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The transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions: 29%. Cars are approximately 58% of that. As we move to reduce our use of those fossil fuels and accelerate our use of renewables– “greening” our electrical grid– electric vehicles are inevitable. Time for us to catch up with Norway where more than 90% of new cars sold are EVs or hybrids!

The good news: The data are in, and US auto buyers are increasingly keen on electric vehicles.  Nearly 300,000 EVs were sold in the U.S. in Q2 (increase of 48.4% from Q2 2022) with 257,000 registrations in Q1 (an increase of 63% from Q1 2022 and about 7% of the total market). Tesla took about 60% (up 37% from last year) of the EV market; non-Tesla took 40% (up 128% from last year). The IEA expects that growth in the US to continue this year, with electric car sales reaching over 1.5 million in 2023, so that would grow US electric car sales to around 12% this year.

It will continue to get better and here is why:

  • In August 2021, President Biden signed an executive order on Strengthening American Leadership in Clean Cars and Trucks, which sets a nonbinding target of making 50% of passenger cars and light-duty trucks zero emission vehicles by 2030. The executive order also directs EPA and NHTSA to develop standards for fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles as well as passenger cars for model years 2027–2030, to be finalized by December 2022.
  • In September 2021, New York passed a law phasing out most gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Governor Gavin Newsom of California had previously signed an Executive Order (9/2020) that would phase out all sales of ICE vehicles in the state by 2035. 
  • In August 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act providing lucrative incentives for car purchasers and rewards for carmakers that increase their production of EVs and move their production lines to the United States, giving the companies new motivation to embrace the transition and promote the vehicles.
  • In August 2022, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved Newsom’s sweeping plan to restrict and ultimately ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035 (35% y 2026, 68% by 2030).Not only is California the largest auto market in the United States, but an additional 13 states (Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont) and Washington D.C. have policies tied to California's, which makes them leading candidates to adopt their own versions of the 2035 ban.
  • And, as of March 2023, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington made plans to follow California’s Advanced Clean Cars II rule.
  • Under Section 177 of the Clean Air Act, states must either adhere to federal emissions standards or adopt California's more stringent guidelines. In April of 2023, the CARB asked the EPA to approve a waiver under the Clean Air Act to implement those new rules.
  • Also,in April 2023  according to a new survey from the Energy Policy Institute at the U. of Chicago 41% of Americans say they would be at least “somewhat Likely” to purchase an EV.

There are many reasons for you to consider going electric…

  • EVs are better for the environment, producing significantly fewer emissions, and reducing air pollution as well as mitigating climate change.
  • They are as safe, if not safer than gasoline and diesel-powered cars.
  • They are cheaper and easier to maintain, with fewer parts, no engine, no oil, less brake wear and parts that require little or no regular maintenance. According to Consumer Reports (Sept 2020), you can expect to save an average of $4,600 in repair and maintenance over the life of an EV. Some details from Repair Pal: “typical maintenance items on EVs include the cabin air filters that keep outside dust and particulate out of a car’s heating and air conditioning system; brake pads, tires, and suspension components, such as shock absorbers; ball joints; and steering tie rod ends. An EV has a cooling system that uses antifreeze, similar to what would be found in a gasoline engine’s radiator, but because there is no danger of contamination by engine oil or combustion by-products, it doesn’t break down and seldom needs to be changed. Regenerative braking systems found on EVs and some hybrids use resistance from the electric motors to slow the vehicle, so brake pads don’t see as much use as they would in a gasoline-powered car. Replacing a battery pack costs approximately $5,500 but they tend to last 8-10 years.”
  • Warranties tend to be longer. 8-10 years or 100,000 miles.
  • There are potential rebates and tax credits with purchase, federal tax credits of up to $7,500 for a new car and $4,000 for a used car, and potentially from cities and states as well.
  • No more pumping gas. Plug in at home or, if on a long road trip, at a super charger. Map here. If you own a Tesla or a business that wants to install a Tesla supercharger, check this out.
  • Charging away from home will get easier. Both Ford and General Motors have now signed on to Tesla’s charging technologies. They will have adapters for their cars by 2024 and, by 2025, their new vehicles will, as do Teslas, seamlessly supercharge at more that 12,000 Tesla charging stations.
  • It’s useful, when thinking about making a transition to electric, to look at the whole process, from manufacturing to disposal. EVs produce roughly half of the climate-changing emissions of a similar gasoline car by the end of their lifetimes -- from the manufacturing of their batteries to their ultimate disposal or reuse. In a recent Forbes article covering this, it was concluded, after viewing numerous studies (including The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) report in July 2021) that battery-electric vehicles have the lowest lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions. And, the article contended that, as the electric supply “greens” --with solar and wind power being added to the mix --it will only get better.

