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“So now consider the electric bike. A bike bike is a wonderful thing, but it’s tended to be a sporting good—we’re a big sprawling country, and because, postwar, we built it on a suburban model things tend to be car distances apart. But you can use an electric bike to make many of those trips, because it erases hills and allows you to tow three bags of groceries. And when you do, you get some exercise, and you get the wind in your face, and it’s a little like being a kid. You don’t have to do it every day—sometimes it rains and sometimes it snows and sometimes you don’t have the time, which is why I imagine that there will be EVs for a while. But you can do it 70 percent of the time, and I am willing to bet you will be happier for it. (Willing to bet because I have data: exercise makes you happy, and being outdoors makes you happy.)

It’s good that the Inflation Reduction Act will help people purchase EVs. (Here in Vermont state subsidies are aimed directly at middle and low income people, which makes sense). It’s a shame that the Manchin stripped subsidies for electric bikes from the bill, but enlightened cities and states are stepping in to fill the need. Delight needs to be affordable.” – From Crucial Years (10/1/2022) Bill McKibben


The EV Revolution Isn’t Only Arriving on Four Wheels

By Akshat Rathi, Christine Driscoll, and Oscar Boyd 11/04/23
Cars make up only half the electric mobility picture. There are around 1.3 billion passenger cars on the road at the moment, the vast majority of which still need to be electrified. But there are…
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How electric bikes could stop being a luxury item

By Rachel McCrea 10/05/23
Electric bikes are becoming a common sight on city streets, from commuters whizzing through downtown to bike-share stations on street corners. But they’re not exactly cheap, so cities and states across the United States are…
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Video of new bike lane infrastructure in ‘the Netherlands’ was actually a shot of Inman Square redesign

By Spencer Buell 09/03/23
It was the kind of video footage that often gives American cyclists pangs of jealousy. A bike lane where cyclists travel in their own section of sidewalk, away from car traffic, with color-coded asphalt? And…
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VanMoof’s failure epitomizes the problem with the e-bike market

By Felix Salmon 07/22/23
The failure of VanMoof — an e-bike manufacturer that raised more than $225 million in venture funding before going bust this week — is a stark reminder that buying an e-bike remains a very risky…
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E-Bikes Are Going to Keep Exploding

By Caroline Mimbs Nyce 07/05/23
Just past midnight on a Tuesday in June, an e-bike battery erupted into flames while charging in a Manhattan repair shop. The blaze was quick and likely very, very hot. Firefighters responded within five minutes,…
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How E-Bikes Became the Coolest Thing on the Road

By Zander Abranowicz 07/02/23
When I lived in New York, I regarded the electric bike as something of a pest. Not quite bicycle, not quite motor vehicle, a misfit mode of transport welcome neither in the bike lane nor…
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Denver’s E-Bike Rebates So Hot They’re Gone Within Minutes

By Eric Galatas 06/27/23
A new program in Denver offering rebates for electric bikes has become so popular, you’d think the city was giving away free Broncos tickets. Residents this month scooped up the latest lot of 400 vouchers…
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Connecticut: Get Ready for CHEAPR e-bikes

By Elaina Hancock 06/27/23
The Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) program will soon expand to include incentives for electric bicycles. The program is aimed at increasing the availability of sustainable transportation options for state residents by…
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NY Times: How e-bike battery fires became a deadly crisis in New York City

By EHN Staff 06/23/23
City leaders are racing to regulate battery-powered mobility devices, which have been the source of over 100 fires so far this year, writes Winnie Hu for The New York Times.
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The Role of Electric Bikes and Scooters in Reducing Urban Congestion

By Howard Rhodes 06/20/23
The rapid growth of urban populations has led to increased traffic congestion, posing a significant challenge for city planners and residents alike. As cities continue to expand, the need for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions…
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Clean Energy Fund sets 6,000 bike goal for e-bike rebate program

By Jonathan Maus 05/30/23
The full draft of the Portland Clean Energy Fund Climate Investment Plan (CIP) is now available and it offers more details on what could be Portland’s first rebate program for electric bicycle purchases.
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In 50 Years, Will E-Bikes Have Served Their True Purpose?

