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The transportation sector generates the largest share of direct greenhouse gas emission by economic sector (28%) – up 19% since 1990. Cars, pickups and SUVs are slightly more than 57% of that. As the U.S. moves to reduce its use of fossil fuels and accelerate its use of renewables, electric vehicles are inevitable. Time for us to catch up with Norway where more than 91% of new cars are EVs or hybrids!

The good news: The data are in, and US auto buyers are increasingly keen on electric vehicles.  Nearly 317,168 vehicles were sold in the U.S. in Q4 (8.1% of new car sales) of 2023. Q4 EV sales increased year over year by 40% in comparison to 2022 with Tesla taking about 55% of the EV market (down from 65% in 2022).  A record 1.2 million EVs were sold in 2023, or 7.6% of new car sales, up from 5.9% in 2022. First Q sales were also up (2.6% year over year)with 268,909 EVs sold.

It will continue to get better and here is why:

  • In August 2021, President Biden signed an executive order on Strengthening American Leadership in Clean Cars and Trucks, which set a nonbinding target of making 50% of passenger cars and light-duty trucks zero emission vehicles by 2030. That executive order also directed EPA and NHTSA to develop standards for fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles as well as passenger cars for model years 2027–2030. 
  • In August 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act providing lucrative incentives for car purchasers and rewards for carmakers that increase their production of EVs and move their production lines to the United States. Latest details on this IRS page.
  • In August 2022, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order to phase out the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035 (35% by 2026, 68% by 2030). California is the largest auto market in the United States. 
  • Under Section 177 of the Clean Air Act, states must either adhere to federal emissions standards or adopt California's more stringent guidelines. Twelve states have chosen to adopt California’s standards: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington.
  • 17 states and the District of Columbia. as of June 2024, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, including the Section 177 states listed above and Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Virginia all have adopted or repealed California’s standards for zero-emission vehicles.
  • Also, in October 2023 according to a recent poll a one in three Americans say it is likely that the next time they purchase a vehicle, it will be electric.
  • As of March, 2024 the EPA is widely expected to greenlight California’s zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandates, which progressively restricts the sale of new gasoline-and diesel powered vehicles in the states, culminating in a 100% ban by 2035.
  • In April, 2024 the Environmental Protection Agency issued strict new limits on tailpipe pollution lowering the amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted from a vehicle’s tailpipe. 
  • In June, 2024 The Biden administration tightened vehicle fuel mileage standards so that passenger vehicles would average 65 miles per gallon by 2031, up from 48.7 miles today and light trucks (including pickups and SUVs) would have to reach 45 miles per gallon, up from 35.1.
  • Analysts project that demand will climb to 10 percent this year. That’s in part because prices of electric vehicles are falling, making them competitive with conventional vehicles. 

