In the spring of 2023, USA Today reported that environmental and green careers are flourishing as many job seekers are looking for work in companies aligned with climate goals. A survey of Gen Z and Millennial workers found more than 40% either have or plan to change jobs due to climate concerns. A Deloitte report adds that environmental and sustainability studies are booming in colleges as increasing numbers of students want to advocate for change through where they work.  In January 2023 Bloomberg explored how tackling climate change will transform the labor market as more than 24 million green jobs could be created globally by 2030. For more on where the clean energy jobs are, check out  the Climate Jobs National Resource Center.

The U.S. Department of Energy publishes a national jobs report every year here. The 2022 fact sheet can be found here.

The following job directories are a good place to start:

And, the ORGANIZATIONS page is another resource as some organizations such as the U.S. Climate Alliance and Wildlife Society host their own job boards.


Master of Science in Engineering, Sustainability, and Health • 100% online

This 100% online program in Engineering, Sustainability and Health(MESH) empowers you to make a real impact on the environment through sustainable water, energy, and waste management practices.
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The Race to Decarbonize America Needs More Workers

By Matt Simon 04/11/23
The Inflation Reduction Act, passed last summer, allocates $370 billion toward energy security and climate action. According to a recent analysis by the nonprofit Energy Futures Initiative, the legislation will create 1.5 million jobs by…
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As oil companies stay lean, workers move to renewable energy

By Clifford Krauss 02/27/23
Solar, wind, geothermal, battery and other alternative-energy businesses are adding workers from fossil fuel companies, where employment has fallen....
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‘Recession resilient’ climate start-ups shine in tech downturn

By Erin Griffith 01/30/23
Tech workers and investors are flocking to start-ups that aim to combat climate change.
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DOE: Here’s what’s happened to EV, renewable, fossil jobs

By David Iaconangelo 06/28/22
Much of the fossil fuel industry continued to hemorrhage jobs last year, even as employment in the electric car sector increased dramatically, according to a report today from the Department of Energy.
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Biden’s offshore wind plan is also a jobs plan

By Neel Dhanesha 01/19/22
The United States’ struggling power grid is finally getting some major upgrades. Last week, the Biden administration announced a plan that, among other efforts, will aim to bring more sources of clean energy online and…
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These are the sectors where green jobs are growing in demand

By Karin Kimbrough 09/23/21
Green skills are essential to the transition towards a green economy, with the ILO estimating 24 million jobs worldwide could be created by the green economy by 2030. A shift towards green jobs is underway,…
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Degrees: Real talk about planet-saving careers

Want to use your job to make an impact? We go behind the scenes with today's most inspiring changemakers. Yesh has candid conversations with them about careers, motivation, and how they're fighting climate change —…
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Biden’s Big Bet: Tackling Climate Change Will Create Jobs, Not Kill Them

By Coral Davenport and others 07/16/21
In 2017, as Donald J. Trump was announcing the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, the largest global effort to attack planetary warming, he declared, “I was elected to represent the citizens of…
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The number of green jobs is growing. Will they pay well?

By YCC Team 06/30/21
Action to reduce global warming could create a lot of new jobs – from wind and solar farm construction to green building and electric-vehicle manufacturing. Jason Walsh is executive director of the Bluegreen Alliance, a…
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Newsletter: What the clean energy future looks like from a 262-foot wind turbine

By Sammy Roth 06/24/21
Hundreds of feet above the ground, suspended by ropes and battered by powerful winds, Matthew Kelly is living his best life. Kelly is a wind turbine technician, and my colleague Brian van der Brug recently…
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The Demand for Clean-Energy Jobs Grows in Westchester

By David Levine 06/13/21
Clean energy offers many well-paying opportunities for those with or without a college degree in New York State. After many years of depending on fossil-fuel-driven energy, the U.S. has recently begun to embrace clean-energy alternatives.…
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Looking for a job focused on climate solutions? Is your clean energy business or organization hiring? Explore our resources below and join the movement for green jobs!

Welcome to Offshore Wind Training New York

This website, supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), will introduce you to career pathways and training opportunities in the growing offshore wind industry to help jumpstart or further your…

Nature Tech Jobs

The climate jobs platform focused on naturetech, nature based solutions and the biodiversity crisis. Explore jobs and organizations focusing on nature tech.

