Harley-Davidson will launch its electric LiveWire motorcycle in 2019

By Andrew Krok   07/30/18  
Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, will come in 2019, and the company has promised an entire lineup of EV bikes. What's interesting is that H-D said its portfolio will consist of "two-wheelers," which means…

BG Corporations’ Green Promises Are Often Undermined By Their Lobbying

By Tom Lyon   07/20/18  
Many major corporations like Exxon Mobil and Ford have issued public commitments to sustainability and are working renewable energy use into their business model. However, these companies are also quietly lobbying for policies that support…

Amazon Battles Google for Renewable Energy Crown

By Brian Eckhouse   10/19/17  
Amazon, Google are top corporate buyers of U.S. wind, solar. Even in the age of coal enthusiast President Donald Trump, clean-energy developers are finding plenty of interest in wind and solar power from businesses with…

Apple, Microsoft and others supported staying in the Paris Agreement

By Nathan Ingraham   06/01/17  
With President Donald Trump set to make a decision on the Paris climate change agreement today, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and 21 other companies published an open letter urging him to keep the US in…