There are many reasons for you to consider going electric…

  • EVs are better for the environment, producing significantly fewer emissions, and reducing air pollution as well as mitigating climate change.
  • They are as safe, if not safer than gasoline and diesel-powered cars.
  • As of June 2024, long-range EVs now cost less to purchase than the average new car in the U.S. 
  • They are cheaper and easier to maintain, with fewer parts, no engine, no oil, less brake wear and parts that require little or no regular maintenance. According to Consumer Reports, you can expect to save between $6,000 to $12,000 i over the life of an EV compared to owning a comparable gas-powered vehicle. Some details: typical maintenance items on EVs include the cabin air filters that keep outside dust and particulate out of a car’s heating and air conditioning system, brake pads, tire rotations, wheel alignment, windshield wipers, shock absorbers, ball joints; and battery coolant (Tesla considers its fluid good for the life of the vehicle). Regenerative braking systems found on EVs and some hybrids use resistance from the electric motors to slow the vehicle, so brake pads don’t see as much use as they would in a gasoline-powered car. Replacing a battery costs between $6,500-$12,000 unless within warranty (typically 8 years and 100,000 miles) in which case no extra cost.
  • More EV charging stations are popping up …as of March, 2024, more than 61,000 Level 2 or fast chargers across the country. The U.S. is on track to install 1.2 million public chargers by 2030. Map here. If you own a Tesla or own a business that wants to install a Tesla supercharger, check this out.
  • Charging away from home will get easier and faster.  Because of the 2,234 Tesla supercharger stations (with 25,156 Superchargers) already extant, owned and maintained by Tesla, a number of car manufacturers are making adapters available in their 2024 cars so that they can take advantage of Tesla’s NACS system. By 2025, their vehicles will come equipped with the standard so that their drivers can seamlessly plug in to, without an adapter, the Tesla network. Ford and General Motors signed on first, swiftly followed by Rivian, Volvo, Polestar, Mercedes-Benz, Genesis, Nissan, Fisker, Honda, Kia, Lucid, Mini, Jaguar, Hyundai, BMW, Audi, Mazda, Stellantis,  Volkswagon, Porsche and Toyota. This matters because of the reliability and speed of these superchargers. Other automakers are also getting into the charging business. A group of seven major car manufacturers announced last year that they plan to open 30,000 of their own charging stations across the U.S. in the near future under the Ionna brand name.
  • Driving cleaner. It is useful, when thinking about making a transition to electric, to think about the whole process, from manufacturing to disposal. EVs produce roughly half of the climate-changing emissions of a similar gasoline car by the end of their lifetimes -- from the manufacturing of their batteries to their ultimate disposal or reuse. In a recent Forbes article covering this, it was concluded, after viewing numerous studies (including The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) report in July 2021) that battery-electric vehicles have the lowest lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions. And, the article contended that, as the electric supply “greens” --with solar and wind power being added to the mix --it will only get better.
  • There are potential rebates and tax credits with purchase, federal tax credits of up to $7,500 for a new car and $4,000 for a used car, and potentially also from the states.  

Car and Driver ranked the best 2024 EVs after testing 400 vehicles -from major car manufacturers including Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Subaru, Hyundai, Fiat, and General Motors. Could be useful as you do your research.

Because there are occasionally wait times for the purchase of an electric car, you might want to check out Drive Green (particularly if you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island). Valuable.

And, finally, there is, of course, litigation from the oil industry (petition filed on June 13,2024) pushing back on the EPA’s fuel emission standards.



G.M. Sold Millions of Cars That Were More Polluting Than Allowed, E.P.A. Says

By Coral Davenport 07/03/24
The Biden administration has reached a settlement with General Motors after determining that the automaker sold nearly six million cars that emitted more planet-warming carbon dioxide than the company had claimed, violating federal regulations.
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EV sales rise for traditional automakers

By David Ferris 06/27/24
Traditional automakers have seen electric vehicle sales grow this year, countering the widespread notion that American consumers have lost interest in the technology. EV sales jumped 12 percent in April compared to the same month…
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Tesla Is About to Lose Its EV Market Majority in the US

By Tom Randall 06/26/24
Tesla Inc. is on the verge of losing a key bragging right it’s held for the past six years: outselling all EV competitors in the US combined. In the 12 months through May, Tesla sold…
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‘The future is electric’: EVs to create thousands of jobs in Nevada

By Alan Halaly 06/26/24
As the Earth warms from the burning of fossil fuels, electric cars may be part of Nevada’s antidote. The nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund highlighted new statistics at a news conference Wednesday that show the Biden-Harris…
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Rivian and Volkswagen Group Announce Plans for Joint Venture to Create Industry-Leading Vehicle Software Technology and for Strategic Investment by Volkswagen

Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ: RIVN) and Volkswagen Group (XETRA: VOW / VWO3) have today announced their intention to form an equally controlled and owned joint venture (JV) to create next-generation electrical architecture and best-in-class software technology.
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Oil industry pushes back versus softened fleet mpg standards

By Bengt Halvorson 06/20/24
The oil industry last week launched a legal challenge versus the U.S. EPA and its latest light- and medium-duty vehicle standards set for the 2027-2032 model years. The case was filed by the American Petroleum…
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Toyota’s Chairman to Face Shareholders Rattled by Regulatory Issues

