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What are the most powerful climate actions you can take? The expert view

By Damian Carrington 05/09/24
Many people, faced with the worsening impacts of the climate emergency, want to know what they can do personally to fight global heating. The Guardian asked hundreds of the world’s top climate scientists for their…
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The best eco-friendly home improvements you can do for less than $100

By Michael J. Coren 03/12/24
What if you only had $100 to invest in a cheaper, cleaner home? Or $10? Or even just $1? The conversation about cutting your emissions is often about big-ticket items: stoves, furnaces, cars and other…
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Climbing icon and philanthropist Alex Honnold talks energy access and solar power

By Alex Honnold 02/27/24
Legendary climber turned solar energy advocate Alex Honnold speaks with Canary Media’s Maria Virginia Olano about the Honnold Foundation and his passion for environmental advocacy and energy equity. He also explains how his climbing values…
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The power of climate-focused investing

By Ellen Dorsey 02/23/24
The Feb. 21 editorial, “Investor climate activism isn’t working,” claimed that the divest-invest movement “has proved irrelevant or even counterproductive.” That’s dismissive of the thousands of students, teachers, doctors, mayors, union workers, faith leaders, pension…
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National Archives closes after climate change protesters dump red powder on U.S. Constitution

By Katherine Itoh 02/15/24
The National Archives rotunda and galleries in Washington, D.C., closed to the public early on Wednesday afternoon after two apparent climate change protesters dumped red powder on the case holding the U.S. Constitution.
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These States Are Basically Begging You to Get a Heat Pump

By Matt Simon 02/07/24
Death is coming for the old-school gas furnace—and its killer is the humble heat pump. They’re already outselling gas furnaces in the US, and now a coalition of states has signed an agreement to supercharge…
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These Are the Climate Grannies. They’ll Do Whatever It Takes to Protect Their Grandchildren

By Jessica Kutz 02/03/24
Hazel Chandler was at home taking care of her son when she began flipping through a document that detailed how burning fossil fuels would soon jeopardize the planet.
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Should climate change keep you from having kids?

By Daisy Simmons 02/02/24
“Aparticular sort of demographic thing was going on for us both — you know, the finger-wagging around children,” says Meghan Elizabeth Kallman, remembering the period of her life when she met Josephine Ferorelli at a…
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How to convert your home into a small power plant, and make your money back doing it

By Alexa Coultoff 01/30/24
Mathew Tuttelman decided he was never going to pay a utility bill again — no gas, oil, or outside electricity to heat, cool, or power his 3,500-square-foot home. He was going to build a net-zero…
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Jane Goodall only wants one thing

By David Gelles 01/23/24
When I caught up with Jane Goodall in 2019, she was calling on consumers and businesses to make responsible choices and protect the natural world.
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Hertz selloff could be a good time to buy a cheap used EV

By Joann Muller 01/11/24
Hertz is offloading some 20,000 electric vehicles (EVs) from its rental fleet, which means now could be a great time to buy a used EV at a good price.
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Dusting and Mopping Better Than Air Purifiers for Cleaning Indoor Air After a Wildfire

By Angely Mercado   10/26/23  
Even after smoke from a wildfire has visibly cleared, lingering toxins indoors can tank air quality and threaten our health. Harmful chemicals stick around on surfaces and release into the air—and, new research found, air…
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Google wants to be at the center of all your climate change decisions

By Andrew J. Hawkins   10/10/23  
People shopping for electric vehicles, heat pumps, or air conditioning units will see enhanced search results on Google in a series of updates the company hopes will help people live more sustainable, climate-friendly lives. The…
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Thousands of climate activists march in NYC, calling on Biden to declare climate emergency

By Miranda Nazzaro   09/17/23  
Tens of thousands of protestors kicked off a march Sunday in New York City, advocating for an end to fossil fuels while calling on President Biden to declare a climate emergency. Hundreds of organizations, climate…
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Stopping Tennis to Call Attention to Climate Change

