Our home is the first place where we can make some changes, both large and small, to help in the fight against climate change, and to create and preserve a more sustainable world. Saving the planet begins in the kitchen with our choice to replace single-use paper products with greener alternatives; reducing energy usage with smart appliances; avoiding harmful chemicals in kitchen cleaning products; and our attempts to reduce food waste by adopting new habits.

Today, forward-thinking companies are aware that conscious consumers want products from renewable resources that won’t harm the environment; products made from materials that will do the job well, and will ultimately biodegrade or be composted and return to the earth. We can support these enterprises by purchasing their products and giving them a try. It is surprising how easy it is to make the switch to a green home, one bamboo paper towel at a time…

Pros and cons of induction cooktops and ranges from Consumer Reports

  • Scared of Induction? It’s Going to be OK. More here.

 5 Things You Need To Know Before you Buy.


Image Courtesy of: Amazon
In 2011, founders Noam and Irene Krasniansky set out to create a product that would both replace disposable paper towels and be made from a sustainable and renewable resource. They also decided to plant trees…
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5 Cow Farm Boards

Image Courtesy of: 5 Cow Farm
Local artisans are a treasure worth supporting. And choosing to buy locally and sustainably, and purchase items directly from them will help keep them creating fine things, plus will put money directly back into your…
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Bokashi Composting Kit

Image Courtesy of: BOKASHI
The Zero Waste movement is gaining popularity as people become aware of ways to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Composting is a positive step towards reducing waste, plus returning valuable nutrients and microbes to the…
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Food Huggers®

Image Courtesy of: FOOD HUGGERS
Did you ever want to give your onion a hug? Probably not, but Food Huggers® love onions and they are ready to hug them anytime. In fact, they will hug lemons, apples, eggplants, bananas, tomatoes,…
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Acorn Wood Shop Hand-carved Spoons

Image Courtesy of: Acorn Wood Shop
Each spoon that Julia Swyers creates has a personality all its own. Her love for wood is present in the organic shapes and elegant simplicity of each piece. Each object she makes comes from wood…
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Recycled Glassware

Image Courtesy of: LSA
Canopy is a collection of sustainably manufactured products produced by LSA International. Each planter, vase or drinkware item is handmade from 100% recycled soda-lime glass and is boxed in recycled, recyclable packaging printed with organic…
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Image Courtesy of: Mrs. Meyers
This line of cleaning products was inspired by Mrs. Thelma Meyer, an Iowa homemaker and mother of nine. As she says, “I have cleaned my own home for more than 40 years and believe me,…
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Image Courtesy of: Amazon
These reusable grocery bags are made from superior quality, all-natural materials guaranteed to last for many shopping sessions. They contain no plastic, polyester, nylon, and other fabrics that contain harmful microfibers. They are 100% biodegradable,…
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