Our pets are a part of our family, and if we care about climate change issues, we should care for them in an eco-conscious way. That means non-toxic grooming products, biodegradable waste bags and non-clay cat litter, accessories made from recycled materials, and products made from sustainable materials.

There are a number of pet foods and treats on the market today that focus on health and sustainability. Look for food that is human-grade and USDA certified organic. Companies like Newman’s Own, Freshpet, Only Natural Pet, and Castor & Pollux Organix offer products that provide nutrition to your pet while caring for the planet. It is always important to check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.

Many birds, such as parakeets, are very sociable and require a lot of stimulation. To provide them with fun while being eco-conscious, choose a toy that is environmentally friendly, made from sustainable materials, and will provide entertainment for your bird.

(We don’t mean to ignore fish, hamsters, reptiles, and miniature horses. We promise to add more as we go along.)


Image Courtesy of: FHASSO
Cat owners often observe that their kitties love nothing more than a simple cardboard box in which to hide. According to experts, seeking out confined spaces is instinctual, as these areas give cats a place…
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Image Courtesy of: Petplay
Made with pets, people, and the planet in mind, these designer dog beds have removable covers and cushions that are machine washable, durable, and eco-friendly.  Each bed is crafted for maximum comfort and ergonomic support,…
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Image Courtesy of: LUPINE
Nestled in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, Lupine Pet has been manufacturing their dog and cat products since 1990. Their Eco Collection of colorful dog collars are made by hand from recycled plastic…
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Yesterday’s News® Recycled Paper Litter

Image Courtesy of: PURINA
Made with recycled paper, Yesterday’s News clumping and non-clumping litters take items that have the potential to end up in the waste stream and turn them into cat litter which is easy on paws and…
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