In April, 2019, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced New York City’s own Green New Deal as “a bold and audacious plan to attack global warming on all fronts. It is comprised of $14 billion in new and committed investments, legislation and concrete action at the City level that will ensure a nearly 30 percent additional reduction in emissions by 2030, a total emissions reduction of 40 percent by 2030 and putting ourselves on track for full carbon neutrality by 2050.” Among many other commitments to health, jobs and transportation, the Green New Deal requires 50,000 buildings to cut their emissions through efficiencies, bans new inefficient glass-walled buildings, moves to bring Canadian hydro-power to create carbon-free electricity by 2025, makes organics recycling mandatory, reduces waste, and commits to a carbon neutral fleet by 2040. The City is also investing $20 billion in resiliency planning to protect the City from sea-level rise and other effects of climate change. See the full report here. 

The price of electricity in the New York City area is more than 40 percent higher than the national average, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.



Mayor Adams Releases Rainfall Ready Nyc Action Plan, Preparing City Government And New Yorkers For More Extreme Rainfall

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Rohit T. Aggarwala, and New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) Commissioner Zach Iscol today released the Rainfall Ready NYC action…

Microsoft and Jeff Bezos are backing this start-up that aims to retrofit millions of old buildings with ‘green’ energy

In a four-story apartment building in Brooklyn, New York, a very small company is implementing a very big idea: Electrify every building in the United States by leasing landlords the necessary equipment to make the…

Is This Finally the Year of the Electric Car?

Last summer, Hank Gutman, serving as New York’s transportation commissioner, encountered a couple in the Bronx who were charging their Nissan Leaf, running an extension cord out of their apartment window and across the sidewalk.…

Mayor Adams Announces Agreement to Transform South Brooklyn Marine Terminal Into Leading Offshore Wind Hub

New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced an agreement that will transform the city-owned South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT) into one of the largest offshore wind port facilities in the nation. The agreement will…

Can Quebec’s Dams Power New York City? Blackstone Is Betting $4.5 Billion on It.

Construction is expected to begin this spring on one of the largest renewable energy projects in New York since Niagara Falls was harnessed for hydropower more than a half-century ago.

New York City is banning natural gas hookups for new buildings to fight climate change

The New York City Council on Wednesday voted to pass legislation banning the use of natural gas in most new construction, a move that will substantially slash climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions from the country’s most…

New York City Is Betting Big on Offshore Wind Turbines

New York City is making a big investment in renewable energy that will literally change the city’s landscape. Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans for a $191 million investment in offshore wind turbines…

Rikers Island could become renewable energy hub

New York’s notorious jail on Rikers Island is expected to close by 2027. And the site could next be used to produce clean energy. New York’s city council has passed legislation calling for research on…

Mayor de Blasio Announces Offshore Wind Vision for New York City

Mayor de Blasio and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) today announced a 15-year, $191 million Offshore Wind Vision (OSW) plan to make New York City a leading destination for the offshore wind industry.…

NYS selects 2 green energy projects for massive NYC decarbonization plan

City and state leaders hope that two green energy infrastructure projects will help decarbonize New York City into a greener future that moves them away from its reliance on fossil fuels, which fuels 85% of…

Renewable Energy Coming To Astoria Fossil Fuel Plant, Says Hochul

Gov. Kathy Hochul said on Monday that she would work to transition New York City from fossil fuels to renewable energy, pointing at a fossil fuel-burning plant in Astoria where a debate between gas and…

Climate Week: Major Green Energy Infrastructure Projects to Power New York City with new Wind, Solar and Hydropower

During Climate Week, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Kathy Hochul today announced two major green energy infrastructure projects to power New York City with wind, solar and hydropower projects from upstate New York and…

Senate Bill S3521A

Relates to expanding customer access to community distributed generation

New York City Department of Environmental Protection partners with Arcadis to drive city-wide resilience

By Arcadis 06/18/21
Arcadis today announced its partnership with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to launch a $53 million program designed to engage property owners across the city with resiliency measures that improve local and…

New York Legislature Passes Cross-Utility Crediting for CDG Projects

By Peter Ross 06/16/21
On June 10, 2021, the New York legislature passed a bill allowing customers to subscribe to certain community distributed generation (CDG) projects sited outside of their utility service territory, a practice known as “cross-utility credits.

