America has always had great landscape photographers — from Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, and Elliot Porter to the more contemporary Eric Meola, Michael Zide, Justin Black and Gary Crabbe — celebrating our incredible country and its breathtaking landscapes from early in the 20th century. They have illustrated and celebrated the rich diversity of life on Earth and their photographs are inspirational. How can we not want to save the earth we see in the power of their stunning imagery? This website is graced with many of their photographs reminding us of the extraordinary earth that we are so fortunate to be living in.

Photographers have also documented the damage we are doing and, in the 21st century, we are seeing more and more images illustrating the consequences of climate change  – from Justin Sullivan and Noah Berger’s devastating photographs of the California’s Camp Fire to Paul Nicklen, one of the world’s foremost photographers of polar wildlife, and his photographs of vanishing ice. More and more, photography competitions are emerging around the theme of climate change. The Nature Conservancy just announced their winners, among whom, with great US images, were Tyler Schiffman, Raymond Hennessey, Robert Potts and Hao Jiang.


Photo editors get lazy in the heat

By Bill McKibben   06/20/24  
This is not the most consequential newsletter I’ll ever write. In fact, it’s kind of grumpy and peckish. Chalk it up to the weather, which—since we haven’t quite reached the solstice—can only be described as…
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Mountain highway connecting Wyoming and Idaho could reopen in a few weeks after landslide

By Raja Razek, Susannah Cullinane and Andy Rose, CNN   06/10/24  
The major highway near Grand Teton National Park that was closed after a “catastrophic” collapse Saturday could partially reopen in a matter of weeks, according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation.
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Images of Climate Change That Cannot Be Missed

By Bill McKibben   05/28/24  
I can remember, a quarter century ago, when photographers would call me fairly regularly to ask where they should go to take pictures of global warming. (I’d written an early book on what was still…
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Where “the Wild” Came From

Author, educator, and environmentalist Bill McKibben speaks with Adirondack Council’s Wilderness Campaign Director Aaron Mair about the origin of the concept of ‘the Wild’ and what it means for a greater understanding of the state…
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How Climate Change Looks Through the Lens of Top Photojournalists

By Laura Millan and Tom Hall   04/04/24  
From young activists opposing the expansion of a coal mine in Germany to a solitary fisherman crossing a dry river bed in a remote corner of the Amazon, photojournalists are making unprecedented efforts to chronicle…
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Inspiring climate action through art and ideas

Asia Society is proud to present COAL + ICE, an immersive photography and video exhibition accompanied by a series of related programs. COAL + ICE visualizes the causes and consequences of the climate crisis and…
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What Greenland’s melting ice sheet means for you

By SueEllen Campbell   12/28/23  
Recent studies of Greenland’s enormous ice sheet are helping to illuminate our planet’s past and present — in ways that inform our vision of our future. Several of the articles included below are especially engaging…
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Otherworldly Images Show Breathtaking Beauty of Oceans in Photo Competition

By Andy Corbley   09/18/23  
Oceanographic Magazine is heralding the conclusion of its photo/photographer of the year awards, and the results highlight the otherworldy nature of our oceans.
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Powerful images from environmental photography prize show challenges and hope

By Nell Lewis   07/06/23  
A windswept Arctic fox, a murmuration of birds facing a snowstorm in the Himalayas, and a man and a boy in a flooded living room are among the images recognized in this year’s Prince Albert…
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2022 Photo Contest Winners

The Nature Conservancy is proud to announce the winners of our 2022 contest.
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20 climate photographs that changed the world

By Gabrielle Schwarz   11/05/22  
They are the images that made us sit up and take notice. As world leaders gather for Cop27, these pictures prove that global heating isn’t a distant possibility – it’s already here.
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Angered by climate denial, a Times photographer embarked on a watershed journey

By Stuart Leavenworth   07/14/22  
Fires were burning, glaciers were melting, and the West was again in drought. But from talking to his kids and friends and people around him, the award-winning Times photographer sensed little dire urgency, little connection…
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Stunning photos of climate change

