Dropps Laundry Pods


Dropps’ eco-friendly, biodegradable pods are a convenient and earth-friendly way to do laundry. They are non-toxic, free of dye and phosphate and are delivered in recyclable, repulpable, compostable cardboard packaging, helping to eliminate single plastic use.

Founders Lenore Propper Schwartz and her son Jonathan Propper were the first to produce and market detergent pods, beating Tide by 7 years. Today they sell direct to consumers with pods delivered to your door. You can make a one-time purchase or choose a subscription plan and save money. Dropps has expanded its product line to include dish detergent pods, laundry bags, and wool dryer balls.

From the company:

“Take a look at our laundry list of responsible and sustainable practices: plant-based ingredients, no animal testing, and recyclable and compostable cardboard packaging to eliminate single use plastic. We set high standards to bring you peace of mind and to do our part for mother earth.”

Traditional liquid laundry detergents are usually packaged in high density polyethylene. 68% of traditional liquid laundry detergent bottles are not recycled and contribute to approximately 606 billion pounds of plastic that end up in our oceans annually. By using a biodegradable pod and zero plastic, the company aims to reduce plastic consumption by not encouraging any to begin with.


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