Downpours and more intense hurricanes, exacerbated by climate change, are contributing factors to a growing number of communities finding themselves underwater. Floods are the most common (and among the most deadly) natural disasters in the United States.

2019 saw much of the country experience record-breaking rain with five Midwestern states recording the wettest year in 125 years according  to NOAA. Flooding affected nearly 14 million people across the Midwest and Southwest, Houston was swamped by the second 500-year flood in two years, dumping over 40 inches of rain within 72 hours, and DC flash floods saw a month’s rain in only one hour

Farmers and agriculture workers are hit particularly hard as crops have been destroyed, fields washed away, and spring planting disrupted for many farmers. Insufficient flood protection has left infrastructure destroyed with one farmer commenting, “I drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was…gone.” By Spring 2019, 25 states were at serious risk for flooding.  




National Temperature and Precipitation Maps

National temperature and precipitation maps

Science Empowering Communities In The Face Of Flooding

Surging Waters: Science Empowering Communities in the Face of Flooding is a report produced by AGU, a global not-for-profit scientific society dedicated to advancing the Earth and space sciences for the benefit of humanity.

Storm Surge Inundation Map

This story map illustrates historical hurricane tracks, strike frequency, and potential areas of coastal flooding and inundation from storms by combining the National Hurricane Center’s (NHC’s) hurricane strike dataset.

What is Digital Coast?

This NOAA-sponsored website is focused on helping communities address coastal issues and has become one of the most-used resources in the coastal management community. The dynamic Digital Coast Partnership, whose members represent the website’s primary…

Association of State Floodplain Managers

The mission of ASFPM is to promote education, policies and activities that mitigate current and future losses, costs and human suffering caused by flooding, and to protect the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains -…

The Great Flood of 2019: A Complete Picture of a Slow-Motion Disaster

This year’s flooding across the Midwest and the South affected nearly 14 million people, yet the full scale of the slowly unfolding disaster has been difficult to fathom. To visualize just how extensive it was,…

Going under: Long wait times for post-flood buyouts leave homeowners underwater

By the end of this century, as many as 13 million people in the United States will see their homes affected by sea level rise. Millions more who live, work, or travel through coastal or…

Flood Resilience Portal

The Flood Resilience Portals are online spaces for sharing practical knowledge (including ‘solutions’) about why and how to build community flood resilience. They bring together all of the knowledge generated and exchanged through the Zurich…

Floods information and resources

Floods, big or small, can have devastating effects on your home and your family. You can take steps to reduce the harm caused by flooding. Learn how to prepare for a flood, stay safe during…

Understanding FEMA Flood Maps and Limitations

Flooding in the United States (U.S.) has cost over $1 trillion in inflation adjusted dollars since 1980 and represents more than 63% of the cost associated with all billion dollar or more natural disasters.1 It…


Millions in Texas and Louisiana are under flash flood watches due to torrential rain

By Aya Elamroussi, CNN   05/19/21  
Millions across southeast Texas and parts of Louisiana will remain under flash flood watches into Thursday because of torrential rain that has swept through the region, triggering power outages and reports of localized damage.

Recovery For All of Us: New York City Adopts new Zoning Rules to Protect Coastal Areas From Climate Change

NEW YORK—Following a City Council vote, Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced that a major package of zoning rules will now help to protect homes and businesses in New York City’s vast floodplain from climate…

Houston’s ‘New Normal’: A Hotter And Wetter Climate

By Aya Elamroussi, CNN  Photo: Don Geraci / Houston Public Media   05/06/21  
Houston's weather has gotten hotter and wetter, according to the latest data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It mirrors a general trend across the country as the planet warms. Every 10 years, NOAA updates…

Why is it raining so hard? Global warming is delivering heavier downpours

By Tiffany Means   04/30/21  
when it rains, it pours. Today’s rainstorms give new meaning to this age-old expression. Extreme precipitation has increased in nearly every region of the mainland United States since the start of the 20th century, according…

