A Fossil Fuel Miseducation

By Keerti Gopal 01/23/24
On a balmy day in December, in Oblong, Illinois, I sat on a folding chair in a small, windowless room and watched a ’90s VHS tape about a high school student who couldn’t live without…
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Solution Deniers

By Jenny Noble 01/11/24
“I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much. They kill the birds.” — a former U.S. president. When a dead humpback whale washed up on a New Jersey beach in 2022 —…
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Big Oil says it’s working to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Not true

By Hugh Helferty 11/27/23
Recently, two major oil deals were announced: ExxonMobil committing $60 billion to buy Pioneer and Chevron buying Hess for $53 billion. What are Pioneer and Hess? More oil companies. So, while making claims about taking…
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Overconsumption Is an Easy Problem to Fix: That’s Why Talking About It Is a Threat

Recently I spoke with researcher Jennifer Jacquet, professor at University of Miami and author of The Playbook: How to Deny Science, Sell Lies, and Make a Killing in the Corporate World, about a key difference…
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New Report Reveals Big Oil’s Playbook to Silence Climate Protests

By Juliana Broad 11/07/23
A new report by Greenpeace USA details the widespread coordination between the public and private sectors to monitor activism, punish protesters both physically and legally, and grease the wheels for proposed anti-protest bills that criminalize…
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False claim ‘climate crisis hoax’ statement signed by thousands of scientists | Fact check

By Kate S. Petersen 11/01/23
A Sept. 14 article (direct link, archive link) circulating on Facebook claims a large group of scientists downplayed the dangers of climate change in a signed declaration. "Thousands of Scientists Unite to Expose ‘Climate Crisis’…
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Fossil fuel money lurks behind anti-offshore wind power political ads in New Jersey

By Dave Anderson 10/23/23
A Republican group that paid for anti-offshore wind power ads targeting Democrats ahead of New Jersey’s November 7 state legislative elections raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars from the fossil fuel industry earlier this…
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Navigating The Energy Misinformation Maze

By Robert Rapier 10/17/23
I never aspired to be an energy writer. It just happened. I started writing a blog on energy about 20 years ago. It began as a simple attempt to correct the record on a steady…
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The Second G.O.P. Debate 2nd Debate a Frenzy of Attacks as Non-Trump Rivals Try to Shake Up Race

By Jonathan Weisman and Lisa Lerer 09/29/23
Seven Republican presidential hopefuls bulldozed their way Wednesday through a fierce and unruly debate, shouting at each other over foreign policy, energy exploration and technology but leaving largely untouched the front-runner who was not on…
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Wind opponents spread myth about dead whales

By Pearl Marvell 09/19/23
Activists and groups that oppose offshore wind energy have hit upon a new theme to recruit environmentally minded people for their campaign. They are linking offshore wind development to a sight and a smell that…
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Harriet Hageman: Boneheaded “Green” Policies Cause Massive Electricity Rate Increase

I have often said that there is a special place in hell for those who pursue policies that are intended to increase the price of food, energy, and housing. Yet, we currently have people in…
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California sues five major oil companies for ‘decades-long campaign of deception’ about climate change

By Louis Sahagún 09/16/23
California is suing five of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, alleging that they engaged in a “decades-long campaign of deception” about climate change and the risks posed by fossil fuels that…
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With climate panel as a beacon, global group takes on misinformation

Two years ago, at a virtual gathering organized by the Nobel Foundation, Sheldon Himelfarb outlined the idea that the world’s leading scholars should join forces to study misinformation the way that scientists of the Intergovernmental…

Oil Executives Grilled Over Industry’s Role in Climate Disinformation

At a heated hearing on Thursday, Democrats had some big questions for the chief executives of Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP and Shell: Would they pledge to stop lobbying against efforts to reduce emissions? And were…


Inside Exxon’s Strategy to Downplay Climate Change

By Christopher M. Matthews and and Collin Eaton   09/14/23  
Mobil issued its first public statement that burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change in 2006, following years of denial. In public forums, the company argued that the risk of serious impact on the environment…
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Climate deniers coming for your kids

As if the fear of rampaging gunmen or fights to ban books about people of color, LGBTQ+ families, or basic human functions aren’t enough of a distraction for U.S. children as they return to schools…
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Meet the Shadowy Network Vilifying Climate Protestors

By Amy Westervelt and Geoff Dembicki   09/12/23  
Earlier this year, news footage began making the rounds on social media of young activists from the German climate organization Letzte Generation (Last Generation) being assaulted by their fellow citizens as they obstructed streets in…
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Experts Warn of ‘Denialism Comeback’ Ahead of November’s Global Climate Talks – Inside Climate News

By Kristoffer Tigue   09/08/23  
A “heat wave scam” is what one social media user called the record-high temperatures reported by European scientists late last month. In a separate post, another account referred to new policies aimed at reducing the…
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US ‘university’ spreads climate lies and receives millions from rightwing donors

By Peter Stone   09/06/23  
A rightwing media outlet promoting climate-crisis denialism and other “anti-woke” staples to young students and adults via social media has become a fundraising Goliath, raking in close to $200m from 2018 to 2022 with big…
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Want to Understand Clean Energy Anxiety? Look at the Jersey Shore.

