Reports & Papers 2021



Already by the beginning of June, there were dozens of reports on subjects from air quality to conserving and restoring America’s lands and waters, from melting ice to gas emission inventories, from health consequences to economic consequences.
At the end of May, Michael Svoboda at Yale Climate Connections, published a piece outlining 12 reports “on what the U.S. may make possible on climate.”  Perhaps Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector released by the International Energy Agency, on May 1, is the one you should read first. It is both demanding and optimistic.
On August 9, a landmark U.N. report from the IPCC “issued its latest and most dire assessment about the state of the planet, detailing how humans have altered the environment at an “unprecedented” pace and cautioning that the world risks increasingly catastrophic impacts in the absence of rapid greenhouse gas reductions.” As reported in the Washington Post, “the landmark report, compiled by 234 authors relying on more than 14,000 studies from around the globe, bluntly lays out for policymakers and the public the most up-to-date understanding of the physical science on climate change. Released amid a summer of deadly fires, floods and heat waves, it arrives less than three months before a critical summit this November in Scotland, where world leaders face mounting pressure to move more urgently to slow the Earth’s warming.
Monday’s sprawling assessment states that there is no remaining scientific doubt that humans are fueling climate change. That much is “unequivocal.” The only real uncertainty that remains, its authors say, is whether the world can muster the will to stave off a darker future than the one it already has carved in stone.”


Globally resolved surface temperatures since the Last Glacial Maximum

By Matthew B. Osman, Jessica E. Tierney and Others
NATURE - 11/10/21

State Of The Climate in 2020

By Jessica Blunden and Tim Boyer - 08/01/21

Increasing probability of record-shattering climate extremes

By E. M. Fischer, S. Sippel and R. Knutti - 07/26/21

Widespread deoxygenation of temperate lakes

By Stephen F. Jane and Gretchen J. A. Hansen
Nature - 06/02/21

The burden of heat-related mortality attributable to recent human-induced climate change

By A. M. Vicedo-Cabrera, N. Scovronick and A. Gasparrini
Nature - 05/31/21

Air quality – related health damages of food

By Nina G. G. Domingo, Srinidhi Balasubramanian and Others
PNAS - 05/15/21

The Gassing Of Satartia

By Dan Zegart
HuffPost - 08/26/21

Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future

By Corey J. A. Bradshaw, Paul R. Ehrlich and more