America has always had great landscape photographers — from Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, and Elliot Porter to the more contemporary Eric Meola, Michael Zide, Justin Black and Gary Crabbe — celebrating our incredible country and its breathtaking landscapes from early in the 20th century. They have illustrated and celebrated the rich diversity of life on Earth and their photographs are inspirational. How can we not want to save the earth we see in the power of their stunning imagery? This website is graced with many of their photographs reminding us of the extraordinary earth that we are so fortunate to be living in.

Photographers have also documented the damage we are doing and, in the 21st century, we are seeing more and more images illustrating the consequences of climate change  – from Justin Sullivan and Noah Berger’s devastating photographs of the California’s Camp Fire to Paul Nicklen, one of the world’s foremost photographers of polar wildlife, and his photographs of vanishing ice. More and more, photography competitions are emerging around the theme of climate change. The Nature Conservancy just announced their winners, among whom, with great US images, were Tyler Schiffman, Raymond Hennessey, Robert Potts and Hao Jiang.


In Nighttime Shots of Massive Wildfires, a Photographer Shows Us the Light

By Patrick Rogers   01/15/19  
Stuart Palley’s award-winning images depict a devastating and natural ecological process—but one we are all very much a part of.

Union of Concerned Photographers

WeTransfer’s Union of Concerned Photographers uses the power of photography to underline the urgency of environmental concerns. It’s one thing to know the planet is in crisis. It's another to see what that looks like.

‘We Have to Show People What’s Going On’

By Emily Atkin   12/25/18  
Climate change is making weather more extreme, and these two veteran photojournalists were on the frontlines in 2018.

This Camera Will Take a 1,000-Year Photo to Document Climate Change

By Daniel Oberhaus   10/23/18  
The “experimental philosopher” Jonathon Keats made four custom cameras that will document climate change around Lake Tahoe until 3018.

We Feed the World: photo stories of farmers fighting climate change in five continents

Five photographers follow the challenges facing small-scale farmers, and their pioneering solutions for a farming system that does not cost the planet.

Q&A: Climate change in Iran by fast-emerging photographer Hashem Shakeri

By Diane Smyth   09/17/18  
Once famed for its agriculture, Sistan has suffered from drought, famine, and depopulation for years; BJP catches up with young Iranian photographer Hashem Shakeri on his images of the crisis, and on the Iranian photography…

Chinese Culture Center in SF debuts new art show centered on climate change

By Hoodline   09/13/18  
This week, the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (CCC) is gearing up to introduce a new exhibition -- "Infinite Cycle," an artistic response to the threat of global warming.

Using Photography to Combat Climate Change

By Maurice Hertog   09/10/18  
In 1963, Eliot Porter showed a series of color slides at the Sierra Club that he had taken at one of the underground pools of Glen Canyon in Utah. After showing the magnificent images on…

Art & Climate Change

By Noel Kassewitz   08/27/18  
I’ve always believed that art and science strengthen each other when combined. In an era of half-truths, full-lies, and intentionally blurred lines, the relationship between art and science is more important than ever. Science provides…

12 Artists On: Climate Change

By Zoë Lescaze   08/22/18  
A dozen artistic responses to one of the greatest threats of our time.

Paul Nicklen: ‘If we lose the ice, we lose the entire ecosystem’

By Kit Buchan   08/19/18  
The photographer has been documenting life at the poles for years. He is determined to safeguard these fragile habitats.

Traveling to the Ends of the Earth to Document Climate Change

By Jake Lucas   08/04/18  
When the 75-foot sailboat pulled up to the island near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, George Steinmetz looked through a pair of binoculars and just didn’t see that many penguins. This was a problem.…

A Photographer Documents the Effects of Climate Change on Maine’s Intertidal Zones

By Veer Mudambi   07/27/18  
A marine biology student at Northeastern University captures the vulnerable organisms that have to survive high and low tide.

Stunning Photos From New Artists Collective Show a Planet in Crisis

By Lorraine Chow   06/06/18  
World-renowned artists and photographers have come together to draw attention to some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. The international collective, the Union of Concerned Photographers (UCP), was launched Tuesday by the…