By Elizabeth A. Cerceo   09/05/23  
This summer, as my children splashed in the freakishly warm ocean waves by the beautiful Victorian seaside town of Cape May, N.J., angry protesters gathered a few towns away.
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Falsehoods Follow Close Behind This Summer’s Natural Disasters

By Tiffany Hsu   08/30/23  
As natural disasters and extreme environmental conditions became more commonplace around the world this summer, scientists pointed repeatedly to a shared driver: climate change.
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Scientific journal retracts article that claimed no evidence of climate crisis

By Graham Readfearn   08/25/23  
One of the world’s biggest scientific publishers has retracted a journal article that claimed to have found no evidence of a climate crisis.
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How Shell Used a ‘Granfluencer’ to Promote its Brand

By Dimitris Dimitriadis, Joey Grostern and Sam Bright   08/15/23  
A “granfluencer” known as “our Filipino grandma” is among an army of US-based influencers being used by fossil fuel giants to promote major polluters to younger audiences, DeSmog can reveal.
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An alarming pattern: Climate disasters hit, and Spanish-language misinformation spreads

By Nicole Acevedo   08/14/23  
The growing attention around recent extreme weather events is also giving rise to more Spanish-language disinformation and misinformation on climate change, researchers say.
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DeSantis’s Florida Approves Climate-Denial Videos in Schools

By Scott Waldman   08/07/23  
Climate activists are like Nazis. Wind and solar power pollute the Earth and make life miserable. Recent global and local heat records reflect natural temperature cycles. These are some of the themes of children’s videos…
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Opinion: The terrible climate hypocrisy at the top of Southern California Edison

By Leah C. Stokes   08/05/23  
With nearly 200 million Americans frying under extreme heat, and water off the coast of Florida reaching hot tub temperatures, Americans can see the climate crisis with their own eyes. We know we must cut…
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Fact Check-False Pope Francis quote about euthanizing to fight climate change

By Reuters Fact Check   08/04/23  
Pope Francis did not say that people with disabilities and alcoholism should be euthanized to fight climate change, contrary to posts shared online. The claim originated on a website fact-checked by Reuters several times in…
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Fact Check-Misleading posts compare weather maps from different sources

By Reuters Fact Check   08/04/23  
Images of two different kinds of weather map are being misleadingly compared online to suggest forecasters have altered their graphics and displays to exaggerate the impact of climate change.
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Accountability Must Be The First Climate Solution

By Amy Westervelt   07/21/23  
Like a lot of people in the climate space, my mind has been spinning this week as I've watched images of the entire world reeling from intense heat, flash floods, wildfires and other climate-change-intensified extreme…
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Is Exxon declaring war on E.V.s?

By Emily Sanders   07/21/23  
This summer is shaping up to be a failing game of whack-a-mole with deadly climate disasters. As we covered the now-fatal flooding in Vermont last week, the heat dome in the southern U.S. stretched on,…
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GOP’s evolving but still evasive stand on global warming

By Scot Lehigh   07/18/23  
This is the summer when the manic madness of our probable future arrived in near biblical fashion around the world. Fires raged in tinder-dry Canadian forests, and smoke from them hung over American cities like…
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How Tucker Carlson (and NIMBYs) are blocking offshore wind

By Debra Kahn   07/18/23  
A politically potent, curious-bedfellows coalition is forming to block offshore wind projects across the country. POLITICO’s E&E News’ Ben Storrow traces the movement’s growth, from a handful of commercial fishing interests and beach groups to…
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California’s Decoy Carbon Capture Bill Shut Down Following Capital & Main Report

By Aaron Cantú   07/05/23  
A California state senate bill meant to clarify rules for carbon capture and storage was pulled from further consideration last week — in the wake of a Capital & Main report that the legislation was…
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‘Double agents’: fossil-fuel lobbyists work for US groups trying to fight climate crisis

By Oliver Milman   07/05/23  
More than 1,500 lobbyists in the US are working on behalf of fossil-fuel companies while at the same time representing hundreds of liberal-run cities, universities, technology companies and environmental groups that say they are tackling…
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The climate change-denying TikTok post that won’t go away

By Marco Silva & Maryam Ahmed   06/30/23  
Earlier this year, TikTok vowed to clamp down on climate change denial. But a BBC investigation tracked one video that has been viewed millions of times - and found the company is struggling to stop…
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New Jersey is teaching kids about climate. Opponents call it ‘indoctrination.’

