation to cap emissions and trade pollution allowances, by 53 to 42 percent.” By February 2022, with polling still at 72%, Yale published a detailed and highly interactive Climate Opinion Map detailing how climate change beliefs vary across the country. Another poll, in May 2022, reported that only 40% of registered voters consider climate change to be “a very important issue “ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Of those, “6 in 10 registered Democrats say the climate crisis will be a very important factor when they decide who to vote for in November. By contrast, global warming is near or at the bottom of congressional voting priorities among Republicans,” says the study.

Unfortunately, billions of dollars have been poured into misinformation campaigns to inhibit climate change progress and America remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels with record profits being posted in the summer of 2022 by Exxon and other major fossil fuel corporations.  The prominence of denialism in our national conversation about climate change is a product of these campaigns and continues to stall progress. CCR has created a page focused on GREENWASHING.

What is the first thing we need to do to address climate change? Simple: we need to understand it, accept the science, and act. This section provides news and resources to help you understand, accept, and communicate with people who are still skeptical about the reality of climate change. You might want to start with a 2019 video from Climate Crocks.

Accurate information is the foundation of a functioning democracy. A website called Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. It is highly recommended if you find yourself unclear about something you have read in this time of so much misinformation.

There is also:
•  an awesome history answering the questions of “What did we know and when did we know it?” found at NASA.
•  a good quiz from the Washington Post.
•  a game developed by scientist John Cook called crankyuncle, using cartoons and critical thinking to fight misinformation used by climate change deniers. (Also available as a Teacher’s Guide)



Climate Change 2021The Physical Science Basis Summary for Policymakers

This Summary for Policymakers (SPM) presents key findings of the Working Group I (WGI) contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)1


The biggest part of any creative company’s carbon footprint is the work you do for your clients. One campaign for a fossil fuel client can undo all of an agency’s sustainability gains.

From Carbon Capture To Carbon Tax, A Guide To Climate Change Jargon Ahead Of COP26

With the UN climate conference COP26 on the horizon, headlines, taglines, and political speeches are about to be filled with acronyms and jargon.

Fossil Fuels Are Driving the Climate Crisis

Fossil Free Media strengthens the movement to end fossil fuels through creative communications. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support your work.

Disinformation Techniques: A Glossary

From war to cigarettes, guns to GMOs to global warming, there are really only a handful of techniques that have been deployed over the past 125 years or so to shape and control public opinion,…

OED and The Climate Connection: taking the temperature

The Climate Connection (#TheClimateConnection) is a new podcast series from the British Council which explores the relationship between the climate crisis and language education. In partnership with Oxford University Press, and featuring a selection of…

Understanding and countering misinformation about climate change

While there is overwhelming scientific agreement on climate change, the public have become polarized over fundamental questions such as human-caused global warming. Communication strategies to reduce polarization rarely address the underlying cause: ideologically-driven misinformation disseminated…

Debunking Handbook 2020

The Debunking Handbook 2020 summarises the current state of the science of misinformation and its debunking. It was written by a team of 22 prominent scholars of misinformation and its debunking, and it represents the…

Climate Insights 2020: Synthesis Report

The synthesis report of the Climate Insights 2020 survey, a joint effort to examine American attitudes on climate change by researchers at Stanford University, Resources for the Future, and ReconMR, provides insight into what Americans…

Assessing ExxonMobil’s climate change communications (1977–2014)

This paper assesses whether ExxonMobil Corporation has in the past misled the general public about climate change.

Climate Change History

Climate change is the long-term alteration in Earth’s climate and weather patterns. It took nearly a century of research and data to convince the vast majority of the scientific community that human activity could alter…

Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. Our goal is to help readers know which news to trust.

Katharine Hayhoe Encourages Conversations to Build a Climate of Hope

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe advises those feeling hopeless about climate change to think about who you are and what you value. Whether you are a parent, a churchgoer, a Rotary Club member or a birder,…

Climate Central

Extreme Weather Videos

Get The Facts Out on climate change and tell deniers to #GTFO

Climate deniers are still finding new and creative ways to stick their heads in the sand and follow the fossil fuel industry’s playbook by insisting that climate change isn’t happening, or that humans aren’t to…

Climate Disinformation Database

Welcome to the DeSmog Climate Disinformation Research Database where you can search and browse our extensive research on the individuals and organizations that have helped to delay and distract the public and our elected leaders…

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides, and the Interested Public

Let’s Talk Climate: A How-To Guide

You know that the science on climate change is clear. But less than half of us talk about it with family and friends—and we can’t fix what we don’t talk about. Check out our how-to…

Course: Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

Climate change is real, so why the controversy and debate? Learn to make sense of the science and to respond to climate change denial with this free online course.