By Lauren Matison 05/18/23
In America, few modes of transit combine a childlike sense of joy with a valid fear of death quite like the bicycle. Urban bike commuters and child-hauling suburbanites can both see that America’s roadways were…
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Electric Bike Laws by State

Electric bikes continue to rise in popularity as a fun, convenient, and green option for motorized travel. As more e-bikes hit the road, new state laws are written to ensure safe travel for everyone. However,…

18 Best Electric Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

No segment of bicycles is growing faster than electric bikes—and that demand is good for you, the e-bike shopper. Newer brands like Aventon, Rad Power Bikes, and Denago have sprung up offering affordable options you…

The 12 Best Electric Bikes for Every Kind of Ride

IN A TIME of multiple global crises—like the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, and the threat of nuclear war—it's hard not to feel helpless. If you're a grown-up who can't quite think of what to do…

So, You Want to Try an Ebike? Here’s What to Know

Electric bikes are exploding. Not literally—most of the time, anyway—but ebikes are certainly in demand. Companies that operate bike-share networks are upgrading their fleets as they try to entice more riders to join up. And…


The Best Bike Is One That Gets You Out of Your Car

By Joe Lindsey   05/17/23  
Ugh. I’m in the car again. I’m in the car because there’s a block headwind. Or maybe temperatures are in the 90s and I don’t want to arrive at a meeting a sweaty mess. Or…
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The incredible, Earth-saving electric bike is having a moment

By Tim Levin   04/22/23  
The clean-transportation revolution won't arrive by way of futuristic hyperloops, driverless taxi pods, or drones the size of minivans — not anytime soon, at least.
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Metro mulls $3 million e-bike incentive program

By Jonathan Maus   04/11/23  
At a meeting of its Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) on Friday (4/7), Metro made it clear they’d like to get into the e-bike purchase incentive game. They join the cities of Tigard and Portland,…
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E-bikes could get cheaper, thanks to a tax credit

By Alex Fitzpatrick   04/03/23  
There's a renewed effort afoot in Congress to subsidize the cost of e-bikes nationwide, on the heels of successful rebate programs in Denver and elsewhere.
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Colorado eyes 100% EV goal while aiming to curtail car use

By Jason Plautz   03/29/23  
The state's updated electric vehicle plan seeks the deployment of at least 10,000 new electric bikes by 2025 to help replace short car trips.
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California Man Builds Solar-Powered Trike with Stuff in His Garage—And it’s Catching On

By Andy Corbley   02/06/23  
No gas is no problem for one Stockton CA inventor who created a solar-powered tricycle that’s really catching on.
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E-bikes zipping on Long Island, but rules can be murky

By Lorena Mongelli   01/21/23  
The traffic, sprawl and not-so-bicycle-friendly highways on Long Island made commuting by bike an unlikely option for Hank Degamon. But when the 62-year-old first hopped on the saddle of an electric two-wheeler and hit the…
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How to build a better bike-share program

By Gabriela Aoun Angueira   01/20/23  
Geoff Coats still remembers how he felt when, in May 2020, all 1,350 bicycles in New Orleans’s popular bike-share program vanished.
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E-bike popularity soars as Austin Energy rolls out pilot program

By Nicole Cobler   01/13/23  
Austin is aiming to be ahead of the curve as cities race to give residents incentives to switch to electric bikes — experiments intended to reduce car traffic and improve people's health. Why it matters:…
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Hell on two wheels, until the e-bike’s battery runs out

By Patricia Marx   12/26/22  
In 2020, Americans bought more than twice as many electric bikes as electric cars. I test-drove a fleet of them and lived to tell the tale—and make recommendations.
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The 10 Best Bike Racks of 2022

By Heidi Wachter   09/19/22  
More and more city officials and urban planners are designing bikeable cities and turning to bike sharing programs. That’s because bicycles are a convenient and fun way to exercise, run errands, or commute. They’re also…
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With cash and rebates, cities coax residents to swap cars for e-bikes

By Jennifer A. Kingson   08/19/22  
Cities, states, and major companies are racing to give people incentives to switch to electric bikes for their work commute or gadding about town — experiments they hope will reduce car traffic and improve people's…
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The Other Electric Vehicle: E-Bikes Gain Ground for Americans Avoiding Gas Cars

By Christopher Mims   08/06/22  
Crystal and Brianne Williams, a married couple who live just outside of Denver, recently made a decision that would have seemed radical just a few years ago. The pair, 33 and 29 years old, ditched…
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Bikes get slighted in compromise climate deal

