The future of high energy density batteries

Picture an entire city charged by batteries. This new battery design may unlock a new era of energy. Lithium-ion batteries are the gold standard, but there is much progress to be made. For example, one…

The Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers in 2022

The global electric vehicle (EV) battery market is expected to grow from $17 billion to more than $95 billion between 2019 and 2028. With increasing demand to decarbonize the transportation sector, companies producing the batteries…

Critical Minerals in Electric Vehicle Batteries

Expected growth of electric vehicle (EV) sales has led to concern about securing mineral inputs used in EV batteries. Various countries and companies have stated policies to accelerate the adoption of EVs in the transportation…

Vehicle-to-grid (V2g): Everything You Need To Know

V2G stands for “vehicle to grid” and is a technology that enables energy to be pushed back to the power grid from the battery of an electric car. With electric vehicle-to-grid technology—also known as car-to-grid—a…

Cobalt is the most expensive material used in lithium-ion battery cathodes

With the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), demand for materials used to produce batteries is expected to increase dramatically. Aside from the lithium needed to produce modern lithium-ion batteries, much attention is focused on the…

How the U.S. Lost Ground to China in the Contest for Clean Energy

Tom Perriello saw it coming but could do nothing to stop it. André Kapanga too. Despite urgent emails, phone calls and personal pleas, they watched helplessly as a company backed by the Chinese government took…

Why New Battery Tech Will Revolutionize The Transportation Industry

New battery technology has long been the ambition among automotive manufacturers. Industry players are hopeful that improved tech will bring improved energy density, longer lifespans, and faster recharging.

The Push for American Lithium Is a Sustainability Issue

In early July, General Motors announced it had made a “strategic investment” in Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR), a company that is planning to produce lithium for electric vehicle (EV) batteries in a cogeneration project with a geothermal…

Endangered Flower at Crossroads of U.S.’s Lithium Future

A battle is raging in Nevada as the U.S. Fish, and Wildlife Service announces it will be listing Tiehm’s buckwheat flower as an endangered species, striking a blow to a lithium mining project in the region. Lithium is required for…

Mineral constraints for transition overstated by IEA

The IEA looked into the amount of minerals needed to fuel the energy transition, and pretty quickly worked out ‘there is no shortage of resources’.  The world has plenty of lithium, nickel, rare earth metals…


Lithium prices putting pressure on electric vehicle costs

By Nathan Bomey   09/22/22  
Lithium prices have more than quadrupled over the last year as the rush from automakers to produce electric vehicles gains momentum. Why it matters: The spike in prices for raw lithium — a key material…

Lithium: Storing more clean power with less pollution

By Peter Sinclair   09/15/22  
The renewable energy revolution will require the world to ratchet-up lithium production to make batteries for electric cars and devices. As with all mining, there are concerns about lithium mines, but some experts overstate the…

Tesla Looking Into Building Lithium Refinery

By Dean Seal   09/09/22  
Tesla Inc. TSLA 1.58%▲ is looking into constructing a battery-grade lithium hydroxide refining facility that could support its electric-vehicle battery production. The car maker said in a form to the Texas Comptroller’s Office that it…

Crab and lobster shells could be used to make renewable batteries

By Sofia Quaglia   09/01/22  
Scientists want to use a chemical found in crab and lobster shells to make batteries more sustainable, according to research. “We think both biodegradability of material, or environmental impact, and the performance of the batteries…

California’s Lithium Rush For EV Batteries Hinges On Taming Toxic, Volcanic Brine

By Alan Ohnsman   08/31/22  
Wander the unpaved, dusty, rural roads southeast of California’s troubled Salton Sea on a baking, 112-degree Fahrenheit August afternoon and two things soon stand out. Improbably, this desert-adjacent part of the Golden State is a…

Decade of the battery

By Noah Smith   08/30/22  
In 2015, Benedict Evans wrote a very influential piece called “The smartphone is the new sun”. By the middle of the 2010s, it was pretty clear that that decade would be defined in many ways…

