Track Wildfires in the West

By Matthew Bloch, Bea Malsky and Others 06/22/22
The map includes active and recent fires reported by the Wildland Fire Interagency Geospatial Services Group. The locations of the fires on the map are…

…HEAT and all its ramifications

Heat waves could soon have names

By Jennifer A. Kingson Illustration: Natalie Peeples/Axios 06/08/22
There's a growing effort to name and categorize heat waves the way we do hurricanes — to call attention to their significance, alert people to…

…Drought Dries up the West

A ‘Perfect Recipe for Extreme Wildfire’: New Mexico’s Record-Breaking, Early Fire Season

By Tim Wallace and Nadja Popovich Photo: Jim Weber via Associated Press 06/01/22
Fueled by abnormally dry, warm conditions and spread by strong winds, wildfires have burned more than 600,000 acres across New Mexico this spring — making…

…where are we on this Earth Day outside of 2.6˚warmer than in 1970?

Earth Day is a Time for…Anger

By Bill McKibben Photo: Substack 04/22/22
Let’s note that Earth Day was born in 1970 not as a celebration, and not as an occasion for greenwashing press releases, and not as…

…the relationship between war and climate change

A ‘Silent Victim’: How Nature Becomes a Casualty of War

By Emily Anthes Photo: Daniel Berehulak 04/13/22
The Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, on the southern coast of Ukraine, is a haven for migrating birds. More than 120,000 birds spend the winter flitting…

…3rd IPCC report concludes “now or never!”

Stopping Climate Change Is Doable, but Time Is Short, U.N. Panel Warns

By Brad Plumer and Raymond Zhong Photo: Michael Sohn/Associated Press 04/04/22
Nations need to move away much faster from fossil fuels to retain any hope of preventing a perilous future on an overheated planet, according to…

...misinformation, disinformation, dark money and greenwashing

The Dirty Dozen: The Biggest Nonprofit Funders of Climate Denial

By Alex Kotch 03/21/22
In its recently released report on climate impacts and adaptation, a working group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change points out the very real…

…the key findings of the IPCC report released February 28

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

By Hans-O. Pörtner, Debra C. Roberts and Others 02/27/22
This report recognizes the interdependence of climate, ecosystems and biodiversity, and human societies and integrates knowledge more strongly across the natural, ecological, social and economic…

...Climate Change and Food; Farming and Eating Sustainably

Graphic by Mary Tiegreen, CCR

Interactive: What is the climate impact of eating meat and dairy?

By Daisy Dunne Photo: Paralaxis 09/14/20
Food production accounts for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and takes up half of the planet’s habitable surface. A taste for meat has…

…Don’t Look Up

Graphic by Mary Tiegreen, CCR

Just a little too slow

By Bill McKibben 01/05/22
The runaway success of Don’t Look Up—after 11 days it’s already the third-most viewed film in Netflix history—should have several salutary results, including perhaps a…

…climate change in 2021

These 193 stories show the reality of climate change. In every country in the world.

Politicians have argued. The summits have come and gone. But the truth is that climate change is already upon us. This is Times Opinion’s tour…

…Hurricanes and Flooding

New Orleans is coming back from Ida, but rural Louisiana is still struggling.

By Sophie Kasakove Photo: John Locher/Associated Press 09/10/21
Christine Verdin received numerous photos from friends and family of the destruction Hurricane Ida brought to the rural community of Pointe-aux-Chenes, which runs along a…

…nuclear energy and its role in reaching our climate goals

The Great Turning Point for Humankind: What if Nuclear Energy had not been Abandoned in the 1970s?

By Ugo Bardi 05/25/21
I remember having read Walt Disney’s book, “Our Friend, the Atom,” (1957) in the 1960s when I was, maybe, 10 years old. That book left…