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Talking Climate

Although contested by many climate deniers, 97% of the world’s climate-related scientific studies have determined that climate change is real and humans are primarily responsible. John Cook first published this finding in 2013, and new findings now show that 99.9% of climate-related scientific studies demonstrate that climate change is real.

What scientists believe and what regular Americans believe, however, continues to differ.

Politics began to play a role early on. In November, 2009, a Washington Post poll revealed that the percentage of Americans who believe global warming is happening dipped from 80% to 72%. In that article, reporter  Juliet Eilperin explained, “The increase in climate skepticism is driven largely by a shift within the GOP. Since its peak 3 1/2 years ago, belief that climate change is happening is down sharply among Republicans -- 76 to 54 percent -- and independents -- 86 to 71 percent. It dipped more modestly among Democrats, from 92 to 86 percent. A majority of respondents still support legislation to cap emissions and trade pollution allowances, by 53 to 42 percent.” By February 2022, with polling still at 72%, Yale published a detailed and highly interactive Climate Opinion Map detailing how climate change beliefs vary across the country. Another poll, in May 2022, reported that only 40% of registered voters consider climate change to be “a very important issue “ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Of those, “6 in 10 registered Democrats say the climate crisis will be a very important factor when they decide who to vote for in November. By contrast, global warming is near or at the bottom of congressional voting priorities among Republicans,” says the study.

Unfortunately, billions of dollars have been poured into misinformation campaigns to inhibit climate change progress and America remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels with record profits being posted in the summer of 2022 by Exxon and other major fossil fuel corporations.  The prominence of denialism in our national conversation about climate change is a product of these campaigns and continues to stall progress. CCR has created a page focused on GREENWASHING.

What is the first thing we need to do to address climate change? Simple: we need to understand it, accept the science, and act. This section provides news and resources to help you understand, accept, and communicate with people who are still skeptical about the reality of climate change. You might want to start with a 2019 video from Climate Crocks.

Accurate information is the foundation of a functioning democracy. A website called Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. It is highly recommended if you find yourself unclear about something you have read in this time of so much misinformation.

There is also:
•  an awesome history answering the questions of “What did we know and when did we know it?” found at NASA.
•  a good quiz from the Washington Post.
•  a game developed by scientist John Cook called crankyuncle, using cartoons and critical thinking to fight misinformation used by climate change deniers. (Also available as a Teacher’s Guide)


The poignant music of melting ice: have a listen

By Grayson Haver Currin 03/16/23
Scientists and musicians are recording the sounds of unfreezing water to document and predict the effects of climate change. Can their work help slow it, too?...
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Former House Oversight chairwoman breaks silence on Big Oil probe

By Maxine Joselow 03/08/23
Good morning and welcome to The Climate 202! Happy International Women’s Day and happy hump day. Today we’re reading about why airlines want to charge you for flying on french-fry oil. 🍟
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Energy Department exploring clean natural gas designation

By Zack Colman and Ben Lefebrve 02/24/23
The Energy Department is exploring a plan to offer a government endorsement for natural gas that meets a minimum standard for cleanliness — a move aimed at helping U.S. gas producers maintain sales even as…
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Playing the climate numbers game

By Damian Carrington 02/23/23
Numbers matter. They can tell you, in undeniable terms, things you may not really want to hear. In the UK, beef farmers often talk about how climate-friendly their product is, compared to beef from overseas…
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The Problem with Percentages

At a young age I learned that global population was increasing and worried about whether there would be sufficient resources for all of the new mouths added each year. I was relieved when I learned…
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Is offshore wind development a threat to whales? Here’s what to know

By Li Cohen 02/15/23
Within the span of just a few months, nine dead whales have washed up on the shores of New Jersey and New York. What's behind the mortalities has not been clearly established, but theories abound.…
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Explaining Climate Change, With a Little Tech Help

By Josh Ocampo 02/15/23
Times Insider explains who we are and what we do and delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. Last fall, the Climate desk at The New York Times asked readers to submit their…
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Was Earth already heating up, or did global warming reverse a long-term cooling trend?