The Department of Energy wants feedback on how to recycle lithium-ion batteries

By Justine Calma   08/30/22  
The Department of Energy just took a first step toward launching new lithium-ion battery recycling programs in the US. It issued a Request for Information (RFI) yesterday to ask for public input on how to…

New ‘super-fast’ method can shave EV battery charging down to minutes

By Andrew Paul   08/29/22  
Electric vehicles are key to a sustainable future for the planet, but while EVs continue their steady rise within the automotive industry, many drivers remain skeptical of making the major change. There are a number…

A New Approach to Car Batteries Is About to Transform EVs

By Mark Andrews   08/29/22  
WEIGHT IS ONE of the biggest banes for car designers and engineers. Batteries are exceedingly heavy and dense, and with the internal combustion engine rapidly pulling over for an electric future, the question of how…

Honda, LG Energy Plan $4.4 Billion EV Battery Factory in U.S.

By River Davis and Others   08/29/22  
Honda Motor Co. HMC 1.75%▲ and LG Energy Solution Ltd. 373220 2.94%▲ said Monday they plan to build a $4.4 billion electric-vehicle battery factory in the U.S., the latest tie-up between auto makers and battery…

MIT’s new battery will change the world

By Will Lockett   08/28/22  
It’s cheaper, faster charging, longer lasting, safer and better for the environment than anything we currently have.

Tesla’s Former Energy Head Has a New Electric-Home Startup

By Angel Adegbesan   08/24/22  
Tesla’s former head of energy is officially launching Lunar Energy, a new startup aimed at simplifying the transition to full home electrification. Kunal Girotra, who was until February 2020 Tesla’s senior director of energy operations,…

The electric car Battery Belt is reshaping America’s heartland

By Joann Muller   08/17/22  
The climate bill President Biden signed into law yesterday will open up tens of billions of dollars in subsidies for high-tech electric vehicle plants across the South and the Midwest. Why it matters: The package…

The New Climate Bill Demands All-American EV Batteries

By Aarian Marshall and Others   08/15/22  
THE LACK OF a US supply chain for electric vehicle battery materials is often spun as a tale of inconvenient geography. In many ways, this is true. There’s cobalt from the Congo. Indonesian nickel. Latin…

A looming graphite shortage could snarl the EV battery supply chain

By Kate Magill   07/28/22  
Experts warn that supply of a key component in electric vehicles is hurtling towards a tipping point when global demand will outstrip supply — a moment that could come as early as this year.

Energy Department will lend G.M. and LG $2.5 billion to build battery factories.

By Jack Ewing   07/25/22  
The U.S. Energy Department said Monday that it would lend $2.5 billion to a battery maker owned by General Motors and LG Energy Solution to build battery factories, advancing the Biden administration’s plan to promote…

Ford increases its battery supply to meet its electric-vehicle goals.

By Neal E. Boudette   07/21/22  
Ford Motor said on Thursday that it had reached an agreement to acquire battery packs from a Chinese supplier as it races to ramp up its global production of electric vehicles. The automaker said it…

Net zero climate target could fail without more copper supply -report

By Ernest Scheyder   07/15/22  
Efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 are likely to remain out of reach as copper supply fails to match demand amid growing use of solar panels, electric vehicles and other renewable technologies, data from…

Advanced E.V. Batteries Move From Labs to Mass Production

By Jack Ewing   07/13/22  
Makers of batteries that could charge in a few minutes are setting up assembly lines, bringing the technology a big step closer to auto showrooms. ...

