Nest Learning Thermostat

Image Courtesy of: Google Nest
Smart thermostats have become increasingly popular ever since 2007 when the first truly “smart” thermostat was introduced by Ecobee. It revolutionized the thermostat world by offering connectivity through Wi-Fi.  Nest Learning Thermostat followed a few…
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Image Courtesy of: WIND RIVER TINY HOMES
Tiny houses have become a popular option for those who are adopting a simpler, minimalist lifestyle and paring down their possession. They offer opportunities to increase sustainability and reduce energy consumption. Significantly less material is…
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Image Courtesy of: EARTHSHIP
During the energy crisis of the 1970s, New Mexican architect Michael Reynolds began designing Earthships. These passive solar homes are environmentally friendly structures that rely on renewable resources. A proponent of “radically sustainable living,” Reynolds…
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