By Ellie Broadman and Darrell Kaufman 02/15/23
Over the past century, the Earth’s average temperature has swiftly increased by about 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit). The evidence is hard to dispute. It comes from thermometers and other sensors around the world.
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It’s not about gas stoves

The recent kerfuffle over gas stoves isn’t about gas stoves. If you’re not up to speed on the issue, it began when Richard Trumka, Jr., who sits on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, was…
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Combating disinformation wanes at social media giants

By Steven Lee Myers and Nico Grant 02/14/23
As the companies have shed jobs recently, many teams assigned to combat false and misleading information have taken a hit.
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Plus, nearly half of the new clean energy jobs don’t require a bachelor’s degree, and most pay more than the national median salary.

Elizabeth Weise and Dinah Voyles Pulver 02/13/23
Efforts to stop wind turbines off the Atlantic coast have a new mascot: the whale. A dozen New Jersey beach town mayors and several other groups now argue off-shore wind could be the cause of…
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This Scientist Was Fired for Her Activism. She Says It’s Not Going to Stop Her

By Angely Mercado 01/26/23
Last April, Tennessee-based soil scientist Rose Abramoff was arrested after chaining herself to a White House fence. She was one of about 1,000 scientists around the world who engaged in civil disobedience that week, organized…
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Climate Change 2021The Physical Science Basis Summary for Policymakers

This Summary for Policymakers (SPM) presents key findings of the Working Group I (WGI) contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)1


The biggest part of any creative company’s carbon footprint is the work you do for your clients. One campaign for a fossil fuel client can undo all of an agency’s sustainability gains.

The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof

The science of climate change is more solid and widely agreed upon than you might think. But the scope of the topic, as well as rampant disinformation, can make it hard to separate fact from…

From Carbon Capture To Carbon Tax, A Guide To Climate Change Jargon Ahead Of COP26

With the UN climate conference COP26 on the horizon, headlines, taglines, and political speeches are about to be filled with acronyms and jargon.

Fossil Fuels Are Driving the Climate Crisis

Fossil Free Media strengthens the movement to end fossil fuels through creative communications. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support your work.

Disinformation Techniques: A Glossary

From war to cigarettes, guns to GMOs to global warming, there are really only a handful of techniques that have been deployed over the past 125 years or so to shape and control public opinion,…

OED and The Climate Connection: taking the temperature

The Climate Connection (#TheClimateConnection) is a new podcast series from the British Council which explores the relationship between the climate crisis and language education. In partnership with Oxford University Press, and featuring a selection of…

Understanding and countering misinformation about climate change

While there is overwhelming scientific agreement on climate change, the public have become polarized over fundamental questions such as human-caused global warming. Communication strategies to reduce polarization rarely address the underlying cause: ideologically-driven misinformation disseminated…

Debunking Handbook 2020

The Debunking Handbook 2020 summarises the current state of the science of misinformation and its debunking. It was written by a team of 22 prominent scholars of misinformation and its debunking, and it represents the…

Climate Insights 2020: Synthesis Report

The synthesis report of the Climate Insights 2020 survey, a joint effort to examine American attitudes on climate change by researchers at Stanford University, Resources for the Future, and ReconMR, provides insight into what Americans…

Assessing ExxonMobil’s climate change communications (1977–2014)

This paper assesses whether ExxonMobil Corporation has in the past misled the general public about climate change.

Climate Change History

Climate change is the long-term alteration in Earth’s climate and weather patterns. It took nearly a century of research and data to convince the vast majority of the scientific community that human activity could alter…

Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. Our goal is to help readers know which news to trust.

Katharine Hayhoe Encourages Conversations to Build a Climate of Hope

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe advises those feeling hopeless about climate change to think about who you are and what you value. Whether you are a parent, a churchgoer, a Rotary Club member or a birder,…

Climate Central

Extreme Weather Videos

Course: Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

Climate change is real, so why the controversy and debate? Learn to make sense of the science and to respond to climate change denial with this free online course.