Tesla Is About To Lose Its Tech Advantage

By Will Lockett   07/06/22  
Tesla has been the dominant force in the EV world for over a decade now. Musk has achieved this supremacy through pure technological advantage, as his cars have always been years ahead of the rest…

VW: EV battery output bigger challenge than EU combustion engine ban

By Ilona Wissenbach and Others   06/29/22  
The EU deal to phase out combustion engine cars in just over 12 years is challenging, but a more daunting obstacle will be making enough batteries to power the electric cars needed as a result,…

Toyota Partners With Tesla Cofounder’s Redwood Materials To Recycle Prius, EV Batteries

By Alan Ohnsman   06/21/22  
The partnership will initially focus on monitoring, recovering and recycling aging batteries from Toyota’s Prius, which came out more than two decades ago, and other hybrid-electric vehicles the Japanese auto giant sells, including Lexus models,…

Redwood Materials partners with Toyota to recycle batteries in US

By Rebecca Bellan   06/21/22  
Redwood Materials, the lithium-ion battery recycling startup founded by former Tesla CTO JB Straubel, is partnering with Toyota to collect, refurbish and recycle batteries and battery materials that can be sent to the Japanese automaker’s…

Sodium Batteries Are Here & They Will Change Everything

By Will Lockett   06/18/22  
It’s eco-friendly, has a long lifespan and can fully charges in eight minutes. Natron’s new battery will change the game. The eco revolution is in full swing. Electric vehicles (EVs) are flying off dealer’s lots…

The Lithium Mine Versus the Wildflower

By Gregory Barber   06/17/22  
WHATEVER ACT OF violence occurred in the midsummer heat on that lonely white hill in Nevada, there was no one around to see it. By the time Naomi Fraga arrived there in mid-September, the air…

US increases production to catch China in global battery race

By Sharon Udasin & Others   06/09/22  
As battery-powered electric vehicles become a mainstay on the nation’s highways — and a key piece of President Biden’s environmental policy — the U.S. is facing a formidable challenge in its efforts to compete in…

How a battery shortage is hampering the U.S. switch to wind, solar power

By Nichola Groom   06/09/22  
At least a dozen storage projects meant to support growing renewable energy supplies have been postponed, canceled or renegotiated as labor and transport bottlenecks, soaring minerals prices, and competition from the electric vehicle industry crimp…

This startup wants to pack more energy into electric vehicle batteries

By Casey Crownhart   06/06/22  
Solid Power is scaling its solid-state batteries—a technology it says could eventually beat lithium ion on price, safety, and range.

EV giants launch coalition to boost U.S. battery supply chain

By Camille Bond   05/25/22  
The Coalition for American Battery Independence will advocate for federal policies that support U.S.-based processing and production of batteries and their components. Members of CABI include Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., Tesla Inc., Panasonic…

JB Straubel Has a Fix for the Battery Problem

By Alejandro De La Garza   05/19/22  
JB Straubel has spent the past two years covering a hillside with solar panels and rigging them up to cryptocurrency projects in his Carson City, Nev., mansion. Much of the equipment is essentially junk—the panels…

Inside the race for a car battery that charges fast — and won’t catch fire

By Pranshu Verma   05/18/22  
In September, Toyota offered the world a glimpse into the company’s future. In an 11-second YouTube video, it displayed a modern four-door car cruising down a test track. The most important upgrade was the tagline…

Can gravity batteries solve our energy storage problems?

By Alasdair Lane   05/17/22  
There is a riddle at the heart of the renewable energy revolution. When the wind blows, the sun shines, and the waves roll, there is abundant green power to be generated. But when skies darken…

These Next-Gen Batteries Are Low-Carbon, Recyclable and Nontoxic

By 3P Editors   05/10/22  
Energy storage is the key to unlocking Earth’s vast wind and solar energy resources, but limitations associated with lithium-ion batteries, the technology of choice to date, are driving demand for alternatives. Li-ion technology is facing…

Chart: Lithium prices are through the roof this year

By Julian Spector & Others   05/06/22  
As this chart shows, prices of lithium carbonate, the commodity that puts the lithium in lithium-ion batteries, have shot to the moon this year. It’s impossible to look at that trajectory without wondering what will…

Biden Administration Begins $3 Billion Plan for Electric Car Batteries

By Lisa Friedman   05/02/22  
The Biden administration plans to begin a $3.1 billion effort on Monday to spur the domestic production of advanced batteries, which are essential to its plan to speed the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable…

Biden has a $3 billion plan to supercharge america’s EV battery production

By Lauren Leffer   05/01/22  
The U.S. is hoping to reduce its dependence on other countries for key minerals amid the EV and energy grid transition.

