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Sandra Goldmark is a designer, teacher, and entrepreneur whose work focuses on circular economy solutions to overconsumption and climate change. She is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice and Director of Campus Sustainability and Climate Action at Barnard College. Originally a theatrical set designer, Sandra is the founder of Fixup, a social enterprise that promotes repair, reuse, and the circular economy, a co-creator of the Sustainable Production Toolkit and the author of Fixation: How to Have Stuff without Breaking the Planet.


Getting Good at Buying Used: Living the Circular Economy Now

By Sandra Goldmark and   10/11/21
As we emerge from the pandemic, what spending habits do we want to change? What patterns should we not return to? One simple habit we should all try to break is our tendency to buy a lot of new stuff. Pre-pandemic consumption patterns account for as much as 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions,…