New Pollution Rules Aim to Lift Sales of Electric Trucks

By Coral Davenport and Jack Ewing 03/29/24
The Biden administration on Friday announced a regulation designed to turbocharge sales of electric or other zero-emission heavy vehicles, from school buses to cement mixers, as part of its multifront attack on global warming.
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Electric trucks get a boost from Biden, worrying trucking industry

By Maxine Joselow 03/29/24
Rayan Makarem worries about the air that his 2-year-old daughter breathes. More than 100 diesel-powered trucks rumble through their neighborhood every half an hour, spewing harmful pollutants linked to asthma and other health conditions.
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The EPA’s New Truck and Bus Rules Could Be Good for Rivian — and BYD

By Robinson Meyer 03/29/24
The Biden administration continued its crackdown on carbon pollution from the transportation sector on Friday, finalizing tough new limits on tailpipe emissions from heavy-duty trucks and buses. The new rules, which the Environmental Protection Agency…
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Electric Semis Are Hitting the Road in California

By Andrew Moseman 02/27/24
Deep in the Inland Empire, the vast sprawl of suburbia that extends eastward from Los Angeles, the battery-powered semi trucks are about to start their run. They navigate the congested freeways of L.A. County to…
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Heavy-duty hydrogen trucks win out in California’s $1.9B EV plan

By Wes Venteicher 02/16/24
California’s nascent market for medium- and heavy-duty hydrogen trucks is getting a boost from the state Energy Commission’s new spending package for zero-emission vehicles.
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Where do all those Amazon EV delivery vans recharge?

By Aaron Pressman 02/13/24
Tucked away in the woods off I-495 at a warehouse in Bellingham, dozens of gray Amazon delivery vans spend the night side by side, plugged in to recharge.
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As trucking electrifies, how we prepare the grid must evolve

By Cole Jermyn 01/25/24
Fleets are often able to procure zero-emissions vehicles and chargers in less than a year. Grid upgrades can take upwards of five or more years.
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U.S. Postal Service Unveils First Postal Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Electric Delivery Vehicles

Today, the United States Postal Service (USPS), alongside White House officials, unveiled its first set of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at its South Atlanta Sorting and Delivery Center (S&DC). Charging stations like these will…
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What we’re driving: The Rivian R1T electric pickup

By Joann Muller 01/19/24
The Rivian R1T electric pickup earns high praise from automotive publications like Car & Driver for its incredible acceleration and impressive off-road chops. But as with many electric vehicles (EVs), I discovered it takes some…
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The Multibillion-Dollar Bet That Truckers Will Ditch Diesel for Electricity

By Bob Tita 01/18/24
The U.S.’s biggest commercial truck and engine builders are betting that the freight industry is ready to swap diesel fuel pumps for battery chargers.
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For truckers driving EVs, there’s no going back

By Shannon Osaka 01/18/24
Gary LaBush remembers the first time he sat behind the wheel of an electric Ford e-transit delivery truck at the Frito-Lay distribution center in Queens. Like most first-time EV truck drivers, LaBush wondered if the…
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How EV maker Rivian plans to halve the carbon footprint of its vehicles by 2030

By Heather Clancy 01/16/24
EV maker Rivian has pledged to introduce a vehicle with half the carbon emissions footprint of its original models by 2030, according to its inaugural "impact" report, released Jan. 12.
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Electrify Everything Sure But What About Big Trucks?

By Michael Barnard   12/30/23  
As we electrify everything everywhere all at once to deal with global warming, one of the questions that comes up is: “What about trucks?” And the answer is the same as for every other form…
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Tesla’s Cheapest Cybertruck Will Cost $60,990 and Be Available in 2025

By Dana Hull and Edward Ludlow   11/30/23  
After years of development delays and manufacturing snags, Tesla Inc. finally handed over its first Blade Runner-esque Cybertrucks to customers.
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Musk’s Cybertruck Is Already a Production Nightmare for Tesla

By Dana Hull   11/28/23  
The Cybertruck hasn’t even hit the market yet, and Elon Musk already is lamenting that Tesla Inc. has dug its own grave.
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Rivian retail space opens in Denver

By Alayna Alvarez   10/29/23  
Why it matters: This is the first showroom in Colorado for the electric vehicle manufacturer, and one of just a handful of retail spaces the company has opened across the U.S.
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Did American Car Makers Make a Mistake with EV Pickups?

