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Bronx fire highlights how energy-efficiency push could save lives beyond climate change

A deadly fire in New York City was caused by a space heater, which many low-income tenants had to use in the inefficient building. Bronx fire highlights how energy-efficiency push could save lives beyond climate…

Xcel’s long-range plan faces pushback over role of fossil peaking plants

The utility’s integrated resource plan in Minnesota relies on natural gas peaking plants to help balance intermittent renewables and meet peak demands. Clean energy groups argue that better alternatives exist. Xcel’s long-range plan faces pushback…

South Korea presidential candidates urged to ‘make this the first eco election’ by young, key voters

Environmental activists representing the ‘MZ’ generation, the young age groups that are key swing voters in this election, say they will ‘choose a climate president who will guarantee the survival of us all’.

Fuel contamination shutters Iqaluit water treatment plant for the second time

The City of Iqaluit shut down its water treatment plant Wednesday after the water was contaminated last week with fuel for the second time.

Chicago ranks 3rd in U.S. in deaths related to diesel pollution

People around the world breathed cleaner air after the economy ground to a halt during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. But Chicago and its suburbs missed out on the temporary reprieve from lung-damaging,…

An Indiana carbon storage project wants the state to help protect it from lawsuits

An Indiana company wants to sequester carbon deep underneath property that it doesn’t own, and it wants assurance from state lawmakers that it won’t easily be held responsible if problems arise in the future. An…

Air pollution reduces pollination by changing how insects smell flowers, study finds

Air pollution could be hampering the ability of bees and butterflies to pollinate by changing the scent of flowers, according to a new study.

N.C. governor’s climate order marks a turning point on transportation

Gov. Roy Cooper this month announced a slate of new climate and equity pledges, including a commitment to get 1.25 million plug-in electric vehicles on the road by 2030 and to eliminate most fossil fuel…

Volkswagen money helps Connecticut start ‘long road’ to electric school buses

State regulators announced a third round of spending last month from the state’s Volkswagen emissions-cheating settlement. More than $9.5 million will go to replace school buses in seven environmental justice communities. Volkswagen money helps Connecticut…