Eucalyptus Comforter


When choosing a comforter for your bedroom, it might be time to consider one that is even more eco-friendly than organic cotton and doesn’t involve animals (such as goose down) being used in the production process.

Surprisingly, organically grown eucalyptus requires 10 times less water than cotton. And because it is cut rather than uprooted, it continues to grow without new planting. The fibers are downy, naturally cooling, and resist dust and mold, insects, and help with congestion. And there are those who believe that eucalyptus helps decrease symptoms of stress and promote relaxation. If a comforter can do all that, then it’s perfect.

Lyocell is a fabric made from eucalypus.

From the web site:
Here is a comforter “Lyocell Dreams” with a filler made from recycled eucalyptus fibers. It is a modern hypoallergenic material designed specifically for people with sensitive skin. It combines the smoothness and tenderness of silk, the climate control of flax and the ease of cotton care. The model based on eucalyptus fibers is able to maintain optimal moisture for the skin in bed, and the silky surface of the fabric makes the rest even more comfortable. The eucalyptus fiber, like natural silk, has the function of climate control. The comforter can be easily washed at home, using a delicate machine wash.

The jacquard fabric of the cover is also created from eucalyptus fibers, it absorbs moisture and breathable, surpassing in its hygroscopicity cotton. The case is stylishly decorated, edged with blue braided piping with double stitching. Anatomical stitch of the product allows to achieve a high degree of comfort and significantly increase the service life of the comforter.

Eucalyptus essential oil has been used in Indigenous Australian medicine as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent for centuries. In India’s Ayurvedic medicine, it’s often used in the treatment of respiratory ailments. In 17th century England, it was used to disinfect hospitals. It’s secret ingredient is cineole, a colorless, liquid organic compound that deters predators.


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