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The best eco-friendly home improvements you can do for less than $100

By Michael J. Coren 03/12/24
What if you only had $100 to invest in a cheaper, cleaner home? Or $10? Or even just $1? The conversation about cutting your emissions is often about big-ticket items: stoves, furnaces, cars and other…
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Climbing icon and philanthropist Alex Honnold talks energy access and solar power

By Alex Honnold 02/27/24
Legendary climber turned solar energy advocate Alex Honnold speaks with Canary Media’s Maria Virginia Olano about the Honnold Foundation and his passion for environmental advocacy and energy equity. He also explains how his climbing values…
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The power of climate-focused investing

By Ellen Dorsey 02/23/24
The Feb. 21 editorial, “Investor climate activism isn’t working,” claimed that the divest-invest movement “has proved irrelevant or even counterproductive.” That’s dismissive of the thousands of students, teachers, doctors, mayors, union workers, faith leaders, pension…
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National Archives closes after climate change protesters dump red powder on U.S. Constitution

By Katherine Itoh 02/15/24
The National Archives rotunda and galleries in Washington, D.C., closed to the public early on Wednesday afternoon after two apparent climate change protesters dumped red powder on the case holding the U.S. Constitution.
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Earth Day: 5 Steps to a Greener Lifestyle

Earth Day is held every year on April 22nd to highlight the importance of protecting our environment. You can celebrate by making an effort to live more sustainably. Here are five steps you can take…
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These States Are Basically Begging You to Get a Heat Pump

By Matt Simon 02/07/24
Death is coming for the old-school gas furnace—and its killer is the humble heat pump. They’re already outselling gas furnaces in the US, and now a coalition of states has signed an agreement to supercharge…
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These Are the Climate Grannies. They’ll Do Whatever It Takes to Protect Their Grandchildren

By Jessica Kutz 02/03/24
Hazel Chandler was at home taking care of her son when she began flipping through a document that detailed how burning fossil fuels would soon jeopardize the planet.
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Should climate change keep you from having kids?

By Daisy Simmons 02/02/24
“Aparticular sort of demographic thing was going on for us both — you know, the finger-wagging around children,” says Meghan Elizabeth Kallman, remembering the period of her life when she met Josephine Ferorelli at a…
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How to convert your home into a small power plant, and make your money back doing it

By Alexa Coultoff 01/30/24
Mathew Tuttelman decided he was never going to pay a utility bill again — no gas, oil, or outside electricity to heat, cool, or power his 3,500-square-foot home. He was going to build a net-zero…
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Jane Goodall only wants one thing

By David Gelles 01/23/24
When I caught up with Jane Goodall in 2019, she was calling on consumers and businesses to make responsible choices and protect the natural world.
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Hertz selloff could be a good time to buy a cheap used EV

By Joann Muller 01/11/24
Hertz is offloading some 20,000 electric vehicles (EVs) from its rental fleet, which means now could be a great time to buy a used EV at a good price.
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Dusting and Mopping Better Than Air Purifiers for Cleaning Indoor Air After a Wildfire

By Angely Mercado 10/26/23
Even after smoke from a wildfire has visibly cleared, lingering toxins indoors can tank air quality and threaten our health. Harmful chemicals stick around on surfaces and release into the air—and, new research found, air…
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10 Things You Can Do About Climate Change, According To The Shepherds Of The Paris Agreement

By Jeff McMahon   02/25/20  
Christiana Figueres once credited the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh with helping her shepherd 192 countries from blaming to collaborating, from paralysis to empowerment in the Paris Agreement.
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Here’s how to stay nimble on a rumbling planet

By George Stone   01/21/20  
The eruption of historically restive Taal Volcano in the Philippines (pictured above in 1904) sent a plume of ash nine miles high, shut down the country's main international airport (which serves Manila), forced the evacuation…
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Climate Crisis Tests Limits of Employee Activism on the Environment

By Tina Casey   01/08/20  
As the climate crisis grows, tech workers have been pressing their employers to take more aggressive action on the environment and climate change. Now, some leading companies are pushing back.
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One Thing you can help to do: Preserve Forest

By Jillian Mock   01/08/20  
When we make a mess in the kitchen, many of us reach for paper towels without sparing a thought for where those crisp white sheets originated.
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5 Tips To Conserve Water In The Bathroom Throughout The New Year

By Niagara Conservation   01/07/20  
Going green can make your home feel refreshed and new again, and the lower utility bills that come with being environmentally friendly are simply icing on the cake.
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The most powerful climate action you can take is 35 minutes away

By Bella Ota   12/27/19  
At the frontlines of the climate crisis, the Great White North is boxed-in. To the east, rising seas are increasing structural safety problems with shoreline erosion. Recurring flooding is damaging the nation’s water infrastructure. The…
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The World Solved the Ozone Problem. It Can Solve Climate Change.

