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Gordian Raacke is executive director of Renewable Energy Long Island, a not-for-profit organization working to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy systems.

He works with municipal governments, regional electric utilities, and the private sector to advance renewable energy initiatives. With a quarter century track record on regional energy issues, Mr. Raacke is regarded as a trusted expert by the regional media and elected officials.

Gordian is a founding member of the Long Island offshore wind coalition, helped build the solar markets on Long Island, and was trained by Vice President Al Gore to present and mentor as a Climate Leader. In 2011, he led an initiative to study a 100 percent renewable electricity future for the region. He served as chair of the Energy Sustainability Committee of the Town of East Hampton and on the Town of Southampton Sustainability Committee, helping to formulate and implement the community-wide 100% renewable energy goals.

Mr. Raacke holds a degree in civil engineering and lives in his energy-efficient solar-powered home in East Hampton, NY.


Time to act on climate. Here’s How. Do it Now.

By Gordian Raacke and   07/30/21
According to a recent public opinion survey on climate change, 70% of Americans now believe that a 5 °F (2.8 °C) global temperature rise in 75 years would be “bad”. While this is an improvement compared to 1997 when only 61% agreed, it is probably still true that most Americans do not…