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‘Everything about the Gulf of St. Lawrence was warmer in 2021’: federal scientist

Warming ocean temperatures — especially in deep water — set more records in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 2021, according to climate data released Tuesday by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Climate change pushes orcas to migrate further north

Warmer Arctic waters with less sea ice cause orcas to impact the northern marine ecosystems as the impressive whales swim further and further north in search of food and cooler temperatures.

Antarctica: Mighty Thwaites Glacier threatens to melt

Global warming is threatening ice shelves linked to the Thwaites Glacier. If they fracture and break, much of the glacier could melt into the sea, causing a dramatic sea level rise.

The most disgusting symptom of climate change: sea snot

The thick layer of mucilage that covered the Sea of Marmara for weeks was an unsettling glimpse of climate change’s more oozy effects.

The lobster trap

The plentiful catch that brought wealth to fishing families is at risk, as climate change warms the Gulf of Maine. A way of life is on the line, but lobstermen can’t, or won’t, imagine another.