When creating a climate-friendly garden, one needs to think of issues such as sustainable energy sources, conserving water, composting, recycling, planting native species, and avoiding dangerous chemicals. Using recycled materials such as old hand-made bricks can add charm to a garden pathway. Solar lighting for pathways and pergolas can help reduce energy costs.

Consider installing a green roof on a shed or garage. Green roofs help control storm water runoff and keep the interior of the building cooler in summer. Installing a combination of solar panels and green roofs can work symbiotically, with the panels providing shade for the plants and the plants helping to cool the solar panels.

Conserving water, eliminating harmful chemicals, and saying goodbye to leaf blowers can have a positive effect on the climate, the planet, and your own peace of mind.

Gardening in the Age of Climate Change

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Climate change is affecting everything in our world today. And as observers of nature and living, growing things, gardeners are seeing these changes firsthand. Plants, flowers and trees are blooming earlier throughout North America. Winter…
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Hidden inside an expandable unit, Luci Solar String Lights pack 100 lumens into 10 nodes on an 18 foot cord. These warm LED lights can illuminate your garden for 50 hours on a single charge.…
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Porous, Pervious, and Permeable Pavers

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A garden patio or driveway often has a solid, impervious surface with tightly set pavers or an asphalt covering. When it rains, the water that flows off these surfaces can pick up pollutants such as…
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The Worm Factory 360 makes it easy to recycle your food scraps and household waste. Worms work 24/7 converting waste into nutrient rich organic fertilizer for your garden. The Worm Factory houses thousands of worms…
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