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Mental Health and Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Implications, and Guidance

“Things like depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, domestic abuse, all these things tend to go up in the aftermath of a natural disasters,” says psychologist Susan Clayton of the College of Wooster,…


Climate Anxiety Makes Good Sense

By Bill McKibben  Photo: Nishimura/Los Angeles Times/Getty   05/05/21  
Even as we begin to emerge from the stress of the pandemic year, mental-health professionals are noting a steady uptick in a different form of anxiety—the worry over climate change and the future that it…

Opinion: Mental health and climate change are intertwined. Here’s how.

By Wael Al-Delaimy  Photo: Denis Farrell   04/23/21  
Climate change, refugees and mental health: Why should we care? Climate change is scientifically documented beyond reasonable doubt, is getting worse, and is a threat to our existence as humans as well as our planet…

The long-lasting mental health effects of wildfires

By Jane C. Hu  Illustration: Charlotte Fu   12/03/20  
In the wake of a fire, governments and newspapers count the damage: lives lost, acres of forest burned, homes and businesses destroyed. Those are the hard numbers, the data we have to measure the destruction.…

You’re Probably Suffering From ‘Eco-Anxiety’

By Hayley Smith   02/27/20  
Are our brains even wired to grapple with an existential crisis like climate change? ...

Kristi E. White: Psychologists important role in the face of climate change

By Kristi E. White   02/21/20  
People are experiencing a loss of hope in the face of the climate crisis — but mental health professionals can help find healthy ways to move...

Should ‘Eco-Anxiety’ Be Classified as a Mental Illness?

By Jordan Davidson   09/17/19  
As the climate crisis takes on more urgency, psychologists around the world are seeing an increase in the number of children sitting in their offices suffering from ‘eco-anxiety,’ which the American Psychological Association described as…

I’m a Psychotherapist – Here’s What I’ve Learned From Listening to Children Talk About Climate Change

By Caroline Hickman  Photo: Felipe Trueba/epa-efe   09/15/19  
Eco-anxiety is likely to affect more and more people as the climate destabilises. Already, studies have found that 45% of children suffer lasting depression after surviving extreme weather and natural disasters. Some of that emotional…

How climate change affects your mental health

By Britt Wray   05/01/19  
"For all that's ever been said about climate change, we haven't heard nearly enough about the psychological impacts of living in a warming world," says science writer Britt Wray. In this quick talk, she explores…


By Maria Ojala  Photo by RSA journal   02/20/19  
We are in unprecedented territory when it comes to climate change. How young people choose to tackle this problem will be a major factor that sets the world on its future path.

Climate Change’s Looming Mental Health Crisis

By Matt Simon   08/02/18  
For the Inuit of Labrador in Canada, climate disaster has already arrived. These indigenous people form an intense bond with their land, hunting for food and fur. “People like to go out on the land…