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Curated News


Curated News

The curated news page contains a roundup of the most compelling current and/or timeless news stories about climate change, pulled from the most significant sources— newspapers, scientific studies, magazines, books, films, available video and audio streams, universities and organizations. 

  • If you are curious about last year’s top stories: here’s a link to the most pertinent climate change stories from the New York Times in 2021
  • If you are interested in how the media understood and covered the incredible heat oppressing the Pacific Northwest in June and July, 2021, take a look at this very well analyzed and synthesized piece by Carbon Brief. 
  • If you are wondering about how climate change change was discussed as part of the television media coverage on the devastating Hurricane Ian, you might be interested in what Media Matters discovered as they explored that issue. 
  • To start with, the scientific facts: "Scientists have repeatedly warned that global warming is making storms like Ian stronger and wetter and even proved the extent to which human-caused warming has increased the damage caused by specific storms. Already, a study has suggested that Ian dumped 10% more rain than it would have otherwise due to climate change. Compounding the intensity of the storm are rising sea levels which multiply what can be the most dangerous aspect of storms on the coast: storm surge. 
  • With few exceptions, the relationship between our warming planet and the characteristics of Hurricane Ian were not part of national TV news coverage. MSNBC aired the most connections to climate among the cable networks, with 17, followed by CNN with 15. MSNBC and CNN combined aired 32 segments that mentioned climate change in relation to Hurricane Ian, or 4%. More on Fox News climate mentions below. “Media Matters explored the 57 hours of media coverage (including 1,020 segments) focused on Hurricane Ian between September 24-28 and found that only 4% of coverage connected the storm to climate change. Of the 46 times climate change was discussed, 7 of those mentions, all appearing on Fox News, were in the context of climate denial.

The Global Impact of Antarctica’s Climate Crisis: A Test for Humanity

By Ricky Lanusse 09/25/23
In a world where the consequences of global warming are everywhere, Antarctica, often considered remote, distant, and immutable, is now bearing witness to the undeniable threat of climate change. At alarming record lows of ice…
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As disasters spike, superpowers face mounting calls to forge climate deal

By Timothy Puko and Vanessa Montalbano 09/25/23
Leaders of some of the world’s top climate institutions are ratcheting up pressure on the United States and China to forge an agreement on confronting global warming, fearing that the strained relations of these two…
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Earth’s Hottest August on Record Followed a Record-Breaking June and July

By Delger Erdenesanaa 09/21/23
Temperature records continue to topple. Last month was the planet’s warmest August in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 174-year record, agency officials said on Thursday. The global surface temperature for the month was 2.25…
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Biden’s new Climate Corps will train thousands of young people

By Maxine Joselow 09/20/23
President Biden on Wednesday announced an initiative to train more than 20,000 young people in skills crucial to combating climate change, such as installing solar panels, restoring coastal wetlands and retrofitting homes to be more…
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COP28’s Biggest Conflicts Are on Display at the UN General Assembly

By Zahra Hirji 09/20/23
As world leaders gathered at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City this week, everyone seemed to agree on one thing: Climate change is among the biggest problems facing the planet. US President…
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Are electric cars really better for the environment?

By Michael J. Coren 09/19/23
Electric vehicles, you might have heard, have a mineral problem. Beneath the floor of an EV sits a 900-pound battery filled with minerals extracted from around the world. Millions of tons of lithium, cobalt, bauxite…
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The Detroit Auto Show Is an Ominous Snoozefest

By Kevin Williams 09/19/23
I had high hopes for this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Open to the media last week and running through Sunday, the Big Three automakers’ premier event came hot on the heels of big announcements from…
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California opens the floodgates on Big Oil

The state of California just launched a game-changing climate lawsuit against oil majors, bringing the weight of one of the world’s largest economies and the most populous state in the nation to bear against some…
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Climate Protesters March on New York, Calling for End to Fossil Fuels

By Somini Sengupta, Hilary Howard and Delger Erdenesanaa 09/17/23
Tens of thousands of people, young and old, filled the streets of Midtown Manhattan under blazing sunshine on Sunday to demand that world leaders quickly pivot away from fossil fuels dangerously heating the Earth. Their…
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Thousands of climate activists march in NYC, calling on Biden to declare climate emergency

By Miranda Nazzaro 09/17/23
Tens of thousands of protestors kicked off a march Sunday in New York City, advocating for an end to fossil fuels while calling on President Biden to declare a climate emergency. Hundreds of organizations, climate…
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California sues five major oil companies for ‘decades-long campaign of deception’ about climate change

By Louis Sahagún 09/16/23
California is suing five of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, alleging that they engaged in a “decades-long campaign of deception” about climate change and the risks posed by fossil fuels that…
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What this month’s deadly floods tell us about our global climate future

By Scott Dance, Marina Dias and Theodora Yu 09/14/23
When heavy rain hit southern Brazil last week, Moisés Alexandre Heck de Carvalho braced for shin-deep floodwaters, like the country saw a 2020 deluge. Instead, the waters rose so high that the 43-year-old grabbed his…
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An Auto Workers Strike Would Threaten Biden’s Green Coalition

By Alejandro De La Garza 09/14/23
The most consequential political force in passing the landmark Inflation Reduction Act last summer was President Joe Biden’s big green base, a coalition of unions, businesses, and environmentalists that he managed to lash together with…
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Hot Summer Days Linked to Climate Change in U.S. Cities

Summer 2023 was the planet’s hottest on record. New Climate Central analysis shows which U.S. cities, states, and regions felt the strongest influence of climate change on summer heat. In the U.S., 326 million people—97%…
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Meet the Shadowy Network Vilifying Climate Protestors

By Amy Westervelt and Geoff Dembicki 09/12/23
Earlier this year, news footage began making the rounds on social media of young activists from the German climate organization Letzte Generation (Last Generation) being assaulted by their fellow citizens as they obstructed streets in…
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More Than 5,000 Dead in Libya as Collapsed Dams Worsen Flood Disaster

By Mohammed Abdusamee, Vivian Nereim and Isabella Kwai 09/12/23
More than 5,000 people were killed in Libya after torrential rains caused two dams to burst near the coastal city of Derna, destroying much of the city and carrying entire neighborhoods into the sea, local…
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