NYC Mayor Announces Step Forward Toward Purchase of Large-Scale Renewable Electricity

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced New York City has signed a letter of intent in partnership with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority committing the City to pursuing a joint purchase…

Action on Global Warming: NYC’s Green New Deal

Mayor de Blasio announced New York City's Green New Deal, a bold and audacious plan to attack global warming on all fronts. It is comprised of $14 billion in new and committed investments, legislation and…

Greener, Greater Buildings Plan

To reach its aggressive sustainability goals, New York City needs to do more than improve new construction and renovations. It has to proactively address energy waste in its existing structures, a problem that is difficult to tackle because…

New York City’s Roadmap to 80×50

Climate change is an existential threat to our city, our country, and our planet. With the signing of the Paris Agreement in December 2015, 195 nations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change…


New York League of Conservation Voters

NYLCV is the only statewide environmental organization in New York that fights for clean water, clean air, renewable energy and open space through political action. We’re non-partisan, pragmatic and effective...

New York City Panel on Climate Change 2019 Report Executive Summary

Cities and the communities who live in them are significantly impacted by climate shifts in both means and extremes. These are already affecting the New York metropolitan region and will increasingly do so in the…

Know Your Zone

Know Your Zone Is Your Destination For Everything You Need To Know About Hurricanes In New York City. You'll Find Information About The City's Hurricane Evacuation Zones, The Hazards You May Face From A Hurricane,…

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Saving saltmarsh sparrows and their habitat in the face of sea-level rise.

Hey New York, are you flood-ready?

Learn about your flood zone and potential next steps.

The East Side Coastal Resiliency ProjectThe East Side Coastal Resiliency Project

The East Side Coastal Resiliency (ESCR) Project is a coastal protection initiative, jointly funded by the City of New York and the federal government, aimed at reducing flood risk due to coastal storms and sea…


To amend the New York city building code, in relation to requiring that the roofs of certain buildings be partially covered in green roof or solar photovoltaic electricity generating systems

Local Laws Of The City Of New York For The Year 2019

To amend the administrative code of the city of New York and the New York city building code, in relation to requiring that the roofs of certain buildings be covered in green roofs or solar…


Re: New York-New Jersey Harbor Tributaries Coastal Storm Risk Management Feasibility Study Interim Report.


Solar One is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to design and deliver innovative education, training, and technical assistance that fosters sustainability and resiliency in diverse urban environments.

NY & NJ Harbor & Tributaries Focus Area Feasibility Study (HATS)

Coastal storms have severely impacted the North Atlantic Coast of the United States, including the New York-New Jersey Harbor region.

NYC’s roofs are getting a sustainable makeover

It's been two months since New York's Sustainable Roof Laws, part of the Climate Mobilization Act, took effect. Now architects and officials must decide: Are green roof systems or solar systems best?

Clean Energy Generation Program

Through the Clean Energy Program, DEM works to expand solar photovoltaic (PV) and other distributed energy resources across the City’s portfolio of buildings. The City has established a goal of installing 100MW of solar photovoltaic…

New York City Panel on Climate Change: NPCC 2019 Report

In March, the NPCC released Advancing Tools and Methods for Flexible Adaptation Pathways and Science Policy Integration, which reaffirms the 2015 NPCC projections as the projections of record for New York City.

Sea Level Rise: What is Expected for New York

Information on planning, risks, legislation, and the Sea Level Rise Task Force.

