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...Supreme Court abandons wetlands

‘Devastating’ Supreme Court Decision Leaves Wetlands Unprotected

By Andy McGlashen 05/26/23
The majority of the nation’s wetlands where many birds raise their young, congregate in winter, and rest during migration—and which filter out pollutants and buffer…

Supreme Court ruling on wetlands

Petitioners Michael and Chantell Sackett purchased property near Priest Lake, Idaho, and began backfilling the lot with dirt to prepare for building a home. The…

...El Nino is back! what does that mean for weather and economics

Opinion: El Niño is back. What does that mean for an already overheated California?

By Justin S. Mankin and Christopher W. Callahan 05/25/23
During the El Niño of 1983, Californians counted their blessings. The warm Pacific waters sloshing eastward certainly brought heavy spring rains and record snow. But…

...the Colorado River and who gets it’s dwindling water

The breakthrough deal to protect the Colorado River, explained

By Anumita Kaur 05/23/23
After nearly a year of negotiations, three states agreed to conserve an unprecedented amount of their water supply to protect the drought-stricken Colorado River. The…


There’s no escape from wildfire smoke

By David Wallace-Wells 05/17/23
In Western Canada, fire season comes early by American standards — beginning, usually, right around now. In Alberta, by today’s date, only about 1,000 acres…

...the newly released IPCC Report

Carbon Brief’s definitive guide to the entire IPCC sixth assessment cycle

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has now published the synthesis report of its sixth assessment report (AR6). This forms the final part of…

...replacing gas stoves with electric

Gas stoves can harm your health — and scientists have known that for decades

By Jonathan Lambert 01/18/23
The United States’ never-ending culture wars have moved to the kitchen, as Republicans turn up the heat on nascent efforts to shift Americans away from…

..."atmospheric rivers" generating floods in California

Flood watch covers nearly all of California amid severe storms

By Todd C. Frankel, Timothy Bella and Others 01/15/23
Nearly 26 million people in California were covered by a flood watch Saturday, mostly between San Francisco and Los Angeles, as fresh rain and storms…

...wrapping up climate in 2022 and the news isn’t all bad

Assessing the U.S. Climate in November 2022

The average temperature of the contiguous U.S. in November 2022 was 41.0°F, which is 0.7°F below average, ranking in the middle third of the record.…