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Museums Galleries And Exhibitions

Museums Galleries And Exhibitions

Museums are increasingly hosting climate change works and exhibitions as the world continues to feel the effects of the warming planet. Already in 1999, the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth opened at The American Museum of Natural History in 1999, with climate change as one of the five major focus areas. By 2018, climate change was recognized in the museum as “one of the most urgent scientific issues of our time” and the exhibition was  updated with a new installation, anchored by a media wall featuring large-scale imagery, animations, text and graphics, and interactive panels. Founded in 2015, by 2018, climate change even had its own museum. Housed originally at the Parsons School of Design, The Climate Museum opened its first show on January 25, 2018, bathing the outside sidewalk in a cool blue light from a video of the Greenland Ice Sheet, a new work by Los Angeles artist Peggy Weil. By summer, 2021, its founder Miranda Massie, was on Governors Island launching a poster campaign called Beyond Lies, a collaboration between the museum and Mona Chalabi, data editor at the Guardian US as well as a journalist and illustrator. Still fully committed to the cause of galvanizing action through learning, she said, “Art is built into who we are and how we’re communal,” she said. “We always try to bring art and science together, and without the science, we’d be nowhere.… But it’s not as important for people to learn the details of climate science as it is for them to feel connected in the human project of changing the world.”

Venues continue to expand outside of museum walls. Since 2003, the San Francisco-based FOR-SITE Foundation has centered “art about place,” mounting numerous exhibitions including  ​​”@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz” in 2014. With its latest, “Lands End” (11/7/2021-3/27/2022) the setting is San Francisco’s historic Cliff House. There, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, 26 artists from Britain’s Andy Goldsworthy to Mexico’s Ana Teresa Fernandez, are using painting, photography, sculpture, sound, and other media to respond to the climate crisis. Thinking about the ways in which the artists intersect, Fernandez said in reference to Goldsworthy’s piece and hers, “Mine is about an abundance of water and his is about scarcity and dryness. But this is very much what the conversation around climate change is—extremes, and all the complexities in between.”

And sometimes art takes over a city as it did in Chicago with works sprawling throughout the city, using the physical world as a display for artwork about societal issues and climate change. In this case the MacArthur Foundation invited 29 of its genius grantees to showcase work exploring issues of environmental racism. As the world continues to change, the way artists and exhibitions display their work will change with it.


Josh Kline: Climate Change

Josh Kline’s Climate Change is both an exhibition and a total work of art—an ambitious, immersive suite of science-fiction installations that imagines a future sculpted by ruinous climate crisis and the ordinary people destined to…

Her Art Is at Odds With Museums, and Museums Can’t Get Enough

By Karen Rosenberg 04/05/24
Inside the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, little pieces of Antarctica were melting: cross-sections of an ice core from the continent’s Newall Glacier, each one about the size of a beverage coaster and encased…

Asia Society : Coal + Ice

Calls for help to preserve Asia’s stunning landscape highlight the Asia Society’s profound new exhibition. In the current zeitgeist, nature photography has an entirely different meaning. Previously, we appreciated the beauty of our world because…


Ben Miller – Endangered Rivers

Oxbow Gallery, in Bozeman, Montana, opens its inaugural exhibition on June 16th with the exhibition Ben Miller – Endangered Rivers. Established by veteran art dealer Gary Snyder, Oxbow Gallery is a seminal space in Bozeman’s…

Widening the Lens: using photography to re-examine our environment

In a new exhibition, artists find new ways to look at and investigate their natural surroundings and how they interact with human storiesThe striking collection of photographic art presented in the Carnegie Museum of Art’s…

COAL + ICE | Visualizing the climate crisis.

Asia Society is proud to present COAL + ICE, an immersive photography and video exhibition accompanied by a series of related programs. COAL + ICE visualizes the causes and consequences of the climate crisis and…


If the Sky Were Orange: Art in the Time of Climate Change

Fifteen years ago, while reporting a book about climate change, I was sailing in the North Atlantic on a vessel operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, one of the top ocean research centers in the…
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Climate Nature Nature Climate

CLIMATE NATURE-NATURE CLIMATE is based on the impact of climate change on the earth. Several of the artists created works for the exhibition. Most of the artists have contributed statements on the subject of climate…
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Olafur Eliasson installs giant blocks of glacial ice across London

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has extracted 30 blocks of glacial ice from the waters surrounding Greenland and placed them in public spaces across London, where they will be left to melt.
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Florida art museum helps visitors connect with the reality of climate change

By Yale Climate Connections   06/25/24  
Sirmans: “Our whole location is defined by its relationship to the water.”
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Images of Climate Change That Cannot Be Missed