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The Best Environmental Sustainability Jobs Boards and Sites

With 8.1 million job openings and 9.8 million unemployed Americans looking for work, according to Kenan Institute, a partner of University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, there is a lot of career movement in…

Our Plan: Labor Leading on Climate

Over the next three years, CJNRC will be building Climate Jobs organizations in 11 additional states that have strong political leadership, a strong labor presence, and elected officials who are committed to making progress on…

Advancing a Pro-Worker, Pro-Climate Agenda

We are a growing coalition of labor unions representing 2.6 million working men and women at the center of New York’s economy. We are committed to building a clean energy economy at the scale climate…

5 Ways State and Local Governments can make climate Jobs good Jobs

The Center for American Progress and Climate Jobs National Resource Center have collaborated to create a plan for how state and local governments can ensure that good jobs are created in the new clean economy…

Mobilizing for a zero carbon America: Jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs

From mass unemployment to the threat of climate change, the U.S. will face a number of seemingly unprecedented challenges even after the current public health tragedy has passed. Finding needed solutions won’t be easy and…

Fact Sheet – Jobs in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Resilience (2019)

This fact sheet focuses on employment in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors in the United States and around the world. According to the 2019 U.S. Energy Employment Report (USEER), 611,000 people worked in…

The Growth Of America’s Clean Energy & Sustainability Jobs

In many cases, these sectors are vastly outpacing the rest of the U.S. economy in growth and job creation, and are generating more jobs per dollar invested. Many of these jobs have higher than average…

Clean Energy and Jobs

Energy industries and others have argued that policies to reduce carbon emissions or promote new energy sources could impose debilitating costs on the economy. Some labor and consumer groups have also raised concerns that such…

The 7 Highest-Paying Careers in Climate Change and Sustainability

As it turns out, most opportunities to simultaneously do good for the planet and your bank account exist in science and management fields. To land them, you’ll need to have advanced levels of education and…

Frequently Asked Questions on Climate Change and Jobs

Climate change will seriously impact employment across economic sectors and regions. These impacts will result from extreme weather events such as droughts, heat waves, heavy precipitation, and increased occurrence and intensity of cyclones, or from…

How can I get a job that fights climate change?

But times have changed, and in 2019, high-schoolers are kicking most adults’ rent-paying, voting (or not) asses when it comes to adequate concern about the climate crisis. That makes sense, since by the time we’re…

2020 U.S. Energy & Employment Report

The U.S. Energy & Employment Report provides a unique window on the people who meet the nation’s energy needs, and identifies important trends and skill sets for the 21st Century energy workforce.

Green Jobs in Your Community

Coverage of: Green Jobs Research, Benefits for Businesses, Training and Education Opportunities, Green Job Resources

Find Out Where the Green Jobs Are in Your State

This U.S. state by state section is part of a larger and evolving group of related resources that include valuable information of cleantech, sustainability and environmental employment trends and green sector by sector employment outlook…


Climatebase is a platform for climate action, education, and impact. Explore jobs, events, and the organizations shaping our climate-positive future.

Climate Corps

Climate Corps is a 10-month fellowship program that provides incredible professional development opportunities for emerging climate protection leaders through implementation of climate change resiliency projects with local governments, non-profits and for-profit businesses. Fellows participate in…

BlueGreen Alliance

The BlueGreen Alliance unites America’s largest labor unions and its most influential environmental organizations to solve today’s environmental challenges in ways that create and maintain quality jobs and build a stronger, fairer economy. We are…


8 Jobs That Are Helping To Fight Climate Change

By Gabrielle Olya   06/11/21  
In an open letter to President Joe Biden, notable executives -- including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Ford Motor Company executive chairman Bill Ford -- and other leaders from around the…
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Headwinds: Offshore wind will take time to carry factory jobs to U.S.

