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Biddle Duke is a journalist, writer and editor who has worked for newspapers across four states and Argentina, where he was the editor of the English-language daily, The Buenos Aires Herald. For the past two decades he was the publisher of a weekly newspaper, magazine and digital media group in northern Vermont. In 2016, Duke launched EAST magazine, whose four issues a year celebrate the soul — history, environment, food, culture, art, politics — of Eastern Long Island. His work has appeared in The New Yorker online, The New York TimesPuristThe Surfers Journal, among other publications. Although basically a lifelong nomad, he lives in Springs, N.Y. with his wife, an artist, Idoline.


What Can I Do?

By Biddle Duke and   11/28/19
“Why bother?” Michael Pollan’s question in a New York Times Magazine article in 2008 captured America’s intransigence — amnesia — about combating climate change. Our lack of urgency. At that point, we were two years into a 10-year deadline to reverse carbon emissions lest our overheating planet reach an unrecognizable…