By Bill McKibben   05/28/24  
I can remember, a quarter century ago, when photographers would call me fairly regularly to ask where they should go to take pictures of global warming. (I’d written an early book on what was still…
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This museum wants you to fight Big Oil

By Emily Sanders   02/22/24  
Tucked away between rows of luxury fashion and beauty stores in Manhattan’s SoHo shopping district, the Climate Museum has the quality of being hidden in plain sight. Stepping inside, I wondered if passersby might feel…
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Fifth National Climate Assessment

Art × Climate is the first art gallery to be featured in the National Climate Assessment. The US Global Change Research Program issued a call for art with the understanding that, together, art and science…
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What Would Inspire Climate Action? Perhaps an Orange Sky

By Annabel Keenan   10/18/23  
What if people could see what is driving climate change? Months before fires raged across the globe, that question was posed by the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas, leading to its…
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How Galleries Are Responding to the Effects of Climate Change

By Ayanna Dozier   04/21/23  
With the effects of climate change worsening each year, galleries around the world have had to quickly respond to the ecological challenges affecting their immediate vicinities. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for new practices,…
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Sustainability at the Smithsonian Institution: Responding to Climate Change

By Ben Marcus   11/09/22  
Climate change is the existential threat of our time. As global temperatures rise and extreme weather events become more common, it has become clear that human-induced climate change is already impacting our environment and our…
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A Fossil Museum Uses the Past to Reimagine Climate’s Future

By Adam Popescu   10/20/22  
Something strange happened around 13,000 years ago: megaspecies like mastodons, mammoths and dire wolves suddenly vanished. “Why did two-thirds of large mammals die at the end of the Ice Age?” asks Emily Lindsey, a paleoecologist…
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Augmented reality exhibit in New York looks at impact of climate change

By Reuters   04/30/22  
'Arcadia Earth' is an immersive environmental art exhibit in New York City that uses augmented reality to spread awareness about the impact of climate change, said the museum's founder, Valentino Vettori.
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Climate action leadership program helps teens channel concern into action

By YCC Team   12/10/21  
Many teens are concerned about climate change and ready to speak up on the issue.
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Set Against the Crashing Waves of the Pacific, a New Art Exhibition Takes On the Climate Crisis

By Marley Marius   11/05/21  
Since 2003, the San Francisco-based FOR-SITE Foundation has centered “art about place,” mounting affecting exhibitions at Fort Mason Chapel (2017’s “Sanctuary,” examining “the basic human need for refuge, protection, and sacred ground” through a series…
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New Museum Triennial Explores the Hidden Strengths of Soft Power

By Holland Cotter   11/04/21  
The New Museum’s fifth Triennial exhibition, titled “Soft Water Hard Stone,” is largely a product of lockdown. Much of the work by 40 international artists and collectives was made during the past two pandemic-strapped years.…
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Seven ways museums are responding to the climate crisis

Until 12 November, representatives from almost 200 countries are taking part in the United Nations Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland—described by the US special envoy John Kerry as the “last best hope for the…
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Reuse, Renew, Recycle

During the past three decades, China has undergone a building boom that has made it the largest construction site in human history. After years of urban megaprojects and spectacular architectural objects, many of which were…
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Landmark Rare Book Collection Focuses on Climate Change

By Alex Johnson   10/01/21  
A major new collection focusing on the literary and scientific history of climate change dating back to the fifteenth century will go on display at Frieze Masters Art Fair this month in the run-up to…
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The Artists Bringing Activism Into and Beyond Gallery Spaces

By Megan O' Grady   10/01/21  
It’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon, and Eyal Weizman is at his central command — his London living room, which has been his base of operations since the outset of the pandemic. A vase of peonies…
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Chicago becomes a museum to the devastating intersection of racism and climate change

By Nate Berg   08/20/21  
To celebrate the 40-year anniversary of its celebrated Fellows program, the MacArthur Foundation decided to show off the talents of its grantees. The no-strings-attached “genius grants” that are awarded annually to innovators in the arts,…
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The Pleasantly Apocalyptic “Sun & Sea” Opera Is Coming to MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary

By Shawn Ghassemitari   08/17/21  
The “Sun & Sea” opera that won the Golden Lion Award at the 2019 Venice Biennale is going to hit Los Angeles this fall. The performance was the brainchild of an all-woman Lithuanian team consisting…
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A Landscape Architect’s Outdoor Artwork

By Lydialyle Gibson   08/17/21  
SCIENCE AND ART were tangled up together for Todd Gilens, M.L.A. ’02, ever since the childhood afternoons he spent at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. “My father had an office nearby,” Gilens recalls,…
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Top seeds: artists capture global efforts to future-proof nature – in pictures