By Nicholas Takahashi 06/17/24
Toyota’s executive board will face tough questions at the automaker’s annual meeting Tuesday as a result of Japan’s widening probe of car-safety certifications.
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Tesla’s Driver-Assist Push Lights a Fire Under China’s EV Makers

By Bloomberg News 06/11/24
When Tesla started manufacturing locally in China in 2019, it was instrumental in spurring the uptake of electric vehicles in the world’s biggest auto market. Now, as Elon Musk’s carmaker looks to deploy its advanced…
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U.S. Tightens Car Mileage Rules, Part of Strategy to Fight Climate Change

By Coral Davenport 06/07/24
The Biden administration on Friday tightened vehicle fuel mileage standards, part of its strategy to transform the American auto market into one that is dominated by electric vehicles that do not emit the pollution that…
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Long-Range EVs Now Cost Less Than the Average New Car in the US

By Tom Randall 06/07/24
The automotive industry has entered a fiercely competitive phase in the electric vehicle transition, and it’s producing an intriguing result for US car buyers: the first long-range EVs that are cheaper to buy than the…
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Your Tesla Could Make Your Toast. Why Doesn’t It?

By David Fickling 06/05/24
One of the most important technologies for a clean power grid is sitting idle in your garage.
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Most EVs in the US Are Still Being Shipped to the Same Few States

By Kyle Stock 05/29/24
As the US car market swiftly and steadily goes electric, the Volkswagen ID.4 remains near the front of an increasingly crowded field. Americans bought nearly 6,200 of them in the first three months of this…
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The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (Public Law 117-169) amends the Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D), now known as the Clean Vehicle Credit, and adds a new requirement for final assembly…

Alternative Fuels Data Center

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (Public Law 117-169) amends the Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D), now known as the Clean Vehicle Credit, and adds a new requirement for final assembly…


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The States listed below have adopted California’s Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission regulations and Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulations under Section 177 of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. §7507) beginning…

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We make it easy for you to donate your vehicle. Whether it's running or not, your car, truck, boat, RV, or motorcycle will support the Sierra Club Foundation. Give Today.

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The Slowdown in US Electric Vehicle Sales Looks More Like a Blip

By Tom Randall   05/28/24  
After an underwhelming start to the year for US electric-vehicle sales, it might seem easy to conclude that the boom times are over. Sales were flat in the first quarter, Ford dramatically scaled back expansion…
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Slowing EV Sales Are Upending Banker Climate Strategies

By Alastair Marsh   05/22/24  
Electric vehicles have swiftly gone from a rare bright spot in the fight against climate change to a cause for concern.
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Car Companies Are Energy Companies Now

By Andrew Moseman   05/17/24  
General Motors had gathered journalists at a Beverly Hills mansion last week for a vehicle-to-home show and tell. GM’s engineers outfitted the garage with all the components needed for an electric vehicle’s battery to back…
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Spate of Self-Driving Probes Points to US Setting Higher Safety Bar

By Keith Laing   05/15/24  
Companies offering driver-assistance systems and developing autonomous vehicles are entering a new phase of more exacting oversight, with the top US auto-safety regulator investigating four of the industry’s most prominent companies in rapid-fire fashion.
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Biden to Hike Tariffs on China EVs and Offer Solar Exclusions

By Josh Wingrove, Jennifer A Dlouhy, and Eric Martin   05/13/24  
President Joe Biden will quadruple tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles and sharply increase levies for other key industries this week, unveiling the measures at a White House event framed as a defense of American workers,…
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U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

By Alan Rappeport and Jim Tankersley   05/10/24  
The Biden administration is set to announce new tariffs as high as 100 percent on Chinese electric vehicles and additional import taxes on other Chinese goods, including semiconductors, as early as next week, according to…
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VW Brand to Beef Up Hybrid Offering as EV Shift Stumbles