By Dino Grandoni   08/02/22  
Wind turbines. Solar panels. Electric cars, nuclear reactors, geothermal energy. The $369 billion climate package unveiled by Democrats last week is chock-full of subsidies for technologies meant to rein in planet-warming pollution. But there’s one…
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E-bike benefit left out of Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 looks to be on track for Senate passage after a surprise agreement between Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) and Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) this week. While…
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Inflation Reduction Act Falls Short in Prioritizing Bikes

By Noa Banayan   07/28/22  
Introduced on July 27, the climate- and energy-focused Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 misses a massive opportunity by neglecting to invest in an electric bicycle tax credit and other critical initiatives to promote biking for…
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E-Bikes Ride A Legal Side Street Between Bicycles And Motorcycles

By Michael Wright   07/27/22  
The growth in popularity of electric bikes — bicycles with electric motors that can propel them at speeds up to 30 mph — has presented police agencies around the country,... more
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One woman’s journey to day care on an electric bike

By Ashley Gold   07/08/22  
It's an attractive option for those who like biking but don't want to be constantly sweating up hills, or for people who need another means of transport but can't afford or don't want another vehicle.
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A Bicycle Built for Transporting Cargo Takes Off

By Tanya Mohn   06/29/22  
Mattia Grandi grew up cycling everywhere on the narrow cobblestone streets of Bologna, Italy. Now 40 and an administrator at the University of Bologna, he continues that tradition with his wife. “You see bikes everywhere,”…
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Inside Clean Energy: E-bike Sales and Sharing are Booming. But Can They Help Take Cars off the Road?

By James Pothen   06/23/22  
She has reason to be so giddy. Next week, the state of Colorado is set to release $12 million for e-bike ownership and rideshare programs. The funding comes as part of Colorado State Senate Bill…
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How an E-Cargo Bike Can Be Life-Changing

By Lloyd Alter   05/27/22  
My son-in-law Neil is a product of the city. He walks everywhere or takes public transit, but never learned to ride a bike or drive a car. This did not present a problem until his…
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Blix Launches an E-Bike Designed for Both On- and Off-Road Fun

By Sami Grover   04/29/22  
When I recently rode Tern’s new Quick Haul e-bike, I couldn’t stop raving about the joys of practical bikes and accessories that are designed from the ground up for daily commutes and shopping trips, not…
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The hottest electric vehicles at New York’s auto show have two wheels

By Maria Gallucci   04/15/22  
A staggering number of electric vehicles are projected to hit roads worldwide this year as automakers launch new plug-in models and drivers ditch their oil-guzzling engines. But another mode of electrified transportation is booming and,…
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Electric Bike Sales Are Booming, Thanks to High Gas Prices

By Lloyd Alter   03/25/22  
Electric bike sales have been booming for a while, with a big boost from the pandemic; now we have a new e-bike spike because of high gas prices, as people switch to the more affordable…
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A booming two-wheeled Electric revolution

By David Beard   12/21/21  
So far, the U.S. government has handed out $10 billion in subsidies to purchase electric vehicles using tax credits.
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Can an E-Cargo Bike Work as Your One and Only Bike?

By Sami Grover   11/22/21  
When I wrote about my experiences with a Blix Packa Genie e-cargo bike, I mostly raved about my newfound ability to easily and conveniently haul heavy things around without really having to think about it…
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It’s an Easy Swytch to Turn Your Bike Into an E-Bike

By Lloyd Alter   10/13/21  
In earlier coverage of the Swytch e-bike conversion kit, I found lots to love, concluding:"Not everyone can afford a fancy new e-bike; not everyone wants to part with the bike they already have. Swytch has…
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Electric bikes jolt U.S. cities

By Jennifer A. Kingson   09/30/21  
Where it stands: While we're way behind Europe — where cities like Paris and Amsterdam have seen commuters dump cars and conventional bikes en masse — most U.S. cities still haven't fully embraced the potential…
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BMW Introduces E-Bike With 186-Mile Range, 37 MPH Speed

By Lloyd Alter   09/09/21  
BMWs attract a certain kind of driver. We once quoted a Finnish study with a Treehugger-incorrect title that concluded the drivers of expensive cars are "argumentative, stubborn, disagreeable and unempathetic."1
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I Feel Like a Celebrity When I Ride My Electric Cargo Bike