By Lisa Friedman   09/07/23  
The environmental activists who delayed the U.S. Open semifinal Thursday night by staging protests in Arthur Ashe Stadium join a long line of high-profile public disruptions aimed at drawing attention to the existential threat posed…
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You’re doing it wrong: Recycling and other myths about tackling climate change

By Kate Selig and Emily Guskin   08/28/23  
A slim majority of Americans think their individual actions can reduce the effects of climate change, according to a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll.
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How many people are taking reusable bags to the grocery store? Not many. We counted

By Jessica Roy   08/24/23  
I always take my reusable bags to the grocery store. I don’t like spending 10 cents or 25 cents for something I already have. My reusable bags are usually more comfortable to carry since I…
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How to cut back on plastic toys and other tips for a more eco-friendly playtime

By Ada Tseng   08/22/23  
When Jess Castaneda was a kid, she got her toys when her abuela took her to garage sales. It turned her into a lifetime thrift shopper. As an adult, she became a customer at the…
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How to cut back on plastic toys and other tips for a more eco-friendly playtime

By Ada Tseng   08/22/23  
When Jess Castaneda was a kid, she got her toys when her abuela took her to garage sales. It turned her into a lifetime thrift shopper. As an adult, she became a customer at the…
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Consumers Are Seizing the Energy Transition From Big Business

By David Fickling   08/17/23  
For the past decade, the most important tectonic shift in energy markets has been the love affair between big business and clean power.
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New York Activists Descend on the Hamptons to Protest the Super Rich Fueling the Climate Crisis

By Keerti Gopal   08/05/23  
Sophie Shepherd has always described herself as a “rule follower,” but days before her 22nd birthday, she chose to face arrest in the middle of a Long Island driveway. Under a blazing hot July sun,…
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Understanding the growing radical flank of the climate movement as the world burns

By Dana R. Fisher and Quinn Renaghan   07/26/23  
Climate activists are majority female (61%), predominantly white (93%), and highly educated (91% have completed college and one-third had completed a JD, MD, or PhD degree).
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Meet Nicole Taylor, the powerful foundation CEO who gives away Silicon Valley’s billions

By Martha Ross   07/14/23  
You might not know about the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, unless you work in philanthropy — or you caught stories earlier this year about a mystery donor using the foundation to give $10 million to…
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Guess Who’s Been Paying to Block Green Energy. You Have.

By David Pomerantz   07/05/23  
To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we have to make two big transitions at once: First, we have to generate all of our electricity from clean sources, like wind turbines and solar panels,…
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Climate advocates protest Mountain Valley Pipeline outside White House

By Ellie Silverman   06/08/23  
Danger Winslow held a microphone in his hand — the stand too tall for the 7-year-old to reach — and told hundreds of people why he returned to the nation’s capital to protest.
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Looking at the White House Through Wildfire Smoke

By Bill McKibben   06/08/23  
I’m sitting on a rocking chair just outside the White House fence on Thursday afternoon, and I can more or less make out the seat of American executive power through the haze. In the morning,…
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The Writer Behind ‘Love Actually’ Wants to Green Your Retirement Fund

By Oscar Boyd   06/01/23  
Richard Curtis’s screenwriting hits include Bridget Jones’s Diary and Mr. Bean. Now he’s focused on redirecting retirement savings to climate-friendly companies.
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These ‘energy vampires’ could be sucking your wallet dry: ‘As much as 20% of your monthly electricity bill’

By Brett Aresco   04/23/23  
They are so-called “energy vampires,” appliances in your home that use energy when they’re plugged in, even when they’re not turned on. The garlic, stake to the heart, or silver bullet for these energy vampires…
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If You Could Take On One Problem Facing Our World, What Would It Be?