There are many options  --from major car manufacturers including Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Subaru, Hyundai, Fiat, and General Motors. Because there are occasionally wait times for the purchase of an electric car, you might want to check out Drive Green (particularly if you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island). Very useful.



Tesla EV breaks another record as it zooms past competitors: ‘This is a great breakthrough’

By Susan Elizabeth Turek 11/25/23
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Relax, Electric Vehicles Really Are the Best Choice for the Climate

By Stephen Porder 11/24/23
It has been a bumpy few weeks for carmakers who sell electric vehicles, which are moving more slowly off the lot than they were earlier this year. What’s going on? It seems that American drivers…
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New Jersey Is the Latest State to Go All-EV

By Jacob Lambert 11/21/23
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy just announced a rule requiring that all new cars sold in the state must be electric by 2035, with interim goals starting for model year 2027 and ramping up from…
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Renting an electric car for the holidays? Here’s what to know

By Joann Muller 11/20/23
Thousands of travelers could find themselves behind the wheel of a rented electric vehicle (EV) for the first time this holiday season — whether they chose to rent one or not.
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Chart: US EV sales are having a record-setting year

By David Wesoff and Dan McCarthy 11/17/23
Despite recent headlines declaring the industry stagnant or moribund, the U.S. electric-vehicle market is actually well past the tipping point for mass adoption — and its healthy sales growth underscores that.
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Even the Vatican is going all-electric after VW scores deal to replace entire fleet with EVs

By Peter Johnson 11/15/23
The Vatican City State, home to the Pope, will replace its entire fleet of vehicles with EVs by 2030. Volkswagen will deliver fully electric cars, including the ID.3 and ID.4, to the Vatican State to…
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Recycled car interiors are the new chic luxury

By Joann Muller 11/14/23
Carmakers are lining their electric vehicles with trash — literally — and hoping sparse, eco-friendly cabins will redefine luxury for a new generation of buyers.
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Electric vehicles are hitting a road block: Car dealers

By Shannon Osaka 11/09/23
As news started coming out about electric cars in early 2016, Michael Young, a self-described “car guy,” knew he wanted to try one. One afternoon, he strolled into his local dealership and asked to test…
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A New Law Supercharged Electric Car Manufacturing, but Not Sales

By Jim Tankersley, Ana Swanson, Jack Ewing and Coral Davenport 11/08/23
President Biden’s signature climate law has stimulated a surge of investment in electric vehicle production across the country, including tens of billions of dollars on battery plants across the South and new assembly lines near…
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Automakers Delay Electric Vehicle Spending as Demand Slows

By Jack Ewing 11/07/23
Normally a 50 percent increase in sales is considered very good. But when the number of electric vehicles sold in the United States grew that much during the third quarter from a year earlier, it…
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The Electric Vehicle Revolution Is Still Non-Union

By Matthew Zeitlin 10/30/23
The United Auto Workers’ six-week strike has won large concessions from the Big Three American automakers, including substantial wage hikes.
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Cars are canceling out San Diego’s progress on renewable energy

By Andrew Bowen 10/30/23
San Diego has made enormous strides toward getting more of its electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar in recent years. But according to the city's latest inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, that…
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Alternative Fuels Data Center

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (Public Law 117-169) amends the Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D), now known as the Clean Vehicle Credit, and adds a new requirement for final assembly…


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This special report has been produced by BloombergNEF at therequest of the U.K. COP26 Presidency and in partnership withBloomberg Philanthropies, to coincide with COP26, the 2021 UnitedNations Climate Change Conference


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Tesla is raking in record profits. General Motors plans to sell only electric cars by 2035. Volkswagen is aiming to make them cheaper than gasoline-powered vehicles. And surveys show that at least two-thirds of American drivers are open to buying an E.V.