By Katherine Martinko   09/07/21  
I feel like a celebrity when I ride my electric cargo bike around my small, rural, touristy town in southwestern Ontario, Canada. People gape at intersections, roll down car windows, give thumbs up, and wave…
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Villas That Could Fix the Suburbs

By Lloyd Alter   09/07/21  
Many cities are suffering from a housing crisis. There is a shortage of supply of affordable units for young people and even for older people wanting to downsize but stay in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, there…
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The VAAST E/1 Is the Cadillac of E-Bikes

By Lloyd Alter   09/02/21  
Decades ago, people often used the phrase "the Cadillac of X" to describe something as the highest quality. In the '50s, one might see ads for "the Cadillac of chainsaws." According to Ben Zimmer in the…
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Bird Applies E-Scooter Sharing Lessons to Sales of E-Bikes

By Tina Casey   08/23/21  
The craze over e-bikes has taken off like a rocket, and it shows no signs of stopping. That’s a good development in terms of cutting carbon emissions related to car travel. The problem for an…
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Cargo bikes deliver faster and cleaner than vans, study finds

By Damian Carrington   08/05/21  
Electric cargo bikes deliver about 60% faster than vans in city centres, according to a study. It found that bikes had a higher average speed and dropped off 10 parcels an hour, compared with six…
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What Is the Best Electric Bike for Older or Novice Riders?

By Lloyd Alter   08/04/21  
Over at Electric Bike Report, the real experts choose the Best Electric Bikes for Seniors 2021. They have actually tried every e-bike on their list and have been doing this for years, when I have seriously e-biked…
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Rad Power Bikes Completely Redid Its Flagship E-Bike

By Katherine Martinko   07/22/21  
Rad Power Bikes has just announced a major redesign of its flagship electric bike, the RadRover. This fat-tire model was the one that launched the company's direct-to-consumer business in 2015, and while it has undergone…
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Blix Updates E-Bikes With Improved Power and Range

By Sami Grover   07/14/21  
I recently published a 2-year update of my experience with a Blix Aveny e-bike—a steed so trusty that it’s almost as much a part of the family as my ugly blue Nissan Leaf, which I never did…
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Climate change is an imminent problem, but we can fix it with local solutions

By Luke Krchak   07/11/21  
As summers get hotter, it seems like we are reaching a point of no return in the fight against climate change. However, we can still continue to fight by instilling change at the local level.
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4 Benefits of Commuting with a Bicycle as an Eco-Friendly Consumer

By Annie Qures   07/08/21  
There are a lot of things that you can do to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle. One of these is to start riding a bicycle instead of driving everywhere. There are a ton of reasons why…
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Enthusiasm for cycling soared in Memphis during the pandemic, shows little sign of slowing

By Lucas Finton   07/08/21  
Many Memphians who started putting their feet to the pedals during the early parts of the pandemic might have picked up a long-lasting hobby. During much of the last year, heightened demand for bicycles led many local shops…
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The Pandemic Presents an Opportunity to Fight Global Warming with Cycling

By Euan Burns   06/28/21  
The COVID-19 pandemic has launched new words, trends, and issues into the public discourse that many people were never exposed to before. New habits and products have become commonplace seemingly out of nowhere. Of course,…
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Meet the Dads Who Take Their Kids Everywhere on Electric Cargo Bikes

By Katherine Martinko   06/16/21  
It is almost Father's Day, which means it's time to honor the many wonderful dads in our lives. Treehugger wants to do it this year with an eco-friendly twist—by profiling the extra-cool fathers who drive…
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Infrastructure Could Include Bike and Pedestrian Paths As Well As Highways

By Ashira Morris   06/09/21  
Greenways are bike paths that often serve as multi-use, car-free ways to navigate a city. Right now, the U.S. network “comprises a similarly haphazard collection of park-like bicycle- and pedestrian-oriented paths,” as CityLab reports, but…
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Every Parent Needs an Electric Cargo Bike

By Katherine Martinko   05/25/21  
Whenever I hear friends talking about how they need to get a new car to carry their growing children and accompanying heaps of stuff, I want to say, "Think about getting an electric cargo bike…
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Harley-Davidson’s ebike is trying to keep the brand’s benefits while avoiding its pitfalls

By Michael Bernard   04/14/21  
Harley-Davidson is a global brand with great power to open suppliers’ doors, but it’s toxic to electrification and millennials
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