Car Companies Are Energy Companies Now

By Andrew Moseman 05/17/24
General Motors had gathered journalists at a Beverly Hills mansion last week for a vehicle-to-home show and tell. GM’s engineers outfitted the garage with all the components needed for an electric vehicle’s battery to back…
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Giant Batteries Are Transforming the Way the U.S. Uses Electricity

By Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich 05/07/24
California draws more electricity from the sun than any other state. It also has a timing problem: Solar power is plentiful during the day but disappears by evening, just as people get home from work…
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Battery Recycling Shatters the Myth of Electric Vehicle Waste

By Tom Randall 04/24/24
Making a battery for an electric vehicle typically requires mining hundreds of pounds of hard-to-extract minerals. That’s put a spotlight on batteries’ heavy environmental toll, at least upfront.
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Tesla Co-Founder JB Straubel Built an EV Battery Colossus to Rival China

By Tom Randall 04/18/24
In the scrublands of western Nevada, Tesla co-founder JB Straubel stood on a bluff overlooking several acres of neatly stacked packs of used-up lithium-ion batteries, out of place against the puffs of sagebrush dotting the…
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A Tiny Town Is Betting On A Sand Battery To Heat Homes. It Could Revolutionize Energy.

By Tim Newcomb 03/13/24
Finland is doing sand batteries big. Polar Night Energy already showed off an early commercialized version of a sand battery in Kankaanpää in 2022, but a new sand battery 10 times that size is about…
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Are Batteries the New Oil?

Batteries are at the center of the clean energy economy. Will they shape geopolitics in similar ways to oil? We need to electrify much of the global economy in order to hit net-zero emissions by…
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Solid State EV Batteries Overcome Safety, Climate Concerns of Lithium-ion While Charging Faster and Lasting Longer

By Good News Network 02/03/24
Solid-state batteries have emerged as a promising advancement that could potentially revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, making EVs even cleaner and more sustainable than they are today.
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Tesla battery system officially replaces state’s last remaining coal power plant: ‘This is a landmark milestone’

As reported by Electrek, a Tesla Megapack battery system replacing Hawai'i's very last coal power plant is officially live. Hawai'i has the highest solar capacity deployed per capita. But the sun doesn't shine 24/7, so…
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The US’s largest solar + battery storage project just came online

By Michelle Lewis 01/25/24
The US’s largest solar + battery storage project, Edwards & Sanborn, has come online in Kern County, California.
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U.S. Postal Service Unveils First Postal Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Electric Delivery Vehicles

Today, the United States Postal Service (USPS), alongside White House officials, unveiled its first set of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at its South Atlanta Sorting and Delivery Center (S&DC). Charging stations like these will…
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Frigid weather saps EV batteries. Here’s how to keep yours running.

By Amudalat Ajasa 01/19/24
Plummeting temperatures across the country can force car owners to deal with icy roadways, endless window scraping and tire spinning. Now, another problem has arisen: drained electric vehicles.
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Frigid weather can make charging electric vehicles tough – here’s what you need to know

By The Associated Press 01/19/24
For nearly a week, frigid temperatures from Chicago to northern Texas have made life painful for electric vehicle owners, with reduced driving range and hours of waiting at charging stations.
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Reduce lithium-ion battery fire risk for e-skateboards, e-scooters, and e-bikes

Know how to safely care for, replace, and re-charge lithium batteries—increasingly common in household devices but also the cause of at least six recent fires in Berkeley when left charging unattended.