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Exclusive: 40% of Americans say they’ve never heard of Biden’s EV tax credits

By Ben Geman   10/30/23  
Polling shared first with Axios shows huge swaths of Americans don't know about federal subsidies up to $7,500 for buying electric vehicles.
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Best And Worst States To Buy An Electric Vehicle

By Rina Torchinsky   10/28/23  
The banner across the the top of the website for Larry H Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104th reads: “EV in Colorado: Up To $12,500 in Total Credits!...Available Now!” Despite rising auto loan rates and…
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Will the U.A.W. Strike Turn the Rust Belt Green?

By Dan Kaufman   10/28/23  
Late in the summer, several hundred autoworkers jammed into the auditorium of United Auto Workers Local 12, in Toledo, Ohio, for a monthly meeting. Local 12 is the largest amalgamated union in the country, representing…
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Driverless Cars Are Losing to Driver-ish Cars

By Caroline Mimbs Nyce   10/27/23  
Earlier this month, a woman in San Francisco was hit by a car while crossing the street. Had the story ended there, it would have been just another one of the small tragedies that occur…
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GM is slowing EV production amid labor strikes and “evolving” demand

By Grete Suarez   10/24/23  
General Motors will be slowing its electric car (EV) production in North America due to lower-than-forecast demand, pushing its manufacturing targets well into 2025. The decision saves the company $1.5 billion next year, CFO Paul…
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Factcheck: 21 misleading myths about electric vehicles

By Simon Evans   10/24/23  
While not having a car has even larger climate benefits, many peoples’ ability to go car-free is limited by their circumstances and the availability of alternatives.
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We test drove the Amazon Rivian electric van

By Hope King   10/18/23  
Axios was among a handful of media outlets that got to test drive an Amazon Rivian electric delivery van in Seattle this week.
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Help! Will My Electric Boat or Car Electrocute Me If It Sinks?

By Jeva Lange   10/16/23  
s someone on the “will this thing kill me” beat, I was paying close attention when the former president of the United States recently expressed concern about electric-powered boats — apparently, the new aquatic twist…
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Toyota CEO: “Our Ammonia Engine Is the End of EV’s”

By The Pareto Investor   10/15/23  
In a world that seems inexorably drawn towards an all-electric future, Toyota has consistently taken a different road. The Japanese automaker remains skeptical about an exclusive reliance on electric vehicles (EVs). While it’s true that…
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US electric-vehicle sales hit record high, Tesla loses market share, report says

Electric vehicle (EV) sales in the United States jumped to more than 300,000 for the first time in the third quarter, but industry leader Tesla's market share slipped to the lowest on record, a report…
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Are EV tax credits too hard to use? The Biden administration thinks so.

By Michael Brady   10/09/23  
Starting Jan. 1, 2024, car shoppers can transfer their new clean vehicle credit — up to $7,500 — or their previously owned clean vehicle tax credit — up to $4,000 — to a car dealer,…
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There’s Surprisingly Little Evidence That EVs Will Require Fewer Workers

By Emily Pontecorvo   10/06/23  
When former President Donald Trump was campaigning in Michigan last week, he warned autoworkers that President Biden’s electric vehicle policies would “put an end” to their “way of life.”
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Driving the energy transition, EVs are simply better for the environment

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) are the clear winner when trying to reduce emissions in the transportation sector, according to Rystad Energy research. Despite incurring higher emissions in the manufacturing process of electric vehicles and an…
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Scientists just discovered a solution to one of the most dangerous problems with electric cars — here’s what they found

By Jeremiah Budin   10/01/23  
As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity and replace traditional gas-powered cars, the benefits — mainly the fact that they do not produce planet-warming tailpipe pollution — are clear. But some drawbacks have also begun…
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General Motors announces game-changing breakthrough that will make EVs more affordable: ‘[The plan] will fuel our mission’

By Stephen Proctor   09/23/23  
General Motors has announced another major step toward producing a more affordable electric vehicle that will be available to the masses.
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It’s Drive Electric Week! Incentives Abound for Your EV Purchase

By Ella Nielsen   09/22/23  
A federal tax credit is available for drivers purchasing new qualified EVs and FCVs. For vehicles purchased from 2023 to 2032 there is up to $7,500 available in credits. To qualify you must buy it…
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Why Can’t Americans Buy Cheap Chinese EVs?