Fossil Fueled Foolery: An Illustrated Primer on the Top 10 Manipulation Tactics of the Fossil Fuel Industry

The NAACP’s mission is to uphold and defend civil and human rights. Accordingly, we are duty-bound to confront corporations wielding power to manipulate systems and oppress communities to the detriment of the sustainability of the…

How to Understand and Talk About Climate Change – Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently produced a report showing that the world needs to cut carbon pollution far more quickly than current rates to avoid severe consequences. But how can the global community…

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication conducts and publishes research on effective approaches to communicating about climate change. They can answer important questions like: What kind of people listen to what kind of information? How…

DeSmog Blog

DeSmog Blog has a disinformation database that tracks individuals and organizations spreading climate skepticism and tracks their funding sources and actions. They also provide reporting on new trends in misinformation efforts.

Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science provides informed responses to climate deniers’ myths. This is the best place to start improving your climate communication skills.

Climate change science comeback strategies

Steering conversations with people adamantly resistant to accepting climate science. Here are four strategies, each from a distinctly different point of view, each penned by an expert, each useful in either a face-to-face conversation or…

How Big Oil Lost Control of Its Climate Misinformation Campaign

A campaign of climate misinformation has been running into America for decades now, largely funded by the fossil fuel industry. Now, the campaign has only become more extreme, and as some of its earliest leaders…

How to Talk to a Science Denier Without Arguing

Scientific American also has a very helpful guide to engaging climate skeptics in productive discussion. They even came up with an acronym for the steps you should take: EGRIP.

Global Warming’s 6 Americas

This project from Yale Program on Climate Change Communication debunks a myth held pretty unanimously throughout the US: that people are either climate change believers or deniers. In fact, Americans can be grouped according to…

Global Warming and Climate Change Myths

A highlight of John Cook’s fabulous blog, Skeptical Science, this page lists out the most common myths that have been disseminated about climate change and global warming, along with the appropriate, science-based responses.

12 tools for communicating climate change more effectively

12 Tools for Communicating Climate Change" from will help you take your first step to advance your communication skills.

15 ways to powerfully communicate climate change solutions politics

Should campaigners be publishing in more local languages, or pushing for climate change to be taught at school? Our panel share their suggestions for the best ways to promote positive action.


Climate change isn’t partisan and people are realizing it’s not a ‘left-wing plot,’ charity founder says

By Anmar Frangoul  Photo: Julian Stratenschulte, Getty Images   08/03/22  
It’s been called a “global emergency that goes beyond national borders” and described as “the biggest threat to security that modern humans have ever faced.” Whatever one’s views on the matter, discussions about climate change…

Editorial: Surprise Senate deal on climate change should be only the beginning

By The Times Editorial Board  Photo: J. Scott Applewhite, Associated Press   07/29/22  
Surprise! Just weeks after President Biden’s climate agenda was declared dead because of opposition from West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin III (and all 50 Senate Republicans), a sudden reversal came Wednesday night: a deal to…

June 2022 Temperature Update & The Bigger Picture

By James Hansen and Others   07/29/22  
It’s hot and getting hotter. The first six months of the year are about 0.2°C cooler than the first six months of 2016 and 2020 (Fig. 1), but that’s only because the current La Nina…

When Extreme Weather Reigns, Disinformation Pours

By Stella Levantesi  Photo: Kompas & Others, World Meteorological Organization   07/29/22  
Recent extreme weather across the globe is showing us how rapidly the climate is changing in an increasingly warming world. Heatwaves are scorching Europe, the United States, North Africa, Siberia, and some parts of the…

More than half of Americans say they’ve personally felt the impacts of climate change, poll finds

By Gianna Melillo  Photo: Seth Perlman, The Associated Press   07/28/22  
As record-breaking heat waves continue to grip the country, a new Economist/YouGov poll finds 53 percent of U.S. adults report personally having felt the effects of climate change. Findings were based on responses from 1,500…

Right-wing media downplay climate change amid deadly extreme heat, attack idea that we are in a climate emergency

By Zachary Pleat & Ilana Berger   07/21/22  
In Europe, extreme “red” heat warnings were issued in the United Kingdom for the first time, and Wales recorded its highest-ever temperature. Railroad lines, major highways, and airport runways in the U.K. buckled under the…

Which elected leaders should do more on climate?

