Every time you wash your fleece or synthetic clothing in a washing machine, millions of plastic microfibers from synthetic garments are released, making their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans.

The GuppyFriend™ is the first device designed and marketed specifically to prevent microfiber pollution. Created by Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spies (surfing friends and nature lovers), with the help of the outdoor clothing brand, Patagonia, the bag is made of nylon with a 50-micron mesh that allows soapy water to enter the bag while keeping small fibers inside. When the wash is done, the fibers can be removed and put in the trash. The bag captures up to 99% of the fibers shed by synthetic garments.

Patagonia is taking the problem of climate change very seriously. They have set a goal to be carbon neutral across their entire business including their supply chain by 2025.

“At Patagonia, we start with the knowledge that everything we produce comes at a cost to the environment. We then work continuously to lower the environmental and social costs of our products at every phase of their life cycle—from improving our manufacturing processes at every level of the supply chain to increasing our use of recycled and natural materials to encouraging reuse, repair and recycling among our customers.”

Microplastic can be found in tap water, beer and sea salt.


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