Apple and Disney among companies backing groups against US climate bill

By Oliver Milman   10/01/21  
Some of America’s most prominent companies, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney, are backing business groups that are fighting landmark climate legislation, despite their own promises to combat the climate crisis, a new analysis has…

Early lessons from Microsoft’s climate push

By Ben Geman   10/01/21  
Microsoft's early finance of carbon removal projects as part of its wider climate pledge has revealed hurdles that must be overcome to enable large-scale deployment of the technologies. Driving the news: Microsoft officials and other…

Microsoft’s million-tonne CO2-removal purchase — lessons for net zero

By Lucas Joppa and others   09/29/21  
n January this year, Microsoft made a major announcement: it had paid for the removal of 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Among its purchases were projects to expand forests in Peru,…

Big Tech Claims to Care About Climate Action, So Why Don’t They Lobby For It?

By Tina Casey   09/22/21  
The top five U.S. tech companies have been getting high marks for helping to drive the market for renewable energy, clean vehicles, and other technologies aimed at cutting their carbon footprint. However, Big Tech's influence…

Microsoft’s new campus will run on geothermal energy – but what exactly is it and can it really help combat climate change?

By World Economic Forum   09/14/21  
Microsoft is using geothermal energy from deep underground to power its new sustainable campus in the United States. The computing giant is building 93,000 square metres of new workspace on 29 hectares of its Redmond…

Microsoft tweets concern for Ida victims while funding climate deniers in Congress

By Emily Atkin   09/07/21  
The world's second-largest company is still bankrolling climate deniers' re-election campaigns, and defending the practice.

Biden wants to pay farmers to grow carbon-capturing crops. It’s complicated

By Helena Bottemiller Evich And Ryan Mccrimmon   07/29/21  
President Joe Biden’s goal of paying farmers and ranchers to help battle climate change is running into the reality of how complicated and costly it will be. Six months into the administration, officials have yet…

Walmart, Ikea, and Amazon have a dirty shipping problem

By Justine Calma   07/20/21  
Giant retailers, including Amazon and Ikea, have pledged to go green, but their shipping is still pretty dirty. Now shoppers can now see how much pollution some of the biggest retail companies in the US…

Partnering for action on climate change

By Zoe Haseman   07/19/21  
In 2021, the world’s attention has shifted toward the global drive to net zero, with the United Nations describing it as a “make or break year” for action on climate change. In 2020, net zero…

Corporate Giants Have Been Lobbying Against Their Own Emissions Targets

By Emily Pontecorvo   07/18/21  
Corporate America has made a slew of pledges to reduce its emissions over the past few years. Today, 92 percent of the companies on the S&P 100, an index of leading U.S. stocks, have announced…

How Financial Institutions Can Help Combat Climate Change

By TechFunnel Contributors   07/15/21  
There is often an assumption held by ordinary people that finance and positive environmental change are oxymorons. that the finance industry exists to serve the bottom line and nothing else. This has slowly been changing…

Big Tech Versus Big Oil: Showdown Over Clean Energy Standards?

By Bill Weihl   07/15/21  
The issue of Clean Energy Standards (CES), a cornerstone of the Biden climate/infrastructure plan, is emerging as a bellwether on climate policy.  For years, climate-positive Big Tech firms have tackled sustainability in company operations, but…

Too few companies advocate for climate-friendly policies despite lofty goals: report

By Chris Teale   07/13/21  
Of the United States' top 100 companies, only 40% lobby lawmakers at the state and federal level for climate-friendly legislation despite setting lofty sustainability goals, according to a new report.

How the Climate Conversation Changed in 2021

By Andrew Zolli   07/13/21  
This is the most important year for climate action since the Paris Climate Agreement was passed in 2015. National governments are strengthening their national climate action plans; companies, cities and communities are setting more ambitious…

Top US companies pledge to cut emissions, but most don’t push for climate action

By Karin Rives   07/13/21  
Although 50 of the largest 96 corporations in the U.S. now publicly support the Paris Agreement on climate change, only 40% of those 50 companies have actively been lobbying lawmakers on the importance of science-based…

How business can build people-powered climate action

By César Ortiz-Sotelo   07/07/21  
There is a growing desire among citizens to engage in climate action. By engaging their stakeholders in effective and meaningful action, companies can hasten our collective journey to net zero.