By Shannon Doyne   04/04/23  
Think about the societal problems that bother you most, whether you encounter them locally — say, in your school, your neighborhood or your city — or see them play out nationally or globally. Which feel…
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Stop insuring carbon projects ‘immediately’, activists tell bosses

By Tom Sims and Simon Jessop   03/28/23  
A group of climate activists has called on 30 insurance company bosses to "immediately" stop underwriting new fossil fuel projects in the wake of a stark climate warning from U.N. scientists, a letter seen by…
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Climate activists target nation’s big banks, urging divestment from fossil fuels

By Michael Copley   03/22/23  
Across the U.S., people protested outside major banks on Tuesday, calling on financial institutions to shift investments away from fossil fuel companies. In Boston, more than 200 people marched from a Chase Bank to a…
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Why seniors are blocking entrances to the four largest U.S. banks

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano   03/21/23  
Climate activists on Tuesday will protest four banks — Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank and Wells Fargo — that help finance the fossil fuel industry....
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The truth about Big Toilet Paper

By Arielle Samuelson   03/17/23  
Are the fat cats at Charmin waging a secret campaign to prevent the widespread adoption of bidets?
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Join the Reuse Revolution

10 simple steps you can take to move closer to zero waste and reduce single-use plastic pollution
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Can individuals solve climate change? New federal cash makes it more possible than ever.

By Shannon Osaka   02/09/23  
Almost 10 years ago, a solo researcher published a jaw-dropping statistic that changed how many people thought about climate change. Just 90 large companies, he determined, released almost two-thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions between…
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California Man Builds Solar-Powered Trike with Stuff in His Garage—And it’s Catching On

By Andy Corbley   02/06/23  
No gas is no problem for one Stockton CA inventor who created a solar-powered tricycle that’s really catching on.
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Biden’s next climate hurdle: Enticing Americans to buy green

By Chris Megerian, Hannah Fingerhut, and Matthew Daly   01/23/23  
President Joe Biden persuaded Democrats in Congress to provide hundreds of billions of dollars to fight climate change. Now comes another formidable task: enticing Americans to buy millions of electric cars, heat pumps, solar panels…
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Why the world’s most prominent climate radicals are rebooting

By David Wallace-Wells   01/18/23  
It wasn’t so long ago that the world was truly on fire with climate alarm. In September 2019, millions of people around the world participated in a global climate strike, the largest ever, calling for…
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What’s Wrong With Bottled Water

By Gemma Alexander   01/05/23  
Fancy reusable bottles have long since replaced brand-name bottled waters as status symbols. But even if Evian doesn’t have the cachet it once did, Americans are far from abandoning the single-use plastic water bottle. Americans…
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Commentary: How a quiz helps people find their preferred role in climate action

By Kathleen Dean Moore   10/28/22  
After taking the quiz in a workshop zoomed to Alaska, a group of social-work students decided to link their work to climate justice. A high school teacher decided to teach her accounting students to include…
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11 Effective Solutions for Food Waste

By Jangira Lewis   10/20/22  
Food waste is one of the biggest environmental problems and challenges of our lifetime and it must be eradicated at all costs. However, some see it as a business opportunity ready for innovative solutions. If…
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How activists put the ‘climate emergency’ on the map

By Kelsey Brugger   10/12/22  
Nearly a decade ago, a political outsider helped catapult the idea of a “climate emergency” to the forefront of U.S. politics. Now her activism is on the brink of paying off. Margaret Klein Salamon, a…
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At these new green cemeteries, your body will turn into a tree

By Adele Peters   10/07/22  
Your environmental footprint doesn’t end when you die: Traditional burial uses toxic chemicals like formaldehyde along with steel and concrete, and the acres of grass in cemeteries use fertilizer and water. Cremation uses a large…
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We all love trees, but they’re not the climate solution we need

By William Chapman   09/25/22  
Science magazine in the summer of 2019 printed a report suggesting that foresting 0.9 billion hectares (3.47 million square miles) of currently non-forested land would absorb carbon dioxide and combat global warming. The authors had…
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Americans are convinced climate action is unpopular. They’re very, very wrong.

By Kate Yoder   08/29/22  
It can be hard to guess what others are thinking. Especially when it comes to climate change. People imagine that a minority of Americans want action, when it’s actually an overwhelming majority, according to a…
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How To Store Fresh Produce To Reduce Food Waste

By Earth911   08/16/22  
When you think about climate change, food waste might not be the first issue that comes to mind. But over two-thirds of household food is lost or wasted — a staggering amount — and approximately…
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Many in U.S. doubt their individual impact on fighting climate change

By Hannah Fingerhunt   08/15/22  
Americans are less concerned now about how climate change might impact them personally — and about how their personal choices affect the climate — than they were three years ago, a new poll shows, even…
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These Groups Want Disruptive Climate Protests. Oil Heirs Are Funding Them.

