Producers, directors, writers, and journalists have explored climate change from every conceivable angle, it seems. And, in this heavily curated library, there will be some of the best programming available.

• BLOGS from John Englander on sea level rise to James Foley on animal agriculture
• BOOKS from Paul Hawken’s brilliant volume of solutions, Drawdown to The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace Wells

• A list of the 30 best FILMS from Al Gore’s original An Inconvenient Truth to Damon Ganeau’s uplifting 2040 releasing in the US in Fall, 2019
• Amazing TELEVISION from late night comedy (including John Oliver and Bill Maher); historic news broadcasts like 60 minutes, McNeil Lehrer and CBS Sunday This Morning; and great documentary series such as The Years of Living Dangerously and Sinking Cities
• If you missed anything when it first aired, you are bound to find it on YouTube
• And, finally, WEBINARS are often available after the fact — many collected here from Climate Central to Green Biz.

• Great PODCASTS including Alec Baldwin’s episode on climate science from Here’s the Thing
• Stunning episodes on the RADIO, particularly on Science Friday, The Brian Lehrer ShowMorning Edition and NPR’s All Things Considered