More than 75 companies ask Congress to pass clean electricity standard

By Zack Budryk   07/07/21  
More than 75 major U.S. companies including Apple, Google, Lyft and Salesforce signed a letter circulated Wednesday urging Congress to adopt a federal clean electricity standard. In the letter, signers urged the federal government adopt…

Big oil and gas kept a dirty secret for decades. Now they may pay the price

By Chris McGreal   06/30/21  
Via an unprecedented wave of lawsuits, America’s petroleum giants face a reckoning for the devastation caused by fossil fuels

Leading In The Green Business Boon

By Benjamin Pring   06/29/21  
Even with the steep dip in greenhouse gas emissions during the COVID-19 lockdowns, last year saw record-breaking temperatures around the globe and another surge in climate-related disasters. Despite growing efforts from individuals, business and governments to allay the…

New climate science could cause wave of litigation against businesses – study

By Fiona Harvey   06/28/21  
Businesses could soon be facing a fresh wave of legal action holding them to account for their greenhouse gas emissions, owing to advances in climate science, experts have warned. More than 1,500 legal actions have…

4 Companies Committed to Combating Climate Change Through Consumer Product Innovation

By Ryan Listo   06/25/21  
Climate change is quite possibly the largest crisis facing humanity and the planet, and its effects are already being felt around the world, especially in marginalized communities. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for…

Column: Oil firms and others face unprecedented pressure to come clean on climate change

By Michael Hiltzik   06/25/21  
Chevron, one of the world’s leading oil companies, got a major wake-up call on climate change from its shareholders May 26. At its annual meeting that day, a stunning 60.7% of shareholders voted for the…

What companies really mean when they say they’re ‘net-zero’

By Sara Kiley Watson   06/24/21  
When it comes to following your favorite brands’ climate ethics, you might hear the phrase “net-zero emissions” get thrown around pretty often. In fact, more than 400 of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies have,…

The Little Hedge Fund Taking Down Big Oil

By Jessica Camille Aguirre   06/23/21  
On the day the little investment firm Engine No. 1 would learn the outcome of its proxy battle at Exxon Mobil, its office in San Francisco still didn’t have furniture. Almost everyone had been working…

Amazon and Other Tech Giants Race to Buy Up Renewable Energy

By Sam Schechner   06/23/21  
The race to secure electricity deals for power-hungry data centers has tech companies reshaping the renewable-energy market and grappling with a new challenge: how to ensure their investments actually reduce emissions.

How packaging companies could drive climate change action: GlobalData

By Jessica Paige   06/22/21  
Climate change is having disastrous effects across the globe, disrupting natural systems, raising sea-levels, and more. To combat climate change, governmental action and environmental laws have been implemented in several countries.

How Salesforce wants to make its supply chain more sustainable

By Tovin Lapan   06/22/21  
Earlier this year, when Salesforce unveiled its Sustainability Exhibit, vice president of sustainability Patrick Flynn already had a good idea that the general response would be well received. That's because Salesforce spent several years testing…

These Are The Startups Applying AI To Tackle Climate Change

By Rob Toews   06/20/21  
Climate change is the most pressing threat that the human species faces today. Artificial intelligence is the most powerful tool that humanity has at its disposal in the twenty-first century.

Google, Facebook, Amazon and more urge SEC to mandate regular climate reports

By Lauren Feiner   06/14/21  
A group of seven tech companies urged the Securities and Exchange Commission to require businesses to regularly disclose climate-related matters to their shareholders.

‘An unlikely alliance’: US investor-owned utilities and NGOs partner to advance new carbon-free tech

By Ben Fowke and Armond Cohen   06/04/21  
The stakes for taking decisive action to slow and reverse climate change have never been greater. President Joe Biden clearly recognizes the urgency, which is why he wants to slash U.S. carbon emissions in the…

Exclusive: Major companies unite to push climate solutions

By Andrew Freedman   06/03/21  
A group of eight large companies, including tech and entertainment heavy hitters such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Disney and Netflix, are joining environmental groups and the U.N. to devise ways to scale funding for…

JPMorgan Pledges to Cut Carbon Emissions in Lending Portfolios

By Hannah Levitt   05/13/21  
JPMorgan Chase & Co., the biggest funder of fossil-fuel companies globally, is pledging a 35% reduction in “operational carbon intensity” for its oil and gas portfolio by the end of this decade. The commitment is…

