Before you do anything else, do take a look at this personal action guide for the environment.

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Get involved. Whether you are an INDIVIDUAL, a COMMUNITY or a BUSINESS, there are actions to take. Some in five minutes. Some take a little more time. Some cost nothing. Some require more of an investment. Some are simple. Some more complicated. Find an organization you want to join, learn how to become carbon neutral (at least), learn about the power of your investments, find the latest EVENTS (in person or on the web), and browse sustainable products in SHOPPING.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Learn first how to electrify and then, how to shift the source of electricity to renewables — wind, solar, hydropower.

Discover the power you exercise with what you eat, how you travel, what you buy, how you conserve and who you vote for.

In April, 2019, CNN posted a Drawdown quiz. You might be startled and surprised to learn the most effective ways to curb climate change.


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Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrested at a Demonstration in The Hague

By Angie Jaime 04/06/24
Climate activist Greta Thunberg has been arrested by police during a climate march against fossil subsidies near the highway A12 in the Hague, Netherlands. According to reports from BBC, protests resulted in tensions between police…
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How to convert your home into a small power plant, and make your money back doing it

By Alexa Coultoff 01/30/24
Mathew Tuttelman decided he was never going to pay a utility bill again — no gas, oil, or outside electricity to heat, cool, or power his 3,500-square-foot home. He was going to build a net-zero…
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Down-to-earth advice for life on our changing planet

By Michael Coren, Climate Coach 01/11/24
If you want a winning climate message, try love. That’s the takeaway John Marshall is trying to spread after three decades advising marketing executives at big brands such as General Motors.
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What To Pay Attention to If You Want to Understand Climate and Business In 2024

By Justin Worland 01/05/24
The private sector role in addressing climate change has evolved over the years with some players enthusiastically jumping in and others standing on the sidelines largely ignoring it. But that latter position has become increasingly…
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By Bekah MCNeel 08/23/23
In the year 2050, when today’s 3-year-olds will be 30-year-olds, climate scientists expect the height of the slowly unfolding climate disaster to have arrived. The specifics vary slightly, but most experts warn that some regions…
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If You Could Take On One Problem Facing Our World, What Would It Be?

By Shannon Doyne 04/04/23
Think about the societal problems that bother you most, whether you encounter them locally — say, in your school, your neighborhood or your city — or see them play out nationally or globally. Which feel…
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In Montana, it’s youth vs. the state in a landmark climate case

By David Gelles 03/24/23
Sixteen young Montanans have sued their state, arguing that its support of fossil fuels violates the state Constitution....
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Take action against climate change with these tools and resources

By Heather Higinbotham Davies 04/21/22
These apps and online spaces can help you manage your eco-anxiety—and take steps to tread more lightly on the planet.
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Over 1,000 scientists from around the world take to the streets

By Alejandra O'Connell-Domenech 04/15/22
The protest came after a report from the UN stated humanity only has three more years to curb greenhouse gas emissions and avoid climate-related disasters...
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