By Mira Rojanasakul and Catrin Einhorn  Photo: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication   07/19/22  
It’ll take some time to understand how Americans view last week’s collapse of climate legislation in Congress, but previous data holds some clues. When asked which elected officials should do more on climate, Americans point…

Here’s a secret about your neighbors

By Manuela Andreoni   07/19/22  
Merciless heat is scorching much of Europe this month, with temperatures also hitting dangerous levels in parts of Asia and the Americas. It’s one of those times when global warming feels as undeniable as it…

Politics & Global Warming, April 2022

By Anthony Leiserowitz and Others   07/07/22  
Drawing on a nationally representative survey (n = 1,018; including 908 registered voters whose data are included in this report), these findings describe how Democratic, Independent, and Republican registered voters view climate and energy policies.

Heat Waves Around the World Push People and Nations ‘to the Edge’

By Raymond Zhong  Photo: Emilio Fraile , AP   06/27/22  
Large, simultaneous heat waves are growing more common. China, America, Europe and India have all been stricken recently, and scientists are starting to understand why certain far-flung places get hit at once.

‘The biggest uncertainty is us.’

By Somini Sengupta   06/24/22  
I wanted to speak with Katharine Hayhoe about us. Us, as in the “us” in her book, “Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World.” Hayhoe sets out a…

Science coverage of climate change can change minds – briefly

By Jeff Grabmeier   06/20/22  
Science reporting on climate change does lead Americans to adopt more accurate beliefs and support government action on the issue – but these gains are fragile, a new study suggests. Researchers found that these accurate…

Climate change is forcing schools to close early for ‘heat days’

By Laura Meckler and Anna Phillips  Photo: Vincent Alban/The Baltimore Sun/AP   06/04/22  
Temperatures kept rising in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Finally, it was just too hot to keep students in classrooms without air conditioning. On Tuesday, both systems let students out early.

We cannot adapt our way out of climate crisis, warns leading scientist

By Fiona Harvey  Photo: Courtesy of Dr Katharine Hayhoe   06/01/22  
The world cannot adapt its way out of the climate crisis, and counting on adaptation to limit damage is no substitute for urgently cutting greenhouse gases, a leading climate scientist has warned.

What Vaccine Apartheid Portends for the Climate Future

By David Wallace-Wells  Photo: Ibrahim Rayintakath   05/24/22  
The pandemic has been furnishing new and distressing episodes almost weekly for more than two years now. But what is in retrospect perhaps the most concerning, for me, came in May 2021, when the International…

The climate scientists are not alright

By Casey Quackenbush  Photo: Russell Cheyne/Reuters   05/20/22  
Frustration, rage, terror, desperation: After decades of being ignored, scientists are resorting to more radical action to communicate the dire urgency of the climate crisis.

There’s grim news in this year’s Earth Day polls

By Joel Makower   04/25/22  
The polls are back — the Earth Day-related surveys gauging public opinion on environmental issues, that is. And while they never really left, they seem to be coming on stronger this year. For more than…

Climate Misinformation on Social Media Is Undermining Climate Action

By Jeff Turrentine  Photo: Ericka Lugo   04/19/22  
To hear some climate scientists and activists tell it, there are actually encouraging signs that climate skepticism is on the decline. The evidence for climate change that’s all around us—temperatures in Antarctica were recently 70…

As Earth’s temperature rises, Massachusetts residents’ sense of urgency on climate change declines

By Sabrina Shankman and Dharna Noor  Photo: Jsirlin , Adobe Stock   04/19/22  
Despite increasingly urgent international warnings and an onslaught of catastrophic wildfires and weather linked to global warming, fewer Massachusetts residents see the climate crisis as a very serious concern than they did three years ago,…

Column: The only thing we should be talking about is the climate crisis

By Mary McNamara  Photo: Burak Arik / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images   04/07/22  
Why are we talking about anything but climate change? This is a question I ask myself every time scientists release one of their consistently alarming reports on the projected countdown to doomsday.