New York City Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines

In April 2018, New York City released new Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines that apply to all City capital projects, aside from coastal protection projects. The guidelines direct planners, engineers, architects, and others involved in project…

NYC Mayor’s Office of Resiliency

The Mayor’s Office of Resiliency (MOR) strives to adapt New York City to the unprecedented challenge of climate change, creating a more resilient, equitable and vibrant city for the New Yorkers of today and generations…

OneNYC 2050

OneNYC 2050 is a strategy to secure our city’s future against the challenges of today and tomorrow. With bold actions to confront our climate crisis, achieve equity, and strengthen our democracy, we are building a…

New York City Enacts Greenhouse Gas Emission Limits for Major Buildings

On April 22, 2019, the New York City Council celebrated Earth Day by enacting the “Climate Mobilization Act” into law. The centerpiece of this important legislative package is Introduction 1253-2018 (“Intro 1253”). This local law…

How New York City is preparing for climate change

In 2008, New York City's Mayor Bloomberg brought together leading climate scientists, academics and members of the private sector to advise the city on adapting to the impacts of climate change. This group, called the…

The NYC Retrofit Accelerator

The NYC Retrofit Accelerator offers free, personalized advisory services that streamline the process of making energy efficiency improvements to your building that will reduce operating costs, enhance tenant comfort, and improve our environment.

Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency Study

On March 14, 2019, the City of New York released the Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study, a comprehensive look at current and future climate risks and impacts on Lower Manhattan as a part of the…

1.5°C: Aligning New York City with the Paris Climate Agreement

On June 1, 2017, President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement (Paris Agreement), abdicating American leadership on climate change, one of the most significant challenges facing humanity.…

New York City Panel on Climate Change Releases 2019 Report

The New York City Panel on Climate Change has been helping NYC prepare for climate change since 2008. Its 2019 report, released today, finds that climate change is increasingly present in everyday New York. Extreme weather events are…

plaNYC Progress Report 2014

PlaNYC was a strategic plan released by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2007 to prepare the city for one million more residents, strengthen the economy, combat climate change, and enhance the quality of…


Governor Hochul Announces $725 Million to Fund Water Infrastructure Projects

Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation Board of Directors has approved more than $725 million in financial assistance to help 13 municipalities and public authorities advance critical infrastructure projects…

How New York City is preparing for expected rising sea levels from climate change

By Ginger Zee , Stephanie Ebbs and Others  Photo: Jason Decrow , AP File Photo   03/11/22  
The rise in sea levels has been imminent as concerns over climate change grow, and with the latest predictions and extreme weather events, cities are rushing to create long-term solutions to external events – especially…

What the UN climate report predicts for NYC

By Rosemary Misdary   03/02/22  
New York needs to cease using fossil fuels immediately and move toward renewable sources of energy in order to limit the inevitable impact of climate change, experts said in response to the latest United Nations…

New York Was Set to Expand Composting. Now It’s on the Chopping Block.

By Anne Bernard  Photo: Richard B. Levin , Zuma Press   02/23/22  
Rotten-tomato reviews were perhaps inevitable after Mayor Eric Adams proposed across-the-board 3 percent budget cuts, and some of the earliest and loudest are about actual decomposing vegetables.

Central Park to launch an open-air laboratory for studying climate change

By Rosemary Misdary   02/18/22  
A new partnership aims to turn Central Park into an open-air laboratory for scientists studying the impact of climate change on the city. Over the next three to five years, Central Park Conservancy, Yale School…

What happened when NYC started naming and shaming buildings for bloated footprints

By John Lornic   02/15/22  
In the fall of 2020, New York City doubled down on its well-recognized efforts to pressure the owners of large buildings to improve the energy efficiency of their assets. As of October 31, all landlords…

How NineDot Energy will use $100M to install distributed batteries in NYC

By Jeff St. John   01/21/22  
NineDot Energy has spent the past six years finding ways to work in New York City’s congested and ever-changing distributed-energy market, from analyzing the value of distributed solar to developing and selling megawatt-scale fuel-cell projects…

NYC Green Roof Growth Outlined for 2022

New York City is home to more than 250,000 square feet of green roofs maintained by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. These urban spaces are intended to combat the heat island…

The Big Deal About NYC’s First Electric School Buses Being Diesel Repowers

By Joseph Wachunas   01/07/22  
New York City has committed to going all-electric with its school buses by 2035. The first electric school buses are hitting the city’s streets now and they are pioneering a new model for transitioning their…

