NPR is dominating our radio section with their numerous brilliantly produced shows from Science Friday to The Brian Lehrer Show. The most interesting series they have produced is Getting to Zero Carbon with numerous shows using many of their best hosts from Ari Shapiro, Ailsa Chang and Mary Louise Kelly to create programming around solar in Georgia, Google’s aspirations to power all of its operations with carbon-free energy, capturing carbon, new battery technology, and more.


In Iceland, turning CO2 into rock could be a big breakthrough for carbon capture

By Ari Daniel     5/3/19   

Drive about a half hour east of Reykjavik, and the ground seethes with steam — a bizarre, thick fog pouring out of the pebbly earth. This is because Iceland sits on top of a geological hot spot that’s pushing up from the Atlantic floor. Just about everywhere you go in Iceland, there’s hot water and steam right beneath your feet. Some of it breaks right through the surface.