Get The Facts Out on climate change and tell deniers to #GTFO

Climate deniers are still finding new and creative ways to stick their heads in the sand and follow the fossil fuel industry’s playbook by insisting that climate change isn’t happening, or that humans aren’t to…

Climate Disinformation Database

Welcome to the DeSmog Climate Disinformation Research Database where you can search and browse our extensive research on the individuals and organizations that have helped to delay and distract the public and our elected leaders…

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides, and the Interested Public

Let’s Talk Climate: A How-To Guide

You know that the science on climate change is clear. But less than half of us talk about it with family and friends—and we can’t fix what we don’t talk about. Check out our how-to…

How to Understand and Talk About Climate Change – Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently produced a report showing that the world needs to cut carbon pollution far more quickly than current rates to avoid severe consequences. But how can the global community…

Climate change science comeback strategies

Steering conversations with people adamantly resistant to accepting climate science. Here are four strategies, each from a distinctly different point of view, each penned by an expert, each useful in either a face-to-face conversation or…

How Big Oil Lost Control of Its Climate Misinformation Campaign

A campaign of climate misinformation has been running into America for decades now, largely funded by the fossil fuel industry. Now, the campaign has only become more extreme, and as some of its earliest leaders…

15 ways to powerfully communicate climate change solutions politics

Should campaigners be publishing in more local languages, or pushing for climate change to be taught at school? Our panel share their suggestions for the best ways to promote positive action.

12 tools for communicating climate change more effectively

12 Tools for Communicating Climate Change" from will help you take your first step to advance your communication skills.

How to Talk to a Science Denier Without Arguing

Scientific American also has a very helpful guide to engaging climate skeptics in productive discussion. They even came up with an acronym for the steps you should take: EGRIP.

Global Warming’s 6 Americas

This project from Yale Program on Climate Change Communication debunks a myth held pretty unanimously throughout the US: that people are either climate change believers or deniers. In fact, Americans can be grouped according to…

Global Warming and Climate Change Myths

A highlight of John Cook’s fabulous blog, Skeptical Science, this page lists out the most common myths that have been disseminated about climate change and global warming, along with the appropriate, science-based responses.

DeSmog Blog

DeSmog Blog has a disinformation database that tracks individuals and organizations spreading climate skepticism and tracks their funding sources and actions. They also provide reporting on new trends in misinformation efforts.

Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science provides informed responses to climate deniers’ myths. This is the best place to start improving your climate communication skills.

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication conducts and publishes research on effective approaches to communicating about climate change. They can answer important questions like: What kind of people listen to what kind of information? How…

Fossil Fueled Foolery: An Illustrated Primer on the Top 10 Manipulation Tactics of the Fossil Fuel Industry

The NAACP’s mission is to uphold and defend civil and human rights. Accordingly, we are duty-bound to confront corporations wielding power to manipulate systems and oppress communities to the detriment of the sustainability of the…


Climate change news coverage reached all-time high, language to describe it shifting

By Kelsey Simpkins   12/21/21  
United States news coverage of climate change reached an all-time high in October and November, according to recent data from the Media and Climate Change Observatory (MeCCO), an international, multi-university collaboration based at the University…
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Did 2021 Deal a Fatal Blow to Climate-Change Denial?

By Tom Yulsman   12/21/21  
From brutal heat in North America and Siberia to devastating flooding in China and Europe, 2021 delivered worsening climate extremes of the kind long predicted by scientists. Streetcar cables melted in Portland. A raging river…
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New artificial intelligence tool detects most common climate falsehoods

By Kasha Patel   12/09/21  
After nearly five years of development and tweaking, John Cook and his colleagues debuted their project: a machine-learning algorithm that can detect climate misinformation on the Web.
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If You Fund the Research, You Can Shape the World

By Amy Westervelt   12/01/21  
Much has been made, and rightly so, of the Koch network’s impact on universities. Entire campus projects exist to ferret out Koch cash, which is powering everything from the Regulatory Studies Center at George Washington…
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Exxon lobbyist questions urgency of climate’s catastrophic risks

By Desmond Butler   11/24/21  
Just last month, ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods assured lawmakers his company neither disputed the scientific consensus on climate change nor lobbied against efforts to cut carbon pollution. But a lobbyist for the oil giant struck…
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How to deal with climate change-denying relatives