By Kevin Williams   10/10/23  
Over the next few months, the electric pickup truck lineup in the United States will double. Chevrolet, Ram, Tesla, and GMC are all set to release competitors to the three electric pickups already on the…
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Real World Test Shows All-Electric Big Rigs Can Go Farther and Charge Faster

By Andy Corbley   09/28/23  
An industry research non-profit has found that battery-electric big rigs have doubled their range and charging speed numbers in just 2 years of operation. In conducting a real-world test on 21 freight trucks for three…
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Startups with electric vans race to fill demand for zero-emissions delivery

By Nick Carey and Lisa Baertlein   09/18/23  
A clutch of European and U.S. delivery company startups is racing to serve the growing market for offering zero-emission, electric last-mile deliveries in cities to retailers and consumers before giant shippers do the same.1
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US Trucking Lobbyist Ignores Climate Change, Fights Electrification In Congress

By Michael Barnard   09/03/23  
Two pieces of news crossed my screen recently, one a great piece of news about the current reality of batteries for transportation, and the other a bravura performance by Andrew Boyle, first vice chair of…
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How Dallas became the proving ground for autonomous trucks

By Joann Muller and Naheed Rajwani-Dharsi   08/07/23  
On any given day, Dallas motorists traveling along I-20 or I-45 are likely to be sharing the road with a self-driving truck that has the equivalent of a learner's permit.
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Ford slashes the price of the F-150 Lightning EV pickup

By Matt Burns   07/17/23  
The Ford F-150 Lightning is now a bit less expensive. The automaker announced today significant price cuts to its electric pickup, citing improved manufacturing efficiencies as the cause of the lower price.
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U.S. truckmakers reach deal to phase out polluting diesel big rigs

By Timothy Puko   07/06/23  
Some of the largest manufacturers of heavy trucks and engines in the country have agreed to accept a California plan to ban sales of new diesel big rigs by 2036 under a deal aimed in…
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The Case for the Hydrogen Truck

By Andrew Moseman   06/23/23  
The hydrogen car lost. Not long ago, it seemed like hydrogen fuel cells would power the next generation of climate change-fighting vehicles. Instead, batteries won the future. Americans now buy hundreds of thousands of electric…
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Maryland Urged to Cut Emissions By Swiftly Adopting Rules Electrifying Cars and Trucks

By Aman Azhar   06/22/23  
5.1 million Marylanders live in areas that are failing to meet EPA’s ground-level ozone standards and suffering adverse health impacts, including higher levels of asthma. A week after climate change-driven wildfires worsened air pollution and…
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Big Chance to Cut Climate Pollution From Big Trucks

By Ben Jealous   06/22/23  
The interstates built in the 1950s and 1960s killed the vitality of the communities where people of color and the poor lived, from Overtown in Miami to the Hill District in Pittsburgh to the South…
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Biden vetoes resolution against EPA truck regulations

By Mike Lee   06/14/23  
President Joe Biden on Wednesday followed through on his promise to veto a congressional resolution that would’ve overturned one of his administration’s regulations on truck pollution. The resolution, S.J. Res. 11, from Sen. Deb Fischer…
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This unlikely fuel could power cleaner trucks and ships

By Casey Crownhart   06/08/23  
Last Friday, I hoisted myself up a ladder and plopped down into the seat of a bright green John Deere tractor. There wasn’t a cornstalk or a soybean sprout in sight—my view through the windshield…
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Daimler Truck to partner with Toyota on climate and self-driving tech

By The Associated Press   05/30/23  
German truck maker Daimler and Japan’s top automaker Toyota said Tuesday they will work together on new technologies, including using hydrogen fuel, to help fight climate change. The companies said Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus…
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Roseville addressing climate change by using wastewater to fuel garbage trucks

By Mike TeSelle   05/17/23  
In a move it is calling a "revolutionary waste to fuel" project, the city of Roseville is working to turn organic wastewater into renewable natural gas. The move is aimed at powering its fleet of…
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Maryland Embraces Gradual Transition to Zero-Emissions Trucks and Buses

By Aman Azhar   05/02/23  
Environmentalists hail a new law as a major step toward reducing harmful emissions in historically underserved communities. But some worry that a caveat in the legislation could delay the mandate. In a significant step toward…
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California is set to ban diesel truck sales by 2036