In N.Y., battling climate change means killing 1,000 trees

By Rob Hotakainen  Photo: Rob Hotakainen , E&E News   12/22/21  
After years of planning by city officials, New Yorkers got a close-up glimpse of the trade-offs inherent in the fight against climate change when crews this month began cutting down the first of a thousand…

California Cities Lead Nation in Clean Energy, New Report Finds

By Madeline Fitzgerald  Photo: Andrew Zarivny , Shutterstock   12/16/21  
The ACEEE, a nonprofit research organization, released a report this week that ranked 100 major U.S. cities. The rankings are based on five policy areas: community-wide initiatives, buildings policies, transportation policies, local government operations and…

New York City Council votes to ban natural gas in new buildings

By Joseph Guzman  Photo: istock   12/15/21  
New York City lawmakers passed legislation banning natural gas hookups in new buildings in favor of electricity or other more environmentally friendly sources for heating, hot water and cooking.

N.Y.C.’s Gas Ban Takes Fight Against Climate Change to the Kitchen

By Anne Barnard  Photo: Dieu-Nalio Chery, The New York Times   12/15/21  
New York City will ban gas-powered heaters, stoves and water boilers in all new buildings, a move that will significantly affect real estate development and construction in the nation’s largest city and could influence how…

NYC Could Ban Gas in New Buildings This Year

By Colin Kinniburgh  Photo: Alloy   11/18/21  
Yesterday afternoon, the New York City Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection held a marathon hearing on a bill to ban fossil fuels, including natural gas, in new buildings—which could amount to the city’s most significant…

How Citizen Scientists Are Mapping The Hottest Parts Of New York City

By Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky  Photo: Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky   10/14/21  
The forecast called for sunny skies and highs in the low 80s—mild weather by New York City summer standards. The shaded paths of Sakura Park in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights neighborhood were breezy and cool. But…

Large corporations are at the center of NYC’s slow climate change response

By Hillary Setyo  Photo: Pixabay   10/01/21  
Although there have been plans to combat climate change, the real root of the problem starts with big energy corporations such as Con Edison and National Grid, and the lack of action from the building…

Climate change fueling mosquito explosion in NYC, experts say

Summer maybe over, but a mosquito explosion in New York City is expected to last well into the fall -- and experts are pointing the finger at climate change. This summer had some of the…

Mayor de Blasio Unveils Landmark new Blueprint to Combat Extreme Weather

The mayor announced plans to support the report’s recommendations with $2.1 billion in new funding at the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP); $238 million in accelerated funding for crucial DEP projects; $400 million in new…

Holding Back the Floodwaters

By Ronda Kaysen  Photo: Trisha Krauss   09/24/21  
How do you keep the water out when it seems unstoppable? That is the question that keeps Carrie Moore glued to her phone whenever it rains, scanning weather radar apps to try to determine whether…

Health Department Reminds New Yorkers That Climate Change Is a Public Health and Racial Justice Issue

Photo: Dean Kaufman and Interboro Partners   09/22/21  
The Health Department reminds New Yorkers that climate change is a public health, environmental and racial justice priority in New York City. Heat and heat waves pose one of the biggest threats to New Yorkers’…

New York expects 10K jobs, $8.2B in investments from new green energy projects

By Paul Liotta  Photo: the office of Gov. Kathy Hochul   09/21/21  
The Clean Path New York (CPNY) project, along with the New York Power Authority, and Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) project will power the five boroughs with wind, solar and hydropower projects from upstate New…

South Bronx eyed as converter station location for 2 renewable energy proposals

By Robbie Sequeira  Photo: CleanPath NY   09/17/21  
Out of seven renewable energy proposals sent to NYSERDA, two renewable energy projects could include energy and air quality improvements to the Bronx, but also include installations of high-voltage converter stations in the South Bronx.

Electrifying New York

Climate change poses an existential threat to a coastal city like ours, and poor air quality leads to over 1,000 deaths in our

NYC unveils plan to build one of the largest electric vehicle charging networks in U.S.

