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...Nuclear Fusion NOT Nuclear Fission

Despite the hype, we shouldn’t bank on nuclear fusion to save the world from climate catastrophe | Robin McKie

By Robin McKie 12/17/22
The revelation that researchers had succeeded in creating a nuclear fusion reaction that generated more energy than it consumed made reassuring reading last week. For almost half a century, I have reported on scientific issues…

...The UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) —12/7-12/19

COP15: Your Guide to the 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference

This December, the race to protect the planet's biodiversity will be front and center when representatives from countries around the world gather in Montreal, Canada, for the United Nation's Biodiversity Conference, referred to as COP15.

…The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Could Biden’s climate agenda trigger a new trade war?

By Andrew Ross Sorkin et al. 12/06/22
The European Union is crying foul over the Inflation Reduction Act, saying the billions in climate subsidies it offers create a trade imbalance.

…Drought Dries up the West

Officials fear ‘complete doomsday scenario’ for drought-stricken Colorado River

By Joshua Partlow 12/01/22
The first sign of serious trouble for the drought-stricken American Southwest could be a whirlpool. It could happen if the surface of Lake Powell, a man-made reservoir along the Colorado River that’s already a quarter…


COP27: Key outcomes for food, forests, land and nature at the UN climate talks in Egypt

By Aruna Chandrasekhar and Others 11/24/22
The COP27 summit in the Egyptian coastal resort of Sharm el-Sheikh made history by including food, rivers, nature-based solutions, tipping points and the right to a healthy environment in an overarching COP “cover decision” for…

…Hurricanes and Flooding

History-repeating hurricane paths in Florida amaze meteorologists

By Amudalat Ajasa 11/10/22
2022′s hurricanes Nicole and Ian hit in same respective locations as 2004′s Jeanne and Charley; in both years, the storms struck 43 days apart...

…wildlife populations plunging by almost 70% in 50 years…while human populations double

Image By CCR + AI

Living Planet Report 2022

By Rob Alkemade, Francisco Alpfzar and Others 10/13/22
The Living Planet Report 2022 is a comprehensive study of trends in global biodiversity and the health of the planet. This flagship WWF publication reveals an average decline of 69% in species populations since 1970.…

…the national climate emergency declaration….that wasn’t

A climate change emergency

By Isaac Saul 07/21/22
Biden's climate change plan. Democrats had hoped to invest as much as $550 billion in their sweeping Build Back Better plan to create new programs to cut emissions and promote the use of technologies like…

...Joe Manchin, once again, tanks climate legislation

Manchin says he won’t support new climate spending or tax hikes on wealthy

By Tony Romm and Jeff Stein 07/15/22
Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) told Democratic leaders Thursday he would not support an economic package this month that contains new spending on climate change or new tax increases targeting wealthy individuals and corporations, marking…

...the Supreme Court hobbles the EPA and cooks the planet

Supreme Court’s EPA ruling upends Biden’s environmental agenda

By Maxine Joselow 06/30/22
The Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions could have far-reaching consequences, according to legal experts, which could curb President Biden’s ambitious plans to tackle climate change along…

Ruling: West virginia et al. V. Environmental Protection agency et al.

In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated the Clean Power Plan rule, which addressed carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal- and natural-gas-fired power plants. For authority, the Agency cited Section 111 of the Clean…

…where are we on this Earth Day outside of 2.6˚warmer than in 1970?

Earth Day is a Time for…Anger

By Bill McKibben 04/22/22
Let’s note that Earth Day was born in 1970 not as a celebration, and not as an occasion for greenwashing press releases, and not as a moment for photo ops—but as a honking big protest.…

…the relationship between war and climate change

A ‘Silent Victim’: How Nature Becomes a Casualty of War

By Emily Anthes 04/13/22
The Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, on the southern coast of Ukraine, is a haven for migrating birds. More than 120,000 birds spend the winter flitting about its shores, and a multicolored spectrum of rare species…

…3rd IPCC report concludes “now or never!”

Stopping Climate Change Is Doable, but Time Is Short, U.N. Panel Warns

By Brad Plumer and Raymond Zhong 04/04/22
Nations need to move away much faster from fossil fuels to retain any hope of preventing a perilous future on an overheated planet, according to a major new report on climate change released on Monday,…

...misinformation, disinformation, dark money and greenwashing

The Dirty Dozen: The Biggest Nonprofit Funders of Climate Denial

By Alex Kotch 03/21/22
In its recently released report on climate impacts and adaptation, a working group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change points out the very real danger of climate misinformation—for the first time since its annual…

…the key findings of the IPCC report released February 28

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

By Hans-O. Pörtner, Debra C. Roberts and Others 02/27/22
This report recognizes the interdependence of climate, ecosystems and biodiversity, and human societies and integrates knowledge more strongly across the natural, ecological, social and economic sciences than earlier IPCC assessments. The assessment of climate change…

...Climate Change and Food; Farming and Eating Sustainably

Graphic by Mary Tiegreen, CCR

Interactive: What is the climate impact of eating meat and dairy?

By Daisy Dunne 09/14/20
Food production accounts for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and takes up half of the planet’s habitable surface. A taste for meat has had a particular impact on land. The mass of animals…

…Don’t Look Up

Graphic by Mary Tiegreen, CCR
Image By CCR + AI

Just a little too slow

By Bill McKibben 01/05/22
The runaway success of Don’t Look Up—after 11 days it’s already the third-most viewed film in Netflix history—should have several salutary results, including perhaps a new willingness in Hollywood to make comedies that don’t turn…

…climate change in 2021

These 193 stories show the reality of climate change. In every country in the world.

Politicians have argued. The summits have come and gone. But the truth is that climate change is already upon us. This is Times Opinion’s tour of how climate change has begun reshaping reality in the…

…nuclear energy and its role in reaching our climate goals

The Great Turning Point for Humankind: What if Nuclear Energy had not been Abandoned in the 1970s?

By Ugo Bardi 05/25/21
I remember having read Walt Disney’s book, “Our Friend, the Atom,” (1957) in the 1960s when I was, maybe, 10 years old. That book left a powerful impression on me. Still today, when I visualize…