The future of high energy density batteries

Picture an entire city charged by batteries. This new battery design may unlock a new era of energy. Lithium-ion batteries are the gold standard, but there is much progress to be made. For example, one…

The Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers in 2022

The global electric vehicle (EV) battery market is expected to grow from $17 billion to more than $95 billion between 2019 and 2028. With increasing demand to decarbonize the transportation sector, companies producing the batteries…

Critical Minerals in Electric Vehicle Batteries

Expected growth of electric vehicle (EV) sales has led to concern about securing mineral inputs used in EV batteries. Various countries and companies have stated policies to accelerate the adoption of EVs in the transportation…

Vehicle-to-grid (V2g): Everything You Need To Know

V2G stands for “vehicle to grid” and is a technology that enables energy to be pushed back to the power grid from the battery of an electric car. With electric vehicle-to-grid technology—also known as car-to-grid—a…

Cobalt is the most expensive material used in lithium-ion battery cathodes

With the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), demand for materials used to produce batteries is expected to increase dramatically. Aside from the lithium needed to produce modern lithium-ion batteries, much attention is focused on the…

How the U.S. Lost Ground to China in the Contest for Clean Energy

Tom Perriello saw it coming but could do nothing to stop it. André Kapanga too. Despite urgent emails, phone calls and personal pleas, they watched helplessly as a company backed by the Chinese government took…

Why New Battery Tech Will Revolutionize The Transportation Industry

New battery technology has long been the ambition among automotive manufacturers. Industry players are hopeful that improved tech will bring improved energy density, longer lifespans, and faster recharging.

The Push for American Lithium Is a Sustainability Issue

In early July, General Motors announced it had made a “strategic investment” in Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR), a company that is planning to produce lithium for electric vehicle (EV) batteries in a cogeneration project with a geothermal…

Mineral constraints for transition overstated by IEA

The IEA looked into the amount of minerals needed to fuel the energy transition, and pretty quickly worked out ‘there is no shortage of resources’.  The world has plenty of lithium, nickel, rare earth metals…


A huge battery has replaced Hawaii’s last coal plant

By Julian Spector   01/10/24  
Hawaii shut down its last coal plant on September 1, 2022, eliminating 180 megawatts of fossil-fueled baseload power from the grid on Oahu — a crucial step in the state’s first-in-the-nation commitment to cease burning…
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LG Energy unveils 10 grid-scale battery storage projects for 2024

By Lamar Johnson   01/08/24  
The portfolio of facilities will help avoid the equivalent of 16 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year, the company calculated using the EPA’s greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator.
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Electric Vehicle Push Returns North Carolina to Its Lithium Mining Roots

By Alan Rappeport   11/30/23  
The Kings Mountain hiking trail known as Cardio Hill overlooks a pit full of rainwater the size of a lake, but the craggy terrain situated about 30 miles west of Charlotte is now one of…
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Musk’s Cybertruck Is Already a Production Nightmare for Tesla

By Dana Hull   11/28/23  
The Cybertruck hasn’t even hit the market yet, and Elon Musk already is lamenting that Tesla Inc. has dug its own grave.
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The Salton Sea has even more lithium than previously thought, new report finds

By Sammy Roth   11/28/23  
Want to produce a huge amount of lithium for electric vehicle batteries — and also batteries that keep our homes powered after sundown — without causing the environmental destruction that lithium extraction often entails?
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Battery Prices Are Falling Again as Raw Material Costs Drop

By Evelina Stoikou   11/27/23  
As the auto industry grapples with how to make affordable EVs, the task may get easier by one key metric. Battery prices are resuming a long-term trend of decline, following an unprecedented increase last year.
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Lithium Rout Deepens With Battery Metal Now Down 75% This Year

By Yvonne Yue Li and Annie Lee   11/23/23  
Lithium extended an almost monthlong run of declines, taking its drop this year to 75%, with expectations the rout in the electric-vehicle battery metal is far from over.
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Toyota is turning to startup Redwood Materials for critical battery materials

By Kirsten Korosec   11/16/23  
Battery cells produced at Toyota’s future North American EV factory will someday contain a little Redwood Materials DNA.
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Where could millions of EV batteries retire? Solar farms.