By Erik Bascome  Photo: Erik Bascome   09/09/21  
Over the next decade, New York City will create one of the country’s largest electric vehicle charging networks in an effort to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

New Yorkers Got Record Rain, and a Warning: Storms Are Packing More Punch

By Brad Plumer  Photo: Stephanie Keith/The New York Times   09/02/21  
The torrential rains on Wednesday that deluged New York and New Jersey, killing more than three dozen, carried a stark warning about climate change: As the planet gets hotter, heavy rainstorms are dumping more water…

Ida turns New York City into a front line of extreme weather supercharged by climate change

Analysis by Angela Dewan, International Climate Editor, CNN  Photo: Anthony Behar/SIPA USA/AP   09/02/21  
After Hurricane Ida battered the southern US states, its remnants lashed the northeast on Wednesday night, transforming New York City into a danger zone Thursday morning. Ida dumped heavy amounts of rain on Central Park…

Could A Surfside Building Disaster Happen On The NY Or NJ Coast?

By Lydia MCMullen-Laird   07/26/21  
Last week, search crews reached the bottom of the rubble at the Champlain Towers condo building site in Surfside, Florida, where at least 98 people perished due to a deadly collapse in June. The exact cause is still unclear,…

New York air quality among worst in world as haze from western wildfires shrouds city

By Oliver Milman  Photo: Julie Jacobson , AP   07/21/21  
New York City air quality was among the worst in the world as cities across the eastern US were shrouded in smoke from wildfires raging several thousand miles away on the country’s west coast.

How Trees Act As NYC’s “Natural Air Conditioning Units”

By Ben Yakas   07/01/21  
You may have noticed that it's been a tad bit zesty outside this week—New York City has been under a heat advisory since Monday as record-breaking temperatures have made the city feel like the gooey,…

Blue bubbles helped “make the cause of climate change visible” say visualisers behind viral video

By Jennifer Hahn   06/22/21  
A 2012 animation showing New York City being buried under a mountain of giant bubbles allowed people to appreciate the scale of carbon emissions for the first time, according to its creators Real World Visuals.

NYC bans new electric taxi licenses, snubbing Revel’s ‘Tesla taxi’ plans

By Theo Wayt   06/22/21  
New York’s taxi regulator voted Tuesday to stop issuing new for-hire licenses for electric vehicles, snubbing a ride-share company that wanted to launch an all-Tesla ride-sharing rival to Uber and Lyft.

Con Edison Uses Climate-Change Projections for Decision-Making, Assures It Will ‘Remain Resilient’

By Jennifer Nastu   06/21/21  
Businesses supplied with electricity from Con Edison can be assured that the utility will “remain resilient in the face of climate change,” the company said in its annual sustainability report.

New York City Has Ambitious Climate Goals. The Next Mayor Will Determine Whether the City Follows Through

By Delgar Erdenesanaa  Photo: Lev Radin , Getty Images   06/21/21  
When former President Donald Trump announced that the United States would exit the Paris climate agreement in 2017, hundreds of mayors across the country pledged to keep pursuing the goals of the accord.

Survey: Young voters in NYC focused on climate change, public schools

By Sharon Crowley   06/16/21  
The next generation of voters in New York City may be one of the most aware and politically engaged generations in decades.

ConEd ‘uniquely positioned’ to lead clean energy transition, CEO says, laying out broad path

By Robert Walton  Photo: Spencer Platt via Getty Images   06/16/21  
Meeting New York's aggressive clean energy goals will require the addition of new renewable resources, spending billions on efficiency and electrification, and ultimately shifting away from natural gas, the head of Consolidated Edison (ConEd) said…

Exclusive: New York project to combine solar power with high-speed broadband

By Andrew Freedman  Photo: Annelise Capossela /Axios   06/08/21  
A new type of housing initiative kicking off in New York City seeks to address two major problems facing the U.S. today: The lack of widespread, high-speed broadband access for low-income residents, and the need…

First electric school buses to hit NYC streets in September

By Erik Bascome   06/04/21  
The first steps in fully electrifying New York City’s school buses will be taken this September. Thursday marked the arrival of New York City’s first electric school bus, with Logan Bus Company, which is responsible…


By Robert Lee Hotz  Photo: Lucy Hewitt , The Wall Street Journal   06/04/21  
The Future of Everything covers the innovation and technology transforming the way we live, work and play, with monthly issues on health, money, artificial intelligence and more. This month is Cities & Real Estate, online starting June 4 and in…

Riders Are Abandoning Buses and Trains. That’s a Problem for Climate Change.