By Kyle Stock   09/22/23  
EV variety is easy to find outside the US. Where American drivers now have about 50 electric cars to choose from, Europe’s array is almost double that, and China’s nearly triple. With that variety come…
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U.A.W. Widens Strikes at G.M. and Stellantis, but Cites Progress in Ford Talks

By Neal E. Boudette   09/22/23  
The United Automobile Workers union on Friday significantly raised the pressure on General Motors and Stellantis, the parent of Jeep and Ram, by expanding its strike against the companies to include all the spare-parts distribution…
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For Tesla and Musk, Auto Strike Carries Benefits and Risks

By Jack Ewing   09/21/23  
The United Automobile Workers strike against the Michigan automakers would seem to be nothing but good news for Tesla, the electric vehicle maker that has upended the industry and stolen customers from Ford Motor, General…
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The Economic Stakes of the UAW Strike

By Lora Kelley   09/19/23  
The United Auto Workers strike has sparked fears of major economic turmoil, but the experts I spoke with think a recession is unlikely. Still, even if the economic effects of the strike aren’t felt nationwide,…
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How Elon Musk could win the UAW strike

By James Bikales   09/19/23  
The United Auto Workers strike is likely to have at least one winner: Elon Musk. And that spells trouble for President Joe Biden’s efforts to shape the auto industry’s future.
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Are electric cars really better for the environment?

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Electric vehicles, you might have heard, have a mineral problem. Beneath the floor of an EV sits a 900-pound battery filled with minerals extracted from around the world. Millions of tons of lithium, cobalt, bauxite…
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The Detroit Auto Show Is an Ominous Snoozefest

By Kevin Williams   09/19/23  
I had high hopes for this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Open to the media last week and running through Sunday, the Big Three automakers’ premier event came hot on the heels of big announcements from…
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America passed the EV ‘tipping point’ — but many buyers still want gas

By Shannon Osaka and Emily Guskin   09/18/23  
There is a theoretical, magic tipping point for adoption of electric vehicles. Once somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of new car sales are all-electric, some researchers say, huge numbers of drivers will follow. They…
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How EV worries are helping fuel the historic UAW strike

By Ben Geman and Nathan Bomey   09/16/23  
The electric vehicle stakes are high as the United Auto Workers begins its unprecedented strike against General Motors, Ford and Stellantis. Why it matters: The strike can't be untethered from the EV transition as Detroit…
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Striking UAW Can’t Bring Back the 1950s or Wish EVs Away

By Liam Denning   09/15/23  
Overnight, Detroit’s strike clock transitioned from countdown to stopwatch. The United Auto Workers’ strike will ultimately end, as all do. Larger forces behind it, however, will grind on through this decade, presenting an existential challenge…
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My hands-free drive halfway across the U.S.

By Joann Muller   09/15/23  
I drove round-trip from Detroit to New York City over Labor Day weekend — a grueling 10 hours each way — but for a good chunk of that time, the car took the wheel for…
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10 New Vehicles Join the American Electric Car Race

By Kyle Stock   09/14/23  
Those who craft their identity around driving the most esoteric electric car may be having a frustrating year. Teslas are basically Chevys now. Hummers are borderline ho-hum. The coolest, or at least most current, neighbors…
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Judges weigh two auto rules key to Biden’s electric vehicle goals

By Alex Gullen   09/14/23  
Two court hearings over a pair of Biden administration auto regulations that promote the adoption of electric vehicles drew mixed reactions from a panel of three federal judges on Thursday.
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4. Auto giants link arms on EV grid services

By Ben Geman and Andrew Freedman   09/13/23  
Ford, Honda and BMW are forming a company called ChargeScape to "unlock entirely new value that EVs can provide to the electric grid," Ben writes.
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Tesla’s Charging Network Is A Big Deal On Three Continents

By Michael Barnard   09/13/23  
US-centric car and EV media has been consumed recently with news that Ford, then GM, and now likely Stellantis (or at least the Jeep and Chrysler brands) are going to be installing Tesla charging plugs…
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Sometimes Harrowing Tales Of An EV Road Trip Far Off The Beaten Path

By Brad Templeton   09/12/23  
Recently, I did an EV road trip in a 230 mile range car across US 50 in Nevada “The Loneliest Road in America” followed by the backroads of southern Utah’s State Route 12. EV driving…
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Electric cars have a road trip problem, even for the secretary of energy

By Camila Domonoske   09/10/23  
When Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm set out on a four-day electric-vehicle road trip this summer, she knew charging might be a challenge. But she probably didn't expect anyone to call the cops.
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Scoop: Inside Tesla’s decision to build a $25,000 “global car”