By Isla Binnie, Nichola Groom and Susanna Twidale   05/27/21  
When U.S. President Joe Biden's administration approved the country’s first major offshore wind farm this month, it billed the move as the start of a new clean energy industry that by the end of the…
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Economic Study Shows Why ‘Saving the Planet Is Not a Jobs Killer’

By Julia Conley   05/26/21  
A key argument made by opponents to climate action—that sharply reducing carbon emissions by shifting away from fossil fuel production and towards renewable energy sources would kill jobs—continued to fall apart Wednesday as a new…
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Where climate, jobs and health meet: The outdoors

By Mario Molina   05/26/21  
Americans look to the outdoors for solace and recreation. It’s been true since our foundation as a nation and it became even more clear last year. For more than 50 million of us, the outdoors…
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What climate change jobs will be in high demand?

By Sara Peach   05/21/21  
What kind of careers are going to be in high demand in the future? Climate science? Engineering? Animal conservation? Will we wake up and try to save what’s left of the species on this planet?…
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For Clean Energy, Buy American or Buy It Quick and Cheap?

By Noam Scheiber   05/11/21  
President Biden says slowing climate change will create jobs. Tension between unions and environmentalists shows it’s not so simple.
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Reaching Back To The New Deal, Biden Proposes A Civilian Climate Corps

By Nathan Rott and Scott Detrow   05/11/21  
Members of the Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) work on trails near Tally Lake in northwestern Montana. President Biden wants to retool and relaunch one of the country's most celebrated government programs: the Civilian Conservation Corps.…
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‘Which climate change jobs will be in high demand in the future?’

By Sara Peach   05/05/21  
What kind of careers are going to be in high demand in the future? Climate science? Engineering? Animal conservation? Will we wake up and try to save what’s left of the species on this planet?
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‘Green’ jobs in Biden’s infrastructure bill: What they could pay and how to be eligible

By Catherine Clifford   04/12/21  
A priority of President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure and climate change bill, called “The American Jobs Plan,” is to “tackle climate change with American jobs and American ingenuity,” Biden said when he promoted his…
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New Video: Climate Action Means Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

By Peter Sinclair   02/25/21  
We are moving in that direction, away from fossil fuels and non-renewables, but in a capitalist way. Certainly not something that goes against Republican philosophy. The next hurdle I see is getting gas stations to…
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The Energy 202: China, Europe way ahead of U.S. when it comes to clean energy jobs

By Alexandra Ellerbeck   02/12/21  
President Biden has promised that U.S. efforts to combat climate change will create millions of jobs. But the country will be playing catch-up, especially when it comes to battery technology critical for powering electric cars…
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How Biden’s new Civilian Climate Corps would work

By Adele Peters   01/28/21  
In 1933, when millions of Americans were out of work because of the Great Depression, the newly created Civilian Conservation Corps—part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal—hired a “tree army” of young men who eventually…
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An $80,000 Per Year Job of the Future: EV Charging Station Technician

By Steve LeVine   01/26/21  
Techno-optimists tell us not to fear the age of robots and automation — that new jobs will replace those that are wiped out. Such talk has tended to ring hollow. What sort of jobs do…
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Decarbonization can fix the jobs crisis and the climate crisis, scientist says

By David Broncaccio and Rose Conlon   08/11/20  
There’s this notion that slowing climate change is an economically costly task. To wean ourselves off of fossil fuels means massive job losses for the traditional energy industries like coal, oil and natural gas —…
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Let’s Hire Laid-Off Oil and Gas Workers to Fight Climate Change

By Michael R. Bloomberg   08/03/20  
The fact is, the U.S. oil and gas sector was in trouble even before the pandemic struck. Last year more than three dozen producers declared bankruptcy, hobbled by declining energy prices and rising debt. The…
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To recharge America’s job market, build a green electric grid

By Saul Griffith & Alex Laskey   07/29/20  
Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we now have the highest unemployment we’ve seen since the Great Depression. Many of those jobs will disappear forever in the post-COVID world, and others will take years to…
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Joe Biden’s climate bet: putting jobs first will bring historic change

By Emily Holden   07/29/20  
Some campaigners remain unconvinced that he could be as aggressive as necessary with the fossil fuel industry, but his campaign believes they are on the winning path by connecting the environment with jobs.
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11 of the Fastest Growing Green Jobs

Green jobs benefit both the economy and the environment, and include everything from alternative fuels to tasty foods.
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Green Industries Can Accelerate a True Jobs-Focused Recovery