By Monica Raymunt   05/08/24  
Volkswagen AG’s namesake brand plans to bolster its offering of plug-in hybrid cars in response to a slowdown in demand for fully electric vehicles. Expanding its portfolio of models with both a battery and an…
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‘They Want to Dominate’: Hyundai Sizes Up China’s Carmakers

By Craig Trudell and Anthony Palazzo   05/08/24  
Hyundai hired José Muñoz five years ago last month as its global chief operating officer. In early 2022, he joined the carmaker’s board as its only non-Korean director.
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Why only 22 EV models now qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit

By Maxine Joselow   05/03/24  
Americans buying electric vehicles will no longer be able to claim federal tax credits of up to $7,500 if their cars contain Chinese materials, the Biden administration announced Friday, the result of a landmark 2022…
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3 Ways to Make Sense of Elon Musk’s Supercharger Massacre

By Robinson Meyer   05/02/24  
“Delete, delete, delete,” Elon Musk reportedly told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, describing his approach to management. “Delete any part or process you can. You may have to add them back later. In fact, if you…
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Which Electric Cars Are Still Eligible for the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit?

The more positive news for 2024, however, is that new-car buyers can choose to get the credit at the time of purchase to reduce the price on the spot. Meanwhile, the credit for used EVs…
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VW, BMW Out to Prove They’re Not a Spent Force at China Car Show

By Bloomberg News   04/24/24  
Germany’s leading automakers are attempting to mount a comeback in China after a rapid shift to electric vehicles eroded their share of the world’s biggest auto market.
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States Sue to Block US Rules Curbing Tailpipe Emissions in Cars, Light Trucks

By Clark Mindock   04/18/24  
Republican attorneys general from 25 states on Thursday sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to block rules intended to reduce planet-warming emissions from cars and light trucks and encourage electric vehicle manufacturing, arguing the agency…
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Court Favors EPA, California on EV Mandate

By Todd Neeley   04/09/24  
California will be allowed to continue implementing standards mandating the sale of so-called zero-emissions vehicles after a federal appeals court on Tuesday sided with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a lawsuit filed by 17…
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Electric vehicle drivers may not be able to ride solo in Calif. carpool lanes anymore

By Madilynne Medina   04/09/24  
A program that allows solo drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to use carpool lanes on freeways and bridges in California may be removed for good next year.
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Sensor network shows EVs are reducing CO2 emissions in the Bay Area. Is it enough?

By Tony Briscoe   04/04/24  
A network of air monitors installed in Northern California has provided scientists with some of the first measurable evidence quantifying how much electric vehicles are shrinking the carbon footprint of a large urban area. Researchers…
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U.S. Q1 auto sales up by nearly 5% despite high interest rates, but EV growth slows further

New vehicle sales in the U.S. rose nearly 5% from January through March, as buyers stayed in the market despite high interest rates. But electric vehicle sales growth slowed during the first three months of…
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A guide to electric car misinformation (part 2)

By Emily Atkin   04/03/24  
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Automakers face ‘daunting’ task to meet 2032 EV rules, industry says

By David Shepardson   03/28/24  
Automakers face "daunting" government regulations to sell half of new vehicles by 2030 as electric or plug-in hybrids despite a U.S. decision to soften the final rules over its initial, tougher proposal, a top industry…
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A guide to electric car misinformation (part 1)

By Emily Atkin   03/27/24  
The closer we get to the 2024 presidential election, the more sketchy information you’re going to hear about electric cars. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have decided to make electric cars central to their…
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How Two Top Car Salesmen Pitch EVs, One in Trump Country and One on Biden’s Turf

By Dan Gearino   03/26/24  
Here in a Trump-friendly county, Terry Berg would like to sell you an electric car. He is the top salesperson at Cornerstone Ford, having sold cars and trucks at this dealership since 1987. If you…
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Did you know your car could be a political statement? Biden and Trump views clash on EVs

By Trevor Hughes   03/26/24  
SUV driver Darlene Wilson unexpectedly found herself behind the steering wheel of a Tesla electric car after someone crashed into her family's Chevrolet Traverse. Driving hundreds of miles a week, with two kids to haul…
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Trump amps up attacks on electric vehicles, a major Biden priority