By Maxine Joselow   04/28/23  
Today, California regulators are expected to vote to ban sales of new diesel big rigs by 2036 and require all trucks to be zero emission by 2042, escalating the Golden State’s crackdown on pollution from…
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The EPA Grants California Plans to Quickly Phase Down Diesel Trucks

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted California the ability to enforce standards that will quickly phase-down the sales of diesel trucks, thus creating healthier communities, especially where diesel truck traffic is clustered. This decision…
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California bans sale of diesel big rig trucks starting in 2036 in landmark air pollution rule

By Paul Rogers   04/28/23  
California air regulators on Friday approved first-in-the-nation rules to ban the sale of new diesel big rig trucks statewide by 2036, the latest step in the slow but steady phase-out of fossil fuels in the…
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Self-driving trucks struggle to deliver

By Joann Muller   04/26/23  
Several startups working on self-driving trucks — viewed by many as an easier challenge than autonomous passenger cars — have stalled in recent months, leaving only a handful of players aiming to deliver on a…
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GM eliminates the Chevrolet Bolt, but electric pickups and SUVs are still going strong

By Nathan Bomey   04/26/23  
Driving the news: General M0tors CEO Mary Barra said Tuesday that the automaker is discontinuing the Chevrolet Bolt — both the car version and the small utility version — and will revamp the factory where…
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Biden Administration Proposes Strongest-Ever Pollution Standards for a Clean-Transportation Future

Building on rapid advancements and investments in clean vehicle manufacturing, including investments in domestic manufacturing in the Inflation Reduction Act, EPA’s proposed standards would deliver on President Biden’s agenda to tackle the climate crisis. The…
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E.P.A. Lays Out Rules to Turbocharge Sales of Electric Cars and Trucks

By Coral Davenport   04/12/23  
The Biden administration is proposing rules to ensure that two-thirds of new cars and a quarter of new heavy trucks sold in the U.S. by 2032 are all-electric....
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California’s big plans to electrify big rigs: Zero-emissions mandates gain momentum

By Rob Nickolewski   04/10/23  
When people think of electric vehicles, they typically think of passenger cars, not commercial trucks or vans. But the volume of medium- and heavy-duty EVs is growing, and recent decisions by federal and California regulators…
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California to Require Half of All Heavy Trucks Sold by 2035 to Be Electric

By Coral Davenport   03/31/23  
The state is setting strict limits to try to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from transportation, the sector of the American economy that generates the most greenhouse gases....
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The EPA approves California’s plan to phase out diesel trucks

By The Associated Press   03/31/23  
The Biden administration cleared the way Friday for California's plan to phase out a wide range of diesel-powered trucks, part of the state's efforts to drastically cut planet-warming emissions and improve air quality in heavy-traffic…
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Ford expects EV business unit to lose $3B this year, hit profitability in late 2026

By Kirsten Korosec   03/23/23  
Ford lost about $3 billion on its EV and digital services business over the past two years, a unit now known as Model e, and isn’t expected to be profitable (on an adjusted basis that…
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Biden will let California lead on electric trucks, despite industry protest

By Anna Phillips   03/20/23  
The EPA plans to grant California a waiver that will allow the state to phase out diesel-powered trucks, helping communities burdened by truck pollution....
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US Mail to be Delivered in 9,000 New Electric Vehicles, With USPS Installing 14,000 Charging Stations

By Andy Corbley   03/14/23  
The US Postal Service is going to try and reduce its carbon footprint by buying 9,000 new Ford electric vehicles.
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Rivian is revisiting its exclusivity agreement with Amazon for EV delivery trucks

By Sara Salinas   03/13/23  
Rivian and Amazon are in discussions to adjust the exclusivity clause of their agreement for the EV maker’s electric delivery trucks.
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USPS Moves Forward with Awards to Modernize and Electrify the Nation’s Largest Federal Fleet

By Albert Ruiz   02/28/23  
The United States Postal Service awarded contracts today for 9,250 commercially available left-hand drive (LHD) battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as well as initial orders for more than 14,000 charging stations to be deployed at Postal…
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Ford Halts Output of F-150 Lightning EV Due to Battery Issue