By Joann Muller   09/08/23  
Elon Musk was so obsessed with robotaxis that he repeatedly vetoed his own plan to build a $25,000 electric car in favor of them — until skeptical Tesla executives persuaded him to hedge his bet,…
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Toyota, a Hybrid Pioneer, Struggles to Master Electric Vehicles

By Jack Ewing and Ben Dooley   09/07/23  
Rachel Culin considered herself a Toyota loyalist, one of millions of people who appreciated the company’s reliable and fuel-efficient hybrids. But she recently bought an electric Chevrolet Bolt to replace her Toyota Prius because the…
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Chinese Cars Star at Munich Auto Show, Underscoring German Economic Woes

By Melissa Eddy   09/05/23  
For decades, the phrase “Made in Germany” signaled cutting-edge automotive technology and design. But now German automakers are falling behind in the global race to produce more electric vehicles, and some executives are using a…
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Mercedes Bets on Range Boost in Swipe at Tesla’s EV Lead

By William Wilkes   09/04/23  
Mercedes-Benz Group AG unveiled an electric vehicle with a longer range than any Tesla Inc. model on the market as the German luxury-car maker intensifies its bid to challenge Elon Musk.
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BMW Unwraps Next-Generation EV to Take on Tesla, China’s BYD

By Wilfried Eckl-Dorna   09/02/23  
BMW AG presented the first prototype of its future electric-vehicle lineup, ringing in a new stage in the fight to catch up to Tesla Inc. and defend sales in its most important market China.
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Electric Cars Pass a Crucial Tipping Point in 23 Countries

By Tom Randall   08/28/23  
Convincing everyone to adopt a new technology can be a slog at first. The humble microwave oven, for example, took two decades of lukewarm sales to reach just a tenth of US households. But then…
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Opinion Electric cars and solar cells rely on Chinese minerals. Here’s how to curb the risks.

By The Editorial Board   08/25/23  
The U.S. transition to cleaner energy technology is underway, supported by new incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act. Benefits to the planet could be significant. Yet so could the geopolitical risks to the United States.…
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Rich Collectors Are Converting Classic Cars to EVs

By Alejandro De La Garza   08/25/23  
When high-end car enthusiasts and collectors gathered for the U.S.’s swankiest car show in Monterey, Calif., last week, there was an unusual addition to the typical lineup of classic coupes and trucks. On the outside,…
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EVs Require So Little Maintenance, It’s Almost a Problem

By Andrew Moseman   08/21/23  
The most noticeable part of maintaining an EV is what doesn't require upkeep. An electric car doesn't have engine oil or an oil filter that needs to be replaced during an inconvenient trip to the…
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Electric cars face ‘punitive’ fees, new restrictions in many states

By Mike Lee and Adam Aton   08/17/23  
Starting in September, they’ll have to pay the state an extra $200 each year to register their climate-friendly cars and trucks. And if they want to buy a new EV, that will cost $400 upfront.
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Tesla Reignites EV Price War With New Round of Cuts in China

By Danny Lee   08/14/23  
Tesla Inc. cut prices again in China, sending auto stocks tumbling on concerns the move will rekindle an international price war that had shown signs of abating.
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General Motors equips EVs to supply power to homes

By David Ferris   08/09/23  
General Motors Co. said Tuesday that it is adding the ability in most of its upcoming electric vehicles to keep the lights on at a home in case of a blackout.
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American Cars Are Developing a Serious Weight Problem

By Tom Randall   08/08/23  
The average weight of a new vehicle sold in the US last year was a whopping 4,329 pounds.
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Are EV sales really slowing down? What experts are saying.

By David Ferris   08/02/23  
Donald Trump is trying to score political points against President Joe Biden by citing data that electric vehicles are no longer flying off the auto sales floor.
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The best part of BMW’s new flagship electric sedan? The back seat

By Joann Muller   07/31/23  
You don't have to wait for self-driving cars to arrive in order to relax, work or watch a movie on the road.
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Tesla’s Model 3 Still Holds Up After Five Years of Hard Charging

By Tom Randall and Others   07/27/23  
Tesla’s Model 3 is the car that ushered electric vehicles into the mainstream. On the day it was unveiled, people all over the world waited in lines by the hundreds to place a $1,000 reservation.…
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Chinese automakers want to sell electric cars across America

By Joann Muller and Han Chen   07/27/23  
Inexpensive electric cars from China have quickly gained a toehold in Europe — and could be taking over American driveways next.
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