By Christina Capatides and Jessica Learish   03/09/22  
Climate change is no longer a vague hypothetical for Earth's future. Scientists agree that the effects of greenhouse gas emissions already have altered ecosystems, weather patterns, food supplies, lives and economies. From severe drought and…
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Repeat photography shows climate change impacts on real places

By Kristen Pope   02/01/22  
A 2004 photo captures a boat cruising a strip of water where an 1899 picture taken from the same spot shows a giant glacier. On either side of the channel, green trees and shrubs cover…
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Photos show a climate change crisis unfolding—and hope for the future

By Simon Ingram andSarah Gibbens   10/29/21  
As the UN’s global climate change conference—COP26—approaches, ever-more-extreme weather has shown us climate change is here. Yet COVID-19 and the actions taken to control it have also shown us that cooperation can prompt dramatic global…
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Here Are the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners

By George Dvorsky   10/12/21  
From spawning fish and ravenous grizzly bears to battling reindeer and kissing ravens, the year’s best wildlife photography will leave you breathless. It’s that awesome time of year when we get to marvel at the…
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Moments of Zen and More Striking Images Win Nature Photo Awards

By Mary Jo DiLonardo   09/30/21  
It's either a moment of happiness or mere calm resignation as a western lowland gorilla steps through a swarm of butterflies at the Dzanga Sangha Special Dense Forest Reserve in the Central African Republic.
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Prizewinning photo by Penn biologist called metaphor for ‘spiraling crisis’ in the ocean

By Tom Avril   08/17/21  
While on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for a three-month research project this year, University of Pennsylvania biologist Kristen Brown had time for fun as well, snorkeling in the azure waters of tiny Heron Island.
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Top seeds: artists capture global efforts to future-proof nature – in pictures

By Anna Turns   08/02/21  
Scientists, ecologists and artists have collaborated to showcase global work to protect seeds in an exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & art gallery (Ramm) in Exeter.
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Louisiana photographer takes unconventional approach to capturing climate change on the Gulf Coast

By Sydney McGovern   07/29/21  
If you keep up with climate change, you’ve probably seen images of disaster – homes ravaged by forest fires or cities slain by hurricanes. Aerial shots of flooded streets, destroyed buildings and dying ecosystems have…
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50 Incredibly Powerful Photos of the Natural World

By Jack Shepherd   06/22/21  
The prestigious Tokyo International Photo Awards (TIFA) recognizes amateur and professional photographers from all around the world with winners in nine major categories, and the winners in this year’s “Nature” category are truly exceptional. With…
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Here’s the Arctic Station That Keeps Satellites Connected

By Henry Fountain   06/04/21  
Arrayed across a plateau on an island in the high Norwegian Arctic, the 100 geodesic domes of the Svalbard Satellite Station look like abstract mushrooms sprouting from the snowy landscape. From outside, there seems to…
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Marine photographer captures haunting images of California’s beautiful, but vanishing, kelp forests

By Bud Ward   05/25/21  
It’s a sight few visitors to northern California’s coastal waters will ever forget: kelp – giant seaweed if you prefer – growing in lush underwater forests that provide essential habitat for a multitude of species…
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Photographic Series Explores Climate Change in Greenland and Antarctica

By Anete Lusina   05/07/21  
In an attempt to spread awareness of climate change, conceptual artist Patricia Carr Morgan has published a series of images that depicts ice and glaciers melting in Greenland and Antarctica. Morgan, based in Arizona, has…
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Revisiting the Unseen Corners of the World

By The New York Times   12/28/20  
During a year with limited travel possibilities, our World Through a Lens series offered Times readers a weekly escape. Here are some of the highlights.
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Top 10 Nature Images of 2020: Wildflowers, Coastal Scenes, and Ancient Treasures

By Tom Dillon   12/23/20  
Among the many indelible themes to emerge from 2020 is how much we as humans rely on healthy natural ecosystems for our well-being—and how much these places mean to the long-term vitality of our planet.
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What’s Going on Inside the Fearsome Thunderstorms of Córdoba Province?

By Noah Gallagher Shannon   07/22/20  
Scientists are studying the extreme weather in northern Argentina to see how it works — and what it can tell us about the monster storms in our future.
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