By Anya Kamenetz   06/07/23  
Carolyn McGrath thought she was ready for her testimony in front of the New Jersey Department of Education. An art teacher, she had dressed in a jaunty polka-dot blouse and chunky green necklace, and had…
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A fake climate change theory is going viral on TikTok after Joe Rogan talked about it

By Justine Calma   05/24/23  
A made-up global warming theory discussed in the Joe Rogan Experience podcast is spreading on TikTok despite the platform’s new policy against climate disinformation, a new report shared exclusively with The Verge finds. Seven TikTok…
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What Exxon Won’t Tell You About Climate Costs

By Mark Gongloff and Liam Denning   05/24/23  
Paying for restaurant meals is a cost. Taking classes to learn how to cook your own meals is an investment. Similarly, suffering through the effects of climate change is a cost, but spending money to…
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Wildfire conspiracy theories spread faster than flames

By Marc Fawcett-Atkinson   05/23/23  
For the past three weeks, thousands of Albertans have been forced to evacuate their homes while firefighters and even Canadian troops battle massive wildfires. But in some corners of the province, there are whispers that…
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Documents reveal how fossil fuel industry created, pushed anti-ESG campaign

By Saul Elbein   05/18/23  
The recent Republican push against sustainable investing likely originated in a backroom campaign by the fossil fuel industry in states like West Virginia and Texas.
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Climate crisis deniers target scientists for vicious abuse on Musk’s Twitter

By Anna Fazackerley   05/14/23  
Abusive, often violent tweets denying the climate emergency have become a barrage since Elon Musk acquired the platform, say UK expertsSome of the UK’s top scientists are struggling to deal with what they describe as…
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Climate misinformation is becoming law

By Arielle Samuelson and Emily Atkin   05/11/23  
It was a big deal when Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a law designating methane gas as “green energy” in January. The bill’s passage was covered by local news, national news, industry publications and glossy…
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Earth Day and the polling of America, 2023

By Joel Makower   04/24/23  
Consumers express growing interest in purchasing greener products despite growing skepticism about environmental marketing claims. Can both be true?
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Whale of a Tale: Local Anti-Wind Crowd Spins Yarns

By Frank Carini   04/06/23  
As Earth spins into a deepening climate crisis, how we continue to power society will determine our fate. So far, our actions have been guided by greed, selfishness, and lies. Bad actors and special interests…
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How Shell Is Selling the Petrochemical Buildout as ‘Sustainable’

By Emily Sanders   04/05/23  
If you take Shell’s word for it, the oil giant’s growing petrochemical operations are indicative of its “commitment” to a cleaner energy future. At new and expanding facilities, from northern Europe to Pennsylvania and Louisiana,…
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Lost Decade: How Shell Downplayed Early Warnings Over Climate Change

By Matthew Green   03/31/23  
Narrated in the upper-crust accent favoured by British documentary-makers of the era, Shell’s 1981 film Time for Energy assesses the scope for solar, wind, nuclear, and other sources of power to end the world’s dependence…
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Why climate ‘doomers’ are replacing climate ‘deniers’

By Shannon Osaka   03/24/23  
How U.N. reports and confusing headlines created a generation of people who believe climate change can’t be stopped....
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Leading Denier Think Tank Uses AI Image of Dead Whale and Wind Turbines

By Molly Taft   03/16/23  
Readers of the daily email newsletter of one of the country’s leading right-wing, fossil fuel-funded think tanks were treated to a bizarre sight this week: an AI-generated image of a dead whale washed ashore on…
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Is offshore wind development a threat to whales? Here’s what to know

By Li Cohen   02/15/23  
Within the span of just a few months, nine dead whales have washed up on the shores of New Jersey and New York. What's behind the mortalities has not been clearly established, but theories abound.…
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Combating disinformation wanes at social media giants

By Steven Lee Myers and Nico Grant   02/14/23  
As the companies have shed jobs recently, many teams assigned to combat false and misleading information have taken a hit.
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Fossil fuel industry dupes media, quietly funds non-profits to block renewable energy

By Michael Thomas   11/15/22  
Shortly after he took office, President Biden announced a goal of building 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind by 2030, enough clean energy to power 10 million homes. For the administration, the offshore wind target…
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