Performance artists are using their means of expression to talk about climate change. Composers, musicians, dancers, actors, and others all have used their work to explore the changing climate and its impact on the world around us.

  • The astonishing Italian composer, Ludovico Einaudi flew to the Artic to play his Elegy for the Artic on the ice.
  • George Shea, whose play Dr. Keeling’s Curve, starring Mike Farrell, opened in 2018 in Santa Monica; and Bess Wohl whose Continuity premiered in 2019 in New York.
  • Coldplay decided before Thanksgiving, 2019, not to tour its latest album, Everyday Life, citing environmental concerns. Chris Martin said, on behalf of the band, “The hardest thing is the flying side of things. Our dream is to have a show with no single-use plastic, to have it largely solar-powered.”
  • Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson and Billie Eilish are among the artists who have made efforts to lessen the substantial carbon footprint that touring creates, from using biodiesel fuel in their buses and other vehicles to banning plastic from the venues in which they play. In partnership with the nonprofit environmental organization Reverb, over the past 15 years Matthews and his group — who were named a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations for their efforts — have recycled 338,000 gallons of waste, composted 138,000 pounds of food, supported 2,100 family farms and clocked 24,500 volunteer hours.
  • Bay Area dance choreographer, K. T. Nelson, is fighting climate change with dance.
  • The New York Times published a top ten list of pop climate change songs after looking at lyrics from all artists in the last two years of Billboard charts, finding 192 references to climate change.
  • And, in February, 2022 Rain and Zoe will open about two Washington State teenagers embarking on a motorcycle journey to join a group of oil protestors on the East Coast. Written by Crystal Skillman, with original music by Bobby Cronin. directed by Hersh Ellis, it is produced by Drew & Dane.

On ‘ForeverAndEverNoMore,’ Brian Eno Sings for the End of the World

When you’re expecting extinction, it makes sense to record the threnody in advance. That’s what Brian Eno has done on “ForeverAndEverNoMore”: a mournful, contemplative album that stares down humanity’s self-immolation in what he calls “the…

Too Darn Hot: How Summer Stages Are Threatened by Climate Change

Smoke from a raging wildfire in California prompted the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to cancel a recent performance of “The Tempest” at its open-air theater. Record flooding in St. Louis forced the cancellation of an outdoor…

As concert tours heat the planet, artists try to cut carbon emissions

Thousands of fans, many holding stainless-steel pint cups, sticker-covered water bottles and aluminum cans, cheered as Jack Johnson took the stage Friday night. Before he began his set at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia,…

Comedians will share climate knowledge with their jokes

Climate change is serious … so serious that it needs to be joked about, says Kenice Mobley. She’s the comedy projects coordinator at the Center for Media and Social Impact at American University. “When it…

Protect the Planet: Stop Streaming Songs

Before you hit play on a new song, think about how many times you might listen to it. Believe it or not, this decision can have a small, but real impact on climate change —…

Palisades Virtuosi to Present GLOBAL WARNING – A Concert Devoted To Climate Concerns

The critically-acclaimed Palisades Virtuosi flute, clarinet and piano trio will be in concert on Sunday, March 27 @ 3:00 PM, performing Global Warning - A Concert Devoted to Climate Concerns at Hackensack Performing Arts Center…

A musical interpretation of climate change pays tribute to Beethoven

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven was passionate about nature. In his sixth symphony, instruments mimic birds, a babbling brook, and a raging storm. So when the Philadelphia Orchestra commissioned composer Iman Habibi to write a piece…

‘Climate season’ arts and theater pave way for resiliency in Gary

Gary, Indiana, community members, urban gardeners, historians, and theater professionals recently joined in the “Resilient Midtown Tour” of Gary as a kick-off to the “Climate Season,” opening a full run of theater productions and community…

Little Amal, a Syrian Refugee Puppet, to Grace COP26 from November 9 to 11

Little Amal, a 3.5m puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee, will visit the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) from November 9 to 11. This follows her completion of 'The Walk', a four-month travelling…