Is ​‘vehicle-to-everything’ charging ready for prime time?

By Jeff St. John   04/27/22  
How much more valuable can electric vehicles be if their batteries can be tapped to power homes, other buildings or the grid at large? And are those extra benefits worth the costs and complications of…

Tesla’s Next Revolutionary Battery

By Will Locket   04/23/22  
Tesla started, and has gone on to dominate, the electric vehicle market. No one comes close to their infrastructure, charge speeds, technology, price or allure. But, a storm is brewing on the horizon that threatens…

The race to dominate the new battery economy

By Joann Muller   04/21/22  
Batteries are the new oil — and the U.S. is lagging behind Europe and China in the race to make them. Why it matters: The historic shift to electric vehicles will give the U.S. a…

Forget gas prices. The billionaire club’s run on cobalt says everything about our battery-powered future

By Willem Marx   04/21/22  
As the bankers from J.P. Morgan’s London offices stepped off the two-hour private flight from Johannesburg onto the hot runway, soldiers sporting sunglasses and semiautomatics watched them closely. The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s brutal…

Lithium mining: How new production technologies could fuel the global EV revolution

By Marcelo Azevedo, Magdalene Baczynska   04/12/22  
Despite expectations that lithium demand will rise from approximately 500,000 metric tons of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) in 2021 to some three million to four million metric tons in 2030, we believe that the lithium…

How to Take Care of Your Electric Vehicle Battery

By Omar L. Gallaga   04/07/22  
With gas prices glug-glugging to new highs and many commuters heading back to offices, demand for electric vehicles is spiking in some places (though not everywhere, and supplies are tight). For new owners of electric…

How to Take Care of Your Electric Vehicle Battery

By Omar L. Gallaga   04/07/22  
WITH GAS PRICES glug-glugging to new highs and many commuters heading back to offices, demand for electric vehicles is spiking in some places (though not everywhere, and supplies are tight). For new owners of electric…

Australian state utility picks Tesla batteries to back up renewable energy

By Reuters   03/30/22  
A state-owned utility in Australia has picked Tesla Inc's (TSLA.O) Megapack batteries for a A$150 million ($113 million) energy storage project to back up wind and solar power, the state government of Queensland said on…

EVs: The next grid battery for renewables?

By Peter Behr   03/30/22  
The results of this experiment are making a potent point about the nation’s clean energy future, demonstrating vehicle-to-building power supply for controlling electricity costs and extending the reach of wind and solar power, according to…

Remember when powering your house with your vehicle was a wild idea?

By Lisa Cohn   03/24/22  
A few years ago, the thought of using the batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) to provide vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-microgrid or vehicle-to-home power was just an idea, maybe even a wild idea.

How the War in Ukraine Could Slow the Sales of Electric Cars

By Jack Ewing and Stephen Gandel   03/18/22  
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shaken the global market for nickel just as the metal gains importance as an ingredient in electric car batteries, raising fears that high prices could slow the transition away from…

U.S. Bets on Faster-Charging Battery in Race to Catch Energy Rivals

By Scott Patterson   02/26/22  
The U.S. is far behind its global rivals in the race for energy supremacy in a low-carbon world. To catch up, it is pinning its hopes on companies such as Ion Storage Systems, a next-generation…

How a battery shortage could threaten US national security

By Matt McFarland   02/23/22  
Galyen, who engineered the battery for the General Motors EV1, the first mass-produced electric vehicle, and also served as chief technology officer at a Chinese company that's the top battery producer in the world, isn't…

The charge to keep EV batteries out of the trash

By Joann Muller   02/18/22  
As electric vehicles grow in popularity, there's a related challenge on the horizon: how to dispose of worn-out EV batteries.