By Cara Buckley   08/11/22  
They’ve taken hammers to gas pumps and glued themselves to museum masterpieces and busy roadways. They’ve chained themselves to banks, rushed onto a Grand Prix racetrack and tethered themselves to goal posts as tens of…
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The Psychology of Inspiring Everyday Climate Action

By Grace Huckins   08/10/22  
When Kimberly Nicholas, a sustainability scientist at Lund University in Sweden, decided that she needed to confront the climate effects of her frequent flying, she took a scientist’s approach. She spent hours making meticulous spreadsheets…
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After It Narrowed the EPA’s Authority, Talks of Expanding the Supreme Court Garner New Support

By Samantha Hurley   07/28/22  
The late afternoon sun washed over the United States Supreme Court building as a group of protesters hauled a 15-foot tall prop, modeled after the United States Constitution, through the nearby streets. Instead of “We…
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3 arrested during protest at Congressional Baseball Game

By Hau Chu and Others   07/28/22  
Three protesters were arrested and charged with unlawful entry at the annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park on Thursday as dozens of climate activists turned out to demand more urgent action on climate change.
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When it comes to green travel, impact matters more than words

By Sunny Fitzgerald   07/14/22  
Green travel is a contentious topic. The notion of embracing low-impact and environmentally conscious travel is a laudable one, but in reality, it’s complicated. And the popularization of a number of related terms, such as…
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Can planting a trillion new trees save the world?

By Zach St. George   07/13/22  
To fight climate change, companies and nonprofits have been promoting worldwide planting campaigns. Getting to a trillion is easier said than done.
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Yes, We Need to Talk About Cutting Energy Demand

By Jason Bordoff   06/29/22  
Germany put its energy sector on war footing last week, warning of impending shortages as Russia further tightens deliveries of natural gas to Europe. By reducing Europe’s ability to fill inventories that will be needed…
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The Greenest Energy Is The Energy That We Don’t Use

By ScottC Dunn   06/14/22  
Since the pandemic, I’ve worked from home, and since then I had a realization. Not driving to work is still more efficient than a Tesla. If I drive to work with or without a Tesla,…
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Climate change is all about power. You have more than you think.

By Rebecca Leber   06/09/22  
This is not another story about why you should feel bad about your carbon footprint. The idea of “doing your part” for climate change has become synonymous with changing your personal consumption — your diet,…
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“No time to ask nicely”: Protesters arrested after blocking roads over Manchin, Sinema obstruction

By Julia Conley   05/24/22  
Pro-democracy campaigners in West Virginia and Arizona on Monday risked arrest at sit-ins in downtown Charleston and Tucson, demanding that Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema end obstruction of their party's agenda and allow…
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What’s up with climate action in the US?

Climate change is an undeniable crisis across the globe, with impacts affecting people and nature here and now. Limiting global warming to 1.5°C (2.7°F) is crucial if we want to avoid the worst consequences.
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Shareholder proposals to limit fossil-fuel financing fail to gain traction at 3 major banks

By Anna Hrushka   04/28/22  
Citi’s proposal, which would have limited the bank from lending and underwriting new oil and gas projects, garnered 12.8% of the vote. Similar proposals at Wells Fargo and Bank of America each received 11% of…
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Protesters Amass at White House, Demanding Action on Climate

By Coral Davenport   04/23/22  
Environmental activists, distraught by the government’s slow pace of action on climate change, amassed in front of the White House Saturday afternoon, calling on President Biden and Congress to swiftly pass a climate bill that…
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How Recycling Got So Baffling

By Somini Sengupta   04/22/22  
A few years ago, my kid and I resolved to reduce our contribution to the landfill. As a test, we set a goal to empty our kitchen trash only once every two weeks.
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