By Gabriela Aoun Angueira   11/16/23  
On a 20-acre parcel outside the tiny Southern California town of New Cuyama, a 1.5-megawatt solar farm uses the sun’s rays to slowly charge nearly 600 batteries in nearby cabinets. At night, when energy demand…
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Elon Musk Called This Tesla Business a “License to Print Money” — and Profits Could Start Soaring

By Danny Vena   11/07/23  
There's little question that Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock has been a winning investment for shareholders. So far this year, the electric vehicle (EV) maker's stock price has climbed roughly 78%, far outpacing the comparable 13%…
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The U.S. Can Counter China’s Control of Minerals for the Energy Transition

By James Morton Turner   11/06/23  
China recently rattled the world’s electric vehicle supply chains by announcing new export controls on graphite, a key component of lithium-ion batteries. If China uses the export controls, which take effect on Dec. 1, to…
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Groundbreaking study makes huge discovery about recycled lithium-ion batteries: ‘[This is] increasingly needed’

By Brett Aresco   10/26/23  
As if you needed yet another reason to recycle your electronics with lithium-ion batteries, a study in the science journal Joule shows that recycled lithium-ion batteries may outperform their new counterparts.
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China’s new limit on battery metals could haunt the global EV boom

By Jael Holzman   10/23/23  
China will now limit how much battery metal it exports, potentially casting a cloud over the future of the globe's transition toward electric vehicles.
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Breakthrough in Recycling EV Batteries Can Recover 100% of Aluminum and 98% of Lithium Thanks to Swedish Scientists

By Good News Network   10/19/23  
Swedish researchers say they have developed a new method of recycling batteries from electric vehicles that allows recovery of 100 percent of the aluminum and 98 percent of the lithium.
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Visualized: How Much Do EV Batteries Cost?

By Bruno Venditti   10/15/23  
The cost of an electric vehicle (EV) battery pack can vary depending on composition and chemistry. In this graphic, we use data from Benchmark Minerals Intelligence to showcase the different costs of battery cells on…
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Japanese automaker Toyota and energy company Idemitsu to cooperate on EV battery technology

By Yuri Kageyama   10/12/23  
Japan’s top automaker Toyota agreed Thursday to work with Idemitsu, a major Japanese oil company, on technology for mass production of solid-state batteries that promise to be a key component in future electric vehicles.
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Bill Gates-backed startup launches wildly hot thermal battery system: ‘Uninterruptible, reliable supply of process heat’

By Erin Feiger   10/07/23  
As the need to cool down our overheating planet becomes more pressing, companies are finding new ways to help. One company, backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy, is doing its part to help cool the…
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Union Slams Ford for Idling Michigan Battery Plant Project

By Keith Naughton   09/26/23  
Ford Motor Co. was blasted by its largest labor union for halting construction on a $3.5 billion battery plant in Michigan amid scrutiny of its ties to a Chinese battery maker by Republican lawmakers.
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Lithium-ion battery fires are a growing public safety concern − here’s how to reduce the risk

By Apparao Rao, Bingan Lu, Mihir Parekh and Morteza Sabet   09/26/23  
In today’s electronic age, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are ubiquitous. Compared with the lead-acid versions that have dominated the battery market for decades, lithium-ion batteries can charge faster and store more energy for the same amount…
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NASA May Have Just Cracked the Code for Replacing Lithium in Batteries: ‘Double or even triple the energy’

By Andy Corbley   09/25/23  
Along with routinely launching robots across the final frontier, NASA is also involved in sustainable aviation research, and this division may have cracked the code to creating a lighter, safer battery back with multiple times…
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Energy Department invests $325 million in new batteries that can store surplus renewable energy

By Isabella O' Malley   09/22/23  
The Energy Department has announced a $325 million investment in new battery types that can help turn solar and wind energy into 24-hour power.
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Researchers make surprising discovery about lifespan of EV batteries: ‘That was a shock’