By The Editorial Board   12/07/19  
Nearly 50 years ago, three chemists named Mario Molina, Sherwood Rowland and Paul Crutzen found evidence that chlorofluorocarbons, chemicals known as CFCs and released from aerosol sprays, were weakening the ozone layer that functions as…
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John Kerry Launches Star-Studded Climate Coalition

By Lisa Friedman   11/30/19  
John Kerry, the former senator and secretary of state, has formed a new bipartisan coalition of world leaders, military brass and Hollywood celebrities to push for public action to combat climate change.
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Recycling isn’t working – here are 15 ways to shrink your plastic footprint

By Emily Holden   11/27/19  
Only 9% of plastics get recycled, and significant reductions will require systemic change – but there are easy tips for individuals to cut back
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Most Americans would pay more to avoid using plastic, poll says

By Laura Santhanam   11/26/19  
Two-thirds of Americans are willing to pay more for everyday items made out of environmentally sustainable materials instead of single-use plastic, according to a survey from PBS NewsHour and Marist Poll.
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The Short List Of Climate Actions That Will Work

By Michael Barnard   10/22/19  
I spend a lot of time critiquing solutions for low-carbon transformation, and that leads, inevitably, to people asking me: what works? What should we be doing?
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Jane Fonda plans climate change civil disobedience on the Capitol steps

By Steven Mufson   10/10/19  
Fonda takes on the role of climate activist and brings it to a new stage: the Capitol, where she will demonstrate until she is arrested. And she will do the same thing for 14 Fridays…
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With $100, You Too Can Invest in Regenerative Agriculture

By Lisa Held   10/02/19  
Fisheye Farms got started in Detroit’s West Village neighborhood in 2015 with just 1,200 square feet of raised bed space. The farmers discovered quickly that the city’s resurgent restaurant scene meant there was plenty of demand…
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How to Cut Down on Unwanted Junk Mail

By Whitson Gordon   09/27/19  
If your mailbox feels like it’s just a holding cell for your trash can, don’t worry: Unsubscribing from snail mail is almost as easy as unsubscribing from email spam.
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For travelers, sustainability is the word—but there are many definitions of it

By George W. Stone   09/27/19  
Most people want to support sustainable tourism, even though the concept remains fuzzy.
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Climate change action: We can’t all be Greta, but your choices have a ripple effect

By Justin Rowlatt   09/20/19  
So here's the thing: the more action we all take, the less our climate will change and the more liveable the world will be for ourselves, our progeny and all the rest of the magnificent…
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Cycling For Climate Justice

By Anna Russell   09/11/19  
Last week, hundreds of protesters on bikes staged a die-in in London designed to draw attention to cycling- and climate-related deaths.
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One Thing We Can Do: Drive Less

By Tik Root and John Schwartz   08/28/19  
Also this week, Greta Thunberg arrives in New York.
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Climate change: Should you fly, drive or take the train?

The climate campaigner Greta Thunberg chose to sail to a UN climate conference in New York in a zero-emissions yacht rather than fly - to highlight the impact of aviation on the environment. The 16-year-old…
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Extinction Rebellion Is The Collective Calling for a Yearlong Boycott of Buying New Clothes

By Laura Pitcher   07/19/19  
Twenty-nine-year-old Danish student Laura Karup Frandsen had been using bins to collect textile waste from the university community throughout the term, hoping to prevent the fabric from ending up in a landfill. For her final…
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8 Million Anglers Called on to Collect Data and Trash From US Waters This Fourth of July

Keep America Beautiful®, the nonprofit steward of litter prevention for more than six decades, is partnering with Fishbrain, the world’s most popular mobile app and social network for people who love fishing, to ask the…
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