By Anna Turns   08/02/21  
Scientists, ecologists and artists have collaborated to showcase global work to protect seeds in an exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & art gallery (Ramm) in Exeter.
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Art that points toward a sustainable future in the middle of a climate crisis

By TimesOC Staff   07/21/21  
The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art put an international call out for “The Anthropocene Epiphany: Art and Climate Change” exhibit. The show is centered on Anthropocene, a time period in which humans have a…
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Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific reboots ‘Coral Reefs’ exhibits

By Harry Saltzgaver Grunion/SCNG   05/31/21  
An exhibit on coral reefs and how global climate change threatens them will be the focus of the Aquarium of the Pacific this summer — as it was supposed to be last year. “Coral Reefs:…
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Ice sculptures of children put on beach to highlight climate change

By Sian Elvin   05/31/21  
Ice sculptures of children were installed on a UK beach to be washed away to demonstrate the effects of climate change. The 26 models were put on New Brighton beach in Wirral, Merseyside today to…
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When Artists Are Activists, An Earth Day Exhibition At SAC

By Annette Hinkle   04/12/21  
Granted, it’s not what you might typically expect to find among an artist’s collection of materials, but somewhere in the basement of Lauren Ruiz’s house in Bellport lives a group of earthworms going about their…
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Glasgow Artist Launches Plastic Bag Museum

By Stuart Graham   11/02/20  
Katrina Cobain unwraps a parcel and removes its precious contents, slowly and delicately as if she were handling an ancient scroll of papyrus. But the items she places on the table of a makeshift studio…
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New Storm King Art Exhibit Features Glass, Marble, and Glacial History

By Elza Bouhassira   10/05/20  
Artist Martha Tuttle speaks on her project, titled ‘a stone that thinks of Enceladus,’ and its connection to the glacial landforms of the Hudson Valley.
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As Jetsetters Prepare to Descend on the Eroding Shores of Miami, Art Basel Awkwardly Tries to Address Climate Change

By Eileen Kinsella and Naomi Rea   12/02/19  
As Art Basel Miami Beach prepares to open this week, the subject of climate change has once again come center stage in the art world. One of the American cities most vulnerable to climate disasters,…
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At 88, Agnes Denes Finally Gets the Retrospective She Deserves

By Holland Cotter   11/07/19  
Agnes Denes reminisces on creating "Tree Mountain-A Living Time Capsule—11,000 Trees, 11,000 People, 400 Years," a collaborative bioremediation artwork and a human-made virgin forest in Ylöjärvi, Finland. From conception to completion, the creation of “Tree…
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Climate in Crisis: Environmental Change in the Indigenous Americas

February 14, 2020–January 10, 2021 Climate change is having a severe impact on Indigenous communities across the Americas, but the situation has an even longer history rooted in the legacies of European colonialism. With more…
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John Akomfrah: Purple

Co-commissioned by the ICA and making its U.S. premiere at the ICA Watershed, Purple is an immersive six-channel video installation by the acclaimed artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah (b. 1957, Accra, Ghana). Akomfrah draws from hundreds of…
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Artists Strive to Make Climate Impacts “Visceral”

By Ines Kagubare   11/23/18  
Art that provokes emotions can complement climate science. A new art installation by British artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah that focuses on climate change will open in the Boston Harbor next spring.
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Chinese Culture Center in SF debuts new art show centered on climate change

By Hoodline   09/13/18  
This week, the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (CCC) is gearing up to introduce a new exhibition -- "Infinite Cycle," an artistic response to the threat of global warming.
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A guide to ‘Coal + Ice,’ the climate change festival

By Ryan Kost   09/06/18  
“Coal + Ice” originally began as a documentary photography exhibition in Beijing in 2011. The iteration coming to San Francisco is the most expansive yet — it takes up an entire warehouse on San Francisco’s…
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Times Square drowns in a climate art exhibit

By Lisa Selin Davis   08/30/18  
Unmoored is a “mixed reality experience” that “imagines a future in which New York is underwater, as projected by climate scientists,” according to the exhibit’s website.
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Climate Museum Sends Distress Signals to Stimulate Discussion

By Laura van Straaten   08/30/18  
10 large solar-powered signs installed in NY’s five boroughs through October are  part of “Climate Signals,” an exhibition by the Climate Museum. They will display what the museum’s director, Miranda Massie, describes as “aphoristic text”…
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In Upstate New York, a Summer of Climate Change Art

By Patrick Rogers   05/22/18  
The Storm King Art Center hosts an exhibition exploring the many implications of an environment in transition.
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A Trip to a Museum for Convincing Americans About Climate Change

By Laura Raskin   02/05/18  
An exhibition in Manhattan is the first step in a grand attempt to change the national conversation around global warming.
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