By Richard C. J. Somerville   11/21/21  
What with the less than stellar news from COP 26, the strains of the upcoming holiday season, lingering COVID anti-vaxxers, and the latest poll results that say that many Americans still deny the evidence for…
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Climate denial is waning on the right. What’s replacing it might be just as scary

By Oliver Milman   11/21/21  
Standing in front of the partial ruins of Rome’s Colosseum, Boris Johnson explained that a motive to tackle the climate crisis could be found in the fall of the Roman empire. Then, as now, he…
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Axios Generate

By Ben German and Andrew Freedman   11/19/21  
According to new results from a national poll from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, a record high of 7-in-10 Americans said they are at least “somewhat worried” about global warming. This beats out…
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Climate change deniers are attacking solutions instead of the science

By Kate Yoder   11/18/21  
Believe it or not, it’s nearly 2022 and some people still think we shouldn’t do anything about the climate crisis. Even though most Americans understand that carbon emissions are overheating the planet and want to…
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The forgotten oil ads that told us climate change was nothing

By Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes   11/18/21  
Why is meaningful action to avert the climate crisis proving so difficult? It is, at least in part, because of ads. The fossil fuel industry has perpetrated a multi-decade, multibillion dollar disinformation, propaganda and lobbying…
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The strong winds of climate change have failed to move the opinions of many Americans

By Darrel Fears and Emily Guskin   11/12/21  
Even as windstorms became more powerful, wildfires grew more deadly and rising seas made damaging floods more frequent, Americans’ views about the threat of global warming over the past few years remain largely unchanged, a…
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Twitter’s new strategy to fight climate lies: Give users accurate information first

By Aaron Gregg   11/01/21  
Twitter says it is attempting to combat climate disinformation by steering its massive user base to reliable information with more context, a strategy the company calls “pre-bunking.”
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Searching for Hidden Meaning in Climate Jargon

By The New York Times Climate Desk   10/31/21  
Governments are committing to net zero. Sustainable products are being sold to you on Instagram. Banks are pushing E.S.G.s. As climate change gets worse, it seems like everyone wants you to know that they’re doing…
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Rep. Katie Porter Used Her Costco Haul to Embarrass Big Oil

By Brianna Provenzano   10/29/21  
Whenever a smart, powerful woman starts using literal grains of rice to illustrate her point, you know you done goofed. Big Oil companies found that out the hard way when, during a House Oversight Committee…
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A House committee has been investigating the role fossil fuel companies have played in disseminating climate misinformation

By Nick Sobczyk   10/29/21  
House Oversight and Reform Chair Carolyn Maloney said yesterday that she intends to subpoena four major oil companies and two trade organizations for documents and communications as part of her committee’s investigation into climate misinformation.
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Oil Executives Testify on Industry’s Role in Climate Disinformation

By Hiroko Tabuchi and Lisa Friedman   10/28/21  
In a historic hearing, the leaders of some of the most powerful energy companies in the world are appearing before a House panel to face questioning on climate change.
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‘Eyes in the Sky’: New NASA Satellite Will Watch Climate Change

By David Roberts   10/27/21  
In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about America’s polluted information environment — the ubiquity of disinformation — driven by social media and “fake news.” What is less discussed is that purposefully crafted…
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In Your Facebook Feed: Oil Industry Pushback Against Biden Climate Plans

By Hiroko Tabuchi   10/27/21  
The ads appear on Facebook millions of times a week. They take aim at vulnerable Democrats in Congress by name, warning that the $3.5 trillion budget bill — one of the Biden administration’s biggest efforts…
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Despite Cutbacks, ExxonMobil Continues to Fund Climate Science Denial

By Elliott Negin   10/26/21  
In a secret video recording made public in late June, a top ExxonMobil lobbyist—Keith McCoy, who was fired soon afterward—not only conceded that the oil giant’s support for a carbon tax is a sham, but…
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Politics & Global Warming, September 2021

By Anthony Leiserowitz and others   10/20/21  
Drawing on a representative sample of the U.S. adult population (n = 1,006; including the 898 registered voters whose data are included in this report), these findings describe how registered voters view a variety of…
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More than 99.9% of studies agree: Humans caused climate change

By Krishna Ramanujan   10/19/21  
More than 99.9% of peer-reviewed scientific papers agree that climate change is mainly caused by humans, according to a new survey of 88,125 climate-related studies. The research updates a similar 2013 paper revealing that 97%…
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“People vs. Fossil Fuels”: Over 530 Arrested in Historic Indigenous-Led Climate Protests in D.C.