The value of US coral reefs for flood risk reduction

By Borja G. Reguero   04/15/21  
Habitats, such as coral reefs, can mitigate increasing flood damages through coastal protection services. We provide a fine-scale, national valuation of the flood risk reduction benefits of coral habitats to people, property, economies and infrastructure.…

As Flood Risk Grows, Experts, Elected Officials Call for More—and Smarter—Federal Action

By Matthew Fuchs and Brian Watts  Photo by Tom Williams   04/13/21  
Flooding is a growing problem across the U.S., from increasingly frequent and intense hurricanes and tidal flooding to seasonal inland events driven by more and heavier rains. As these disasters exact a mounting toll on…

As rainstorms grow more severe and frequent, communities fail to prepare for risks

By Jim Morrison  Photo: Tribune News Service/Getty Images   04/09/21  
When then-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) announced plans in 2017 for a sprawling Foxconn electronics plant, he touted the 13,000 promised jobs and $10 billion investment spread across 1,000 acres, much of it farmland. Downstream across…

Coastal flooding continues to increase in South Carolina

By Danielle Miller   10/19/20  
King tide floods affected many locations along the East Coast this weekend, including Charleston. This type of flooding, often called sunny day flooding, occurs during the highest astronomical tides of the year. Dr. Kirstin Dow,…

Gone In A Generation

By Zoeann Murphy and Chris Mooney   09/26/20  
There’s stark evidence of the problem near the town of Truth or Consequences, about 100 miles north of the Mexican border. The century-old Elephant Butte Dam was constructed along the Rio Grande to provide power…

Fierce rainstorm strikes Charleston, a reminder of how climate change has amped up weather

By Tony Bartelme  Photo by Grace Beahm Alford   09/25/20  
The storm came from the southwest, loaded with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Gray clouds moved in with little warning, drizzling at first. Then just before noon Friday the skies opened up, unleashing a…

“How long before my home goes underwater?”

By John Englander   09/21/20  
“Do I have 20 or 30 years before my property floods?” is a typical question I get at least once a week. The other day it was someone about a property in Ochlockee Bay, marked…

What is a derecho? A meteorology professor explains these violent storms.

By Russ Schumacher  Photo by Mark Welsh   08/11/20  
Derechos occur mainly across the central and eastern United States, where many locations are affected one to two times per year on average. They can produce significant damage to structures and sometimes cause “blowdowns” of…

250 million coastal dwellers will face rising floods

By Tim Radford  Photo: Master Sgt Bill Huntington, USAF   08/06/20  
Once again, researchers confirm that coastal dwellers can expect worse floods, more often and more expensively. The post 250 million coastal dwellers will face rising floods appeared first on Climate News Network.

Weather Disasters Are Mounting Amid The Pandemic. Michigan Floods Are Just The Latest.

By Alexander C Kaufman  Photo by Matthew Hatcher   05/21/20  
By Wednesday, fears mounted that the deluge could infiltrate a Dow chemical plant and endanger a nuclear research reactor. The company confirmed that floodwaters were “commingling with on-site containment ponds.”

US coasts face far more frequent severe floods

by Tim Radford  Photo: Beth Carey, via Wikimedia Commons   04/24/20  
For US coasts, high-water hazards have just become more hazardous: a lot more hazardous, say scientists. The post US coasts face far more frequent severe floods appeared first on Climate News Network.

A green solution to an aging stormwater system

By Frances Stead Sellers   04/09/20  
Climate change means more floods, which overwhelm urban sewers and send raw sewage into rivers and streams. Philadelphia is aiming to capture rainwater before it flows into city drains.

Floods predicted to uproot 50 million people a year as climate heats up

Population growth, more intense rainfall and melting ice are likely to cause more frequent and severe floods, researchers warned on Tuesday.

