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What you need to know about the U.N. COP26 climate summit — and why it matters

By Brady Dennis 10/06/21
‘We must get serious. And we must act fast,’ U.N. Secretary General António Guterres said recently, noting the world is ‘seemingly light-years away’ from meeting its climate goals

…Biden’s 3.5 trillion dollar Build Back Better plan

Calling ‘Code Red’ on Climate, Biden Pushes for Infrastructure Plan

By Katie Rogers and Juliet Macur 09/07/21
“The nation and the world are in peril,” the president said during a stop in a hard-hit borough of New York City. “And that’s not hyperbole. That is a fact.”

…IPCC’s latest report cautioning that the world risks increasingly catastrophic impacts in the absence of rapid greenhouse gas reductions

The scary new climate report means fossil fuel use needs to start falling, fast

By Sammy Roth, Russ Mitchell and Sam Dean 08/09/21
Scientists have said that zeroing out planet-warming emissions by midcentury is needed to stave off the worst consequences of the climate crisis. But there’s a giant gap between the many companies that have pledged to…

…what a bad month oil seems to be having

Image By CCR + AI

…what a bad week oil seems to be having

A bad week for oil

By Catherine Brahic 05/31/21
All three events happened on Wednesday. ExxonMobil suffered a stunning defeat as an activist hedge fund successfully placed two climate-friendly directors on its board. Chevron’s shareholders voted that the company should reduce “scope 3” emissions,…

…earth day and the climate summit

We Are Living in a Climate Emergency, and We’re Going to Say So

By Mark Fischetti 04/12/21
An emergency is a serious situation that requires immediate action. When someone calls 911 because they can’t breathe, that’s an emergency. When someone stumbles on the sidewalk because their chest is pounding and their lips…

…Biden’s New Infrastructure Bill

Biden’s Recovery Plan Bets Big on Clean Energy

By Lisa Friedman and Jim Tankersley 03/23/21
The president’s plan, worth up to $4 trillion, represents a fundamental shift in the way Democrats talk about tackling climate change: It’s no longer a side issue.

…energy blackouts in Texas

Wind power didn’t cause the Texas blackouts. But it wasn’t just fossil fuels, either

By Sammy Roth 02/18/21
As a deadly winter storm plunged millions of Texans into darkness this week, politicians skeptical of climate change and loyal to the oil and gas industry did what they do best: They blamed renewable energy.…

…electric vehicles are coming! …. as the Biden Climate Plan moves forward

Reaching Back To The New Deal, Biden Proposes A Civilian Climate Corps

By Nathan Rott and Scott Detrow 05/11/21
Members of the Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) work on trails near Tally Lake in northwestern Montana. President Biden wants to retool and relaunch one of the country's most celebrated government programs: the Civilian Conservation Corps.…

Assessing Biden’s Climate Plan

By Michael Barbaro 02/02/21
The president has signed several executive orders for environmental policies since taking office. But the real work of reducing America’s emissions has just begun.    

…What will Biden do for climate?

How Joe Biden plans to use executive powers to fight climate change

By Umair Irfan 01/06/21
With the Senate question largely resolved, President-elect Joe Biden can now start to focus on policy, including his ambitious agenda to deal with climate change.