Pinterest takes a stand on climate misinformation

By Leon Kaye   04/07/22  
Many of the social media platforms that surround us seem innocuous enough. They give us the options to share what we had for breakfast, the latest latte art, stay in touch with our friends and…

Misinformation is derailing renewable energy projects

By Julia Simon  Photo: Charlie Riedel/AP   03/28/22  
On a winter night in early 2016, Jeremy Kitson gathered in his buddy's large shed with some neighbors to plan their fight against a proposed wind farm in rural Van Wert County, Ohio. The project…

Oil and Gas Industry Heavily Outspends Clean Energy and Environmental Groups on Lobbying in California

By Josh Slowiczek   03/17/22  
Oil and gas interests spent four times as much as environmental advocacy groups and almost six times as much as clean energy firms on lobbying efforts in California between 2018 and 2021, according to a…

Climate change is at a ‘political tipping point’ – Al Gore on the Radio Davos podcast

By Robin Pomeroy   03/10/22  
Former US vice president Al Gore has been pushing for climate action for decades and maintains optimism, despite the fact that greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise while the science says they need to…

Editorial: U.N. finally calls out misinformation blocking climate action

By the Times Editorial Board  Photo: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)   03/07/22  
A landmark U.N. climate report on the escalating effects of global warming broke new ground by finally highlighting the role of misinformation in obstructing climate action. It was the first time one of the Intergovernmental…

The ironic effort to wave away climate change in favor of ‘clean air’

By Philip Bump  Photo: Dan Koeck for The Washington Post   03/03/22  
en. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) appeared on Fox Business on Wednesday to discuss his policy priorities in the wake of President Biden’s State of the Union address. As might have been predicted — given Biden’s…

Americans agree climate change is an issue — but differ on what to do

By Evan Bush  Photo: Derek Davis , Getty Images   03/01/22  
Three-quarters of Americans believe the U.S. ought to participate in international efforts to address climate change, but a majority remain pessimistic about those efforts.

Americans Largely Favor U.S. Taking Steps To Become Carbon Neutral by 2050

By Alec Tyson and others  Photo: Paul Hennessy   03/01/22  
Amid growing global energy demand and rising carbon dioxide emissions, majorities of Americans say the United States should prioritize the development of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, and take steps toward the…

We’re No More Serious about the Climate Crisis Than We Were before the Pandemic

By Samantha Montano  Photo: Tayfun Coskun , Getty Images   02/25/22  
Disaster researchers are used to seeing train wrecks coming. We study the worst moments in human history—their warning signs, failures, destruction, pain, corruption and injustice—so that we can lessen the hurt. But the scale of…

Facebook failing to flag harmful climate misinformation, new research finds

Facebook is falling short of its promises to tackle climate misinformation, according to new analysis from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)

Facebook labeled half of climate denial posts from ‘Toxic Ten’: report

By Rebecca Klar  Photo: Associated Press/Matt Rourke   02/23/22  
Facebook labeled half of the climate change denial posts linked to content by the leading publishers of such disinformation, according to a Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) report published Wednesday.

In their own words: Local leaders urge Congress to act on climate

By Lisa Frank   02/17/22  
“Climate change poses a very serious threat, but also a significant economic opportunity for our city and our nation. Fayetteville is committed to working with leaders of other cities, states, universities, and businesses to combat…

Scientists agree: Climate change is real and caused by people

by Samantha Harrington  Photo: Western Arctic National Parklands / CC BY 2.0   02/17/22  
Scientific academies, professional societies, associations, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and published research worldwide are aligned.

How Politics, Society and Tech Shape the Path of Climate Change

By Kat Kerlin   02/16/22  
Politics and society largely dictate climate policy ambitions and therefore the trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions, yet climate change models and projections rarely include political and social drivers. A study from the University of California,…

How hot will the planet get? Public opinion is key factor, finds study

By Sofia Quaglia  Photo: Rodger Bosch , Getty Images   02/16/22  
Scientists have modelled thousands of possible futures, and found that different social attitudes could make the difference between a temperature increase of just 1.8C or 3.6C by the end of the 21st century.

