Energy companies taking environmental action

By Jack Money   10/11/20  
President Donald Trump and the Republican Party argue they have done what they could during his administration to make America a leader in the nation's global energy markets.

Iowa City-based businesses awarded for efforts to reduce carbon emissions

By Marissa Schwartz   09/26/20  
Climate Fest is happening this week in Iowa City. This comes as the city announces the first annual winners of the Climate Action at Work Awards program. All Iowa City-based businesses were eligible - with…

Walmart plans to go 100% renewable by 2035

By Kelly Pickerel   09/21/20  
Walmart today announced it is targeting zero emissions across the company’s global operations by 2040. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are also committing to help protect, manage or restore at least 50 million acres of…

Puerto Rico Firm Offers Sustainability Certifications for Businesses

By Giovanna Garofalo   09/02/20  
Puerto Rico-based CTI Consulting Group recently formed an alliance with SIP Group, an innovation and sustainability consulting firm in the Dominican Republic, to develop a strategy for local companies to obtain a sustainability certification.

Ceres brings the voice of business to Congress in push for climate solutions

By Steve Valk   08/18/20  
When corporate CEOs speak, members of Congress — especially Republicans — listen. And so it was fortunate that one month before CCL volunteers held virtual lobby meetings with Congress, the sustainability and advocacy nonprofit Ceres…

Microsoft’s astonishing climate change goals, explained

By David Roberts   07/30/20  
The company plans to wipe out all of its carbon emissions — and keep going. You could be forgiven for missing it, given the surplus of news, but the past few years have seen a…

It’s Time For Companies To Walk The Talk On Climate Lobbying

By Victoria Mills   07/10/20  
Who’s responsible for solving climate change? According to the Yale Program on Climate Communication, businesses top the list.

Wells Fargo and Shell join in solar deal

By Steven Mufson   06/23/20  
Normally, I use this column to respond to questions from readers about climate change. But — amid our ongoing national reckoning with racism prompted by the unequal impacts of the covid-19 pandemic, the recent killings…

Could Microsoft’s climate crisis ‘moonshot’ plan really work?

By Oscar Schwartz   04/23/20  
The tech giant’s pledge to go carbon negative by 2030 leans heavily on nascent technology such as machines that suck carbon out of the air Microsoft drew widespread praise in January this year after Brad…

Symposium Will Discuss How Businesses Can Lead on Climate

By Guest Blogger   02/27/20  
An event on March 6 will bring together representatives from the world’s most powerful industries to discuss the role of business in addressing today’s urgent sustainability challenges. ...

IBM tackles climate change in 2020 Call for Code challenge

By Cailin Crowe   02/26/20  
IBM announced its third Call for Code Global Challenge, which will call on software developers to "halt and reverse" the effects of climate change with open source-powered technology. The announcement coincides with the 75th anniversary…

Could the flight shaming movement take off in the U.S.? JetBlue thinks so.

The airline is the first American carrier planning to purchase “offsets” for carbon emissions from all domestic flights, a move some activists denounce as a stunt....

UPS Invests in Arrival, Accelerates Fleet Electrification With Order of 10,000 Electric Delivery Vehicles

UPS today said its venture capital arm, UPS Ventures, has completed a minority investment in Arrival, which makes electric vehicle (EV) platforms and purpose-built vehicles that offer a highly competitive value proposition when compared with…

Hundreds of Amazon employees risk firing to protest the company’s climate policies

By Annie Palmer   01/27/20  
More than 340 Amazon employees signed onto a post published Sunday criticizing the company’s climate stance and protesting its external communications policy.

A Call for Investors to Put Their Money Toward a Green Future

By Paul Sullivan   01/24/20  
Climate change has been a key theme this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with big ideas being bandied about, and big-picture proposals being announced.

Big Business Says It Will Tackle Climate Change, but Not How or When

By David Gelles and Somini Sengupta   01/23/20  
Business titans who for decades brushed off warnings about climate change arrived at the annual World Economic Forum this week ready to show their newfound enthusiasm for the cause.