By Zack Budryk   03/21/24  
Former President Trump has escalated his rhetoric against electric vehicles (EVs) on the campaign trail, including in key swing states poised to benefit from investments in EV manufacturing. The former president’s frequently apocalyptic language around…
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Biden’s tailpipe rule will put voters in driver’s seat on future of EVs

By Josh Siegel and James Bikales   03/21/24  
President Joe Biden’s new rule that will juice sales of electric vehicles is drawing praise from environmentalists, a powerful union and even the carmakers who will have to build and sell the cars.
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The Roadblocks to Biden’s Electric Vehicles Plan

By David Gelles   03/21/24  
The Biden administration rolled out new rules on Wednesday designed to thrust the United States — the greatest car culture the world has ever known — into the era of electric vehicles. With new tailpipe…
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Inside the Republican Attacks on Electric Vehicles

By Coral Davenport, Lisa Friedman and Jack Ewing   03/21/24  
The electric vehicle, a breakthrough achievement in automotive technology, has driven into this year’s presidential election, inflaming partisan fights that have come to define much of American culture.
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Biden Administration Announces Rules Aimed at Phasing Out Gas Cars

By Coral Davenport   03/20/24  
The Biden administration on Wednesday issued one of the most significant climate regulations in the nation’s history, a rule designed to ensure that the majority of new passenger cars and light trucks sold in the…
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Joe Biden and Donald Trump Have Thoughts About Your Next Car

By Zoe Schlanger   03/20/24  
The Biden administration earlier today issued a major new rule intended to spur the country’s electric-vehicle industry and slash future sales of new gas-powered cars. The rule is not a ban on gas cars, nor…
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EPA issues landmark rules to curb auto emissions, bolster EVs

By Andrew Freedman   03/20/24  
The EPA has finalized the rules limiting auto tailpipe emissions from cars, SUVs and pickups, as part of a push to accelerate the U.S. transition to electric vehicles. Why it matters: Transportation is the largest…
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Biden administration revs up plans to transition from gas-powered vehicles to EVs

By Hannah Fry and Tony Briscoe   03/20/24  
The nation’s slow transition to electric vehicles got a boost Wednesday when the Biden administration announced it had finalized the strongest-ever pollution standards for cars and light trucks.
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Biden-Harris Administration finalizes strongest-ever pollution standards for cars that position U.S. companies and workers to lead the clean vehicle future, protect public health, address the climate crisis, save drivers money

Today, March 20, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced final national pollution standards for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and medium-duty vehicles for model years 2027 through 2032 and beyond. These standards will avoid more than…
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Biden Administration Announces Rule Aimed at Expanding Electric Vehicles

By Coral Davenport   03/20/24  
The Biden administration on Wednesday issued one of the most significant climate regulations in the nation’s history, a rule designed to ensure that the majority of new passenger cars and light trucks sold in the…
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Head To Head, Electric Vehicles Now Cheaper Than Their Gas Counterparts

By Rina Torchinsky   03/15/24  
It’s cheaper to own an electric vehicle than a comparably sized and equipped gas-powered one, according to a new study from Atlas Public Policy that estimates the cost of ownership over a seven-year period. The…
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Carmakers Are Still Sorting Out Europe’s EV Charging Issues

By Albertina Torsoli   03/14/24  
Automakers bringing new electric vehicles to market in Europe are virtually united in common gripes — not about consumer demand or government subsidies, but about issues with plugs. Ford Motor Co., for instance, is rolling…
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What’s behind the rapid increase in car insurance rates

By Elisabeth Buchwald   03/13/24  
A lot has changed in the time since Gerald Ford was president and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple. But here’s something that hasn’t changed much: the pace at which car insurance rates are…
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Chart: Gas-powered cars are losing market share to EVs and hybrids

By Dan McCarthy   03/01/24  
It’s been a messy few months for the U.S. electric vehicle market, but take a step back and the trend is crystal clear: Conventional gas-burning vehicles are on their way out. Last year, traditional internal-combustion…
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Apple to Wind Down Electric Car Effort After Decadelong Odyssey

