Reports & Papers 2022




Global Carbon Budget 2022

By Pierre Friedlingstein, Michael O'Sullivan and Others
ESSD - 11/11/22

State Of Climate Action 2022

By Joel Jaeger, Sophie Boehm and Others

Emissions Gap Report 2022

By Anne Olhoff, John Christensen and Others
UNEP - 10/27/22

Greenhouse Gas Bulletin

By Andy Crotwell, Ed Dlugokencky and Others
WMO - 10/26/22

Explore the key findings of the 2022 report of the Lancet Countdown

By Marina Romanello, Claudia Di Napoli and Others

The State of Nationally Determined Contributions: 2022

By Taryn Fransen, Christopher Henderson and Others

Living Planet Report 2022

By Rob Alkemade, Francisco Alpfzar and Others

The carbon capture crux: Lessons learned

By Bruce Robertson and Milad Mousavian
IEEFA - 09/01/22

Comprehensive Evidence Implies a Higher Social Cost of CO2

By Kevin Rennert, Frank Errickson and Others
NATURE - 09/01/22

Response of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to past and future climate change

By Chris R. Stokes, Nerilie J. Abram and Others
NATURE - 08/10/22

The Turning Point

By Pradeep Philip, Claire Ibrahim and Cedric Hodges
Deloitte - 05/01/22

Avoiding ocean mass extinction from climate warming

By Justin L. Penn and Curtis Deutsch
Science - 04/28/22

Climate change increases cross-species viral transmission risk

By Colin J. Carlson, Gregory F. Albery and Others
NATURE - 04/28/22

Methane emissions from US low production oil and natural gas well sites

By Mark Omara, Daniel Zavala-Araiza and Others
NATURE - 04/19/22

Attribution of 2020 hurricane season extreme rainfall to human-induced climate change

By Kevin A. Reed, Michael F. Wehner and Colin M. Zarzycki
NATURE - 04/12/22

Warming weakens the night-time barrier to global fire

By Jennifer K. Balch, John T. Abatzoglou and Others
NATURE - 02/16/22

Rapid intensification of the emerging southwestern North American megadrought in 2020–2021

By A. Park Williams, Benjamin I. Cook and Jason E. Smerdon
NATURE - 02/14/22