This week over 530 climate activists were arrested during Indigenous-led civil disobedience actions in Washington, D.C., calling on President Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency and stop approving fossil fuel projects. Indigenous leaders have…
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67% of Americans perceive a rise in extreme weather, but partisans differ over government efforts to address it

By Cary Funk and Alec Tyson   10/14/21  
Two-thirds of Americans say extreme weather events across the country have been occurring more often than in the past. Far fewer say they’re happening about as often (28%), and only 4% say they are happening…
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Why You Should Talk About Climate Change Right Now

By Katharine Hayhoe   10/13/21  
Climate solutions are complex and multifaceted. Our response to the challenges climate change poses to our world, our identity, and our way of life are even more so. It’s taken a whole book even to…
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The Fight to Control the Narrative Over Climate and Energy Security

By Ciara Nugent   10/13/21  
Russian president Vladimir Putin had some unsolicited advice for the rest of Europe last week. Speaking at a government meeting Oct. 5, he warned that the energy crisis currently roiling the continent—which has pushed natural…
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NOAA upgrades climate website amid growing demand for climate information

NOAA’s Climate Program Office today launched a newly redesigned version of, NOAA’s award-winning, flagship website that provides the public with clear, timely, and science-based information about climate. The redesign expands the site’s already significant…
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Google bans ads on content, including YouTube videos, with false claims about climate change.

By Daisuke Wakabayashi   10/07/21  
Google said it will no longer display advertisements on YouTube videos and other content that promote inaccurate claims about climate change.
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Study Shows Why We Need 1.5 Degree Lifestyles and How to Get There

By Lloyd Alter   10/07/21  
"1.5 Degree Lifestyles: Toward a Fair Consumption Space for All" is a major update of the 2019 study "1.5 Degree Lifestyles"—and the inspiration for my book "Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle"—that demonstrated "changes in consumption…
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There’s Hope Along The Road To Fixing Climate Change

By Robert Kunzig   10/05/21  
Not long ago Nature reported a disturbing study of the world’s youth—a survey of 10,000 people age 16 to 25, from 10 representative countries, for their feelings about climate change. Some 75 percent said the…
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Are Americans Concerned About Global Warming?

By Lydia Saad   10/05/21  
Close to two thirds of U.S. adults are concerned about global warming, with 43% worrying about it "a great deal" and 22% "a fair amount." Gallup also finds 43% of Americans believing that global warming…
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Walmart calls for “strong climate policy now,” backs campaign to kill strong climate policy

By Judd Legum   09/30/21  
In a new post on LinkedIn, Walmart's Chief Sustainability Officer, Kathleen McLaughlin, underscored the company's commitment to addressing climate change. But McLaughlin noted, correctly, that "even the most ambitious voluntary individual and collective actions are…
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Is It Worth Trying to Sway the Most Staunch Climate Deniers?

By Jessica Colarossi   09/29/21  
Thanks to algorithms that learn about social media users’ content preferences, Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds, suggested YouTube videos, and other news streams can look startlingly different from one person’s online account to the next. Media…
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Maybe it’s ok to tell people we’re running out of time to stop climate change

By Sarah DeWeerdt   09/21/21  
Reading an article that says we only have 12 years left to reduce emissions before abrupt and catastrophic climate change occurs ups people’s willingness to support government climate policies, according to a new study. The…
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Lawmakers launch investigation into climate crisis disinformation by fossil fuel industry

By Ella Nilsen   09/16/21  
The House Oversight and Reform Committee announced Thursday it is launching an investigation into fossil fuel industry disinformation on the climate crisis. The committee invited the heads of six oil companies and major lobbying groups…
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How to Talk About Climate Change Across the Political Divide

By Eliza Griswold   09/16/21  
In 2005, Katharine Hayhoe, a Canadian climate scientist and evangelical Christian, moved from South Bend, Indiana, to Lubbock, Texas, a flat expanse of arid grassland that sits at the edge of the Permian Basin, and…
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What would it take for antivaxxers and climate science deniers to ‘wake up’?

