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America has always had great landscape photographers — from Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, and Elliot Porter to the more contemporary Eric Meola, Michael Zide, Justin Black, Rob Atkins, Rick Sammon, Gary Crabbe and Michael Yamashita — celebrating our incredible country and its luminous landscapes. Many have kindly given us the right to reproduce their works on this site. Architectural photographer Richard Berenholtz added his work to those listed above and more came from our own art director, the extraordinary Mary Tiegreen. You will find a celebration of the breathtaking diversity of life on Earth here. How can we not want to save the earth we see in the power of their stunning imagery? The press may only reproduce the photographs below as part of a review or feature on the website, and with a link to the site: From The copyright notices are built into the images.

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The images below may only be reproduced as part of a review or feature on the website, and with copyright notice to the artist as well as a link to the source of the information. In Mary’s case the copyright line should read: From , design (c) 2021 Mary Tiegreen. In Kathleen’s case: From , design(c) 2021 Kathleen Founds. Each of the single images below will, when clicked on, take you to a larger number of images. When you click on each of those you will be able to download that image. The link to the source of the information (which you will also need) is below the image.


Introducing, organizing and contextualizing the challenge we all face

By   11/17/20
It was in a blog post in February of 2017 that I first wrote about Climate Change Resources, the passion project that I and Lena Tabori, another publishing lifer, were building to fight the human-caused proliferation of CO2 that is threatening us all, using our personal skills and networks. I’m proud to say that…