Jerry Brown: Climate change is about inventing, ‘not just adapting’

By Meet the Press   12/30/18  
In an exclusive interview, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) joins Chuck to discuss the aftermath of passing the gas tax in his state and how the wildfires this year have pushed him to "wake up…

Bloomberg On 2020: Any Candidate ‘Better Have A Plan’ On Climate Change

By Meet the Press   12/27/18  
In an exclusive interview, Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg tells Chuck Todd he does not yet know if he will run for president in 2020, but adds, “I will be out there demanding…

Mike Bloomberg Delivers Remarks at the Global Climate Action Summit

By Mike Bloomberg   09/13/18  
Introduced by Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Mike Bloomberg shares the trailer for Bloomberg Philanthropies and RadicalMedia’s new film, “Paris to Pittsburgh,” and delivers remarks Summit on the U.S. commitment…