Cville Launches Green Business Alliance

By Sandy Hausman   05/05/21  
Thirty percent of Fortune 500 companies have announced plans to cut carbon emissions, and now small businesses in Virginia are getting on board. The Community Climate Collaborative in Charlottesville announced formation of a Green Business…

Sol Systems Flips the Switch at Seven Solar Projects for Walmart

Sol Systems has announced the completion of solar energy systems totaling 6.5 megawatts (MW) at seven Walmart stores across California. The portfolio includes a mixture of solar energy systems installed on the rooftops and parking…

Apple Investing in Major Energy Storage Project in California

Apple has announced it is investing directly in renewable energy projects to cover a portion of upstream emissions, as well as a major energy storage project in California to pilot new solutions for renewable infrastructure.

FedEx Investing $2 Billion in Electrification, Greener Jet Fuel, Carbon Capture, and More

By Sami Grover   03/05/21  
When I talked to Dan Rutherford from the International Council on Clean Transportation about the relative merits of flying less, flying more efficiently, and flying on different fuels, he argued strongly that we’d need to…

Exxon, Once a Skeptic, Sees Profit in Capturing Carbon Emissions

By Christopher M. Matthews   03/03/21  
Exxon Mobil Corp. says the time has come to turn capturing carbon emissions into a real business, as it faces pressure from activists to become a greener company. That represents an about-face for the Texas…

SEC Opens Review of Corporate Climate Change Disclosures

By Dieter Holger and Kimberly Chin   02/24/21  
The regulator’s previous guidance on climate change was issued more than a decade ago.

Climate leaders go ‘all in’ to halve emissions by 2030

By Chris Teale   02/23/21  
To complement the United States' return to the Paris climate agreement, elected officials joined the business and nonprofit community to launch the "America Is All In" coalition, which aims to collaborate with the federal government on the…

20 more companies from around the globe join The Climate Pledge

By Amazon Staff   02/17/21  
53 companies, representing almost every sector of the economy, have committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, demonstrating the global impact of The Climate Pledge.

IBM Commits To Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2030

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to further its decades-long work to address the global climate crisis.

There’s an invisible climate threat seeping from grocery store freezers. Biden wants to change that.

By Desmond Butler   02/15/21  
New undercover survey suggests leaks of powerful planet-warming gases pervade many supermarkets.

Ikea’s Ambitious Plan To Make Its Cheap Furniture Last Forever

By Alexandra Kirkman   02/10/21  
To erase its massive climate footprint, Ikea needs to change how it makes its products and how you buy them.

Biggest Investment House: Business Needs to Act on Climate or Governments Will

By Peter Sinclair   01/26/21  
I have a rule of thumb. Don’t argue with thermometers. Don’t argue with rising oceans. And don’t argue with investment funds that have 7 trillion dollars under management.

Climate Action Is a Matter of National Security, and Business Leaders Can Help

By Tina Casey   01/26/21  
President Joe Biden campaigned for office with a message of healing and unity over political divisions. That may seem like a just another vague, warm-and-fuzzy emotional appeal. However, after just a few days in office…

Climate Splits Oil Trade Group, Investors

By Peter Sinclair   01/22/21  
This week’s cancellation of the Keystone pipeline is yet another strong signal that a paradigm shift in energy is well underway.

Microsoft Pledges To Remove From The Atmosphere All The Carbon It Has Ever Emitted

By Camila Domonoske   01/16/21  
By 2050, the tech giant pledges it will "remove from the environment all the carbon the company has emitted either directly or by electrical consumption since it was founded in 1975."

Renewables, storage stocks soar as Democrat-led Congress improves environment for green investments

By Catherine Morehouse   01/08/21  
A Democrat-controlled Congress paired with President-elect Joe Biden creates a favorable environment for continued utility investment in clean energy resources, analysts say

Oklahoma energy companies take environmental action amid rapidly changing world

By Jack Money   10/13/20  
President Donald Trump and the Republican Party argue they have done what they could during his administration to make America a leader in the nation's global energy markets.

These Utah companies are taking a stand for sustainability

By Lindsay Bicknell   10/13/20  
Salt Lake City hasn’t always had the best air quality―but these companies are doing something about it. Join us in celebrating the companies and individuals who are leading us toward a more sustainable future.