Amazon, Lime part of new alliance to accelerate EVs

By Jason Plautz   01/23/20  
Amazon, AT&T, Siemens and Lime are among the founding members of a new partnership seeking to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) through strategic collaboration.

Major companies join new alliance to accelerate transition to electric vehicles

By Troy Shaheen   01/22/20  
Ceres announces the launch of a new alliance to help companies accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, a key component of tackling the climate crisis. The Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance will help member companies make…

The Energy 202: Arizona’s biggest utility, which fought renewables in 2018, now wants to go carbon-free

By Dino Grandoni   01/22/20  
Arizona’s biggest electric utility spent millions of dollars in 2018 to defeat a renewable energy ballot initiative. Just two years later, it now says it wants to get all of its power from carbon-free sources.

Microsoft Is Going Carbon Negative

By Adele Peters   01/17/20  
This year, Microsoft expects to emit 16 million metric tons of CO2. But by 2030, the tech giant plans to become carbon negative, meaning that it will remove more carbon from the atmosphere than it…

Microsoft Says It Plans To Go Carbon Negative By 2030

That means converting 100% of the business to renewable energy and investing in carbon-absorbing technologies. ...

Supporting major companies to run on renewable energy by 2050

RE100 is a global corporate leadership initiative committing the world’s most influential businesses to run on 100% renewable electricity by 2050. Developed by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, RE100’s purpose is to accelerate…

Brands Taking Stands: Has employee activism hit a ceiling?

By Leon Kaye   01/09/20  
From the look of the first nine days, 2020 is shaping up to be a wild ride when it comes to activism in the business world. And no, we’re not yet touching the geopolitical events…

Climate Crisis Tests Limits of Employee Activism on the Environment

By Tina Casey   01/08/20  
As the climate crisis grows, tech workers have been pressing their employers to take more aggressive action on the environment and climate change. Now, some leading companies are pushing back.

From trash to cash: How a Thai entrepreneur turned used flip-flops into a sustainable business model

By Ryan Anderson   01/03/20  
Although flip-flops are not recyclable, Tlejourn upcycles them into new, solid mats, which are then use to make new footware....

How Ford makes car parts from used McDonald’s coffee beans

By Michelle Yan   12/19/19  
Every year, McDonald's produces more than 62 million pounds of coffee chaff. That's the unused dried skin that comes off of coffee beans during the roasting process. And that 62 million pounds used to go…

The Greening of Me

By Lincoln Bleveans   12/05/19  
I still remember learning it: “the solution to pollution is dilution.” That was the accepted wisdom in 1974, courtesy of my second grade science class.

Corporate Leaders to Trump: Withdrawing From the Paris Agreement Makes Bad Business Sense

By Courtney LindwallPresident Trump says fulfilling the country's commitment to the Paris climate agreement would be bad news for the U.S. economy, but the growing tally...

Good company: the capitalists putting purpose ahead of profit

As protest and environmental alarm escalate, a new breed of business is prioritising values other than money and growth....

Oreos, KitKats Among Other Global Brands Fueling Indonesian Forest Fires

By Hans Nicholas JongThe makers of Oreo cookies and KitKat chocolate bars are among the companies getting some of their palm oil from producers linked to...

You Asked: How Can We Track Corporate Sustainability Measures?

An Earth Institute expert explains how to dig up a company’s sustainability records. ...

Why climate risks matter to both cities and the supply chain

By Bella Ota   11/05/19  
Just a quick 20-minute drive from Madrid is the booming town of Coslada, Spain’s ‘golden mile’ of online shopping. Located only 14 kilometres from Madrid and Barajas international airport, the logistics complex lacks the glamour…

Business Meets Climate Activism: Ready or Not, Change Is Coming

By Nardia Haigh   10/16/19  
Social movements tied to climate change have been growing for some time. In 1999, more than 40,000 activists—including climate activists—took to the streets of Seattle, Washington, to protest a meeting of the World Trade Organization,…

Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers

Firm’s public calls for climate action contrast with backing for conservative thinktanks...

