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John Englander is an oceanographer, consultant and leading expert on sea level rise. His broad marine science background coupled with explorations to Greenland and Antarctica allows him to see the big picture of sea level rise and its revolutionary impacts. He brings the diverse points of view of an industry scientist, entrepreneur and CEO. For over thirty years, he has been a leader in the private and non-profit sectors, serving as CEO for The International SeaKeepers and The Cousteau Society.



COP26 Climate Conference – Success or Failure?

By John Englander and   11/30/21
Some 25,000 people worked for the last two weeks in Glasgow Scotland on the annual climate “Conference of the Parties” better known as COP26. Unfortunately, the outcome bring us closer to an irreversible, disastrous tipping point. To be fair, getting the 196 nations to sign the word-by-word findings was no…

Climate Change Connection in Miami Condo Collapse?

By John Englander and   06/28/21
Did climate change contribute to the sudden collapse of the twelve story condominium last week in Surfside, Florida? That question was being asked almost immediately as part of the pressing question as to the cause. In my interviews with NBC-TV Channel 6 and the Huff Post I made clear that…

“Solar Cycles” or Climate Denial?

By John Englander and   02/24/21
Comments on my blog posts and social media bring up some very good questions, but also expose many “theories” and misinformation that defy basic scientific fact. On LinkedIN there were a lot of positive comments to my last blog post, but also a few that actually disputed the established causes…

Texas is Freezing; Arctic is Melting?

By John Englander and   02/17/21
Texas is in the midst of a true and devastating weather disaster. There are daily reports of massive power outages, deadly cold temperatures, statewide snowfall, and residents being forced to boil water. What is obvious is that the immediate trigger was record-breaking cold temperatures.  Residents in Texas and Oklahoma are…

“Global Warming Could Stop Quickly” – NOT ! (Part One)

By John Englander and   12/22/20
This week there is no doubt about a suitable subject.  This article from January 3rd has stirred up a lot of optimism… and confusion. It has raised hopes that the effects of global warming (aka climate change) could stop soon. I’ve had dozens of requests to explain it for obvious reasons.…

Our New Paper Raises the Sea Level “bar”

By John Englander and   12/22/20
HOW HIGH COULD SEA LEVEL RISE IN THE COMING DECADES? In coastal cities worldwide, that question is being asked quite seriously, due to peak water levels at high tide that keep breaking records. About three feet or approximately one meter is the most commonly cited height for global average sea…

Paris Climate Accord: Good, Bad, or Ugly? (Part Two)

By John Englander and   12/22/20
My blog post last week pointed out a grossly misleading headline, “Global Warming Could Stop Quickly After Emissions Go To Zero.” As I explained, we do not even have a plan for how to get close to zero emissions. The vague plans being discussed aim for zero emissions by the year 2050…

The Real Mission of that New Sea-Level Satellite

By John Englander and   11/23/20
Last Saturday NASA launched Sentinel- 6 Michael Freilich, a new satellite to measure sea level. (The name pays homage to a leading program advocate for Earth science at NASA who died this year.)  Media reports suggested that a satellite focused on sea level was a bold new advance; some claimed it…

Can a President Stop Flooding by Executive Order?

By John Englander and   11/09/20
Following the U.S. Presidential election, many pundits speculate that President Biden will use Executive Orders to deal with many issues that do not require Congressional legislation. That would follow the precedent of both Presidents Trump and  Obama. It raises an interesting question as to whether Executive Orders can affect flooding.…

Sea-Level Rising 2 1/2 times Faster

By John Englander and   08/03/20
It may seem subtle, but the trending rate of sea-level rise (SLR) is powerful. Looking back over the last century and a half, the rate of sea-level rise has averaged 1.7 mm per year (seven hundredths of an inch) as shown on the green trend line. Starting back in 1880 the records…

Taking Our Temperature On Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

By John Englander and   04/20/20
April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Back in 1970 the concerns were clean air, clean water, chemical pollution, litter, and general environmental concerns. By the end of the seventies however, Dennis Hayes, the organizer, came to recognize the issue of global warming and included it. Today, climate…

New Poll: Americans Alarmed by Global Warming Triples

By John Englander and   01/20/20
The latest annual poll by Yale and George Mason Universities on public attitude about global warming has taken a dramatic turn upwards. As shown in the bubble graph above, 31% now identify as “Alarmed” compared to just 11% five years ago – that’s essentially TRIPLING.  Combined with the 26% identifying…

Retreat Varies: California, Florida, and globally

By John Englander and   01/14/20
Retreating from the coastline as sea level rises is one of the most sensitive topics. Homeowners, business leaders, bankers, and elected officials all want to put off the day of reckoning as long as possible. However the ocean cares not about our preferences. As the ice on Greenland and Antarctica…

THE ECONOMIST on Sea Level Rise

By John Englander and   08/19/19
THE ECONOMIST is widely recognized as one of the finest magazines in the world. I would describe it as global, insightful, well written, sober, yet willing to be provocative; with a wry wit. They have taken up the topic of climate change, the thawing Arctic and sea level rise on…

Solar Cycles and Climate Change?

By John Englander and   08/12/19
A recent surge of  ‘noise and nonsense’ on the internet is again alleging that global warming is largely affected by solar cycles, such as the 11 year swings associated with “sunspots.” As the NASA graphic above shows in the white overlay chart, there is indeed a long-recognized 11 year cycle…

Lesson from London: Catastrophe Causes Change

By John Englander and   02/11/19
Monday night I had the very real privilege to give a lecture at the Royal Institution in London, the “RI.” Since 1799 this has been a legendary location to explain scientific principles to a wide audience. Famously this is where Michael Faraday demonstrated magnetism, induction, and the basis for electric…

Antarctic News: Melting Accelerates 530%

By John Englander and   01/14/19
Yesterday, the Washington Post headline was: Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s Precise data from satellites and aerial surveys documented that the gigantic southern continent is melting at a rate six and a half times faster than three decades earlier. The newspaper story was about a scientific article released…

The Petro-Power Play in Poland @ COP24

By John Englander and   12/10/18
SWEDISH LEADER OF SCHOOL STRIKE FOR CLIMATE SCOLDS UN CLIMATE CONFERENCE FOR ACTING LIKE IRRESPONSIBLE CHILDREN. WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM COP24 – the latest big climate meeting – ends Thursday in Katowice Poland.  This 24th “Conference of the Parties” (COP) is the now-annual world summit to deal with the crisis of climate change.…

The Lesson from Dauphin Island about Rising Seas

By John Englander and   12/02/18
Dauphin Island is a truly idyllic community south of Mobile Alabama. With about 1,200 full-time residents, it is a coveted summer retreat, with civil war history (“Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead”) and a premiere “birder’s paradise.” I visited last week and met with Mayor Jeff Collier who is…