By Erin Feiger   09/21/23  
dead, irreplaceable battery is often the demise of an otherwise perfectly good piece of equipment, and it can be incredibly frustrating. New research shows, however, that the opposite may be true when it comes to…
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Why Batteries Might — Might! — Solve America’s Power-Line Shortage

By Matthew Zeitlin   09/20/23  
To talk about renewable energy these days is to talk about power lines. “No transition without transmission” has become something of a mantra among a legion of energy wonks. And following the passage of the…
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Here comes the next U.S. battery materials plant

By Ben Geman and Andrew Freedman   09/20/23  
Battery recycler Blue Whale Materials will build a processing plant in Bartlesville, Oklahoma to access lithium, cobalt and other materials from spent lithium-ion batteries, Ben writes.
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Sodium-ion batteries are gaining traction thanks to a ‘game-changing’ new partnership: ‘The battery of the future’

By Ben Rake   09/17/23  
Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers BYD and Huaihai Holding Group have announced a partnership to become world leaders in producing sodium-ion batteries for small EVs.
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America just hit the lithium jackpot

By Ross Andersen   09/14/23  
About 16.4 million years ago, magma surged through a raised mound near Nevada’s present-day border with Oregon and began spreading an unholy orange glow outward over the region. At the time, landscape-spanning lava flows regularly…
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New Consortium to Make Batteries for Electric Vehicles More Sustainable

By Theresa Duque   09/11/23  
A consortium of the nation’s best battery scientists, led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), will accelerate the commercialization of a new family of battery cathode materials called DRX or “disordered rock salt.”
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How Long Can an Electric Car Just Sit There?

By Andrew Moseman   08/31/23  
Cars are meant to be driven. When a typical vehicle sits unused for weeks or months on end, it begins to atrophy in all sorts of ways Tires slowly lose their air pressure. Car batteries…
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Tesla Cofounder’s Redwood Raises Over $1 Billion To Boost EV Battery Materials Business

By Alan Ohnsman   08/29/23  
Redwood Materials, which recycles old lithium-ion batteries and makes components for new ones, said it’s raised more than $1 billion in a new funding round as the company works to set up some of the…
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As Companies Eye Massive Lithium Deposits in California’s Salton Sea, Locals Anticipate a Mixed Bag – Inside Climate News

By June Kim   08/26/23  
When Sonia Herbert, 78, opened a restaurant in Bombay Beach, a small California neighborhood about 80 miles northeast of San Diego, she welcomed the bustle of tourists and locals visiting the Salton Sea shoreline. Located…
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Opinion Electric cars and solar cells rely on Chinese minerals. Here’s how to curb the risks.

By The Editorial Board   08/25/23  
The U.S. transition to cleaner energy technology is underway, supported by new incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act. Benefits to the planet could be significant. Yet so could the geopolitical risks to the United States.…
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Mineral crisis looms over U.S. clean energy transition

By James Osborne   08/16/23  
The United States is facing a looming shortfall of nickel, copper and cobalt, materials critical to the manufacturing of battery systems needed for electric vehicles and to balance wind and solar on the power grid.
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High Voltage Vehicles: Why 800-Volt EVs are on the Rise

By Edis Osmanbasic   08/14/23  
As demand for electric vehicles (EVs) increases worldwide, drivers expect better performance. Longer range and faster charging are among their demands, and both boil down to the battery. There are numerous research projects focused on…
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Dead EV batteries turn to gold with US incentives

By Nick Carey, Paul Lienert and Victoria Waldersee   07/21/23  
A little-publicized clause in the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act has companies scrambling to recycle electric vehicle batteries in North America, putting the region at the forefront of a global race to undermine China's dominance of…
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What’s coming for batteries

By Casey Crownhart   07/19/23  
I was chatting with a group recently about which technology is the most crucial one to address climate change. With the caveat that we’ll definitely need a whole host of solutions to truly tackle the…
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9th Circuit upholds Interior approval of massive lithium mine

By Niina H. Farah   07/18/23  
A federal appeals court on Monday upheld the Interior Department’s approval of a contested lithium mine in northern Nevada, angering environmentalists even as supporters said it was a victory for batteries in electric vehicles.
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International negotiators just missed a deadline to regulate deep-sea mining. Now what?