By Clive Hamilton   09/12/21  
“We still meet the belief … that vaccination is a gigantic fraud deliberately perpetuated for the sake of gain … The opposition to vaccination … like many emotional reactions, is supported by a wealth of…
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Can Hurricane Ida Move Public Opinion on Climate Change?

By Justin Worland   09/07/21  
For many climate reporters, myself included, the arrival of Hurricane Ida brought a recognizable pit to the stomach. The details of the stories emerging as the storm barreled toward the Gulf Coast were new—of course—but…
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Study: The public is pretty confused by your climate change jargon

By kate Yoder and Matthew Craft   09/01/21  
If you’ve ever furrowed your brow trying to remember what “mitigation” meant, you’re not alone.
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Worrying About Your Carbon Footprint Is Exactly What Big Oil Wants You to Do

By Auden Schendler   08/31/21  
Everybody’s going carbon neutral these days, from the big boys — Amazon, Microsoft, Unilever, Starbucks, JetBlue — to your favorite outdoor brand, even ski resorts. Probably your neighborhood coffee roaster, too.
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In Climate Coverage, Reporting the Grim Facts, but Also the Fight

By Katie Van Syckle   08/27/21  
The United Nations recently released a major scientific report concluding that a hotter future is certain but that there is still a chance to prevent the most dire outcomes. Brad Plumer, a climate reporter for…
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Big Oil Coined ‘Carbon Footprints’ to Blame Us for Their Greed. Keep Them on the Hook.

By Rebecca Solnit   08/27/21  
Personal virtue is an eternally seductive goal in progressive movements, and the climate movement is no exception. People pop up all the time to boast of their domestic arrangements or chastise others for what they…
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Slow-Walking the Climate Crisis

By Bill McKibben   08/25/21  
Travellers arriving in an unfamiliar city used to worry that they’d climb in a taxi and be driven to their destination by the most circuitous route possible, racking up an enormous bill. That’s pretty much…
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The Oil and Gas Industry’s Dangerous Answer to Climate Change

By Sahir Doshi   08/25/21  
No one is immune to the effects of the climate crisis—not even those responsible for its causes. Rising sea levels, record heat, unprecedented extreme weather disasters, and increasingly unstable environmental conditions are making it costlier…
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Print Media Reports on Climate Change with 90% Accuracy, Study Finds

By Amy Lupica   08/18/21  
According to an international study from the University of Colorado Boulder and Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), major print media in five countries have covered climate change with a 90% accuracy rate over the last 15 years. The…
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Amid Extreme Weather, a Shift Among Republicans on Climate Change

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman   08/13/21  
After a decade of disputing the existence of climate change, many leading Republicans are shifting their posture amid deadly heat waves, devastating drought and ferocious wildfires that have bludgeoned their districts and unnerved their constituents…
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The Climate Crisis

By Bill McKibben   08/11/21  
We all live in two worlds: a physical one and a social one. The new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was released on Monday, is ostensibly about the physical world. It…
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Net Zero by 2050

How many cows are we allowed in a carbon neutral world?  Everyone is talking about net-zero by 2050, but it is not as simple a phrase as it might seem. Atmospheric physicist and fellow YouTuber…
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The U.N. Climate Panel Tries to Cut Through the Smog

By Bill McKibben   08/11/21  
We all live in two worlds: a physical one and a social one. The new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was released on Monday, is ostensibly about the physical world. It…
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Big Oil Spent Millions on Facebook Ads to Spread Fossil Fuel Propaganda

By Olivia Rosane   08/06/21  
Facebook ads promoting the use of oil and gas were seen more than 431 million times during 2020, in the U.S. alone. That’s the startling figure from a new analysis conducted by think-tank InfluenceMap, which…
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Americans Support Federal Action to Reach a 100% Clean Energy Grid

By Carly Berke and Others   07/21/21  
Voters across the country in both blue and red states support the federal government moving the country to 100% clean electricity, according to new polling from Third Way, in partnership with University of California, Santa…
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