Global British band Coldplay have pledged to drawdown any unavoidable emissions of their upcoming tour according to the Oxford Principles for Net-Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting. Coldplay said: “We pledge to make our upcoming Music Of…

Global Citizen Live: Lizzo lets us know pop and protest still go together

The last time I was in Central Park, I got soaked to my underwear. It was during the Homecoming NYC Concert, a Clive-Davis produced bonanza to celebrate the return of normalcy post-Covid whose line-up included…

Canary Media -Energy & Climate

A crowdsourced playlist from Canary Media readers

Indie musician Squirrel Flower’s new album reckons with extreme weather

The album’s lyrical images of floods and storms explore broader themes of fear and helplessness

Artists are creating interactive music videos to show the effects of climate change

Music can affect us in visceral ways. For three to four minutes at a time, a song can transport you to a new place or get you wrapped up in an experience that you might…

Music’s biggest stars to unite for worldwide concert aimed at climate change, poverty and vaccine equity

“We must rectify the damage done and hold world leaders and businesses accountable for ensuring that the entire world recovers from this pandemic together,” the CEO of Global Citizen said.

Lend Us Your Ears, and Don’t Forget Your Farm Boots

Seeing a play at Willow Wisp Organic Farm in Damascus, Pa., has a simple but highly recommended dress code: sturdy shoes.

Artist’s Fantastical Paper Installations Are a ‘Love Song’ to Earth’s Biodiversity

Nature is all about relationships: the interconnected links between the animate and inanimate, and how they harmonize beautifully into an emergent whole that might not be immediately apparent to us humans, as the complexities of…

Bo Burnham is not joking about the climate apocalypse

A few minutes into Bo Burnham’s Netflix special, Inside, filmed in a single room in his house over the course of the pandemic, the comedian launches into his second number, concerning the purpose of comedy…

Face the Music: GoldenOak makes beautiful music about the horror of climate change

GoldenOak released its second album, “Room to Grow” on June 24, and it’s already in the running for one of my favorite local albums of 2021. They’ve hit their stride in every way possible: lyrically,…

Use of Old-Growth Timber Hits a Sour Note in the Music Industry

Musicians are often concerned about environmental problems, but entangled in them through the materials used in their instruments. The guitar industry, which uses rare woods from old-growth trees, has been a canary in the coal…

Patti Smith, Michael Stipe Set for ‘World Environment Day’ Livestream

Patti Smith, Dave Matthews, and Michael Stipe are among the artists set to take part in the World Environment Day livestream concert happening on June 4th at 3 p.m. ET. The virtual concert was organized…

From Billie Eilish to Coldplay: Here’s how musicians are confronting the climate crisis

Europe is in the process of welcoming the return of live music with open arms. Millions of people are making plans to attend their first live concerts and festivals in over a year. It’s a…

How Operas Are Going Green

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged day-to-day norms in the opera industry. But while addressing those challenges, some houses have found new ways to tackle another crisis with potentially broader implications: climate change.

Theater Commentary: Who’s Agitating for a “Green New Theatre”?

Given the anemic response of America’s theater companies to the climate crisis, it is easy to become disheartened. “We’re doomed. Now what?” pointedly asks essayist Roy Scranton. In Boston, not much of significance has occurred…

NFTs Are Shaking Up the Art World. They May Be Warming the Planet, Too.

When Chris Precht, an Austrian architect and artist, first learned about nonfungible tokens, the digital collectibles taking the art world by storm, he was so enthralled, he said, he “felt like a little kid again.”