By Maddie Stone   07/13/23  
This month, a small group of diplomats is meeting to hash out a plan that could affect the future of nearly half of Earth’s surface — including regions containing metals that are vital for the…
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The Real Problem With Deep-Sea Mining Is It Won’t Make Money

By David Fickling   07/13/23  
As if the world wasn’t in enough trouble from the warmest week ever measured and record-low sea ice around Antarctica, big business is already gearing up to ransack yet another unspoiled corner of the globe:…
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IEA: EV battery manufacturing capacity now on track for net-zero target

By Kelsey Tamborrino   07/12/23  
The world is on track to manufacture enough electric vehicle batteries to meet expected demand requirements in 2030 under a net-zero emissions by mid-century scenario, according to new tracking from the International Energy Agency.
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IEA celebrates energy transition minerals investment, as fears of shortage lessen

By Reuters and Joe Lo   07/12/23  
Consultants and analysts have warned of looming shortages due to surging demand for key minerals like lithium and cobalt used in electric vehicles, wind turbines and other clean energy technologies.
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A heat wave will cook your electric car battery, if you let it

By Kyle Stock   07/11/23  
Consider it ironic, or at least a little poetic: Electric vehicles, great for combating climate change, don’t do well in extreme heat. It’s a paradox being thrown into relief as multiple US states bake under…
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Climate change to drive increasing overlap between Pacific tuna fisheries and emerging deep-sea mining industry

By Diva J. amon   07/11/23  
In ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction, various legal regimes and governance structures result in diffused responsibility and create challenges for management. Here we show those challenges are set to expand with climate change driving increasing…
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Seafood industry calls for a moratorium on deep-sea mining

By Robin Hicks   07/11/23  
As negotations get underway to establish the rules for mining minerals from the ocean floor, a coalition of seafood industry organisations has called for a moratorium on seabed extraction.
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Opinion: Renewables are saving Texas. Again. So give them their due

By Catherine Rampell   07/04/23  
This summer, like last summer, Texas has battled a brutal heat wave that regularly reaches triple-digit temperatures. This summer, like last summer, the heat wave triggered record levels of energy demand. This summer, like last…
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A New Dimension in Energy Storage: The Potential of Flexible and Stretchable Batteries

A new dimension in energy storage is emerging, and it has the potential to revolutionize the industry. Flexible and stretchable batteries are a groundbreaking innovation that could transform the way we power our devices and…
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Finding a Second Life for Old EV Batteries

By Howard Fine   07/03/23  
Next to a solar array in Lancaster, a pilot project is under way that could hold a key to solving one of the state’s most vexing energy problems.
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Revolutionizing Energy Storage: The Emergence of Iron-Based Flow Batteries

The global transition to renewable energy sources has been gathering momentum in recent years, driven by the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change. However, one of the…
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Virtual Power Plants Are Coming to Save the Grid

By Dan Gearino   07/02/23  
This summer could be the first one in which virtual power plants—networks of small batteries that work in tandem to function like power plants—are large enough to make their presence felt by helping to keep…
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Batteries And Renewables Are Saving Texas During The Heat Wave

By Anand Gopal   07/02/23  
Texas, along with much of the South, has been subject to a relentless, prolonged heat wave for several weeks – the kind of climate-fueled extreme weather event that scientists have warned us will happen with…
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Northvolt Close To Choosing Site Near Montreal For $5.3 Billion “Green” Battery Factory

By Steve Hanley   06/30/23  
Northvolt, the Swedish battery manufacturer founded in 2017 by former Tesla supply chain leader Peter Carlsson, has been considering building a factory in North America for some time. Now, according to a report by The…
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