Farmers’ experience of climate change doesn’t alter politics, study says

By Bryce Oates   11/23/19  
Farmers see climate change as a business challenge, not a political cause that requires public action, according to a qualitative study in the Midwest. Farmers understand that the climate is changing but don’t favor collective…

After The Water

By Rebecca Hersher and Ryan Kellman  Photo: Ryan Kellman   11/07/19  
When a flash flood ripped through Old Ellicott City in Maryland, residents thought it was a freak occurrence. Instead, it was a hint about the future. And adapting to that future has been painful.

Sunny Day Flooding

With Hurricane Dorian threatening in late August 2019, we investigate the climate crisis in Norfolk, Virginia -- site of the largest Naval base in the world and vital to US national security. Norfolk is also…

In Houston, a rash of storms tests the limits of coping with climate change

By Christopher Flavelle  Photo: Melissa Phillip/Houston Chronicle   10/02/19  
After Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, Houston jumped to the front of the pack in adapting to the threat of climate change. It passed tougher building codes, offered more buyouts for flood-prone homes and budgeted…

Building a better algorithm to predict flood risk in the age of climate change

Photo by Tegan Wendland   09/30/19  
It's dusk in Charleston, South Carolina, and Sharai Lewis-Gruss slides on waders and sloshes into a deep puddle on the side of the road.

Building a better algorithm to predict flood risk in the age of climate change

Flood iQ covers the East coast and the Gulf coast, and visualizes your risk of sea level rise flooding today and up to 15 years in the future. It is a web based application created…

Across America, climate change is already disrupting lives

By Zoeann Murphy and Chris Mooney   09/26/19  
The continental United States is 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than it was a century ago. Seas at the coasts are nine inches higher. The damage is mounting from these fundamental changes, and Americans are affected…

‘No state in the country is spared’ from f‘No state in the country is spared’ from flooding risks, new report sayslooding risks, new report says

By Nina Pullano  Photo by National Geographic   09/25/19  
The United States is getting wetter, and people across the country, from local government officials to scientists, all need to help communities prepare for an uptick in flooding, a new report says.

The Great Flood of 2019: A complete picture of a slow-motion disaster

By Sarah Almukhtar, Blacki Migliozzi and Others   09/14/19  
This year's flooding across the Midwest and the South affected nearly 14 million people, yet the full scale of the slowly unfolding disaster has been difficult to fathom. The volume of water is only one…

‘Bigger picture, it’s climate change’: Great Lakes flood ravages homes and roads

By Tom Perkins  Photo by Colter Peterson/AP   09/03/19  
Depths of lakes that hold about 90% of US’s freshwater spiking to record levels, from 14in to nearly 3ft above long-term averages

The toxic waste threat that climate change is making worse

By Zack Colman  Photo by Steve Helber   08/26/19  
More than 100 ponds and landfills containing coal ash lie in areas FEMA has designated as high-risk flood zones, according to a POLITICO analysis.

GRACE-FO Shows the Weight of Midwestern Floods

In May 2019, after the wettest 12 months ever recorded in the Mississippi River Basin, the region was bearing the weight of 8 to 12 inches (200 to 300 millimeters) more water than average. New…

How the 5 riskiest U.S. cities for coastal flooding are preparing for rising tides

By Mary Caperton Morton  Photo: tovfla/iStock Unreleased/Getty images plus   08/06/19  
The five U.S. cities most at risk from coastal flooding have begun to make plans for adapting to rising sea levels. Some are further along than others.