Why climate change talk must focus on water, not just carbon

By Mridula Ramesh  Photo: Shutterstock   02/13/22  
Nothing works like clarity in getting things done. And the world needs to get down its carbon emissions to keep it habitable for most of us in the not-too-distant future. Naturally, then, most climate conversations…

The end of natural gas has to start with its name

By Rebecca Leber  Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images   02/10/22  
The oil and gas industry didn’t invent the name. But it invented the myth of a clean fuel.

Top corporations have vowed to fight climate change. Researchers say their plans fall short.

By Steven Mufson  Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images   02/06/22  
Some of the world’s best-known corporations have clamored to show how seriously they are taking climate change, with an increasing number pledging to eliminate their carbon footprints in the decades ahead. But many of those…

Busting The Three Big Myths Of Sustainable Business

By Solitaire Townsend   01/30/22  
When myths are stories, with colourful characters, epic journeys and relatable heroes, they can be wonderful things – they can inspire, invigorate, and introduce new ideas. But when myths are just plain falsehoods, they’re not…

Youngkin and Peterson Prove Climate Change Is A Front in the Culture Wars, Like It Or Not

By Daily Kos Staff  Photo: Walter Einenkel   01/21/22  
Recently sworn-in Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin rarely mentioned environmental issues during his campaign, and as folks have pointed out, while Youngkin may have tried to present himself as a moderate Republican and kept his distance…

More than 450 scientists call on PR and ad firms to cut their ties with fossil fuel clients

By Steven Mufson  Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images   01/19/22  
The public relations giant Edelman vaulted to the top of its profession with clever campaigns that burnished the images of leading corporations. Now, under fire for its work on behalf of fossil fuel companies, Edelman…

How Exxon is using an unusual law to intimidate critics over its climate denial

By Chris McGreal  Photo: Reginald Mathalone/NurPhoto   01/18/22  
ExxonMobil is attempting to use an unusual Texas law to target and intimidate its critics, claiming that lawsuits against the company over its long history of downplaying and denying the climate crisis violate the US…

A consumer’s guide to shoveling out of EV falsehoods

By Antonio Peronace   01/14/22  
EV misinformation has reared its head again, but this time it seems to be stuck spinning its wheels in the snow. You may have seen a recent Washington Post editorial that expressed some concern about…

Defusing the Global Climate Emergency Depends on Defusing the Democracy Emergency

By Mark Hertsgaard  Photo: Getty Images   01/07/22  
A year ago today, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy were fleeing for their lives as a violent mob swarmed the halls of the U.S. Capitol. With their personal safety at risk, the two most powerful…

Just a little too slow: Why journalists struggle to cover climate change

By Bill Mckibben   01/06/22  
The runaway success of Don’t Look Up — after 12 days it’s already the third-most viewed film in Netflix history — should have several salutary results, including perhaps a new willingness in Hollywood to make…

Fossil fuel firms among biggest spenders on Google ads that look like search results

By Niamh McIntyre   01/05/22  
Fossil fuel companies and firms that work closely with them are among the biggest spenders on ads designed to look like Google search results, in what campaigners say is an example of “endemic greenwashing”.

How to talk climate change at Christmas dinner without picking a fight with your uncle

By Stella Favaro and Ellie Smith  Photo: Yalonda M. James , The Chronicle 2019   12/25/21  
Talking about climate change with family can be nerve-wracking and infuriating any time of year. But the opportunity for frustrations to go from mild to explosive peaks around the holidays, especially when meals force everyone…

Grappling with Climate Change Communication and Misinformation | Science News Now

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as through variations in the solar cycle. But since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver…

Climate change news coverage reached all-time high, language to describe it shifting

By Kelsey Simpkins   12/21/21  
United States news coverage of climate change reached an all-time high in October and November, according to recent data from the Media and Climate Change Observatory (MeCCO), an international, multi-university collaboration based at the University…

Did 2021 Deal a Fatal Blow to Climate-Change Denial?

By Tom Yulsman  Photo: Daniel Brown , AP   12/21/21  
From brutal heat in North America and Siberia to devastating flooding in China and Europe, 2021 delivered worsening climate extremes of the kind long predicted by scientists. Streetcar cables melted in Portland. A raging river…