By Nora Eckert   02/14/23  
Ford Motor Co. F -0.08%decrease; red down pointing triangle has halted production and shipments of its F-150 Lightning to address a potential battery issue, a setback in the company’s efforts to ramp up output of…
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Pickup Trucks From Workhorse To Joyride

By Will Chase, Jared Whalen and Joann Muller   01/23/23  
America has a love affair with pickup trucks. In 2022, the top three best-selling vehicles in America were pickup trucks, and among them, the Ford F-series reigns supreme. The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling…
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GM To Put Nearly $1 Billion More Into Production of Internal Combustion Engines

By Ed Garsten   01/20/23  
Don't write off the internal combustion quite yet. Despite its goal of an all battery electric vehicle portfolio by 2035, General Motors Co. announced Friday almost a billion dollars in new manufacturing investments—most of which…
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Ford leaves manufacturing group that opposes truck rules

By Mike Lee   01/19/23  
The move comes as other car companies have broken ties with the Truck and Engine Manufacturing Association, or EMA, which opposes a proposed rule by EPA to curb greenhouse gases from big trucks. A Ford…
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Snow go for NYC’s electric garbage trucks that can’t handle winter weather

By Sophia Chang   12/27/22  
Don’t count on seeing electric garbage trucks plowing snow from city streets any time soon. The city Department of Sanitation's goals to become carbon neutral are clashing with the limits of electric-powered vehicles. The department…
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EPA enacts tougher pollution rule for trucks, vans and buses

By Anna Phillips   12/20/22  
Manufacturers would have to reduce harmful tailpipe pollution from new trucks, delivery vans and buses under a long-awaited regulation the Biden administration finalized Tuesday — a rule that could protect public health in poor communities…
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This is why Tesla Semi will change road transport forever

By Enrique Llanes   12/19/22  
Just a couple of weeks ago Tesla started deliveries of their latest product: the Tesla Semi, which is aiming to shake up the trucking industry.
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Tesla Just Threw Down The Gauntlet

By Will Lockett   12/08/22  
One of the most significant disadvantages of an electric vehicle is its charging time. Even the fastest-charging cars, such as the Tesla Model Y, charge at 275 kW, which means filling a full tank can…
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Forest Service to test electric pickup trucks

By Andres Picon   12/06/22  
As part of the push to electrify government fleets, employees at three national forests will test out Ford F-150 Lightnings for field operations in rugged and remote areas.
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Watch Tesla Semi do something Bill Gates said wasn’t possible

By Fred Lambert   12/02/22  
Tesla has released a timelapse video of its Tesla Semi electric truck completing a 500-mile trip with a full load on a single charge – something Bill Gates and Daimler said wasn’t possible just a…
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Diesel big rigs have belched smog for years. California may soon ban them.

By Reis Thebault   11/02/22  
The two-acre plot was overgrown and unruly, but they could see the potential. Mountains crowned the horizon and the soil was healthy. There was room to roam — for their children and their animals. For…
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Breakthrough Twin-Fuel Hydrogen Engine Could Cause A Revolution

By Will Lockett   10/22/22  
We are in a desperate race to halt our rampant carbon emissions and save the planet from our self-created catastrophe. Some of the most prominent technologies helping us achieve this venture are EVs and hydrogen…
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Truck makers tout an electric future. Privately, they’re stalling it.

By Anna Phillips   10/18/22  
Diesel trucks are some of the biggest health and climate offenders on the road. The industry isn’t racing to change that.
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The Tesla Semi Is Far More Revolutionary Than You Think

By Will Lockett   10/13/22  
Musk recently announced that the long-awaited Tesla Semi is scheduled to finally start production and that Pepsi will be the first to get delivery of this incredible machine on December 1st, 2022. The arrival of…
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Musk says Pepsi to receive Tesla’s first Semi trucks in December

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) is starting Semi electric commercial truck production and PepsiCo Inc will get the first deliveries on Dec. 1, the electric vehicle maker's chief Elon Musk tweeted on Thursday. When Musk unveiled the…
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Ford hikes starting price of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup for second time in less than two months

By Michael Wayland   10/05/22  
The new price of the 2023 Lightning Pro, an entry-level model meant for commercial and business customers, will be $51,974 — up nearly 11% from previous pricing and a 30% increase from the original $39,974…
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