By Somini Sengupta and others  Photo: Pius Utomi Ekpei   05/27/21  
Public transit offers a simple way for cities to lower greenhouse gas emissions, but the pandemic has pushed ridership, and revenue, off a cliff in many big systems

To Protect a Community from Climate Change, New York is Elevating a Park

By Angela Moore   05/25/21  
The storm and its aftermath were a wake-up call that New York City was not immune from the more severe storms and rising sea levels caused by climate change.

Oil Companies and Community Activists Join Together to Create an Offshore Wind Project—and Jobs

By Nicholas Kusnetz  Photo Credit: Nicholas Kusnetz   05/09/21  
When Aroldo Garcia learned that the operations base for a major offshore wind project was coming to his Brooklyn neighborhood, he thought about the jobs it could provide for his family members and friends who…

The Mayor Says All School Buses In NYC Will Be Electric By 2035. This Is Monumental. What’s Next?

In October of 2020, the NYC Clean School Bus Coalition officially launched, vowing to fight for the electrification of all NYC school buses. At the launch, the coalition released its 2020–2021 Agenda, which includes implementation…

Empire State Realty Trust agrees to buy 300 million kilowatt hours of wind energy

By YCC Team  Photo credit: GoginkLobabi   05/05/21  
For almost a century, the tall spire of the Empire State Building has lit up the New York City skyline at night. In recent years, those lights have been powered by renewables. Since 2011, the…

New York City Is Reviving Curbside Composting. Critics Say It’s A Step Back

By Danny Lewis  Photo: Stephen Groves , AP   04/23/21  
To celebrate Earth Day this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new lawsuit against several major oil and gas companies, while his new Department of Education Chancellor, Meisha Ross Porter, showed off the first…

National Grid Is Building A Natural Gas Pipeline Through North Brooklyn. But Do We Need It?

By Sydney Pereira  Photo: Erik Pendzich   04/16/21  
In Brooklyn, construction is underway for a 7-mile pipeline meant to reinforce the city’s natural gas system. Environmental activists have waged countless protests against the project run by National Grid—gaining political allies, including Mayor Bill…

10,000-Year-Old Legacy Of Biodiversity Endangered By Queens Development Project

By Nathan Kensinger  Photo: Nathan Kensinger   04/16/21  
Flushing Creek is one of the most polluted bodies of water in Queens, home to a century of oil spills and raw sewage. Made famous in literature as The Great Gatsby’s “valley of ashes,'' the…

Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of New York City’s Climate Suit

By Jones Day   04/12/21  
The Second Circuit dismissed New York City's climate suit because the Clean Air Act governs the regulation of domestic emissions and foreign concerns caution against judicial intervention in regulating foreign emissions.

Proposed hydroelectric plant near Ashokan Reservoir shifts location after stiff opposition

Lukas Southard  Photo: Daily Freeman , Getty Images   04/12/21  
A proposed plan to build a hydroelectric plant at the Ashokan Reservoir — a major recreation area in Ulster County and supplier of approximately 40 percent of New York City’s drinking water — is now…

City Island Electric Customers Tap Renewable Energy Storage

Matthew Mercure   04/12/21  
Con Edison and GI Energy have installed a 1 MW/1 MWh battery system on City Island in the Bronx. It is the second storage system the partners have installed under a demonstration project.

Residents, businesses in Black communities struggle to afford transition to green energy technologies

By Jay Dow   04/12/21  
The dedicated congregation of the historic Bright Light Baptist Church in Brownsville, Brooklyn never wavered in their conviction throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but they did have a different issue: the heating.