By Daniel Quiggin   07/03/20  
As of the beginning of May, 33 million Americans had lost their jobs in the preceding seven-week lockdown - equivalent to a 14.7% unemployment rate, and quadrupling the 2019 rate of 3.5%. In China, although…
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Biden’s climate plan tries to bring unions into clean energy

By Amy Harder   07/03/20  
Why it matters: Wind and solar energy have grown immensely across America over the last decade, but associated union jobs have not. The Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee is trying to change that, which politicians and…
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Heat Waves, Solar Rooftops, And Renewable Energy Jobs: Climate Equity Should Guide Decarbonization

By Nives Dolsak and Aseem Prakash   07/03/20  
Floods and hurricanes also disproportionately hurt low-income communities. People experiencing poverty, who are often forced to live in low-lying areas, face the brunt when rivers overflow due to extreme precipitation. Worse still, when natural disasters…
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Want jobs and clean energy? This overlooked technology could deliver both

By Sammy Roth   07/01/20  
Sunrise Powerlink carves a twisting path through the deserts and mountains of Southern California, skirting the U.S.-Mexico border and cutting through a national forest on its 117-mile path from the rural Imperial Valley to urban…
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This Minneapolis microgrid could serve as a jobs training and resiliency hub

By Frank Jossi   07/01/20  
The racially diverse neighborhood of North Minneapolis could become the site of a novel educational and social equity collaboration.
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New Hampshire clean energy industry looks to create jobs — and workers

By David Thill   06/01/20  
A recent report indicated that clean energy employers were struggling to find workers before the pandemic struck.
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Focusing the recovery on green infrastructure could create millions of jobs

By Adele Peters   05/14/20  
A $1 million investment in energy efficiency creates around eight full-time jobs, nearly three times as many as an investment in fossil fuels.
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Pandemic costs clean energy sector nearly 600,000 jobs

By Kelsey Tamborrino   05/14/20  
The clean energy sector has shed nearly 600,000 jobs since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and losses are expected to worsen in the coming months, according to a report released Wednesday by industry groups.
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Climate change is looming. But America has lost 600,000 clean energy jobs

By Sammy Roth   05/13/20  
The United States shed more than half a million clean energy jobs in March and April, a new report says, reversing years of growth in an industry that has helped reduce lung-damaging air pollution and…
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Clean Energy Generates Jobs. Why Does Washington Look Away?

By Andy Stone   04/30/20  
The post Clean Energy Generates Jobs. Why Does Washington Look Away? appeared first on Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.
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By Justine Calma   04/30/20  
The basic idea is that federal spending on a cleaner future would put Americans back to work, shift the balance of power away from polluting industries with big lobbying budgets, and meet key deadlines for…
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Massachusetts solar jobs growing again, but not as quickly as national average

By Sarah Shemkus   03/11/20  
Solar advocates blame policy uncertainty for recent declines and say the industry still faces headwinds in the state.
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Indigenous people are already working “green jobs”

By Nick Estes   09/24/19  
From Standing Rock to the Unist’ot’en Camp, land defense and water protection are necessary for the continuation of life on a planet teetering on collapse....
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Minnesota grows business, jobs as it greens the local economy

By Neal St. Anthony   09/15/19  
Renewables now account for 25% of total Minnesota power production. Policymakers and utilities are talking about doubling that by 2030.
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How can I get a job that fights climate change?

By Zoe Sayler   08/01/19  
But times have changed, and in 2019, high-schoolers are kicking most adults’ rent-paying, voting (or not) asses when it comes to adequate concern about the climate crisis. That makes sense, since by the time we’re…
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Wind turbine technician is the fastest-growing job in Iowa

By Kevin Hardy and Yuejun Chen   07/25/18  
The organization's projections for Iowa identify wind turbine technician as the state's fastest-growing job: Those positions are expected to grow 13.2 percent between 2017 and 2019.
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Mobilizing for a zero carbon America: Jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs

By Saul Griffith and Sam Calisch   07/01/20  
From mass unemployment to the threat of climate change, the U.S. will face a number of seemingly unprecedented challenges even after the current public health tragedy has passed. Finding needed solutions won’t be easy and…
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UN Climate Action Summit is told ? climate action, jobs and Just Transition is possible

The ITUC has challenged governments at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York to make a living planet, secure jobs and decent work their ambition for action on climate change.
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