“I’m not a climate change guy, but…”: Farmers reckon with new reality in the heartland

By Rosa Tuiran  Photo: CBS News   07/26/19  
Walking over soggy lifeless crops, Brett Adams, a fifth generation Nebraska farmer, paused to catch his breath. Under the dark grey clouds of the Midwestern spring, he was forced to come to terms with an…

Flood survivors join forces to change policy, fight climate change

Flood survivors join forces to change policy, fight climate change By Flannery Winchester Climate scientists have been clear that a warming world means more flooding. Warmer air, warmer water, and changing precipitation patterns are a…

Mexico Hailstorm Blankets Western Areas Under 3 Feet of Ice

By Iliana Magra  Photo: Francisco Guasco/EPA, via Shutterstock   07/01/19  
The photographs that emerged from western Mexico on Sunday looked more like scenes from a post-apocalyptic movie than an image of the last day of June: hills of white hailstones piled up on the streets,…

Beach pollution surges after massive wildfires and heavy rains, report finds

By Hannah Fry  Photo: Dania Maxwell   06/27/19  
If there was one upside to the severe drought that plagued California for seven years, it was how the lack of rain and dirty runoff improved beach water quality. But ocean pollution has surged once…

Algae Blooms Fed by Farm Flooding Add to Midwest’s Climate Woes

By Georgina Gustin  Photo: NASA   06/26/19  
All that water has flushed vast amounts of fertilizer and manure into waterways, triggering a potentially unprecedented season of algae blooms.

Rain leaves veggie farmers struggling with no aid in sight

By Scott McFetridge  Photo: AP/Charlier Neibergall   06/16/19  

For the Midwest, Epic Flooding Is the Face of Climate Change

By Megan Molteni  Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images   05/24/19  
Fierce storms lashed across the central US this week, unleashing hundreds of powerful tornadoes that carved a path of destruction through parts of Missouri and Oklahoma Wednesday night, and left at least three dead. While…

In Flood-Hit Midwest, Mayors See Climate Change as a Subject Best Avoided

By Mitch Smith and John Schwartz  Photo by Daniel Acker for The New York Times   05/15/19  
The Mississippi River, which gushed into downtown Davenport at record levels two weeks ago, has finally retreated toward its banks. Left behind: A truck-size hole in the temporary flood barrier, dead fish on mud-caked Pershing…

Sodden Midwest farmers can blame warm Pacific for juicing storms

By Brian K Sullivan  Photo: Daniel Acker   04/24/19  
American farmers raising their fists to the sky this year may be better off directing their ire toward the ocean. Abnormally warm water in the eastern Pacific, along with a weak El Nino along the…

Vice News on Midwest Flood / Infrastructure Impacts

Along the Midwest’s big rivers, hundreds of miles of levees protect people and property. But when water surged into the Missouri River last month, the levees crumbled — exposing an ageing, insufficient flood protection system.…

25 States Are at Risk of Serious Flooding This Spring, U.S. Forecast Says

By John Schwartz and Nadja Popovich  Photo: Tim Gruber for The New York Times   03/21/19  
Vast areas of the United States are at risk of flooding this spring, even as Nebraska and other Midwestern states are already reeling from record-breaking late-winter floods, federal scientists said on Thursday.

2018 saw record-breaking rain in several PA cities

By Travis Kellar   01/02/19  
Some cities saw record-breaking rainfall for the year....

2017’s Extreme Heat, Flooding Carried Clear Fingerprints of Climate Change

By John H. Cushman Jr.  Photo by Scott Olson   12/10/18  
Some weather extremes are now 2-3 times more likely because of global warming, research shows. Several 2017 events would have been virtually impossible without it...

Amphibious Architecture

By Emily Anthes   10/01/18  
Last June, not long after a catastrophic thunderstorm swept through southern Ontario, bringing a month’s worth of rain in just a few hours, a group of 75 architects, engineers, and policymakers from 16 countries gathered in…

Norfolk, Virginia: An Immediate Threat

Sea levels are rising everywhere, but the Navy town of Norfolk, Virginia has it worse. The land is sinking as much as an inch-and-a-half per decade. Scientists also believe that a slowing Gulf Stream is…

Broken flood insurance should help people move, not rebuild

By Rob Moore and Joel Scata, Opinion Contributors   10/10/17  
Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, have exposed a major shortcoming of the National Flood Insurance Program: federal flood insurance is ill-prepared to handle the major flood events that are becoming all-too frequent.