Playing it cool: these artists make music with ice

Brittle bursts that mimic cymbals. Deep hollowed notes reminiscent of metal drums. These are some of the surprising sounds that Siberian percussion group Ethnobeat created from Russia’s frozen Lake Baikal in a 2012 viral video…

The Weather Station: how climate grief inspired Tamara Lindeman’s pop rebirth

In the 1970s, Tamara Lindeman’s parents moved from Toronto to a part of Ottawa so remote that “snowploughs had only started running there 10 years earlier”, says the Canadian songwriter. A national reforestation initiative prompted…

Mercy, Mercy Me

Written at some point in 1970 and released the following year, Mercy Mercy Me's litany of environmental woes a half century ago deserve another look.

The wolf is at the door

I started taking drum lessons this past October. I did it for two reasons: One, I love fast, percussion-heavy pop-punk music. Two, I needed an outlet during this very sad time.

Public Enemy – GRID ft. Cypress Hill, George Clinton

The legendary Public Enemy is back! Stream "GRID" from the new album "What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down" Now: ...  

Climate Change Burns Its Way Up the Pop Charts

This year, I came up with the idea to analyze the frequency of climate change references in American popular music. Culture can be a bellwether, both signaling where we are heading and, occasionally, helping to…

The Hot 10 Climate Songs

As global temperatures have climbed, so have mentions of climate change in popular songs. Here are 10 that led the way.

Virginie Kypriotis’ animated video for Foals inspires people to rise up against climate change

Following a yeti-like protagonist called George, the video for new track Like Lightning presents his journey from outrage at news footage of the dying planet to his role starting a global movement.

10 Musicians Taking on the Climate Crisis

Be it Nina Simone and James Brown for civil rights, Joni Mitchell and Marvin Gaye for the environment, or Jackson Browne and Buffalo Springfield for nuclear...

2019 was the year climate change charted

How musicians from Billie Eilish to Lana Del Rey are grappling with climate change


Uniting around the music we love, tackling the environmental and social issues we face, REVERB is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering millions of individuals to take action toward a better future for people and…

Coldplay Puts Touring on Hold, Citing Environmental Concerns

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has said the band will not go on tour, including to support their new album, for environmental reasons. Martin told the BBC that the group is taking time off from the…

This Is What Climate Change Sounds Like

But even as polls indicate a growing acceptance of the reality of global warming, many people are still not motivated enough to act; it feels too abstract, more likely to affect others rather than themselves.…

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke concedes he’s a ‘hypocrite’ on climate change

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, a renowned environmental activist, on Friday admitted to being a “hypocrite” for flying around the world to promote his campaigns....

Songs for the End of the World: Pop Music and Climate Change

By Emer McHughPopular music has, and always will be, informed by the political and social contexts from which it emerges. The struggles of the American civil...

Beyoncé – I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance Video)

Beyoncé - I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance Video)

The musicians helping make climate change a cultural movement

Pop stars like Lil Dicky and Grimes are using their music and their huge followings to gain vital coverage of climate change. This rise in social media-driven activism shows that a tipping point has been…

List of songs about the environment

This list of songs about the environment includes only songs whose author has an article in Wikipedia.

Warren Zevon – Run Straight Down

"Run Straight Down" is a song from Warren Zevon's 1989 album Transverse City. In it he addresses massive pollution, wildlife extinction, fluorocarbons, and ozone holes. The song was released before CFCs were banned in 1996.

Fighting Climate Change with Dance

Bay Area dance choreographer KT Nelson’s production "Dead Reckoning" (composed by renowned former Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenau) demonstrates how humans are navigating blindly through environmental damage.

Ludovico Einaudi – “Elegy for the Arctic” – Official Live

In this piece climate data has been “sonified” or turned into sound. Take a listen. The pitch of the tone you hear represents CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, while the pitch and intensity of the…

Hear Climate Data Turned into Music

In this piece climate data has been “sonified” or turned into sound. Take a listen. The pitch of the tone you hear represents CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, while the pitch and intensity of the…

FuelChange: A Rap Anthem

Green For All, in collaboration with Big Picture Anthems, is thrilled to announce the release of our #FuelChange Anthem - a song and music video seeking to inspire and help mobilize a movement of people…