By Mark Gurman   02/28/24  
Apple Inc. is canceling a decadelong effort to build an electric car, according to people with knowledge of the matter, abandoning one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the company.
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Apple cancels decade-long electric car project, source says

By Stephen Nellis and Shivansh Tiwary   02/28/24  
Apple (AAPL.O) , opens new tab has canceled work on its electric car, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday, a decade after the iPhone maker kicked off the project. The move…
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China’s Electric Vehicles Are Going to Hit Detroit Like a Wrecking Ball

By Robinson Meyer   02/27/24  
It happened very quickly, so fast that you might not have noticed it. Over the past few months, America’s Big Three automakers — Ford, General Motors and Stellantis, the oddly named company that owns Dodge,…
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Investors Flee Tumbling EV Upstarts Once Hailed as ‘Next Tesla’

By Esha Dey   02/24/24  
There was a time when the backing of some of the world’s deepest pockets and the mere ambition to sell electric cars was enough to inspire confidence in the stocks of upstarts Rivian Automotive Inc.…
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South Carolina Welcomes Multibillion Dollar Electric Vehicle Projects, Even Though Many Echo Trump’s Harsh EV Critiques

By Marianne Lavelle   02/24/24  
On their way to a groundbreaking last week for a massive new electric vehicle plant, designed for the rebirth of an iconic American brand, guests first had to walk past a phalanx of vintage Scout…
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Switching to electric vehicles could prevent millions of illnesses in US children by 2050, report estimates

By Jen Christensen   02/21/24  
Hundreds of infants’ lives would be saved and millions of children would breathe easier across the US if the nation’s power grid depended on clean energy and more drivers made the switch to zero-emission vehicles,…
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For Michigan’s Economy, Electric Vehicles Are Promising and Scary

By Peter S. Goodman   02/20/24  
Last fall, Tiffanie Simmons, a second-generation autoworker, endured a six-week strike at the Ford Motor factory just west of Detroit where she builds Bronco S.U.V.s. That yielded a pay raise of 25 percent over the…
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The Big Miss on Electric Cars Is Remaking Europe’s Auto Industry

By Albertina Torsoli and Others   02/20/24  
Volkswagen, Renault and Stellantis are thinking the unthinkable, exploring tie-ups with sworn competitors to make cheaper electric vehicles and fend off existential threats.
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China’s BYD launches cheaper plug-in hybrid EV to lure customers away from petrol-powered rivals by Volkswagen, Toyota

By Daniel Ren   02/19/24  
BYD, the world’s largest electric-vehicle (EV) maker, has launched a new version of its plug-in hybrid model the Qin Plus DM-i, pricing it lower than bestselling petrol-powered cars like Volkswagen’s Lavida and Toyota’s Corolla. The…
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Biden administration weighs slowing the shift to electric vehicles

By Maxine Joselow   02/18/24  
The Environmental Protection Agency is considering relaxing one of its most significant climate change rules — tailpipe emissions limits for cars and trucks — by giving automakers more time to boost sales of electric vehicles,…
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Biden Administration Is Said to Slow Early Stage of Shift to Electric Cars

By Coral Davenport   02/17/24  
In a concession to automakers and labor unions, the Biden administration intends to relax elements of one of its most ambitious strategies to combat climate change, limits on tailpipe emissions that are designed to get…
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A traditional automaker just turned a profit on EVs

By Chris Isidore   02/15/24  
Electric vehicles are finally turning a profit for Stellantis, CEO Carlos Tavares said Thursday, and, in contrast to some rivals, it will not cut back on producing EVs.
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California EV sales are falling. Is it just temporary, or a threat to state climate goals?

By Russ Mitchell   02/15/24  
After years of rapid expansion, California’s booming EV market may be showing signs of fatigue as high vehicle prices, unreliable charging networks and other consumer headaches appear to dampen enthusiasm for zero-emission vehicles.
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