CURATED NEWS With daily new additions, you will find the most compelling current and/or timeless news stories about climate change as they are published— from newspapers, scientific studies, blogs, magazines, books, films, available video and audio streams, universities and organizations. If you are curious about last year’s top stories: here’s a link to the most important stories of 2021 in the New York Times. And, if you are interested in how the media understood and covered the incredible heat oppressing the Pacific Northwest in June and July of 2021, take a look at this very well analyzed and synthesized piece by Carbon Brief. 

PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT… Every month we pay attention to something in the world of climate change that everyone seems to be talking about —-whether it is Adam McKay’s new film, Don’t Look Up, wildfires as they scorch the west or hurricanes as they flood the south and northeast, COP26, or Biden’s Build Back Better Plan.

NEWS FEEDS A selection of newsfeeds from more than twenty news aggregators in the climate change field from The New York Times to NASA, from The Guardian to Civil Eats, from The Washington Post to Inside Climate News. We look at these every day to inform ourselves and to find contributions to the hundreds of pages that make up this website.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLETS Mainstream media has, increasingly poured resources into covering climate change. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, CNN, Wired, The New Yorker, PBS  all have significant climate desks. In January 2022, The Boston Globe announced a major expansion of its staff. The Associated Press did the same a month later. Media has also joined forces. For example, Columbia Journalism Review, The Nation, & The Guardian, created the Covering Climate Now project in 2019 and a year later had 400 news outlets as partners with a combined audience approaching 2 billion people; one stunning non-profit, InsideClimate News, also partnered, in 2019, with fourteen newsrooms in nine mid-western states; Climate Desk is another multi-media journalistic collaboration with extraordinary partners: The Atlantic, Atlas ObscuraBulletin of the Atomic ScientistsCityLab, GristThe Guardian,  High Country News, HuffPostMediumMother Jones, National Observer, Newsweek, RevealSlateThe Weather ChannelUndarkWired and Yale Envirnoment 360 .

KEY CLIMATE CHANGE MEDIA OUTLETS This section focuses on media outlets with a primary focus on climate change and the environment. Websites with newsletters & blogs like Climate Central which, through its Partnership Journalism initiative, works with local media outlets to co-report, co-produce,  and co-publish data-rich feature stories on climate solutions and impacts; newspapers with newsletters like Sammy Roth’s Boiling Point for The Los Angeles Times; some are more narrowly focused, like Climate Matters, some are broader like Canary Media. Climate Nexus and Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. A good place to fins and sign up for newsletters and blogs.

BLOGS A curated collection of blog posts from across the web, some original to CCR and other, reposted with permission. Contributors include CCR co-founder Mike Shatzkin, key climate journalists and experts such as Gordian Raacke, John Englander, Steve Cohen, Richard Heede, Mary Foster Morgan, and Joel Stronberg, as well as friends of CCR such as authors Cyril Christo, Linda Sunshine, Abby Luby, Paige Peterson, and Biddle Duke.

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