S.C. Johnson joins Coca-Cola and PepsiCo in ditching ties to Plastics Industry Association: ‘This trend will only continue’

S.C. Johnson & Son Inc is the latest major company to announce it will cut ties with the Plastics Industry Association lobbying group following pressure from activists....

Lessons from Climate Week: 3 Things Needed to Accelerate Change

By Ellen Jackowski   09/26/19  
Climate Week NYC officially kicked off Monday, but arguably last Friday‘s Global Climate Strike set the stage for this week’s agenda. Like so many, I have been inspired by this youth-led movement and its uncompromising…

Google to Invest $2 Billion in Wind and Solar Energy

Ahead of the UN climate summit and the global climate strike, the world's largest search engine announced that the tech behemoth will make its biggest corporate...

Amazon Unveils Its Climate Crisis Plan

The day before over 1,500 employees planned a walkout to participate in today's global climate strike, CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled a sweeping plan for the...

Big money urges governments to tackle climate change

By Frank Jordans   09/19/19  
A group of more than 500 major institutional investors called Thursday for governments to boost efforts to tackle climate change, warning that failure could have serious economic consequences.

Home Depot to phase out some products containing PFAS chemicals

The largest home improvement chain in the U.S. announced it will stop carrying some products containing dangerous PFAS chemicals by the end of the year. In a Tuesday announcement, Home Depot said it would no…

Just Days Ahead of Employee Climate Strike, Microsoft Announces Partnership with Chevron to Accelerate Oil Extraction

By Brian Merchant   09/18/19  
Microsoft employees have responded with a fiery statement condemning the partnership and calling on fellow employees to join them in walking out on September 20th.

American Express and Parley for the Oceans Announce First-Ever Card Made Primarily With Reclaimed Plastic From Parley and Launch a Global Campaign to #BackOurOceans

Today, American Express is proud to announce an expanded commitment to combat marine plastic pollution through several company-wide programs

These are all the companies participating in the climate strike

By Adele Peters   09/16/19  
If you try to go to Patagonia’s Manhattan store early in the afternoon on Friday, you won’t be able to shop. The company is one of a handful of retailers—including Lush, Burton, and Ben and…

Prince Harry Launches Sustainable Travel Initiative ‘Travalyst’ With 5 Big Industry Players

Prince Harry launched a sustainable travel initiative Tuesday in Amsterdam, a city that has been impacted by excessive tourism, the Associated Press reported.The initiative, called Travalyst,...

What does it take to go compostable? Seattle grocer PCC is finding out

By Krishna Thakker   08/28/19  
The trend-setting company plans to make all of its deli packaging compostable within three years, but has found out getting there isn't easy.

With Ecosia, you can help plant trees by just surfing the internet

The Berlin start-up thinks tech companies can be a force for good.

Moody’s Buys Climate Data Firm, Signaling New Scrutiny of Climate Risks

By Christopher Flavelle   07/24/19  
Moody’s Corporation has purchased a controlling stake in a firm that measures the physical risks of climate change, the latest indication that global warming can threaten the creditworthiness of governments and companies around the world.

Walmart announces rollout of electric car charging stations across Arkansas

Walmart has announced the rollout of electric car charging stations across Arkansas as part of a plan to develop a coast-to-coast charging network.

Is your company ready for a zero-carbon future?

By Nigel Topping   06/23/19  
There is growing public demand for a rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy. But global protests and youth climate strikes are not enough to create change alone. Companies need to take action. Beyond the very…

Tupperware: A Legacy Brand Embracing a Sustainable Future

By Mary Mazzoni   06/19/19  
As overflowing landfills and waste-ridden seas dominate the headlines, advocates continue to call on companies to embrace a circular economy, in which materials are infinitely reused and nothing becomes waste. Tupperware Brands is among those answering the call. Earlier this month, the direct sales company rolled…