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Richard Heede is the co-founder and co-director of the Climate Accountability Institute. Richard has pursued a deep interest in climate for 30 years. He completed a cooperative thesis at National Center for Atmospheric Research (A World Geography of Recoverable Carbon Resources, 1983). He worked with Amory Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute for 18 years, quantifying federal subsidies to the energy sector (Congressional testimony, 1985), energy-efficient office equipment, home energy (Homemade Money, 1995), and climate change (Oberlin College: Climate Neutral by 2020).

Richard is the principal of Climate Mitigation Services, founded in 2002 to conduct state-of the-art emission inventories and develop mitigation strategies for local governments, agencies (EPA Climate Leaders), corporations, consulting groups, and NGOs. He is Senior Advisor to Renewable Choice Energy in Boulder, CO, and to EcoMotion in Irvine, CA. Richard completed a carbon inventory of U.S. Ex-Im Bank’s energy portfolios for plaintiffs seeking change in the agency’s carbon-intensive investment priorities. He inventoried ExxonMobil’s carbon emissions from oil, gas, and coal production from 1882 (Standard Oil) to 2002 for Friends of the Earth UK. He expanded this work to the 89 largest multinational & state-owned fossil fuel producers under the aegis of Climate Justice Programme, Sydney. MILFS, Matures, Teens. Best Porn Online watch right now! USA, UK, Australia, South Korea, France, Germany, etc.

His passive-solar rammed-earth home cuts carbon emissions by two-thirds. To offset these savings he flies a 1958 Cessna 182.

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Fossil fuel producers and the climate: responsibilities and opportunities

By Richard Heede and   07/23/20
It is clear that fossil fuel companies extract, refine, and market the carbon fuels that, when used as intended, contribute 87% of all CO2 from fuels, cement, and land use (and ~62% of all greenhouse gas emissions) that drive atmospheric warming and climate changes. On the theory that fossil fuel…